#RSD14 Preview: Creedence Clearwater Revival white vinyl


Welcome to day one of our Record Store Day 2014 preview. On 19 April 2014, independent record stores around the globe will be selling unique releases available (in theory) ONLY on that day. Coloured vinyl, picture discs, seven-inch box sets… there are lots of exciting releases on the way. You can find a full list here.

The video above highlights a Universal/Concord Music Group release. Creedence Clearwater Revival The ’69 Singles is a 10-inch WHITE vinyl record which features the following six tracks:


  • Proud Mary
  • Born On The Bayou
  • Bad Moon Rising
  • Lodi


  • Green River
  • Commotion
  • Down On The Corner
  • Fortunate Son


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I disagree with some of the comments above about stuff being resold on ebay. Before you all jump down my throat I have no time for the pariahs who buy RSD items and resell them on ebay, they are the shite of the earth.
But how does this detract from obtaining some of the stuff that you want when you go to your local record store on the day? Enjoy the day and tread heavily on the toes of those who are buying for profit only, that should give greater satisfaction.


Contradictions within your comment.


Kind of uninspired packaging – just a track listing on the back cover and a plain inner sleeve. Would have been nice to have some notes or an extra photo or two…maybe photos of the original singles/sleeves.

Mike F

I’m up for new or special editions being launched on RSD, but the prices are far too high and the runs often far too low. Why not celebrate the day by having the prices LOWER for launch day.


Good luck to all record buyers, firstly in the shops and then buying from the opportunists on eBay who spoil the entire premise.


Agreed. What once was a day for music nerds to celebrate has digressed into a way for a few opportunistic people to make a fast buck. Why bother participating when the majority of the goods are re-sold on eBay later the same day. The joy has been sucked out of Record Store Day.