Sam Brown signs her new box sets


Sam Brown signs the booklets for the limited version of her new box set The A&M Years 1988-1990. The 5-disc box set contains her first two albums Stop! and April Moon along with two CDs packed with B-sides, extra tracks and demos. It also includes a DVD with all the videos. This set is exclusive to the SDE shop. You can read more about it and order yours here.

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Niets ontvangen.
Ik wil mijn geld terug!

Alan Wilson

This set has even made it to the dizzy heights of Discogs, you can find the listing below for those interested:



Along with some a-hole flogging it for 99 Euro!

Make a note of that seller’s e-mail and block them from the SDE shop!


I’ve had a look through their listings – they’re also flogging Paul Young’s “Tomb Of Memories” for 79 Euro!

Damn flippers need to be flipped off!


Sadly, my set hasn’t arrived as yet – my postie is truly a miserable git, so when i heard him chuntering around this morning; I didn’t have the nerve to ask him “WHERE IS IT!!??”
Watching the unboxing has made me even more impatient… “Stop!” was one of my favourite albums in 1988 and I can’t WAIT to hear it remastered; especially “This Feeling” which was the first track by Sam I heard – still a brilliant track.
Looks great – congrats Paul :)


Yes, got mine yesterday. It sounds great. I had forgotten what great albums these are. Her vocals are stunning.


Mine arrived this morning and is currently playing in the background. The mastering sounds great. Great job Paul and delighted to have a signed copy for the collection.

Chris Squires

Amazon did a flash sale of the Sting Box “ed” set vinyl last night and I picked it up for £80, which is cheaper than it was on Black Friday across Europe.

Also The Sound of Vinyl are listing “Return to Ommadawn” for a mid-January release(£20). However the bundle version is charging a premium of £36 extra for a T-shirt and print…

The Cover looks absolutely horrid, It would have been cool if he had done a Phil Collins as the Original face shot would have lent itself to that treatment.

The most excited I have been about an Oldfield release in a very long time.


Is it just me that hates the term “box set”? I’m perhaps being pedantic but it means a set of boxes. I use “boxed set” which means a set of something in a box. My battle is long lost but, like missing apostrophes or ones in the wrong place, it still has me seething!


Does anyone know if George Harrison appears on any tracks?


Love Sam! Now if I can get her to sign my “Pulse” DVD.
Looking forward to this. Thank you, Paul. And, of course, Sam!

Mikko Suhonen

A good inboxing video would be nice. I’m looking forward to my copy, hopefully it will arrive in time for my wife to giftwrap it for me for christmas.


Down boy!

elliott buckingham

damn she is more attractive now than when she was younger

Julian H

Indeed! :)


how cool is that? looking forward to ordering it.