Supertramp / Breakfast in America blu-ray audio photos

Supertramp / Breakfast In America blu-ray audio
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Universal Music have started rolling out some new blu-ray audio titles under the “High Fidelity Pure Audio” banner. A number of titles will be released and each will feature PCM, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio 96kHz/24bit audio tracks. The Rolling Stones’ GRRR! compilation received the same treatment last year.

These are not officially due for release in the UK until September, but there is some availability as not-too-expensive imports. They are already available in other regions, such as France and Germany. We have got our hands on the Supertramp Breakfast In America which is pictured here.

Supertramp / Breakfast In America Blu-ray audio
Storage could be an issue with this video-style case (click to enlarge)
Supertramp / Breakfast In America Blu-ray audio
Original artwork looks good (click to enlarge)
Supertramp / Breakfast In America Blu-ray audio
Screenshot of the menu system, with three audio options (all hi-res stereo)

Other titles available include:


Stevie Wonder / Songs In The Key Of Life


Derek and The Dominoes / Layla


Bob Marley / Legend

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The way I see it..I have 30 dvd audio 5.1 and a few DTS 5.1 and 5.1 Blu Ray out of them all the only noticeable true 5.1 is Pink Floyd Dark Side of the moon so long as the music is 24/96 like Supertramp breakfast in America the quality is there so it’s good enough for me it’s not like the music only comes from 2 speakers. Plus even if it was 5.1 it really wouldn’t be noticeable because there music wasn’t made to be 5.1

Gerald Fasr

I have about 500 SACD titles , a Marantz SA11s2 connected to a Moon P7/W7 combo , a 650D DAC/Transport , a Marantz BD7004 BluRay connected two-channel , and B&W 803D’s .
High Rez downloads sound great , SACD is better because it sounds more analogue , and now I am trying the Layla D&Dominoes BluRay Audio only .
For what it’s worth , I will post my thoughts on what I hear .
I am extremely happy that CD JAPAN is continuing their SHM SACD releases with products like Supertramp’s. Breakfast In America!

Gerald Fasr

Just a follow up comment after listening to the Derek & The Dominoes – Layla – BluRay Audio Only disc .
The overall sound is more clean and detailed than all other Cd versions I have heard , but don’t expect miracles on the 96/24 bit mix . It’s only significantly more detailed and bigger sounding .
HOWER , it is not nearly as musically pleasing as the SHM SACD version. The analogue-like textures that SACD brings out are just much more pleasing to the ear . More air and authenticity around instruments and the entire presentation .
High Rez digital files – by comparison – still have that digital super clean sound , but always lack the musical authenticity that SACD offers .
Take one listen to the new Audio Fidelity AMERICA disc. , and you will hear what a re-issued classic rock high resolution album SHOULD sound like ….. ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL … You get lost in the experience .
It is so very unfortunate that all the big music labels did not care enough about music lovers to deliver the real deal on SACD .
I have a lot of high Rez files as well …. Much easier to access , but lacking the sound of the best possible format .
And I compare all these sources on a $ 30,ooo.oo audio system , so I can hear subtle differences .
I will buy both the SHM SACD version – and the BluRay Audio version – of Supertramp’s Breakfast In America just compare the two .
I am highly optimistic we will also see Crime Of The Century on SHM SACD .


I’ve read an article that questions the sense of 96 kHz/24 Bit releases, since the profit is hardly audible… already have “Breakfast” twice and will not get it a third time.


I have to agree with some of the comments here. 1. Yes, it’s great to have a uncompressed LCPM stereo remaster. But similar to DVD-Audio (aka DVD-A) format, the BD-Audio format is small. This album is 6GB on a 25GB BluRay Disc. Added content makes BD worthwhile.

I’ve got a DVD-A collection that I enjoy on my Oppo player. The 5.1 makes the home listening experience brand new. The benefit with BD is that it’s compatible on all BD players. Unlike DVD-A, which was it’s own format and killed itself from the public being oblivious to that fact. So few people even bothered.

Listened to the whole disc comparing the different formats on it. Could hardly tell the difference between 24bit 96KHz PCM or DTS-HD MA. All good listening formats even though PCM is the lossless .wav

It was akin to listening to the vinyl for the first time. I hope BD Audio catches on and 5.1 albums become more common. If you’re looking for 5.1 recommends: Dire Straights anniversary, Tigerlily, BlueMan Group 2001, Seal 1992. – all gems.

Best BD Audio to date (by FAR) is Pink Floyd’s 40th Anniversary Dark Side of The Moon BD-A in the expensive Box Set.

[…] the first batch – that have had a rather staggered release around Europe these past few months – these […]


Queen A Night At The Opera will be 2.0 and 5.1. Bob Marley Kaya, Nirvana Nevermind and In Utero, Stones Exile On Main Street, Nick Drake, Beck, are just a few of the others that have been announced.
There’s also Classical and Jazz releases!

I find it very interesting that In Utero Super Deluxe and High Fidelity Pure Audio Blu-ray are both being released around the same time.


I bought the Supertramp Breakfast in America Blu-Ray Audio disc off the Amazon UK site. It arrived about a week ago. I did a comparison with the classic Mobile Fidelity Ultradisc CD release, and the Mobile Fidelity CD beat the Blu-Ray disc hands down. The MFSL release is way more dynamic and impressive sounding even at 16-bit/44.1khz. Which calls into question the mastering of the Blu-Ray. There isn’t any information about where the mastering was done, or who was involved. I have a weird smoke and mirrors feeling about this…selling my copy on ebay. I’ll stick with MFSL.


What is the point of putting these releases on BD discs when the content will fit perfectly well on a DVD?


I am a supporter of BluRay audio as long as there is a decent booklet, alternative tracks, outtakes etc and even some video is included to make the disc more worthy for purchase. 5.1 audio is a worthy addition as well.


If someone could design a hybrid CD/Blu-Ray disc with 2.0 only this would be more ideal! (like they did with CD/SACD layers)


5.1 doesn’t always work well for some music, I’m not bothered that they are 2.0 only. As CD’s are brickwalled to hell, wouldn’t you rather have a decent stereo version (as-produced from the studio) than a bodged 5.1 surround mix?

Some good SACD’s came out with surround, Pink Floyd and The Who’s “Tommy” being good examples. But Talking Heads released some 5.1 DVD-A’s and they are just terrible!


The only Blu-ray audio in this selection to have 5.1 sound is Serge Gainsbourg’s “Histoire de Melody Nelson”, but the documentary that was on DVD for the recent re-release isn’t included (this would have been the ideal opportunity to show it in HD – the clips on YouTube are in HD…)

So, a missed opportunity.


This is going end up like DVD-Audio. Once the companies a through with the BluRay format, they will discard it and move on to the next one, milking people for what it’s worth. Buying the same albums over and over again.


Ray and JL….agree wholeheartedly with you both. Another wasted opportunity. When will these companies learn that a little bit more effort will result in more sales? The surround mixing process would pay for itself at least surely.


no 5.1, no point.


Boy, this would definitely be a MUST buy for me if it had 5.1 surround… :(