Paul McCartney / We All Stand Together shaped picture disc

Released yesterday was Paul McCartney and the Frog Chorus’ 1984 hit We All Stand Together as a shaped vinyl picture disc. SDEtv takes a brief look at the physical item – watch the video!

We All Stand Together is out now. It’s ‘back in stock soon’ at some of the retailers below.

Pre-order from Paul McCartney’s UK store
Pre-order from The Sound of Vinyl
Pre-order from uDiscoverMusic

  1. We All Stand Together (2020 remaster)
  2. We All Stand Together (Humming Version) 2020 remaster


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Great package despite the song (not a fan I’m afraid). The new Uncut Magazine have a Macca special out tomorrow where he discusses the new album, Lennon, etc. Should be good.

Donnie Biscuits

So I love Macca and my kids know it. They don’t appreciate him yet though.. I put on the video for this and they were transfixed and were singing it all day. I give you Paul McCartney God-like genius.


Just thought I would point out that every major recording artist across the globe often have their biggest sellers/hits from songs most of their dedicated fans do not like much.This is the nature of commercial music. i,e the best songs are rarely the biggest sellers/hits.Since it is the same for every artist it is silly to keep moaning about it,or being snobby about particular songs just because they were popular.Many of PM’s songs that sold the most are not really his best.But many casual fans like them.That is why they did so well commercially!

Tim K

To back up the point Ken makes, Mull Of Kintyre, possibly Macca’s worst single after the Frog Chorus, became the biggest UK selling single in 1977. I think it took BandAid to dislodge it.

Joe Atari

Ok, it was for children, but….took a listen to this song that I only remember from childhood, actually the orchestration is beautiful on this, sublime even. It was also added to the re-issues of Pipes Of Peace I notice, even though it came out in 1984 one year after that album.

Stan Butler

It was indeed included on the 1993 reissue of Pipes Of Peace, but not on the 2015 Archive version.
Makes more sense to include it with Broad Street, as they were released within a few weeks of each other.

David Carter

I am not a huge McCartney fan, but I bought this. Loved it as a kid with the charming video and its a great song cheese or no cheese.


Its available for sale on Qobuz at $2.99 in hi-res.

Elizabeth Hirst

Twnty quid once you’ve paid postage – for a glorified 7″. I like the song, but not that much.


I can think of several people who would.

David S

Can’t think of anyone that would want to own this from a musical point of view, not even for the humming version. Do me a favour!

Paul S

I bought it first time around and bought it again for this anniversary and judging by the fact it totally sold out, quite a few people wanted too.
Great song catchy melody & lyrics, what’s not to like.


For me John Lennon’s famous quote about “Paul’s Granny songs” applies very much to this song. All a question of taste and a very interesting collectable in any case. Love the unboxing videos.

Stan Butler

Lennon was guilty of some of the most saccharine musical output ever known to man.
It wasn’t all Plastic Ono Band, baring the soul and primal scream.
His endless drippy love notes to Yoko can take a lot of stomaching.
McCartney would have been crucified if he had released some of the stuff on Double Fantasy.
As for this record, it’s a children’s song and it’s a bloody good one at that.
Bought it in 84, but would prefer it now on a Broad Street Deluxe set, rather than on what is a nice but pricey artifact.

John MC cann

Well said Stan! Paul was always singing about his aunt’s and uncles the odd brother here and there,,, but Lennon was always singing about his dead mother or yoko,
With George it was Krishna,,wot was Ringo’s go to guy,gal,god,?
I would like to see a Blu-ray release of broad Street ! Love that film,,

Stan Butler

Ringo just sang about being Ringo. And the world is a better place for it.
Peace and Love.


Paul is The best writer of songs for children.

And as children grow up, he still teaches us with songs like maybe i’m amazed and silly love songs, full of childlike simplicity and beauty.

John MC cann

Randy Newman wants a word!

Paul Taylor

Got one today and another due in the post. As with all McCartney/Parlophone stuff, it’s a quality package. Some might find the price a bit high, but compared to some of the RSD singles prices, this is actually good value for money especially for fans & collectors

kenneth tilley

o no, i can’t stand this, it’s so cheesy and awful.
to think this is the bloke that wrote helter skelter.


I agree Paul. The genius of Paul McCartney is that he can write in any style and always deliver a memorable song. There are not many around today (if any!) that can do the same!

Metal Mickey

I read a great comment once, that The Beatles’ self-imposed job description was to cheer up the whole world – not just teenage boys & girls, but also hipsters & hippies, grannies & grandads, straights & weirdos… and kids! Just part of their collective genius was in not looking down on those ostensibly less “cool” songs like Yellow Submarine on Revolver, or When I’m 64 on Pepper, and just letting the world see all 360 degrees of what constituted “The Beatles”… it’s clearly an instinct that Paul never abandoned.

… and it’s also worth mentioning in light of some of the chat on here, that like it or not, Wonderful Christmastime is easily Macca’s most lucrative post-Beatles song…

Marc K.

He also wrote Mother Nature’s Son, Maybe I’m Amazed and Dear Friend…..to name a few great ones. Beauty only exists by virtue of uglyness. I agree this song is cheesy, but hey….it’s Paul McCartney! Forever a hero, forgiven for being cheesy at times. Now lets hope that McCartney III is going to be in the brilliant range!


Didn’t last long, sold out everywhere…soon to be on ebay no doubt.
Same as yesterday’s Coldplay release, already selling for £65 each on ebay


Andrew, it is not Sold Out everywhere. banquetrecords.com have it for sale in the UK with cheap postage too, quite a few other record stores have it listed with being ‘back in stock soon’ as Paul has mentioned above.


I remember this as a child in Primary School. Legendary. Pipes of peace video, Band Aid etc. Innocent times indeed. Have a peaceful and happy weekend everyone. Away to get Wilco Summerteeth reissue on after a dog walk. All the best!

Craig Hedges

If Rupert is 100 and ‘We all stand together’ was released 36 years ago that means it was released when Rupert was….64! There’s one for the conspiracy theorists. Great video Paul.

David Rubin

The song, the video, it just works. Paul just knows how to write songs that make you smile. If you have not seen this video, now is the time. It will leave you with a good feeling.