“Scared To Get Happy” 5CD box set

Scared To Get Happy 5CD box set
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It’s fair to say that UK reissue label Cherry Red Records aren’t exactly renowned for deluxe packaging. For the most part their reissues tend to be delivered in those hinged double jewel cases that have a lifespan of around five minutes.

So, to give credit where it’s due, they have done a marvellous job with their new five-disc indie-fest Scared To Get HappyIt comes in the form of a soft-feel ‘book pack’ and contains an extensive 58-page booklet. Lora Findlay’s design is superb, and all in all, this is a great example of how making an effort with presentation and packaging, creates a really desirable product that is light years away from a bunch of MP3s. More details on this set can be found here.

Scared To Get Happy 5CD box set
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Scared To Get Happy 5CD box set
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Scared To Get Happy 5CD box set
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Scared To Get Happy 5CD box set
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[…] has been put together by the time that brought you similar sets (Scared To Get Happy, Still In A Dream, Millions Like Us, and Action Time Vision) and features sleeve-notes by Mick […]

[…] packaged similarly to previous Cherry Red sets, such as the indie-pop celebration that was Scared To Get Happy, and it comes with a 64-page booklet with band biogs and a foreword by Kris Needs (editor of Zigzag […]


Hi all, Cherry Red did a video detailing how to get the CDs out the case: http://www.cherryred.co.uk/shopnews.asp?type=How%20to%20remove%20your%20%27Scared%20To%20Get%20Happy%27%20discs%20from%20the%20case

it’s easy when you know how :p


Ditto about trouble getting the disks out….shame after everything else is so well designed….why id noone check this before they put it out – doh !

Other than that – awesome comp, great music.

Paul H

Yes, discs not easy to get out, there must be a technique to it I haven’t found, but the booklet is excellent, and it is a fabulously and thoughtfully curated collection. Pricey but well worth it….


i was going to buy this myself, but ive kind of been put off a bit due to people’s comments about the packaging.


Great set but is anybody else having trouble getting the discs out of the box. I was scared I was going to break the CD 1 !!


I’m liking the sleeve notes!