SDEtv: Madonna / Japanese limited edition mini-LP CDs / out today!


In this unboxing video, SDE Editor Paul Sinclair takes a look at Warner Music Japan paper sleeve / mini-LP CD releases of Madonna‘s first four studio albums and the You Can Dance and Immaculate Collection compilations.

These limited edition Japanese CDs are released TODAY!



Madonna / Japanese Paper Sleeve edition


Like A Virgin / Japanese Paper Sleeve CD Edition


True Blue / Japanese Paper Sleeve CD edition


You Can Dance / Japanese Paper Sleeve CD edition


Like A Prayer / Japanese Paper Sleeve CD edition


The Immaculate Collection / Japanese Paper Sleeve CD edition


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John Moore

These albums were simply released because Madonna played live in Tokyo for the first time in 10 years last week so there was no thought about bonus tracks etc for the release as they are not classified as collector editions in any way-simply a chance to re-visit the back catalogue.


Pretty sure, upon listening, the LAP mini lp IS the Forever Young 2005 remaster. Sounds identical in bass & volume to me. Either way, much improved from the tinny original we’re used to in the EU!
Also, Immaculate seems (unfortunately) to still have the Q-Sound filter, but also seems to have had the remaster treatment. What are everyone else’s thoughts?


Can confirm:
MADONNA, LIKE A VIRGIN, TRUE BLUE are the 2001 remasters excluding the bonus remixes;
LIKE A PRAYER, YOU CAN DANCE are the 2005/6 Forever Young Japanese remasters and sound incredible;
THE IMMACULATE COLLECTION is the standard version, not remastered which is a shame.
the Like A Prayer disc sleeve (smell inside) DOES contain the patchouli scent!
These are must-haves for any M fan let alone collector!


Thanks for the info. I ordered all six and they are sitting at home, waiting for me to finish work. Looking forward to listening to YCD and LAP. LAP especially desperately needs to be remastered – somehow I was unaware that it had already been done some 10 years ago.


Wow did they re-issue with the scent? i bought it first week and it doesnt have scent :(
Wondering if they will reissue the next set of cds

Joseph Hayes

No scent to Like a prayer but it does come with the AIDS info insert and a Madonna sticker. These all look beautiful, I just sit here looking at them. Immaculate Collection is a fold out. LOVE!!!

Lee Sharp

You never know if these sell well which I’m sure they will they might press the other albums too… me hoping… :)


That’s the only era of Madonna’s career I’m interested in… But the non-inclusion of “Gambler”, from the “Vision Quest” OST, and of the four songs from “Who’s That Girl” OST, is a big fail.

If it was a boxset, maybe “You Can Dance” could be restored to its original 7-track edition, and these five songs, along with the five dub versions (“Holiday”, “Into the Groove”, “Where’s the Party”, “Spotlight” and “Over and Over”) could fill a bonus CD?

I don’t know much about b-sides in Madonna’s career, were there a lot from this particular era? And were they interesting?

And, correct me if I’m wrong, but “I’m Breathless” should be in a retrospective from this era, as it was released BEFORE “The Immaculate Collection”, wasn’t it?


During the 80s there were only two B-sides: “Ain’t No Big Deal” (an outtake from her debut album) and “Supernatural”, which was a B-side on the “Cherish” single (and later appeared in a remixed form on the 1992 compilation “Red Hot & Dance”). “Gambler” has only appeared once on a Madonna release, if I remember correctly – the Japan EP for “La Isla Bonita”. As for the songs on the “Who’s That Girl” soundtrack, the title track was on “Celebration” and it was also included, along with “Causing A Commotion” on the “Holiday Collection” in 1991. The third single, “The Look Of Love” has never appeared again on a Madonna release, except as a B-side.

Even though “I’m Breathless” should be counted as a studio album in my opinion (only three songs from it were featured in Dick Tracy), it seems that it is always counted as a soundtrack – it was even missing from the albums box set released a few years ago.


My dream box set would also feature the single edits version too all remastered of course and the un-megamixed tracks that all were released on US 12″ Promos. It would be so good to hear them all in High Quality.

Pete {in Australia}

Hi all, I have the cassette version of “Like a Prayer” and even though it is not opened much, these days, it still smells for sure!!!! My Cd, just grabbed and no smells, except a plastic one from the toxic cd tray, hehehehe


Does the first album use the original 5-minute lp version of “Burning Up,” or the shorter remix that has been on all cd versions?


Thanks for the video – it would have been great to have YCD and LAP remastered, but I’m still looking forward to receive my order. All the CD’s look beautiful! I just wish they had included Who’s That Girl and I’m Breathless in the series.


The japanese Forever Young Series has some “remastered” reissues.
Who’s That Girl (23-11-2005 – WPCR-75122)
You Can Dance (23-11-2005 – WPCR-75123)
Like A Prayer (23-11-2005 – WPCR-75124)
I’m Breathless (23-11-2005 – WPCR-75125)
are all about 5dB louder than the original releases. They sound great. I prefer them over the original releases.


I have been looking for that info for years…. thanks for finally ending the search lol


Patchouli is such a strong scent. Lingers on anything including people! Pity they missed that. I recall the Raspberries first mini lp cd IS scented so they do have the capability!

Simon F

What about that compilation of bands from Akron, Ohio (America’s rubber capital) put out by Stiff in the late 70’s which, yes you’ve guessed smelt of rubber! And then there’s “Strawberries” by the Damned. Any more suggestions?


The scent is still very noticeable on my Like A Prayer CD. There is also an insert that discusses HIV and safe sex which was included with the CD.


The scent was VERY strong – I had the cassette version and the scent stayed around, LOOOOONG after I lost the insert!


Oh yes … im remember the smell of the LP of “Like a Prayer” !!!
and I thought I was the only one to have a particular scented on this disc … Unbelievable


Only the first Like a Prayer original pressings were scented. So my cassette tape was. I took that cassette insert and I laid it flat on top of CD in that case so it helped scent that CD up. :-)


They could add the single edits of the album remixes easily and make it a two-disc version but hey, that is taboo in Madonna world.


I see that “Into The Groove” is still missing from the “Like A Virgin” reissue. How disappointing. At least I have it on my vinyl copy.


I’d love to see ‘You Can Dance’ remastered and expanded to include the dub versions of “Spotlight” and “Over And Over” that were only on the cassette. I don’t know how it could be done though – it’s too much to fit on 1 CD but not enough for 2. Perhaps it could add some mixes (era ones, not ‘new’ ones) of the other singles/album tracks from that time.


All of the tracks on the album were also released in non-continuous, promo-only single edits, so they could very easily put together a 2-disc set that included the original CD on disc one and then the single versions and missing dubs on the second. The single edits weren’t just chopped-off versions of the continuous mix versions, so it would be really nice to have them on a good, re-mastered, easily available release. The only ones I have on official CD are “Spotlight” and “Where’s the Party,” which were released as part of the 40-disc 3″ CD single collection back in the mid-90s.


“Like a Prayer” seems very hard to find now. I wonder if it was pulled out of production because it wasn’t scented correctly? ;)

Paul Murphy

With no bonus content and non-SHM, one might posit that these have the scent of old rope…


So basically, no real reason (music wise) to buy these if you have the regular cd’s already.

Lee Sharp

The 2001 Remasters went up to True Blue only.
The YCD wasn’t remastered.

These CD’s look really nice.


Is “Like a Prayer” patchouli-scented like the original?


It was scented?
I don’t remember smelling anything when I bought it…

Simon F

Depends when you bought it. I think only the first pressing was treated with the oil. My copy still retains a slight odour


YES, YES! I remember! It was scented….I gotta check mine to see if it still has the scent! LOL

Olivier Sales

Is You Can Dance remastered?


YCD from the Forever Young series was remastered. After listening to it, the first USA issue can be binned. It’s like WAV vs mp3.


Paul, are these the normal ones or SHM cd’s ..?