#RSD14 Preview / Suede “Let Go”: seven-inch vinyl single


Our Record Store Day 2014 preview continues…

The video above highlights an Edsel Records release. Suede‘s Let Go is an exclusive seven-inch single. Interestingly, the B-side Heroin, was originallyan extra track on “CD 2” of 2003 single Attitude. Despite this, Heroin is not included in the forthcoming CD singles box set and neither was it selected by Brett Anderson to be the ‘official’ B-side to the vinyl seven-inch of Attitude in the seven-inch box set (Golden Gun was given the nod). By our reckoning that means this limited edition single sees the vinyl debut of Heroin.

Buy this single on 19 April 2014 at your local independent record store.


  • Let Go


  • Heroin


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Where can I get this in the USA?


Incidentally my Suede singles box (CDs) turned up unexpectedly today.
Only opened it to have a brief look so far.
Seems okay – booklet not as substantial as I was expecting (hoping?) and the singles themselves are housed in paper sleeves (cardboard but not particularly sturdy). At least the artwork seems to be faithfully reproduced rather than being photoed (which I am sure the Jam singles box sets from a while back were).

Stan Butler

Would “Let Go” not have been more appropriate to accompany the clip as it is the A-side?

Paolo Meccano

‘Let Go’ was of course released as a CD single in Europe (with the same sleeve) back in 1999, if anyone would prefer it on that format.