Saturday Deluxe: Live! / 17 June 2017

In a new feature, SDE Editor Paul Sinclair broadcast live from the SDE sofa earlier on today (via Facebook) to spotlight recent releases and answer SDE readers’ questions.

Topics discussed include The Smiths, Sheryl Crow, Iggy Pop, Evan Dando, Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie, Pink Floyd, Tears For Fears and more. Click MORE to watch a video replay (exactly as broadcast – running time is 60 mins).

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Pete Goddard

Hi Paul. I thoroughly enjoyed your broadcast, very interesting and informative. Didn’t watch it live but watched it on Sunday evening here in NZ. Will watch the next one live if the time is right. The presenting of the physical vinyl products was especially interesting. Keep up the good work! Cheers Pete

Larry Davis

Hey Paul, rather enjoyed your first video rundown…relaxed and kinda winging it but you held it together so it wouldn’t go off the rails. The birdsong didn’t bother me at all, and neither did the car noise for some reason. I was kinda holding out in hope you would answer my question about the Tears For Fears “The Hurting” boxset you did…maybe you keep forgetting about it?? Interesting how you devoted a good portion to the Sheryl Crow album. HSN is short for Home Shopping Network, a popular US TV shopping channel…interesting how they have exclusives now, like Cracker Barrel (a popular US “Country Store/Restaurant) does, along with Target/BestBuy/WalMart/Barnes & Noble. Good about the HSN Sheryl separate bonus disc, because I can order that, keep the bonus disc and sell off the regular main album!! I call that combining formats/exclusives I do “Frankensteining”, haha. Cool about the coloured vinyl. As for the Buckingham McVie record…it IS good, but a little on the light side (not many Lindsey guitar solos) and it coulda used 2 or 3 more songs…it’s a bit too short. I enjoyed many of Lindeys’s solo albums in the 90s and 00s better, like “Out Of The Cradle”. No prob with the thin packaging but that cover shot, Lindsey looks like he’s bored, haha. When you come back to NYC, I will show you some stuff. Cheers. And why don’t you do Wembley?? Me, I prefer smaller intimate gigs…larger arena shows are generally more expensive and lack intimacy, but you can score cheap tickets up top on StubHub.


I really enjoyed this video. I hope that you are going to do this again. I have a question about the vinyl reissue of David Bowie. How is the sound quality of this gold vinyl ?

P.S. : I can’t wait to see a video of your music collection !

Mr. Stick

Enjoyed your video post, Paul. Thanks. You mentioned visiting stores in Hamburg this year. I wonder if there is any means you can include for your readers to post descriptions of favorite stores where they live or travel. I live in the central US, but frequently visit the Mid-South and Western Europe where I try to hit stores whenever I can. I’m sure many other readers would love to share information about their local faves, as well as those they visit whenever they are in a favorite destination. Recordstorereview.com still exists, but seems woefully antiquated both in design and content – at a glance, recent reviews are over a decade old, and often refer to stores that don’t exist anymore. Surely, you don’t have capacity for a comprehensive review site, but maybe there is some way SDE readers can pimp the stores they love on a reference page. Thanks!


Really enjoyed it, and great stuff, but agree with @Tony about his suggested format. Would be great if there was an area on the site to field questions prior to broadcast for ‘Part 1’. I am sure this would create a bank of subjects that could be used for many future broadcasts and even give you chance (I know you are busy!) to research some of the statuses on potential reissues. I know you generally respond to specifics in real time on SDE, but you could filter the broadcast for ‘bigger’ news.

Tony Orwell

Really enjoyed watching and listening Paul, like most we are all thirsty for extra bits of information, the facts are always important but your opinions are whats makes this a bit special. Similar Q&A videos i have watched in the past do run better with two people on the sofa but that is obviously quite difficult if you are the only one with the knoweledge of particular items or subjects. my suggestion and I am not expert would be to split the session into 3 parts, start with answering questions that may have been messaged in prior to broadcast, then talk to us about all that lovely stuff and then finally respond to the questions raised during the presentation. I think it would give it a better flow, i cant however fault the content. Cheers


Paul, Loved it. Audio was fine. Cheers!


Paul, given our different time zones, I enjoyed watching your video. When the music in question was not my particular cup of tea it was very handy to be able to Fast Forward too. I look forward hopefully to more. Cheers!

don cooper

Ya big tease,Sinclair.
Justyn Barnes who?


Paul, that was absolutely fantastic! It reminded me of the early years of MTV with Ray Cokes et al going over the releases and rid bits of information. I’ll definitely go live for the next one. Forgive the question but with all the remasters and reissues coming out, do you get any idea on what the sound quality is on these cd releases? I would be curious to know if Nothing Like The Sun has suffered from the loudness war as the original was an aural feast (much like KB’s aerial BTW). Cheers!


missed it live but love it,hope more to come in the future!!!

any idea what happened to the 3cd deluxe of UB40’s Labour of love?

Henrik Kirkegaard

Super work paul
Once again
Please GO for more videos
What about the tears for fears Seeds of love boxset
Quite informative Theese videos


Loved every minute of it Paul. Volume could have been a bit louder. Agree maybe save questions till end but thought it was a great way to,spend an enjoyable hour.


Paul, a very enjoyable watch/listen. Loved your explanation of whether or not to buy the Bowie gold vinyl. I think it is the reasoning that most of us use. Looking forward to more of these videos. Keep up the good work!


Hi Paul , I’ve just finished watching the video and I thought it was fantastic, it’s fair to say that a lot of the subject matter wasn’t of much interest to me but much like the website I would come back again and again because you never know what’s coming up next , so I think it’s definitely something I would love to see again ….. keep up the top work

John Moore

Paul- too long- 30 mins tops- stay focused- decide what you want to do- Starting with Sheryl and suddenly jumping into questions- a bit all over the place! Suggest you handle questions and answers end of the session- keep up the good work!

Joe Johnston

Really enjoyed this Paul….very relaxed and informative….would definitely tune in again …..chilled out hour with a beer or two! Looking forward to the next one.




Enjoyed it very much.

Denis Woods

Hi Paul,
Really enjoyed it. Even though I did not watch it live. Do it again. Just one question. Is there anything left to release from the Frankie goes to Hollywood vaults?.

Darren Linklater

Really enjoyed the live super deluxe edition Paul. Great that you are trying new things and look forward to the next one.
Agree that the Buckingham McVie album is very good and the best thing from either of them in a while. Just wish they had made more of an effort with the package.

Stevie B

I particularly enjoyed the first 100 seconds, that birdsong rocked, which album is it from?

Stevie B

Thanks, taking it off the shelf right now.

Andrew M

Is this going to replace the written pieces for Saturday deluxe? I really enjoyed reading them! Unfortunately life wouldn’t allow me enough Timeto sit down and watch this much as I would want to.

The Progster

Brilliant Paul very informative…Yes it would be great if you could do this say on a monthly basis with a round up of recent releases…I do a similar thing with a friend from my old town with a 70 miles gap and we speak over the phone on the last Saturday of every month and chat between 1 to 2 hours and discuss what’s been released in that time…it’s mostly the kind of music we share a liking of although we each have our own favorites too…So good to see the actual product Paul and so much coloured vinyl issues are around right now…keep up the good work.

Mike the Fish

Did you enjoy doing it? I found it good viewing although the volume was on the low side for my little laptop speakers.