Kasabian / Velociraptor! Super Deluxe Edition Unboxing video

Check this video of Kasabian‘s rather overpriced new Super Deluxe Edition Velociraptor! It can be purchased for £180 via their website. However, they have generously offered free shipping!


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Brenez Alain

This box set was sold on Amazon UK last week for about £40.
I guess they couldn’t get rid of it at that ridiculous high price. I purchased it although I already had the CD. Good value at that price. Nice and original presentation, although two of the rubber bands to attach the feathers and the vinyl 10″ were detached. If you’re a fan, it’s worth buying at that price. I think that’s the rule for overpriced box sets. Wait for like 6 months and you get them for a portion of the original price.

Alan Fenwick

To add insult to injury on this one, a sealed edition of this has recently sold for a mere £77 on a well known auction site, that’s a staggering £103 cheaper than you could buy it from the official store. I’ll let everyone make their own conclustions on that.

Alan Fenwick

I’m also not a big fan of the price of this set either, I really don’t know what the record company were thinking when they come up with £180 price tag. It got quite a few bad comments when it was listed on the Kasabian website and also in the web store itself. This unboxing video is obviously another attempt by them to try to justify the insane price of £180 and to hope a few more people rush out and buy it. I’d be interested to know how many of these they’ve actually sold so far, but I tell you one thing, if they knock £100 of it the rest will more than likely fly out the window…..