Exclusive: SDE takes a first look at the Mansun ‘Closed For Business’ box set

SDEtv takes an exclusive early peak at Closed For Business, the forthcoming career spanning Mansun box that features 24CDs and a DVD, plus a wealth of books and other content. Watch the video…

Closed for Business is released on 12 December 2020. Pre-order your copy from the SDE shop and using this link or the button below.

Each SDE shop pre-order will come with a very limited ‘Wide Open Space Perfecto Mix’ CD single, which is totally exclusive to SDE (tracks are the seven-minute Wide Open Space Perfecto Mix ‘ and ‘Wide Open Space Trouser Enthusiasts Hermaphrodite Circus Mix ‘). Only 500 of these were produced.


1                      The Chad Who Loved Me                                      05:02
2                      Mansun’s Only Love Song                                   05:55
3                      Taxloss                                                             07:02
4                      You, Who Do You Hate?                                       03:06
5                      Wide Open Space                                               04:30
6                      Stripper Vicar                                                     04:05
7                      Disgusting                                                          05:07
8                      She Makes My Nose Bleed                                   03:55
9                      Naked Twister                                                     04:39
10                     Egg Shaped Fred                                                04:11
11                     Dark Mavis / An Open Letter To The Lyrical Trainspotter 14:40

DISC 2:   SIX         

1                      Six                                                                    08:07
2                      Negative                                                                        04:21
3                      Shotgun                                                             06:37
4                      Inverse Midas                                                     01:44
5                      Anti Everything                                                   02:25
6                      Fall Out                                                             03:47
7                      Serotonin                                                           02:33
8                      Cancer                                                              09:22
9                      Witness To A Murder (Part 2)                                03:06
10                     Television                                                          08:21

11                     Special / Blown It (Delete As Appropriate)               05:32
12                     Legacy                                                              06:26
13                     Being A Girl                                                        00:07:59

DISC 3:   LITTLE KIX      

1                      Butterfly (A New Beginning)                                  05:52
2                      I Can Only Disappoint U                                       04:59
3                      Comes As No Surprise                                         04:01
5                      Love Is                                                              04:37
6                      Soundtrack 4 2 Lovers                                         04:10
7                      Forgive Me                                                         04:42
8                      Until The Next Life                                               04:49
9                      Fool                                                                  04:17
10                     We Are The Boys                                                            04:25
11                     Goodbye                                                            05:10


1                      Getting Your Way                                                            04:32
2                      Slipping Away                                                     04:51
3                      Keep Telling Myself                                             04:00
4                      Harris                                                                03:25
5                      Love Remains                                                     02:45
6                      Cry 2 My Face                                                    04:11
7                      No Signal/No Complaints                                      04:54
8                      Home                                                                03:26
9                      Fragile                                                               03:42
10                     Wanted So Much                                                 03:23
The Dog From Two Doors Down (Hidden track)04:30


1                      Take It Easy Chicken (Manson single version)         04:24
2                      Skin Up Pin Up                                                   03:42

3                      Flourella                                                             04:25
4                      Egg Shaped Fred                                                03:54
5                      Ski-Jump Nose                                                   03:46
6                      Lemonade Secret Drinker                                     04:09
7                      Thief                                                                 05:19
8                      Drastic Sturgeon                                                 03:24
9                      The Greatest Pain                                               03:52
10                     Moronica                                                            04:33
11                     Stripper Vicar                                                     04:10
12                     The Edge                                                           03:15
13                     The Duchess                                                      04:29
14                     An Open Letter To The Lyrical Trainspotter             04:02
15                     No One Knows Us                                               03:41
16                     Things Keep Falling Off Buildings                           03:19


1                      Wide Open Space                                               04:32
2                      Rebel Without A Quilt                                           04:09
3                      Vision Impaired                                                   02:39
4                      The Gods Of Not Very Much                                 04:39
5                      Moronica (Acoustic)                                             03:14
6                      Lemonade Secret Drinker (Acoustic)                      02:47
7                      She Makes My Nose Bleed                                   04:05
8                      The Most To Gain                                                02:20
9                      The Holy Blood And The Holy Grail                         04:40
10                     Live Open Space                                                04:43
11                     Drastic Sturgeon (Live)                                        03:18
12                     She Makes My Nose Bleed (Acoustic)                    03:33
13                     Taxloss                                                             07:19
14                     Grey Lantern                                                      02:04
15                     The Impending Collapse Of It All                            04:05
16                     The Chad Who Loved Me / Ski Jump Nose (Live)     06:31
17                     Wide Open Space (Acoustic)                                04:17
18                     Taxloss (Single Edit)                                            04:27


1                      Closed For Business                                            03:03
2                      K.I.Double.S.I.N.G.                                             04:42
3                      Everyone Must Win                                             05:38
4                      The World’s Still Open                                          03:37
5                      Dark Mavis (Acoustic)                                          05:00
6                      Stripper Vicar (Live)                                             04:13
7                      Legacy (Radio Edit)                                             05:56
8                      Can’t Afford To Die                                              02:49
9                      Spasm Of Identity                                                           03:03
10                     Check Under The Bed                                          04:10
11                     GSOH                                                               01:22
12                     Face In The Crowd                                              03:43
13                     Being A Girl (Part One)                                        02:00
14                     Hideout                                                              02:43
15                     Railings                                                            05:52
16                     I Care                                                                03:42
17                     Been Here Before                                                04:10


1                      Negative (Edit)                                                    03:45
2                      When The Wind Blows                                          04:51
3                      King Of Beauty                                                   04:55
4                      I Deserve What I Get                                           03:38
5                      Take It Easy Chicken (Live)                                  09:33
6                      Six (Single Version)                                             03:39
7                      Church Of The Drive thru Elvis                              03:02
8                      But The Trains Run On Time                                03:37
9                      What It’s Like To Be Hated                                               03:25
10                     Being A Girl (Parts One & Two) [Live]                     04:52
11                     I Can OnlyDisappoint U (Single Edit)                      04:22
12                     Decisions, Decisions                                          06:03
13                     Repair Man                                                         04:04
14                     My Idea Of Fun 04:00
15                     Golden Stone    04:35


1                      Electric Man (Single Edit)                                     04:16
2                      The Drifters                                                        04:31
3                      The Apartment                                                    04:11
4                      Electric Man (Acoustic)                                        04:37
5                      Fool (Edit)                                                          03:33
6                      I’ve Seen The Top Of The Mountain                                   05:05
7                      Promises                                                           05:28
8                      Fade In Time                                                      04:38
9                      Black Infinite Space                                            04:43

1                      The Chad Who Loved Me                                      01:59
2                      Ski Jump Nose                                                   01:57
3                      Open Letter To The Lyrical Trainspotter                  00:38
4                      Ski Jump Nose (Reprise)                                      01:08
5                      Stripper Vicar                                                     03:49
6                      Mansun’s Only Love Song                                                05:26
7                      Naked Twister                                                     05:13
8                      She Makes My Nose Bleed                                   03:42
9                      Take It Easy Chicken                                          07:12


1                      Stripper Vicar                                                     04:09
2                      Mansun’s Only Love Song                                                05:18
3                      Taxloss                                                             05:48
4                      Naked Twister                                                     05:02
5                      Egg Shaped Fred                                                05:30
6                      Wide Open Space                                               05:18
7                      She Makes My Nose Bleed                                   03:33
8                      Take It Easy Chicken                                          07:18


1                      The Chad Who Loved Me                                      07:10
2                      Stripper Vicar                                                     04:19
3                      Mansun’s Only Love Song                                                05:18
4                      Taxloss                                                             05:50
5                      The Edge                                                           04:19
6                      Drastic Sturgeon                                                 03:11
7                      Naked Twister                                                     04:55
8                      Egg Shaped Fred                                                05:29
9                      Wide Open Space                                               05:25
10                     She Makes My Nose Bleed                                   03:56
11                     Take It Easy Chicken                                          10:27


1                      Stripper Vicar                                                     04:35
2                      Mansun’s Only Love Song                                                05:27
3                      Taxloss                                                             05:43
4                      Naked Twister                                                    05:09
5                      Egg Shaped Fred                                                05:04
6                      Take It Easy Chicken                                          05:27

DISC 14:  GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL  27/6/98         

1                      Everyone Must Win                                             05:02
2                      Stripper Vicar                                                     03:55
3                      Mansun’s Only Love Song                                               05:36
4                      Shotgun                                                            06:30
5                      Drastic Sturgeon                                                            03:14
6                      Wide Open Space                                               04:51
7                      She Makes My Nose Bleed                                   03:35
8                      Take It Easy Chicken                                          04:42
9                      Taxloss                                                             05:42

DISC 15:   BRIXTON ACADEMY, 23/10/98        

1                      Negative                                                                        03:36
2                      Being a Girl                                                        04:28
3                      Stripper Vicar                                                     04:14
4                      Everyone Must Win                                             04:46
5                      Special/Blown It (Delete as Appropriate)                 04:08
6                      Shotgun                                                             06:52
7                      Wide Open Space                                               04:19
8                      Television                                                          07:00
9                      Mansun’s Only Love Song                                                05:19
10                     Six                                                                    06:21
11                     She Makes My Nose Bleed                                   03:32
12                     Taxloss                                                             07:13
13                     The Chad Who Loved Me / Drastic Sturgeon                        06:38
14                     Legacy                                                              04:19
15                     Take It Easy Chicken                                          07:08

DISC 16:   MARGATE WINTER GARDENS, 24/1/99      

1                      Negative                                                                        03:53
2                      Being a Girl                                                        04:31
3                      Stripper Vicar                                                     04:19
4                      Everyone Must Win                                             04:43
5                      Special/Blown It (Delete as Appropriate)                 03:52
6                      Shotgun                                                             06:44
7                      Wide Open Space                                               04:18
8                      Television                                                          06:52
9                      Mansun’s Only Love Song                                               05:25
10                     Six                                                                    06:15
11                     She Makes My Nose Bleed                                   03:34
12                     Taxloss                                                            07:27
13                     The Chad Who Loved Me                                      03:53
14                     Drastic Sturgeon                                                 02:40
15                     Legacy                                                              04:24
16                     Take It Easy Chicken                                          06:51


1                      Take It Easy Chicken                                          06:14
2                      Stripper Vicar                                                     03:56
3                      Drastic Sturgeon                                                 03:19
4                      Being a Girl                                                        05:06
5                      Special/Blown It (Delete As Appropriate)                 04:17
6                      Everyone Must Win                                            05:10
7                      Six                                                                    07:15
8                      Ski Jump Nose                                                   03:46
9                      Mansun’s Only Love Song                                                05:53
10                     Wide Open Space                                               05:03
11                     She Makes My Nose Bleed                                   03:44
12                     Taxloss                                                             09:00

DISC 18:  V2000, 19/8/00

1                      Being a Girl                                                        05:27
2                      Comes As No Surprise                                         04:17
3                      Stripper Vicar                                                     04:15
4                      Special/Blown It (Delete As Appropriate)                 04:38
5                      Electric Man                                                       04:17
6                      Love Is                                                              04:26
7                      Wide Open Space                                               04:35
8                      She Makes My Nose Bleed                                   03:52
9                      Taxloss                                                             08:48


1                      I Can Only Disappoint U                                       04:34
2                      Being a Girl                                                        02:10
3                      The Chad Who Loved Me                                     05:14
4                      Stripper Vicar                                                     03:46
5                      Comes As No Surprise                                         04:35
6                      Electric Man                                                       04:40
7                      Love Is                                                              04:44
8                      Wide Open Space                                               04:26
9                      Taxloss                                                             10:04
10                     Fool                                                                  04:30
11                     Legacy                                                              05:04
12                     Special / Blown It (Delete As Appropriate)               04:22
13                     Everyone Must Win                                             05:00
14                     She Makes My Nose Bleed                                   04:21
15                     Take it Easy Chicken                                           06:54


Mark Radcliffe Radio One Session, 20/11/95       

1                      Drastic Sturgeon                                                 03:22
2                      Naked Twister                                                     03:48
3                      She Makes My Nose Bleed                                  04:04

Peel Session, BBC Radio One, 24/3/96    

4                      The Chad Who Loved Me                                      06:09
5                      Ski Jump Nose                                                   02:30
6                      Lemonade Secret Drinker                                     03:13
7                      Egg Shaped Fred                                                04:38

BBC Radio One Session, 23/9/97               

8                      Everyone Must Win                                            04:16
9                      K.I.Double.S.I.N.G                                              03:25
10                     The World’s Still Open                                          03:28
11                     Lemonade Secret Drinker                                     03:14
12                     Closed For Business                                           02:47

John Peel Special, BBC Maida Vale Studios, to celebrate 25 years of Festive 50, 19/12/00

13                     Shot By Both Sides (sung by Chad)                                   03:38


1                      Take It Easy Chicken (Unsigned Demo)                  04:20
2                      She Makes My Nose Bleed (Unsigned Demo)           03:59
3                      Moronica (Unsigned Demo)                                   03:58
4                      No One Knows Us (Demo)                                    03:31
5                      Flourella (Demo)                                                  04:17
6                      Stripper Vicar (Demo)                                           04:05
7                      Skin Up Pin Up (Demo)                                         04:02
8                      Drastic Sturgeon (Demo)                                      03:25
9                      Egg Shaped Fred (Demo)                                      05:10
10                     Ski Jump Nose (Demo)                                         03:42
11                     Things Keep Falling Off Buildings (Demo)                04:34
12                      The Greatest Pain (Piano Take)                            02:58
13                     Naked Twister (Near Final)                                   03:51
14                     Mansun’s Only Love Song (Full Length)                  06:17


1                      The Chad Who Loved Me (Near Final)                     04:26
2                      She Makes My Nose Bleed (Near Final)                  04:01
3                      Ski Jump Nose (Acoustic)                                    02:30
4                      You, Who Do You Hate? (Demo)                            02:59
5                      Stripper Vicar (Parr St. Mix)                                 04:12
6                      Closed For Business (Demo)                                 03:22
7                      Anti-Everything (Extended Instrumental)                 03:25
8                      Grey Lantern (Alt Studio Version Take 2)                02:03
9                      Television (Live)                                                  07:08
10                     Mansun’s Only Love Song                                                05:39
11                     Taxloss (Live)                                                     06:44
12                     Everyone Must Win (Live)                                     05:00
13                     Dark Mavis (Near Final)                                        07:34


1                      Rock ‘n’ Roll Loser (Demo)                                                04:25
2                      Watcher                                                             03:37
3                      An Open letter to a Lyrical Trainspotter (Take 2)      03:59
4                      Way It Is (Demo)                                                 04:57
5                      The Impending Collapse Of It All (Demo)                 04:21
6                      She Makes My Nose Bleed (Unknown Acoustic)       03:25
7                      Egg Shaped Fred (Acoustic)                                 02:49
8                      Railings (Demo)                                                   06:02
9                      Promises (Demo)                                                 05:23
10                     Naked Twister (Unknown Acoustic)                        03:03
11                     South of the Painted Hall                                      03:18
12                     The Drifters (Demo)                                             04:30
13                     These Days                                                        04:24
14                     You, Who Do Hate? (Near Final) 03:06


1                      Things Keep Falling Off Bridges (Backing Track)      03:53
2                      Flourella (Studio Monitor Mix)                                04:20
3                      The Greatest Pain (Alternative Mix)                                    04:17
4                      Grey Lantern (Unreleased Studio Version)               02:59
5                      Rebel Without A Quilt (Take 2)                              06:22
6                      I Wanted So Much                                              03:24
7                      The Edge (Backing Track)                                    03:00
8                      This Is My Home                                                 03:44
9                      Forgive Me (Demo)                                             05:42
10                     Superstar (Demo)                                                            03:41
11                     Witness To A Murder (Part 1)                                01:49
12                     Chad’s Song (Guide)                                            04:15
13                     King Of Beauty (Writing Session)                           04:13

DISC 25:    DVD      

Brixton Academy (23/10/98) (80 mins)

1                      Negative
2                      Being a Girl
3                      Stripper Vicar
4                      Everyone Must Win
5                      Special/Blown It (Delete as Appropriate)
6                      Shotgun
7                      Wide Open Space
8                      Television
9                      Mansun’s Only Love Song
10                     Six
11                     She Makes My Nose Bleed
12                     Taxloss
13                     The Chad Who Loved Me
14                     Drastic Sturgeon
15                     Legacy
16                     Take It Easy Chicken

Top Of The Pops performances:

Wide Open Space (6/12/96)
She Makes My Nose Bleed (14/2/97)
Taxloss (9/5/97)
Closed For Business (17/10/97)
Legacy (10/7/98)
Being A Girl (4/9/98)
Six (12/2/99)
I Can Only Disappoint U (11/8/00)

 Later With Jools Holland (14/6/97)           

Wide Open Space
Mansun’s Only Love Song

Later With Jools Holland (21/10/00)        

I Can Only Disappoint U


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Larry Davis

Great vidclip…do want this but have to wait a coupla weeks…hope enough copies were made…question, in getting this set first, do I really need to get the 2 SDEs of Lantern & Six?? As there is no duplication of extras between those 2 and this behemoth, what would I be missing if I don’t get the earlier sets?? Just curious…like a few people here, I knew of the band…had the original US Lantern CD on Epic, but never saw them live & lost track of the band…but always liked them & Wide Open Space shoulda been a bigger US hit single, maybe along the lines of the Verve’s Bitter Sweet Symphony…maybe they are too close in name to Marilyn Manson for US comfort I don’t know…

andrew r

Ordered Paul ,i had no intention of going anywhere near this
having decided to swear off mammoth box sets with too much duplication
through spurious multiple live takes .However, your unboxing swung it
as it looks too good to let go.Mr Draper owes you a thank you.
As a matter of interest it says strictly limited ,any idea how many will be made?

Dave H

Thanks for the video Paul, can’t wait for it to arrive. Looks like a well put together archive of material. It’s interesting to see bands from the 90’s releasing super deluxe editions this year – Supergrass, Menswear and now Mansun.

Does it help that they all split up so it’s easier to look back at their careers and put something together? The good thing is that most of their audience is still alive to enjoy these sets.

Unlike some of the artists from the 60’s who waited 50+ years before going through their archives and release material. Why wait so long?


I wish my favourite artists would put that much thought, care and value into their superdeluxe retrospectives. The Supergrass one for example would have been better with more book content and outtake CDs.

Never really explored Mansun but they do seem to inspire devotion. An ex of mine went to a “Mansun Convention” once in Chester! I think they were held every year! That book compilation of fanzines is a great idea and suits a cult band. Fair play to all involved on this.

John Bobo Bollenberg

Paul, nothing to do with Mansun here but I have been intrigued to find out what the music is you use at the beginning of your SDE unboxing videos. My Shazam app. remains puzzled


Release of the year for me. This looks outstanding and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Box set done properly. My mid/late 20’s self would be so jealous! Excellent vid Paul, many thanks!!


Had never heard of Manson (after my time) nor likely to ever buy any of these sets (costs plus time to listen to them and do them justice) but love the unboxing – fascinating to see what’s in these boxes and the varied ‘value’ of them all (this seems very fair at a $/unit level plus stuff). Thanks Paul

Morten Andreas Aastad

Oooh wow! I really liked Mansun a lot, I think they did well here in Norway (as perhaps proved by the inclution of a live CD from Kristiansand). I hope it doesn’t sell out too quickly, I’d love to get one if there’s any left over Christmas. Thank you for a great presentation, and quite possibly a huge great hole in my bank account! Now make one like this for Spaced as well!

Brad B.

Paul as always thanks for your videos, watching this makes it just a little bit harder to wait til I have more disposable income for this!!! This and that Divine Comedy box and the Bob Mould box set I just received are such good examples of how to treat the fans right that are in the market for these kind of collections. Keeping up hope this doesn’t go out of print any time soon!

Peter Muscutt

Bloody hell thats my family not seeing me much over Christmas then! I was eager to see the books and they don’t disappoint. The AOTGL and Six special edition book sets look to be a great compliment, with no overlap of content or photographs…. #drools

Gary Hunter

Not a fan myself but I have to say they have put together a very impressive box set, the books look fantastic, a wealth of information, well done to all concerned, that is how a box set should be presented.

Murray Robbins

Thanks for a great unboxing video! Can’t wait.

It’s significant to apply the word “love” to a band and their music particularly one you were never lucky enough to see. I would like to express thanks to the person whose name I do not know with whom I had a conversation at a Pure Reason Revolution concert in Park Street, Bristol in 2007.

He said to me …”From what we’ve just talked about, you must love Mansun” but somehow wrapped up in following other bands they had come and gone much to my regret. Thanks to that guy!

Lantern and Six ….the last two progressive pop masterpieces of the 20th Century!

Fernando GM

That looks great!! Can’t wait to have mine in my hands. CD’s not over yet. We know they said the same with vinyls. As long we keep on buying stuff like this there’ll still be CD players.

Long live Mansun, and long live The Kinks, and Depeche Mode, and The Beatles, and Elliott Smith, The Notwist, Tortoise and Grandaddy. Paul, Grandaddy is gonna released their fantastic Sophtware Slump in a 20th anniversary 4 vinyl edition. Whoever don’t know that record please give this masterpiece a try.

By the way… I was in Chelmsford, back in V2000. We spent the night with my gilrfriend in a tent that some people allowed us to stay because it was freezing. Thank you people. Being a spanish guy, I didn’t understand that in August could be such that intensive cold. And only to watch Mansun live. Years later I’ve discovered that one of my other loving bands were from Chelmsford, Nitzer Ebb.

Thank you Paul Draper, stay safe forever! I had the opportunity of reading the chat between you and that David N. concerning the domain of the site and everything about it. You even had to put up with Stove and what he sadly did. With everything you’ve been through we just have no option that applaude the way you are. It’s really amazing. If I were you maybe I would have erased him from this awesome box ; ). Congratulations. Probably all your feelings about that were expressed in your solo album. I think you are a shiny person, despite you are this kind of mate who can release a masterpiece at a young age. Undoubtedly someone special. With a record that will live forever.

SIX is something unique, and inspired a lot of musicians like myself. It’s a puzzle, a collage full of incredible ideas in every way. My brain is eternally thankful.


Amazed this is still available to pre-order. Such a slow seller given the content. I could have kept my trigger finger coiled and saved a few months interest on the wedge I spent ordering day one. Anyway, still excited for the release as it’s looks great. Shame tracks still missing but nothing a few £ on Discogs can’t find, remixes etc.


That is one awesome looking release for a group I have never heard of being mentioned, referred to, whispered about or remotely acknowledged. Who the hell are they? Haha


Ooooo so excited for this!

Thank you Paul for the unboxing and stocking this with the WOS CD single

Rare Glam

Thank Paul, that’s a deep box for sure rather like the Pretty Things Bouquet From A Cloudy Sky in dimensions I think. It looks great. I am going to have to hold fire though, much as I’d like that bonus CD single. I pre-ordered the Supergrass SDL with Amazon @£170 where it stayed for a couple of months only to see it drop £40 the day after release (the day after I got mine). I have a feeling the same might apply here, so am waiting to see if there’s a saving to be made.


I am only able to watch the first few minutes! I want to look forward to receiving it on the 11th and then il watch it in full!
Looks like a lovely box fair play. Some of they’re b-sides were better than most other bands A sides at the time ‘Decisions, decisions’ a particular favourite for me.


Looking forward to this and will be checking the office heavy lifting online course imminently.

Please wrap it well


I would love a copy of this without the live element which i loathe.


Thanks Paul, good video and looks like the set has certainly been made with care and with the fan in mind. Hopefully you’ll be shipping mine to Canada soon ;-)


Looks outstanding!