David Gilmour / Rattle That Lock deluxe unboxing video

A good overview of what you can expect from the forthcoming David Gilmour Rattle That Lock deluxe CD+ Blu-raybox or CD+DVD deluxe box sets.

Good to know that the DVD boasts a ‘full colour label’…


David Gilmour / Rattle That Lock CD+Blu-ray






Track listing

1. 5 A.M.
2. Rattle That Lock
3. Faces Of Stone
4. A Boat Lies Waiting
5. Dancing Right In Front Of Me
6. In Any Tongue
7. Beauty
8. The Girl In The Yellow Dress
9. Today
10. And Then…

1. Barn Jam 1
2. Barn Jam 2
3. Barn Jam 3
4. Barn Jam 4
5. The Animators ALASDAIR + JOCK (Documentary)
6. Rattle That Lock (Video)
7. The Animators DANNY MADDEN (Documentary)
8. The Girl In The Yellow Dress (Video)
9. Polly Samson & David Gilmour At The Borris House Festival Of Words And Ideas (Documentary)
10. The Making Of The Rattle That Lock Album (Documentary)
11. Rattle That Lock (Extended Mix) (Audio)
12. The Girl In The Yellow Dress (Orchestral Version) (Audio)
13. Rattle That Lock (Youth Mix 12 Extended Radio Dub) (Audio)
14. Rattle That Lock (Radio Edit) (Audio)
15. The Rattle That Lock Album in 5.1 Sound and PCM Stereo (Tonqualität: 96kHz/24bit einschließlich 5.1 PCM und DTS Master Audio und Stereo PCM)


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Peter Anderson

back down to original price on Amazon UK and available from market place sellers for as little as £14.19 plus p&p

Peter Anderson

So glad to have picked up the deluxe bluray version for £22 on preorder at Amazon UK as the price has now appears to have shot up to £72.99


Richie, Theprogster, totally agree with you both. I am fifty and the amount of new / recent stuff I have in my collection is actually exponentially more than I have got into in the last thirty-five years or so. In 2013 I think there were in excess of twenty new releases that I bought from newer acts that I buy, along with a new releases from established mainstays that I still buy. Never been better in terms of choice but a shame it is almost all ignored by R6 et all.

Phil Cohen

Are the “Barn Jams” the same ones that were briefly available (as MP3 downloads) to purchasers of the “Live in Gdansk” boxed set? Though I bought that box less than a year after its release, the downloads were no longer available.


Richie…I totally agree with you regarding new music coming out yes there’s a lot of good stuff that the general public never get to hear…A good proportion of it is really good but never charts…one classic example is the 80’s UK new wave band THE FIXX who have released 10 studio albums to date and are still going 35 years later !! take a listen to their most recent album from 2012 called ‘Beautiful Friction’ which is a cracking album…included in the band are Cy Curnin on vocals who sets the mood and with some fantastic guitar soundscapes from the great Jamie West-Oram…come on superdeluxeedition subscribers get your ears around THE FIXX they are a fantastic band who deserve more recognition.


I also say no to double glazing salesmen too. know thyself. look, I bought ‘World Music’ by Goat that is fairly new Swedish psychedelia and I do buy the odd new artist release when I naturally hear something good that grabs my attention. but in the main- we have a largely culturally bereft generation which i have largely no interest in hearing the witterings of. there will always by exceptions of course- bring me a Fall, Killing Joke or Funkadelic then i’ll listen. maaan.


let’s be thankful quality artists still knock out the odd new release. because the irrelevant garbage that passes for new music these days would be the main reason why a lot of us go after re-issues and deluxe versions of former favourites.


You are not looking hard enough my loxadontan friend. There is as much great music being made today, if not more than at any time. NO I am not going to give examples, if you are not prepared to look beyond the “irrelevant garbage” that is your loss.

There won`t be any Beatles, Stones, Floyd, Zep, Dylan to discover, we`ve already had them and there like will not be heard again but you will be pleasantly surprised if you are prepared to look.


yes, I will live with that ‘loss’.


C`mon man(woman?) give it a go, you`ll be more than pleasantly surprised, ; ))


Anyone else hearing “Billie Jean” in it? Cool with me! :)

peter chrisp

Well it does sound a little laid back, and judging by some of the comments above no one seems to be very impressed with his forthcoming album, i
guess most fans were hoping or expecting a lot of “Floyd” influences
but sad to say the chances are pretty slim. I would imagine once again his wife no doubt would have influenced a lot of the material hence the pedestrian sounding song, if it wasn’t for David’s guitar on the title
track i most likely dismissed the song, and the rest of the album?


Maybe that`s the problem, DG trying NOT to sound like PF.


But should he? He is not PF, only one part of it. Without Richard Wright the PF sound does not exist anymore even it was only just hanging for the albums after Mr Waters vacated.


I`m not saying he should Daran but it must be hard to not have the music you`ve played/recorded for over 40 years not be a huge influence on what you later play/record. I like what I`ve heard of the new album but I have never listened to any album with high expectations, it`s probably why I am easily pleased.

Julian H

Nobody’s influenced by their own music. Dave is thinking ‘outside of the box’ for his solo projects and that’s what makes them interest. He has no legacy that he needs to stay true to. If he wants to do something Floydian like the title track of “On an Island”, that’s fine by me. It’s a part of what he’s doing. If he wants to do something un-Floydian like “Rattle That Lock”, it’s fine by me as well. It’s still recognizably Dave – his guitar and voice are unique and the song isn’t nearly as bad as some are saying.

Julian H



@ The Progster

Please view the video about what the title is a metaphor for. As for having a connection to sitting in traffic jams, er well yes I guess. But I’ve also stepped in dog pooh a few times during my life too – do we get a song about our connection with that domestic hiccup from Mr Rea as well? Something’s are so mundane as to not really need a song written about them. Yes, a lot of cars are bought on credit. Thanks for pointing out the bleeding obvious Chris next …..


* That is on the DG YouTube channel.


C`mon stop squabbling about the merits of CR vs DG, both are worthy artists. It all takes me back to The Beatles vs The Stones in the `60`s although both of the latter were of, shall we say a higher level. IMHO, OOAA.


We are just teasing each other Ritchie – nothing harmful.

Johnny Feathers

Still not loving the title track. I’m getting the basic version of the album as it is with the concert tickets. It will need to be better than I expect in order for me to justify getting the deluxe version.


We all have a connection with traffic snarl ups here and there…but rattling locks isn’t that leading to a bit of breaking and entering? Hahaha


Or alternatively could say that DG would not stoop so low musically as to sing about sitting in a car in the middle of some stupid traffic jam?


Well makes more sense about being stuck on the M25 as most of us have been in a similar situation…and that title track the full length version is a classic…singing about rattling some old or new lock is ridiculous…come on mr. gilmour I feel let down on that song title I thought you had more intelligence than that.


DEAN…I totally disagree with your comments about DG sounding like a reincarnated 1980’s Chris Rea…In fact he was more than capable of putting out some damn fine albums before he got over obsessed with the blues on his last few albums….Chris Rea wouldn’t even stoop so low musically to sing about rattling some stupid lock…check out the classic ‘Road To Hell’ album from 1989 and listen to every track there is not a duff track on it…I couldn’t imagine even DG coming up with such a stockingly brilliant album.


Chris Rea`s `Blues` albums are great and really enhance Rea`s recorded output.


Really looking forward to the Full colour label…

Robert van Diggele

Haha :) Not sure why they emphasize that so much, as full colour cd labels are quite common since a few decades, aren’t they?


And how are those CDs Paul, the ink soaked into the CDs and knackered mine.


Pluses: That’s a nice deluxe versions with some good books and full lyrics. The added bits and pieces are nice to have too.

Minuses: At £25 at this time, it’s perhaps a bit pricey. And I can’t get away from the fact that the title track played over that video was seriously disappointing. It’s like Chris Rea from the 80’s has been reincarnated. Poor.


That is a well thought out SDE in my opinion, as was the last PF album. I have grown to like the title track a lot too. Hope the rest of the album is as good. The price of the 2 disc set on DG’s store is £16 + p&p – so probably a little bit more than Amazon’s £18.99 all in.