RSD15 Preview / Universal Music: Simple Minds, Small Faces & more


Record Store Day is almost upon us, but just enough time to show you some of the items that Universal Music are issuing for one day only, including this Simple Minds Waterfront picture disc, a blue vinyl Who seven inch single, a Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols 12-inch picture disc, a Small Faces seven-inch box set, the vinyl debut of the soundtrack to Wes Anderson‘s The Darjeeling Limited, an EP of Dire Straits Charlie Gillet sessions from 1977 and a Johnny Cash white vinyl seven-inch.

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Freddy Schweig

I picked up The Doors “Strange Days” in mono, but missed out on the Dire Straits EP and the Waterboys 10″. Oh well, at least I caught sight of Eric Burdon, who was in Vancouver to sign RSD Animals releases. Alas, I had already made plans to get together with a friend on RSD, so I arrived too late to get his autograph.

Rob F

Gutted I missed out on KOTWF by Adam and the Ants (I saw the last copy being sold, as I was waiting in line to get to the vinyl) but happy that I managed to pick up the Waterfront pic disc, so a 50% strike rate can’t be sniffed at. Mind you I did pay £16 for it.


Another good piece as always Paul – what would we do without you!

Unfortunately for this 80’s fan, RSD drew a blank – no OMD, A-ha, Simple Minds, Erasure bagged…
guess the ebay sellers are going to get rich…

Keep up the superb work Paul!

alex hATZ


John Moore

I actually thought that RSD was boring this year with no really standout items except perhaps the dylan LP- I did not feel the wow factor- It got a lot of bad press from the jerk in the north of England selling RSD Paul Weller singles himself on ebay and he was a record shop owner! I agree with paul about pricing and we are being duped and tricked into buy at prices that are artificially high by some record stores- low point for sure!


@Gary C – I was queueing at 1.30am outside the record store I visit at least twice a month! If there was consideration for those of us that do it would defeat the whole purpose of RSD which is to get those that don’t to do. To save the small independents.

@Nemo – That defeats the whole object of the day and stores that reserve or sell early should be boycotted the next year. The whole point of RSD is first come first served. I got everything I wanted bar one record that the store didn’t get a delivery of by queueing from early AM. If the store had only got one copy of something and was missed by an early queuer because someone had reserved it the person that missed out deserves to be seriously pissed.

John Moore

Have to agree???

Gary C

Which shop were you queuing at?


Paul, love the website! I’m here a few times a week checking out what is new and coming up; love the new wave 80s! I was down at my local store today and saw the a-ha 30th Anniversary Picture Disc – one copy was left. I saw this post just a bit ago and went back down there and the a-ha disc was still there. I picked it up for you, all you have to do is let me know if you are interested (and pay the shipping from Idaho!). It will be my small ‘thanks’ for putting together and sharing such a great site!


Got my copies reserved for the stuff I want, pre-ordered one month ago and I will go and keep them this afternoon. No queue for me.

John Moore

How come??

Gary C

Huge queues in London today around the record shops, how many of those guys n gals have visited a record shop in the last 6 months I wonder?
It’s a good thing getting people to turn up, but those of us who have religiously visited stores throughout the year get zero consideration in London.

John Moore

This is spot on and surely a better system should be put in place


Someone in Italy still has a few Dire Straits RSD singles left at a great price on eBay…. If you’re quick…


Where can i get the Dire Straits single ?
Greets from germany

alex hATZ

Dire Straits EP wird ab ende dieser woche in oben genanntem shop verkauft


So no mention for the Placebo debut LP?