Record Store Day Preview 2016 / Manic Street Preachers: A Design For Life


Another SDE Record Store Day 2016 preview! Here’s some photos of the very sexy, and very shiny, Manic Street Preachers A Design For Life 12-inch single…

This is the first commercial 12-inch release for A Design For Life, since in the UK at least, 1996 was an era dominated by CD singles (of which there were two for this) and cassette singles.

This RSD vinyl includes the two brilliant B-sides Dead Trees and Traffic Islands and Mr Carbohydrate (although not Dead Passive) as well as the ‘Stealth Sonic Orchestra Remix’ of A Design For Life. If you want to nitpick, it was called Stealth Sonic Orchestra Version, on the original, but anyway…

This is available at an independent record shop near you on Saturday 16 April 2016.


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We had a copy at my shop in suburban Philadelphia. It was a thing of beauty. Wish I could afford everything I wanted but had to sell. That Lush box set was just more alluring to me.


@ Just played: Could be the new remaster of the album. I fully expect the upcoming remaster to follow the latest Manics remaster process, an minimal to OKish upgrade but the vinyl version less compressed than the CD… or maybe they just stuck the original 1996 CD on vinyl… kinda surprised the Manics go for the RSD hype with a re-release of their biggest hit, doesn’t seem to fit somehow – where’s the sandpaper sleeves they threatened years ago?

Just Played

Shame they botched the audio. Sounds like CD masters bunged on vinyl. Biggest clue is last fragment on waves from the end of ‘Elvis Impersonator’ before ADFL starts! Poor work.


Over hear in Malaysia, at Teenage Head Records, MSP is unavailable!! Neither is Madonna!!! What’s the point then?


“This is available at an independent record shop near you on Saturday 16 April 2016″

That’s a little misleading. Depending on stock levels, records stores don’t necessarily get what they want or will have chosen not to request the MSP 12”. Just checked the RSD list for my local independent record store and they don’t have it.

Paul English

Didn’t come out on 12″ at the time.


Andrew Mogford

I really really want this. Sadly, no independent record shops here in Norwich that participate in record store day :(

Leslie Hanagan

How is that cover “very sexy” Paul?


how it’s sleek, metallic and quite opulent looking. its the opposite of the finish of the cd singles at the time. I really really like it.


From the BBC article:

“About 8% of men have bought vinyl in the last month…” says Andrew Wiseman, head of ICM Unlimited.”

Either it’s a typo, he’s been misquoted or his maths is hopeless.

Martin Stockdale

Looks great, will have to add it to my ever lengthening list for tomorrow


I wish RSD was expanded to include CD’s. The term record has long since stopped being an exclusive tag for vinyl, and I can’t where they are going with the idea of only vinyl as surely many more people would participate if there were Ltd edition CD’s too. Perhaps the industry doesn’t care if the CD dies? I like the MSP sleeve, looks fab. I imagine most people would play the record, but just be gentle with handling it. But isn’t that the case with all of us (especially vinyl). I know I always treat my disc’s and packaging with care, sure most of us physical product ‘nerds’ are the same are we not!

CJ Feeney

Agree. RSD is the perfect time for the Super Deluxe Editions that this site celebrates in other forms than vinyl. Maybe we could get a once a year roll out of Japanese style mini-lp covers or limited releases of the extras from larger box sets.

elliott buckingham

that sleeve would soon get damaged unless put away and never played so perhaps best left in the shops

rob deighton

Yes that’s true – You only have to look at copies of the Queen album ‘The Game’ and see how they look after
30 odd years. Micro-scratch and ringweare central!.


Depends on how you store it. My copy of ‘The Game’, bought in 1980 and played many many times way back then, still looks pretty good – having kept it in a protective outer sleeve for 36 years.


I agree with your overall point re: product frtishism overtaking actual music listening with the vinyl resurgence, but where do you get the “half of all new vinyl going unplayed” estimate from? I don’t ask to diminish your point, just seems like it could be part of a larger (and potentially very interesting to readers of this site) analysis.


What with nearly half of all new vinyl going apparently unplayed by the people who buy it, it seems the RSD releases are shifting more and more to this model of pretty packaging being the selling-point rather than the actual music inside. Depressing if you ask me. Can’t even call it vinyl-fetishism as it’s centred on the cover so it’s more accurately cardboard design fetishism!

What on odd world we live in.

Simon F

But who would want to listen to the Manic Street Sweepers anyway?


err me.
this looks great Paul. I bought all the cd singles at the time. would like to have this.
remember the first time I heard DFL. damn song made me cry haha. just was so
great hearing something new from them after what happened 95 onwards.