SDEtv / HMV vinyl exclusives


In an exclusive preview, SDE gets its hands on some HMV’s coloured vinyl pressings which will be available in-store and online from Saturday, 18 June. Watch this video ‘unboxing’ of three of the titles available, including the Manic Street PreachersEverything Must Go


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2018 – The list of hmv Vinyl Week exclusives in full

Liam Gallagher: As You Were (Picture Disc – 3000 copies)

Siouxsie and The Banshees: Juju (Gold Vinyl – 1000 copies)

The Proclaimers: Sunshine on Leith (Green Vinyl – 500 copies)

Various Artists: Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels OST (Yellow & Black Splatter Vinyl – 1000 copies)

T-Rex: Tanx (Pink Etched Vinyl – 1000 copies)

Mamma Mia! OST (Picture Disc – 1000 copies)

OMD – History of Modern (Yellow Vinyl – 500 copies)

Stereophonics – Decade in the Sun (Gold Vinyl – 1000 copies)

Def Leppard – Vault (Clear Vinyl – 1000 copies)

Doctor Who: Infamy of the Zaross (Yellow Vinyl – 750 copies)

Suede – Dog Man Star (Olive Vinyl – 1000 copies)

The Pogues – The Very Best of The Pogues (Orange Vinyl – 500 copies)

Fairport Convention – Liege & Lief (Island Pink Vinyl – 500 copies)

Chris Rea – Road to Hell (Purple Vinyl – 500 copies)

Alan Wilson

I got an order in straight away online (about 3 mins past 9), got right to the end of the order and the website crashed (to my knowledge the order didn’t complete as I didn’t get e-mail confirmation). I didn’t think anymore of it until I got a dispatch e-mail this afternoon, logged in checked my orders and there it was, a very nice surprise.

I had ordered the Manics Blue from jpc on Saturday evening, so I’ve swiftly cancelled that one.

[…] blue vinyl version of the Manic Street Preachers Everything Must Go, since while it appears to be a UK exclusive for HMV it’s available from another retailer in Germany… What JPC are calling the ‘baby […]


just visited eVilbay..seems that some of the titles have reached prices four times original cover price


I went this morning ok nf and the scalpers were there and some were brazenly checking prices before grabbing a copy. I picked up pistols, msp and clash and there were loads of be bop, velvet underground and deep purple and some John martyn


Visited my local HMV in Plymouth..myself and four others were there at 0815 hrs… got a copy of Manics, Pistols, and Clash…the others seemed to get what they wanted
Hope everyone else managed to get want they wanted

Ant G

Forget HMV….now looks like an “eBay exclusive”….

Julian Hancock

So, did anyone manage to order any online?

Simon Taylor

Everybody’s at it, now Heart Dreamboat Annie on limited red vinyl


Simon Taylor

These dont appear to be exclusive to HMV. Fopp have been tweeting (yes, i know its the same company,) that they will have these available, perhaps not all but certainly some. Think they were priced at £18.

I definitely want the Manics, that looks lovely. As much as I love John Martyn i dont see the appeal of that one but may well also go for the Pistols pink if i can find either.

Alarm set for the morning, fingers crossed i can get, if not wont worry too much but these would be nice to have.


‘Phoned my local HMV earlier.

After explaining what I was actually talking about (!), the person confirmed that the shop had received “one or two” for sale from 09:00 tomorrow…

…last time I queued up at that time was for the release of Blackstar in January. Effectively, they unlocked the shop for me – I was outnumbered by staff, but to be fair they did open the boxes to extract the cd and vinyl versions.

I am hopeful of securing one or two items in the morning!


Is the blue Manics vinyl definitely the remaster or a repress of the original mastering?

Sean Lawler

Funny I can’t see any links to the exclusive titles, Clash / Pistols etc…it states you have to go to the stores…


They are only on sale in HMV shops from Saturday, none of the limited vinyl is available online


hey paul do you have any idea how many of the above will be repressed once the initial batch have sold out ! paul . just a thought ok.

Auntie Sabrina

You can order online too folks…


Yup, if you are in the UK… HMV has already opted for the Brexit ages ago…

Julian Hancock

Albeit there doesn’t appear to be any vinyl at Al for sale on the Tesco site. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place.


It would have made more sense for the Manics to have the blue vinyl in their reissued box set.


For you but not for them! They’re musicians and businessmen!


Yes! I begrudge paying any more money to Sony. It’s like they did it on purpose. You buy the deluxe edition, box set you expect deluxe…


Funny how times change. Back in the days when vinyl really was king, the wisdom was always to avoid coloured vinyl as it could affect the sound. Of course now that vinyl is for collecting and not for actually playing it probably isn’t relevant

Paul Wren

Funnily enough, clear vinyl is the purest sounding of them all. All other colours including black have degraded sound due to the presence of magnetic particles in the pigments used to “colour” the vinyl. Clear vinyl wasn’t acceptable to the market place all those decades ago which is how black came to rule the planet.

Gareth Pugh

I read not so long ago that, apparently only quite recently, record manufacturers had finally found a way to make coloured vinyl without the traditional sound denigration problems, so that may be driving it. Like Paul Wren who comments below, I’d always heard 100% clear vinyl offered the purest sound reproduction and that when, back in their early 80s heyday, Ultravox issued a great many of their singles in a limited run of clear vinyl (with the majority of copies on black) it was not in their case anything to do with aesthetics, but the band’s desire to get their material out there in the best possible sound quality achievable with vinyl at the time.

Adam shaw

Hope to get the John Martyn but there’s only 500 of that one so can’t see it happening as I can’t get to an HMV at 9 am .

Paul Wren

Don’t be too downbeat about this – get along when you can as i’m sure they won’t all sell out at once…………


At least six left in Midlesbrough if your local enough


How many different copies of “Everything Must Go” does one man need? ;-)


well I only ever bought the orig cd and 2cd/dvd a few years back. I never bought the vinyl at the time. I was more into seeing them live. saw them first in Jan94. I would just like this as it’s a special release from my favourite group.

Charles K.

At least four, CD, Deluxe CD, vinyl and cassette. ;-)


manics looks beautiful. hope I get one.


Same! :)