SDEtv / Erasure: From Moscow to Mars 13-disc box set / unboxing video


SDE Editor, Paul Sinclair, takes a look at From Moscow to Mars, the new 13-disc 30th anniversary Erasure box set which is released this week. Check out the unboxing video below…

The From Moscow to Mars box is shipping this week and can be ordered via PledgeMusic.


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The 12″ remix of Stop is noticeably louder than its Crackers International EP appearance. Are there any other noticeably remastered tracks in this box set?


I’m answering my own question. There are some tracks that are louder than their EBX appearances, such as the Orbit mix of Supernatural and the extended mix of A Little Respect.

Steen Hansen

Just recieved an e-mail from Pledge about even further delays. It seems very likely to me that Pledge took orders even though they didn”t have any stock left, which also makes sense since their stock numbers junp up and down like crazy. When I ordered my box, there were 75 left in stock. The day after 29 and then suddenly 337 a day later. Very unprofessional indeed :(


Is anyone else still waiting for this to even ship from Pleadge Music ? Just got am apologetic email saying they are having shipping problems, but no firm date on when orders will ship and whether we will receive before Christmas.

Andrew Edwards

Got this message from Richard at EIS which means no error on this track

Hi Andrew
Thanks for the message and apologies for any confusion. I have checked this one with the label and the confusion seems to originate from The Beatmasters themselves who also work under the Millionaires name from time to time. When they checked the remix on the boxset for us they identified it as The Beatmasters Remix but it appears that the fact they had already released it as the Millionaires Edit was overlooked… in fact to be honest the error is actually on the Moon & The Sky EP where the remix should have been attributed to The Beatmasters in the first place! Either way it still counts as a rarity.


In fact the 3:39 version on From Moscow To Mars, as compared with the 3:32 version on Moon And The Sky Plus, contains 4 extra bars at the 3:22 mark.

Andrew Edwards

Another avid Erasure fan wrote the following: Is it just me or are some of the “new” tracks just mislabeled? For example, “Breath of Life (Joey Beltram Remix)” sure seems like it’s the old Umbilical Mix from the US CD single. Contacted the Erasure website about this track being mislabeled like the remix of Moon and the Sky.

Andrew Edwards

Did some research. The Joey Betran Remix is also called the Joey Betran Umbilical Cord Mix. That solves that mystery. No error or mislabel


@rob iles – somebody from Pledge told me that a batch of stock was re-routed to Germany so it is due to arrive this week & ship this week.

Rob Iles

Ordered last week, no sign yet (via pledge)
My email confirmation link says planned fulfillment date 9th December – I hope it arrives soon :(


So my earlier post regarding errors have came true it was inevitable that this was going to happen.

Andrew Edwards

Well so far it is one error. Let’s hold off on your prognostication skills about “errors” The Hindsight Bias is always accurate

Andrew Edwards

Unfortunately, the error on the rarities disc for the Beatmaster’s Remix of Moon and the Sky is confirmed. It is track 14 and is the Millionaires’ Radio Edit. This remix is on the EP of Moon and the Sky. Let’s hope BMG makes good and provides a link to the unreleased mix.

Andrew Edwards

An astute Erasure fan noticed the 1st error on this box set. On the rarities disc (of course the disc all fans wanted the most) this fan reported that the unreleased Beatmaster’s Remix of Moon and the Sky is actually the less than rare Millionaire’s Radio Edit. Hope this is the only error. If anyone else confirms this please email the Erasure Website contact information and request that Mute/RCA should provide an audiofile or download to the unreleased mix. I alerted them to check out this reported error.
Since only 2 sources sold the CD they should be able to email all those that purchased the box set the link to the track.


@ cory eling I don’t have access to Qobuz unfortunately. Maybe I’ll just buy the albums chronologically and seek out the original releases to be on the safe side.


@cory eling, Thanks. Should I stick to the original Mute versions of the albums or do the 2 CD + DVD remastered versions of the first few albums sound ok?

I prefer whichever releases sound best, most remasters of other artists I’ve heard so far have been ok but there’s some I’ve avoided after reading reviews.

cory eling

@ Elliot, my advice as some don’t mind the compression. If you have access to Qobuz you can purchase individual tracks for Always ‘The Very Best’, that’s a great ‘test’ and may give a clue on what you may or may not enjoy :)


I have been playing discs from the box set the whole week-end… The curated discs from Vince and Andy in the living room… The 3 singles discs in the attic… The documentary and the remixes on the headphone… The b-sides in the bedroom… Awesome box set!
Oh, and I went to work on Friday wearing the From Moscow To Mars T-shirt of course ;-)


As someone just getting into Erasure, is it worth forking out the cash for this box set as an introduction?

I was considering getting the Total Pop! 4 disc box set as that covers most of their singles but if FMTM is limited to a certain amount of copies then I might go with that instead.

cory eling

@ Elliot, if you enjoy modern compression standards go for the comps, SQ wise for me they are way to squashed (Loud as hell). The old compact discs can be had for dirt cheap and sound good, plus some of Erasure’s best are non-singles. Modern compression is the only reason I’m staying clear of this box set. Of course it’s a matter of taste :)

Steen Hansen

Thanks for a great unboxing video, Paul. Actually it made me buy it! I had actually decided not to get it since I have 70 % of the content already, but it just looks great.

Something is Strange though: When I ordered my copy at pledge music, there were 75 left in stock. Next day 29 left in stock. Today 337 left in stock? Why is that?


received mine today… and the box is damaged ! While it was filmed, packed, protected with bubble wrap, and then packed again (from pledge) , I think there’s been a problem somewhere, maybe before the shipping… I made a request at pledge :-/

I sometimes think I’m cursed, after the DOA gate, and the yazz mess (which I think i’ll never buy in the end :-( )

After all that, I wonder if I might buy the blue Zone reissue or not…


i’m in the US and just got my box set delivered by dhl…. as if I wasn’t already super excited to start listening to it I have apparently received a 2nd copy of the b-sides set!!!

if you ordered a box and find your b-sides discs are missing let me know!

Sheldon Emberly

Just picked up my copy From Moscow to Mars after a slight delay due to a winter snowstorm here in Winnipeg. Yes it was a little expensive after customs and shipping were added but it was worth it to me simply for the fact that there is material that is very difficult to get a hold of, especially in a small market like Winnipeg. I immediately put the remix disc in to hear the Vince Clarke remix of Waiting for the Day and it is smashing! Am looking forward to hearing the rarities disc next and of course the Wild concert. Overall I am pleased with the box set and I am sure that some of the b sides and rarities that were left off due to space constraints will make it to expanded editions of the albums that haven’t received that treatment yet.

Andrew Edwards

You are so lucky to get a 2nd set of B-sides. Keep one at home and take the other with you in the car


Got a text message from DHL that mine should arrive today (though DHL has been so unreliable lately that I am not holding my breath). I’m excited about the box. There are quite a few of the b-sides that i don’t have just by nature not have access to them when they came out, and I really want to see the Wild concert, as that’s my favorite album by them, and I am looking forward to seeing how it translated in concert.

don cooper

Few more synths for Vince methinks…


He just can’t get enough.

(yeah, I know that’s DM…)

peter m

Vince wrote just can’t get enough.

DJ Boji

Please issue The Deluxe editions of Drama and CHORUS (my all Time Erasure Favourite) and not only Bits and pieces partly included in the box and in various best of’s. Hopefully we don’t have to wait until 2019 and 2021 :)
For approx 70-75 EUR, I would have bought this box, so hopefully the price will drop a bit soon. If not I Can live without.


Can anyone comment how the new remixes are? It would be the reason why I buy it as most of the other songs I already have. Not very happy with the content of the box. If you like Erasure you already have the vast majority on this box.


I already have every Erasure album and compilation and decided not to get this. If it shows up on Amazon at a decent price I’ll grab it. Thanks for the video Paul.


I wonder how long it will take for people starting to report errors on it going by recent events. Seriously though why couldn’t we have had deluxe editions of Drama and Chorus instead of this rehash which 90% of the stuff on it has been previously released.


Absolutely – I’m ready for the next albums getting deluxe releases. The Circus, Innocents and Wonderland releases were excellent, and I’m extremely keen on those getting the same treatment.

Please! Pretty Please!

Robert Lett

Got mine this week also, loving it.


Great video as usual, Paul. But I agree with Daran on the box… more substance, less frippery! When you’ve got a box this big, with 13 discs’ worth of material covering an entire career, you need a long essay, you need a track-by-track commentary, you need images of the single sleeves, etc. Not just two lame pages of off-hand comments from Vince and Andy about “politics” and “dressing up.” Sheesh.


Looks nice but I decided against buying it after going over all the contents music-wise. Just too much stuff I already have since I already own all their CDs. The rarity disc was the only one I was truly interested in and I was not going to part with the asking price for just that.


It looks like the discs form a picture when put together like a puzzle. Do they? What does it look like in the end?

Jason Brown

As a casual Erasure admirer, £85 for all that content seems a pretty decent bargain.


Looks ok, good quality. But I think most fans would have done without the space passport (!), unless Vince and Andy had signed all of them. The sealed mini art-cards (why sealed?) are also fit for jettison out the airlock, and add in more info in the book at the expense of so many pictures plus some extra remixes instead of the radio interview. More substance, less frippery please.


I like the set, but I’ve got probably half of the tracks or more already. So how to make up my mind on whether or not to spend 100 pounds for this???

dominic edwards

Hi Paul, great detailed unboxing, thank you. Do the CD sleeves form some sort of jigsaw puzzle to create one big image?

Gareth Pugh

They do indeed


Received mine yesterday… and I am very happy about it!
And I could not wait with submitting this great box set in Discogs, ending doing it in the middle of the night!