Kenney Jones reveals Small Faces “Here Comes The Nice” box set


We took some photos of this wonderful Small Faces box set back in January, but who better to host this unboxing video than Kenney Jones himself.

Here Come The Nice: The Immediate Years Box Set 1967-1969 is still available, although they won’t be around forever with only 3000 copies (all signed) available worldwide.


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Philip Cohen

By the way, as I understand the expanded reissue of the Small Faces compilation “The Autumn Stone” has gone into limbo, due to Universal Music’s reluctance to license the 6 Decca tracks.

Maybe Universal should face this reality: with the “Here Come The Nice” boxed set, the Universal & Charly “Small Faces” reissues from the past few years, and a CD burner, we could reassemble a freshly remastered “The Autumn Stone” CD on our own. And we could add bonus tracks too(selections from Repertoire label CD that didn’t reappear in the Charly & Universal product).

Admittedly, I may have inadvertently caused the present-day standoff between Charly & Universal over the 6 Decca tracks. When I compiled the 4-CD boxed set “Small Faces-The Immediate Years”(released 1995), I assumed that Immediate Records obtained a perpetual license to use the 6 Decca tracks on “The Autumn Stone”, so I included them. I’m told that Universal Music had a grievance over that, but they backed down when one of Immediate Records’ founders signed a paper stating that Immediate DID have a perpetual license on those 6 tracks.

Obviously Universal still wants to be compensated over Charly’s release of those 6 tracks in the 1995 boxed set.

Everything from “The Autumn Stone” is available on other CD’s. It’s no big deal.

Mark Ross

I have this box set and it is without question the best set I own. The music is awesome, and the mastering is exquisite. The story detailing the recovery of multi-track tapes and stereo masters thought long-lost is also fascinating. The project took the compilers five years, but I believe their efforts were worth it. I don’t regret paying the money, despite the considerable financial commitment required.

Paolo Meccano

Still no news on if this will be released in a “standard” edition, without all the inessential paraphernalia? The price of this set displeased a lot of Small Faces fans: it’s not *their* fault the band made no money from signing lousy deals…

Jim Sykes

My copy arrived yesterday Downunder from Amazon US and is one of the great boxes. I noted that Amazon US is now only showing this from other sellers at $338 new and $285 used. UK, Germany still seems to have stock but get in quick for that investment purchase.


Its purely for fans, collectors or investors.

If I had a few spare $1000 or so I would have brought some as an investment. It would not surprise me other people do the same.


Beautiful box, but way overpriced, and not available in Canada.

Jon Shaw

Germany is the current cheapest option by far. All in for just under £123 but over £150 on the UK…