Martyn and Glenn from Heaven 17 sign the SDE interview booklets

Martyn Ware and Glenn Gregory from Heaven 17 dropped by SDE this morning to sign the limited edition SDE interview booklets.

The booklets are printed ‘keepsake’ editions of the filmed interviews that were published on this site recently. It was an industrious 60 minute signing session with help from coffee, biscuits and Glenn’s four-legged friend .

Each booklet comes in a protective cellophane sleeve and will be posted in a board-backed envelope to ensure it doesn’t get bent in the post.

These are a limited edition of just 450 and are available exclusively via the SDE shop.


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Mark Yon

Just wanted to say ‘Thank you’, Paul. My copy of the booklet was wonderfully packaged. And it arrived before the box set!


I received my copy of the booklet today. Thanks for taking the trouble to pack it carefully so that it arrived unblemished. Beautifully done, I must say, but here’s hoping neither Glenn nor Martyn developed carpal tunnel syndrome after all that signing! Seriously I enjoyed the video, and it must have been a pleasure to interview two such easy going and down to earth artists. They clearly enjoy what they do and recognize what they’ve accomplished without taking themselves too seriously. ‘The Luxury Gap’ still stands as one one of my favourite records of the time, so thank you for the music Heaven 17…


My booklet and the box with signed print arrived yesterday. Very nice booklet i must say, and both arrived in perfect condition to my surprise (the post didn’t play football with it this time ;-)
Now we only need replacement discs for disc 3, 4, 7 and 8 !!!

Tobias Schmitz

The booklet arrived on Staurday and I’m blown away (again :)). Thank you Paul for putting so much effort in developing, performing and presenting these interviews in a special way. I’m looking forward for the fifth, sixth and so on edition…

Best regards from Germany


From everything I read on this site, the guys from Heaven 17 are exceptionally nice. What a breath of fresh air. So I’m glad I ordered this booklet. Box set to follow soon for sure.


Why didn’t the dog sign a copy? ;)


Amazingly good quality.
I was expecting it to be good based on previous feedback but it has exceeded my expectations.

Great quality, nicely designed and laid out. Must have taken a little time.

Many thanks Paul – I shall look out for future SDE editions.


I will second that , mine came this morning , very nice indeed ,Thanks for all the effort.

Peter Muscutt

I second the comment on quality, a true keepsake as you say. Also – excuse my French – bloody quick delivery!!! And to the Isle of Man as well, so thanks very much. It’s a present for my father in law and I know he will love it!

Phil Guest

My copy’s just arrived in the post – a quality item that’s going to complement the upcoming box set nicely.

Terrific photos and a beautiful reproduction of the Penthouse And Pavement album art that took me instantly back to the early ’80s…particularly like how the signatures are done on the inside back page, with a unique number assigned to each booklet. Out of curiosity – why 450 copies and not, say, 500?

Well worth every penny. Great work (again), Paul!

Darren Linklater

Cool picture on the wall Paul.

Joe Mac Pherson

To Paul, and Heaven 17, this is so very thoughtful of you. I’m glad I placed my order, weeks ago! I do believe this might fit perfectly inside the Play To Win – The Virgin Years deluxe box set, I ordered. This is a perfect compliment!
So many years ago, I met all 3 members of Heaven 17 at what I believe, is one of their only visits to the USA. The gentlemen did an in-store appearance at Tower Records, on Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks, in the San Fernando Valley, which is all part of Los Angeles. I recall, the guys had impeccable tailoring! And, they were exceptionally nice. Amazingly, they came out into one of the aisles, between the vinyl selections and one long wall display, for compact discs. They just hung out with anyone who wanted to be there. My 2 pertinent questions to them were, “Who are the bands and recording artists that inspire you, and influence you most?”, and “Can you tell me about the experience of working with artists like Billy MacKenzie, Sandie Shaw and Tina Turner, for B.E.F. Music Of Quality And Distinction?” They honestly appreciated my interest, aware that I’d discussed a lot of their recordings that had no U.S. release at the time. Their answers were detailed, candid, sometimes quite funny. I saw and heard the genuine appreciation they held for the musicians that mattered to them.
When I left Tower Records, I had a trove of their material, all UK imports, signed. In 2001, my apartment in Studio City was broken into, and hundreds of my prized recordings were stolen. Now, the only souvenir I have, signed from that special day at Tower Records, is a professionally framed, with UV Plexi-Glass, 12″ single cover, signed, for Temptation. Everything else they signed is gone. However, no one can steal my memories, and I will always hold Heaven 17 in very high regard.
Before I forget, I continued buying their music well after the 1980’s and into this century. When I care this passionately about a band, my support doesn’t stop!


Great story Joe. And you’re right about your memories.

Jim Vandegrift

Great story. If I win the Powerball i am replacing your stolen items!

Derek Langsford

Joe, I know how devastated you must have been to have prized musical items stolen. Worse, the thieves probably didn’t know the value of the items they stole and sold them to a less than scrupulous used music store. It was a constant fear as my own collection grew having carefully sought out European and Japanese CD pressings of my CDs for my collection here in San Diego. Thankfully, the street value of CDs has declined such that I feel my collection is now much safer. You do have some great memories from that time meeting the band to treasure. I wish I had been so lucky.

I too am looking forward to getting this set and to be able to include the interview booklet. So far this is the highlight of the 2019 SDEs so far. I can only think that the long awaited and as yet unscheduled release of the TFF TSoL SDE would maybe better this.