RSD15 Preview / Manic Street Preachers: Holy Bible 20 picture disc


In anticipation of the eighth Record Store Day this Saturday, here is the first of a series of previews of some of the exclusive product on offer. Pictured above is the Manic Street Preachers picture disc of The Holy Bible 20.

Having reissued the 1994 album as a 20th anniversary box set late last year (which included the first ever black vinyl pressing) Sony now present a picture disc of the US Mix of what most consider to be the Welsh band’s best work. The limited edition 1994 vinyl picture disc sported the Jenny Saville artwork on the front, but this time around the artwork is a detail from the image used on the Faster single.

The Holy Bible 20 picture disc will be available only from independent record shops on 18 April 2015.



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Michel D.

The Holy Bible picture disc I just bought for RSD is the original mix and is much more good looking than the one shown here.


To add insult to injury,there is a one second skip near the end of P.C.P.


Just purchased the U.S mix RSD picture vinyl. The sound can only be described as appalling. Apart from sounding like a mono recording,the silence between songs has been replaced with the sound of a jumbo jet taking off….avoid.


I am glad to read that everybody is somehow critical about picture discs and the RSD.
It is really an occasion for milking completists and monomaniacs who cannot stop. I dropped my towel a while ago: if there is nothing new, then no reason to buy again.

Incidentally, The Holy Bible originally had a picture disc CD edition which I think it is more interesting to own.


Mark A.

I find it hilariously ironic that on the farce that is ‘Record Store Day’ one of the most monolithic, corporate labels puts out a product that is only available in “independent record shops”.


Placebo are totally overlooked on this site, can’t remember a word about their last studio album from a couple years ago, which had quite a decent super deluxe box released. I hope you will cover their first album reissue on limited red vinyl for the coming RSD.

Paul English

The sound quality of the original LP was dire.


Paul when you say the original LP, I assume you mean the original pic disc? Unless there’s opinion that the recent black vinyl LP is no good either.

I’ve never understood pic discs personally. I’ve read accounts that they’re not all bad but certainly the one’s I’ve heard have all been horrific. I don’t even think they ever look that great either.

Considering they never come with sleeves (beyond the PVC), liner notes etc, they’re like all the detractions of vinyl with none of the benefits.

Paul English

Andy – yes, the original picture disc. The running time didn’t help. Mine went back to the shop after a couple of listens and I got the CD instead.