Paul McCartney re-records Heart Of The Country from his RAM album

Eight months on from Paul McCartney‘s fine reissue of his and Linda’s RAM album, what appears to be a recent re-recording of album track Heart Of The Country has emerged.

The song, with its scat singing and typically effortless McCartney melody, has been a fan favourite for years, but this new version is very different, as you will hear.

The song (a short edit) and animation was uploaded onto the YouTube account of ‘Linda McCartney’ on 11 January 2013 and is thought to be for an advertisement for Linda McCartney foods.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think of Paul’s new version of this song.

The superb RAM deluxe box set is still available:

Paul McCartney / RAM Deluxe Edition


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[…] of the Country is a melodic gem and embodies the rustic, homely delights Paul sings about. The 2013 updated version, which was a ‘soundtrack’ to a Linda McCartney Foods advert, is best […]


Don’t be fooled, ye of little faith; he can still hit those notes. His falsetto is clearly on display on recordings from Memory Almost Full and Electric Arguments. It’s a different version because he’s Paul McCartney and he can record a different version if he darn well pleases. Sometimes artists do things just for fun (imagine the thought!). We also don’t know why this recording exists, so giving a critique is foolish. As far as we know this could simply be a soundcheck/warm-up from a recording session that he never gave another thought to and someone leaked it. He’s Paul McCartney. Show a little decorum.


Another case of an artist tackling something from their past when they should’ve left well enough alone. He can’t hit the notes anymore, and should’ve “let it be”.


It’s okay – although it kind of reminds me of the busking version of Yesterday in Give My Regards To Broad Street.


Very interesting — especially where the new melody compensates for the notes he can’t hit anymore.