David Bowie / new video for Lazarus


The buttons-for-eyes are back! David Bowie‘s new album ★ (Blackstar) is out on Friday and he’s just released a new Johan Renck-directed video for the excellent Lazarus. Check out the film below:

★, the album will be issued on 8 January 2016.


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Fantastic video. I absolutely love the videos for Lazarus and for Blackstar and after a couple of listens the entire album is really good. I am really going to miss Bowie’s musical output. I hope we get to hear those demos in the future. Again, my deepest condolences to his family and friends.


dear Starman


i cannot believe he’s gone :(, what a legacy, what an icon, the man was/is a hero of mine and i absolutely loved him and his music


jackc is right…I just want to slap him and tell grandpa to go put some pants on…no one wants to see your junk.


The first time I said it was useless. The second time I say it’s fascinating. I listen to Blackstar & Lazarus at 3.00 in the night and…well, I change my idea about these two songs. It’s perfect night music. I’m not a real fan and still think that Blackstar is inspired by a Miles Davis song from the movie Siesta soundtrack. That’s why I started to listen again Bowie & liked it. I lose my interest in Bowie during the nineties. Strangely, maybe because I change my tastes in music or because I’m 50, I find pleasant to listen to this set of new songs and Bowie again. Greetings from Italy.

[…] Watch the video to Lazarus […]

Jack C

Bowie is like 70 or something and trying much too hard in this video to act like a younger version of himself. Much like your parents (or Yoko Ono) when they are trying to show the world they haven’t aged and are still hip. Did you see those dance moves? Embarrassingly awful!


Firstly, the two new recordings on this one are like different songs – they’re hugely changed.

Secondly, this is a much less commercial album than Next Day. This is a more experimental work, where Bowie has obviously spent time writing strange lyrics to keep us all guessing precisely what he means. There are no obvious singles on it as there was with Next Day, but it’s none the worse for that.

Thirdly, earlier talk using the word “jazz” turns out to be lazy journalism written by people who either had never heard a saxophone before, or had actually never heard any Jazz. This album has nothing to do with Jazz in any way. The overall sound is more sophisticated than Next Day, but it’s a rock album.

Finally – I’m waiting for the inevitable Special Edition. After getting burned by Next Day I’ll not fall for it again. I love Bowie, but my eagerness to own a physical copy can wait until the cynical SD comes later. Frankly it should have been announced on release day.

It’s a good album. Even a very good one. However, it’s not an instant shot of gratification. As a huge Bowie fan, it took three or four full plays through before its riches started showing themselves – other than the two singles which had visuals to help them along. On a fourth play though everything is revealed as another Bowie masterwork.


Makes me think how much better ‘Black Tie’ would have been if produced by Visocnti.


Excellent track, though not sure why he chose to shorten it when he was happy to release the 10 min ‘Blacstar’. The song loses its impact as a shorter piece.
Loving the album – ‘Girl loves me’ is great! Quite a few tracks remind me of ‘Black Tie White Noise’ period (Tis a pity, I can’t Give everything). must be the abstract jazz, which is somewhat lost/hidden by the over production on ‘Black Tie’. ‘Sue’ sounds like something off ‘Outside’.


I’ll stream the album at first and wait for the deluxe package to appear, including the clips ;-)

David Bricknell

Which normally is a great source of frustration.

But Bowie being Bowie, I’ll gladly take more material of the ilk presented on Blackstar. My only criticism so far is that 7 tracks isn’t nearly enough!

I want more! It’s that good.


Bowie is an acquired taste. Not only at first, but with nearly every new song he releases. And yet “Lazarus” is familiar as Bowie because you can always believe he would record such a a song. It’s different-sounding, but a very Bowie-like thing to do. We’re disappointed when a song of his reminds us of past work or of someone else no matter how good or enjoyable. I like “Lazarus” because I don’t know yet if I really dig it. Bowie’s no good if all you can is he’s obscure. With Bowie there are usually things worth finding if you’re not afraid to find them.

This in no way shall ever excuse the “Dancing In The Street” vid….

alan hansen

i’m fascinated by how this current version of bowie is powerfully polarizing – what little of the new collection we’ve heard thus far. personally, i dig it!


What a load of utter rubbish…come on Bowie fans are you serious that this is good music? This is tuneless meandering boring and lifeless…Bowie retire and don’t ever put out anymore music like this…just settle for your 70’s heyday as your peak because now you have lost the plot completely…points 0/100


Don’t beat around the bush….


Obviously not a fan then.

Chris Lancaster

All will become clear shortly, but the suggestions seems to be that Sue is radically different to last year’s version. As for Lazarus, for me it is better than anything on The Next Day – and I liked that album a lot.


The versions of the two previously released tracks are very different and very good.


Sue is completely reworked by all accounts – and I thought you guys were all about the tiny differences in versions anyway – in this case it’s a lot more than a tiny difference re Sue.

Everything I’ve heard thus far has been genuinely welcome and it just seems to be a set of songs with a much stronger and far more vital sense of direction.

For somebody of Bowie’s calibre to be producing genuinely engaging and exciting content this far into an already stella career (and one that took quite the down turn for a number of decades) is a considerable achievement and a great deal more than anyone had any expectation of receiving.

David Bricknell

Totally agree.

Are there many other “greats” who could pull something like this out of the hat in their late 60’s or early 70’s?

David Bowie and Robert Plant are both shining examples of how to ignore nostalgia and just get on with their quest to produce bold new music.

CJ Feeney

Closer to a traditional rock song than Blackstar, but still a bit “out there.”

I have a to say I was a but miffed to see both Sue (In a Season of Crime)” and “Tis a Pity She Was a Whore” are both on the album. It makes last year’s 10″ single a lot less essential.

David Bricknell

Bought the album in Australia yesterday.

Absolutely brilliant.

I found The Next Day’s production to be a bit “meat and potatoes” for my tastes, especially since it made excellent songs, arrangements and vocals sound all a bit “conventional”, which is the last thing I want on a Bowie album. Nor what I expected from Visconti.

Very happy to report that Blackstar is FAR from conventional.

Bowie has returned to his great experimental, weird-in-a-good-way days, presenting truly original music, but not forgetting those most important of elements: melody and great tunes.

This new album is the anti-mid 80’s period, so if that’s where he lost you or you lost him, I highly recommend you get back on board.

Amazing stuff!!!

martin farnworth

yeah. feel a bit short changed there as there’s only 7 tracks on the album which in itself wouldn’t be an issue. depends somewhat if those 2 tracks are significantly different. though one suspects there’s material being held back from these sessions for a deluxe edition- having re bought every new bowie album since Outside.


Not awful!

Halloween Jack

The ★ promotional clips are great! Bowie should have had a “Night Thought” and included an accompanying film with the album.
The song “Lazarus” is a little boring because I don’t care for half the lyrics but I think this will be his best album since “…Hours.”

Jon Hank

Awful, just awful