FIRST LOOK: T. Rex Tanx and Zinc Alloy 5-disc deluxe set


The T. Rex Tanx and Zinc Alloy 5-disc deluxe set is out on Monday next week. It can be ordered from the T. Rex shop or via Amazon.


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Glen Buchanan

Back in the day I was disappointed with Tanx after a all the love that surrounded the Slider. Now however it is my go to Bolan album when I can’t decide which one to play. I love every minute of it and have 3 vinyl copies “just in case”.

[…] month on from the release of the T. Rex Tanx and Zinc Alloy deluxe set comes this Record Store Day special vinyl release of the 1973 album Tanx. Cut from a […]


The annoying thing about this set to most is that genuine fans have everything contained in it – it’s ok I guess for the casuals as I’m sure that much of this would’ve been unheard to them, but to us die-hards – we have it all already, it’s just the packaging to pay for. Re-mastering is the record companies latest way of getting a few more quid out of the fans. The originals, to me, will always sound the best and the warmest sonically. Remastering of CDs tend to be sharp, and a little less warm. Unless remixing the tracks from the original master 2″ multi’s, one cannot get a completely alternate mix/master. I have the multi’s for Tanx, and it is a shame they didn’t approach me for them to obtain a completely ‘new’ version of the album which could bring it honestly into the 21st century.


… and as for the new mastering: I think I like it – Midnight never sounded so good (haven’t yet listened to them all though)!


Got mine today, looks great – and my name’s in the book! I’m just listening to the Tanx bonus disc and enjoy it a lot even though I already know most of the stuff. The Solid Gold/Groover 7″ looks fantastic, too. What p***es me off though, is the fact I was sent TWO seperate parcels (one with the deluxe edition and the tote bag, the other with the 7″ single) but was charged with shipping costs THREE times – what a rip-off!

[…] FIRST LOOK: T. Rex Tanx and Zinc Alloy 5-disc deluxe set […]


There is a great and lengthy review of this release on Thequietus website by the way. I am sure Paul will not mind me mentioning this.

rare glam

I have always loved all the T Rex albums (the first 45 I ever bought was ‘Solid Gold Easy Action’ in Janury 1973). To my ears, once Bolan met Gloria, she added a width and depth of the existing sound and gave a funkier groove and overall made him sound fuller.

Although ‘Dandy..’ I think is a rather flat album by comparison to the others, I’d be more than happy to see the rest of the post Zinc Alloy albums given a similar deluxe bookset treatment, they’re artistically undervalued I feel. Warrior and Slider are of course wonderful but they have always overshadowed Bolan’s later work. True the later albums didn’t sell nearly as well at the time, but that has never stopped historcial re-evaluation of anyonelese’s ouvre.


As big a fan as I am, I have to say I agree with you both. Tanx is good in parts but no way comparable to Warrior or Slider. Zinc is a very messy album, Tony Visconti once described it as a druggy album and I think that is about right really. there are some good tracks on it, but those backing vocals…..
I think that Marc was under a lot of pressure to change his sound, he was accused of sounding Samey. I think he could have done at least one more album in the vein of Slider, and with the same team ie flo and Eddie on backing vocals.


I own all Marc Bolan related CDs. These 2 albums are not among CDs I play much. Marc had lost his mojo in my opinion at that stage in his career. The backing vocals from Gloria Jones are in my opinion ‘painful’


In my opinion, T.Rex peaked with Warrior and Slider, Tanx was okay and Zinc Alloy was interesting but quite difficult to get into. Zip Gun, on the other hand, was a total disaster, apart from two or three tracks, Dragon and Dandy were a little better but not nearly as good as Slider and Warrior. Plus, they didn’t sell and are only known by hardcore fans. So I don’t think they’ll get the deluxe treatment. (But who knows?)


I agree with you re the sheet music rare glam. I will never even look at it. Looks a good package, though I am not a fan of these huge book sets as they are difficult to display. I prefer the smaller Electric Warrior sized box.
I wonder if the last 3 albums will receive the deluxe treatment? Too be honest I will be surprised if they do.

rare glam

The book looks wonderful. I’m not fussed about reproduction sheet music to be honest but the picture sleeves and graphic art look great, plus Mark Paytresse’s liners looks like there’s more than just technical or legal information in the text which is good. I’m a bit disappointed that Edsel have opted for those rather ineffcient rubber stoppers to hold the discs in place rather than the slip in pockets as pictured in the original advance design. The rubber stopers are only glued on and can easily come off. More often because of what they’re made of they have the effect of pushing the discs upwards and ultimately off of them meaning discs randomly fall out of the cover when you pick the set off the shelf. The slip in pockets (a la the recent 2 x Velvet Underground sets for instance) are more reliable. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to this set next week.