SDEtv: Record Store Day Preview #1

SDE previews Record Store Day 2017 with this video exploration of selected releases. Today Diana RossDiana – The Chic Organisation Ltd. Mix (coloured vinyl), Nilsson Schmilsson (also coloured vinyl) and Brett Anderson‘s Live at Koko 2011 on – you guessed it – coloured vinyl. Watch the video below…


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Skip James

I am one of those people that was severely disappointed again. Not a reflection of me feelings on my local store – I support them, regardless of RSD.

Suggestion: Broadly speaking – RSD could allow for pre-orders and pay and pick up at your local store, which will be held / reserved in one’s name for 48 hours, after which the store can put back out for sale.

This is very doable.

On SAT my local store had a line snaking inside the store in the first 30 minutes. Which means most of these people came in, found the 1 to N RSD items and headed straight for the check out and hardly browsed the rest of the store (Related: as i was leaving dejectedly, an older gent walked out in a huff b/c he didn’t want to wait behind 200 people, because Saturday was his regular shopping day and he wasn’t even buying any RSD only stuff – ok, that’s his problem – but still…)

My suggestion above is not a particularly clever or original idea. But I think its a win-win-win-lose (buyer-store-label/distributor-flipper)!

Someone with a louder voice might suggest this to the powers that be…
That said, I don’t think highly of the idea of instant scarcity or exclusivity that RSD creates. Not that its the end of the world :)

Phil Fogel

Is the Diana album UK exclusive? Record Store Day is just another bust with exclusive albums that will end up on Ebay costing a fortune. Nobody in Victoria BC Canada seems to be carrying the Diana Ross album.


As usual Paul you have all the info before anyone else and the most complete info! Thanks for sharing these. On a side note: I think it is absolutely disgraceful that some records are being issued in scuff and scratch inducing plain white paper sleeves! Into the garbage they go! There is no excuse not to issue all LPs with poly lined sleeves. Of course the picture inner sleeves are nice but I always put my records into poly lined sleeves and keep the original picture sleeves.


There are occasionally some good CDs on offer as well. The R.E.M. Live in Greensboro and Elvis Costello Wise Up: Thought releases come to mind.

For Saturday I am hoping to get the Smiths and Sting releases at one of the local shops in Seattle.


Whilst I understand the sentiments about supporting local independent records shops, I find that most CDs in my local shop are on average £2-4 more than I would pay if I bought them online. Buying just one a week from my local would leave me £100 worse off over the course of 12 months which equates to an extra 10+ CDs. As for RSD, it’s too vinyl centric and I therefore have little interest in it plus I’ve long grown out of the habit of buying and / or re-buying things because they’re (allegedly) limited edition.


RJS If you are speaking of companies such as Amazon, it’s true, they tend to be cheaper. They can cut out all the middle people and sell for less, hence less infrastructure to support. Their effort is to draw buyers to their websites so they can then create a situation that employs very few people, and then can ultimately wield power and control by dictating things like price increases once they have put all their competition out of business. There are also sellers online in places such as the Amazon marketplace who undercut their own brick and mortar accounts by selling for less than what they actually sell to their own accounts for. This is a completely unfair practice and you should avoid these sellers at all costs. Why would a company put their own accounts in jeopardy by selling for less? Again to control power and wealth. It’s surprising there has not been some kind of regulation imposed regarding this practice, but maybe it is a hopeless mission, and all that we can do is spread the information so consumers become more aware. It is not always the store who WANTS to charge this much (in fact, they’d probably rather charge less so they could actually capture the sale), but they are forced into it by the high prices they are being charged by the sources of their inventory. That and the fact that they have to pay ACTUAL rent.


My beef with Record Store Day is that they only offer vinyl. I would be all over this if they offered some rare cd’s. Now it just bypasses me. The vast majority buys cd’s so if they really want people back in the stores, why not offer some great cd’s as well? A missed opportunity as far as I’m concerned.

Peter Tiel

Maybe that’s why it’s called “RECORD store day”? ;-)


Quote: “Maybe that’s why it’s called “RECORD store day”? ;-)”

Good grief. *facepalm* I hear/read that pissy comeback a lot and it annoys me. The emphasis is on STORE, not record. The whole point of RSD was to encourage people to return to their local independents/bricks and mortars. I’d be more than happy to see CDs and DVDs offered as well because it’s also about buying physical formats. I’m with Kauwgompie on this. Making it vinyl-only is limiting to sales potential.

I also think the limited stock/ridiculous prices (not the store’s fault, I know) makes it difficult to attract and maintain customer loyalty. It creates a ‘save-up-all-my-money-for-that-one-day-a-year’ attitude, instead of a ‘that-store-has-good-product/prices-so-I’ll-come-back-next-week/fortnight/etc.’ attitude.

Karbon Kev 63

To the record shop owner Jason, I support RSD and have been twice before, going again on 22nd cos it’s fun and it’s records and it supports the vinyl revival, which to me is important. Long may it continue.


Thanks Kev! I’m sure your chosen store appreciate the support.

Marshall Gooch

Umm, Paul, would you actually frame that poster of Nilsson?! The man’s in a robe. I always thought this was Harry having a go at extravagant album packages: “I know. I’ll pose in my bathrobe. Let’s see if anyone puts that up!” BTW I do have an original issue with poster, with no staple or tack holes in it.


The problem with RSD is that it was a well intentioned idea which in practice doesn’t work for a lot of people. Surely a better idea would be for independent record stores to carry a range of exclusive releases available throughout the year, which aren’t limited to a few copies per store and only available at limited times and can be ordered in if need be. I’m put off by the idea of queueing up for ages only to come away empty handed, having been more than willing to splash the cash on a few collectables.


We have started doing carrying more special pressings year round Dom, and that’s a very good idea. Unfortunately we are up against all sorts of competition in the exclusives realm from everyone like Barnes & Noble to online subscription services such as Vinyl me, please, where we don’t even have the option to carry a black vinyl version of some titles, or at least until later dates (I could have sold at least 3 Rolling Stones Mono box sets last year, but we weren’t allowed to sell them for 3 months after release. One customer went online to get it, while the other two just decided to skip it eventually…a loss for their profit then as well). Money talks, I suppose, which is why this keeps happening. It’s sad you would have to come away from the shop empty handed though, as I always find something to buy in every record shop I go into, regardless of if it was the one specific thing I was looking for that day. This is what ultimately keeps record shops in business, after all.


There are of course lots of people that do not have the access or means to stand and wait for hours in front of a record store in hopes that they will actually get the title. Many live in towns without any record stores. That means the internet is the only way to go (especially since some stores limit one copy of each release per costumer, which I actually think is quite good).

In any case, I will have to resort to the internet. I was able to order the Madonna release from Amazon Germany and the Diana Ross one from Amazon US. Just hope they will actually be able to deliver – otherwise I guess it’s e-bay for me.




Saturday 22nd April.

Stan Butler

Two years ago I went along to RSD to buy the Fotheringay 7″. When I found it, it was an unbelievable £13! I decided reluctantly to get it anyway. A week later it was cheaper on Amazon and eBay. Now it’s under a fiver on Amazon.

My point is, don’t just criticize those who sell on eBay. The products are ridiculously priced in the first place, so why shouldn’t someone else make money on them as well? As for me, I learnt a harsh lesson and will never bother with the hassle and exploitation of RSD ever again. Supporting recording shops should not equate to fleecing the punters.


Unfortunately the list price of many of these items is ridiculous in the first place, before anybretailer mark up.

Auntie Sabrina

I wholeheartedly agree with supporting your local record store if you have one.

The thing that irks me is people re-selling records/concert tickets/limited releases etc who quite clearly just want to make a huge profit.


My heart always sinks when RSD comes around – in a desperate hope there ISN’T anything I want to buy!

Sadly most items are a waste and over priced.

However, this year I shall be buying the Sting EP and the Prince 7inch reissue – but I’ll wait until all of the Prince 12inch singles are on Amazon as they are not exclusive to RSD and they will be much much cheaper on Amazon.



Hey Paul…I know this isn’t rsd related but did you see this http://variety.com/2017/music/news/prince-purple-rain-deluxe-tracklist-leaks-1202390479/

elliott buckingham

seems strange not including the 12″ mix of lets go crazy


That track listing is unofficial.

The Special Dance Mix of Let’s Go Crazy is planned to be on the release.

However, the final list and track order has not yet been revealed.



As a record shop owner, I am tiring of consumers bemoaning crowds and greed in regards to RSD. It is one of the few things that get people out of their homes to support independent retailers who work day in and day out trying to create an enjoyable shopping experience. Who knows, customers who come might even see something they want that they didn’t know about, putting a little extra cash into a business that serves the local community infrastructure instead of simply placing online preorders with faceless corporations.

Sure the flipper side of the equation is a racket, but we cannot control that. We do the best we can with what we have to work with. The first RSD featured a Metallica release that had 25,000 copies pressed and sold out. Now there are only about 3,000 of any given title, but instead of 20, there are 400, added to the pressure of many more regular releases now. There are more pressing plants being opened now, so hopefully this problem begins to subside a bit, but put yourself in the shoes of a record store trying to please all it’s customers, knowing that is going to be impossible with these limited offerings. Just because the shops will carry limited items that day doesn’t mean you can’t support them by purchasing something else on another visit. We need your support to thrive, and this just happens to be the one day a year when average music fans seem to take more than a passing interest. Give your record store a break, and to those of you who already help the cause, we do appreciate your support.

Martyn Alner

Well said there. I’m looking forward to RSD, and my local store (Rose Red Records in Bournemouth, UK) always have a great day. The owner says that RSD keeps them alive for the year, which is the point of the day from their side.


I dont think anyone in their right mind holds the record shops themselves at fault on these days, its the opportunists that are looking to coin in on these rare wanted items by true fans that leave a bad taste in the mouth.You should do some sort of Macdonalds loyalty card type thing throughout the year. Each time you buy a record in store, stamp a card. Buy a dozen records or so and you get allowed in the first opening hour exclusively on RSD. That is a good incentive to buy throughout the year and also encourage attendance on RSD when you would otherwise be put off.


Now that’s what I call a great way to run it and make RSD count all year through!

Chris Squires

Don’t worry Jason, the vast majority here understand exactly what you are saying and would support virtually anything that supports physical editions of music, whether new or old and also the Bricks and Mortar that supply the community and beyond rather than the tax-dodging multi-nationals. There are those that seem to complain at anything that doesn’t specifically relate to them, whether format or act. Thank you for the service that you provide, without local shops Amazon would have a free hand and like any dictatorship it would not be good for customers or choice.


Thank you Chris!


Agree. As a CD buyer only (my gripe) there is nothing for me to get up at sparrow fart for (I would for instance if 17/11/70 by Elton John was on CD), but I enjoy going out later and feeling the vibrancy of the day and it inspires me to buy stuff. Jumbo in Leeds usually makes an effort above the sales. For example I went down on RSD and ended up buying a bunch of Peter Gabriel back catalogue CDs. They had nothing to do with RSD but I will never forget the day and I came away with some top notch music.


Yes Jason, the flippers is a part of RSD that is sadly out of anyone’s control. I understand that the shops cannot stock every release but I am having trouble finding one that is stocking the Gilbert O’ Sullivan ‘Himself’ vinyl. Also about the copies pressed of each release, it says what the numbers pressed for some of the releases are on the official RSD website. For example Penny Lane 7″ is 7,000 but a local store near me only got ONE of the 25 copies he asked for. He says because it’s his shops first year being part of RSD. We’ll see how many the bigger shops say they started with on Saturday! Hope you and your staff and customers (and your shop) have a great day on Saturday!


Thanks Colin. Being in the US, I’m not sure what you go through overseas, although I suspect it’s probably not much different. Dave Matthews is always a draw here, and even when we order several and are lucky if we get one, other stores show 7 or 8 copies in their midst already. Sometimes I think the manufacturers supply to their direct accounts first and then distributors are left to fight for everything that’s left. I remember one year I was working for a large retailer who had a direct account with Warners, and we had 35 copies of a Flaming Lips double LP duets release while the shop up the street had 1. I’m not sure if they just didn’t feel the need to order more than that (I think they actually DID have a direct account as well) or if they were just shorted, but it’s hard to say. I think it all comes down to politics and who you know in the long run, but the companies running the show will tell you otherwise.

Peter Yarrow

I’ll be up at a ridiculously early time in the hope of getting my wish list picks


I did my record store buying last week-end, Doors, King Gizzard, Kansas, Pink Floyd, Steve Hackett, Rolling Stones and more all on shiny flat black vinyl.

Record Store Day these days = Crowds, limited stock, greed and a load of bollocks. Have fun.


I was underwhelmed by the Nilsson 2 colour vinyl. The Diana one is more striking.


That Diana CHIC edition Vinyl is nice. It really is the best version of the album, however I always heard or recalled it was the record label themselves who didn’t want to push the CHIC version of the album because they felt it was too Chic and not enough Ross. but maybe it was Diana who was afraid of changing her then sound too much at the time.

I wish we could get a really great dynamic range version of the CHIC edition on CD I think the deluxe edition doesn’t get the best marks but something is better than nothing. I don’t collect VINYL myself but that LP cover etc looks top notch.


I read Nile Rodgers’ book and it was the record company who decided on a different mix, not Diana Ross. He was not happy with that.
Imho Nile Rodgers is one of the kindest and most talented musicians, and not very well recognized for his insanely succesful achievements. The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame finally decided to induct him, but only him, not his band Chic. It’s outrageous. Love the guy, so happy he had the “come back” with Daft Punk. I hope he will do more.


I go to vinyl and vintage in Wolverhampton- laying on bacon rolls and coffee for us diehards- ticket system and limit of 1 copy max 10 items and can then rejoin queue to give everyone a chance – after some poor experiences elsewhere – already been advised a big mark up on prices this year from distribution centres (as much as 30%) – but will go with my list and hope for best – snowed last year and getting earlier every year – temptation to stay in and do eBay must be resisted as need to support my local vinyl emporium

Adrian S

I pop to Piccadilly Records mid afternoon, no queue at that time and usually get 3 or 4 of my top half a dozen picks. So no guarantee but it’s a fun day, there are live bands free or for a few quid on nearby. It’s fun. For those who have to have certain records join the queue – most people there are genuine fans.


Last year I saw the huge queue outside Piccadilly Records and then saw across the road, Vinyl Exchange had 3 people queuing outside, I got in line and within minutes had what I wanted.

I’m not sure why people favour Piccadilly Records over Vinyl Exchange, they are both good.


I love the idea of a place where there are two independent stores across from each other. I have to drive over an hour to get to the nearest independent record store. I don’t even know where the next-closest one is after that.

Alan B

I always give RSD a wide berth due to the over hyped nature of the event and the over inflated prices. Bad news is there are releases by The Smiths, The Coral and The Courteeners – artists that I have collected for years and have all releases. Now I will have to spend about double for these releases compared to if they were released normally – assuming I can get any of them after queueing up in my local record shop and being treated like cattle. Great. There is always Ebay for even more inflated prices. Great.

Leondios Michael Papadopoulos

Both versions of the album were released on CD Super-Deluxe. Don’t really understand what Diana’s problem was with the Chic-mixed version of the album, the original is dull and somewhat unpolished, and Chic’s mastery really shone through on the released version, which was an enormous success.

Leondios Michael Papadopoulos

The gatefold cover photograph is still phenomenal, though!

Michael khalsa

More of a record company decision. It’s explained in the notes to the 2CD set.


I’m confused by your reply-it was the Chic version that IS the original. The released version (which was the success) was NOT the original Chic mix.

When it was released there was a huge backlash to disco in the States and people were actually burning records in a hyped ‘Disco is crap and not real music’ scenario. So she wanted it to be less obviously ‘Chic’, hence the remix with the Chicness toned down. But now of course we all know different….


I am hoping to get a Gilbert O Sullivan Vinyl of his first release ‘Himself’, but my local Piccadilly Records store isn’t stocking it!

Ade Swatridge

Me too. I know my local shop is getting it. Some copies have a ‘lucky ticket’ signed by Gilbert himself (no pun intended) with 2 personal letters.


Love that Nilsson 2 tone vinyl! Might have to get that one!


I’m afraid I must join the chorus of those bemoaning what RSD has become. The only nearby participating store reaps the benefit of the crush of rabid fans showing up while only offering one or two copies of the most popular titles — and the foam-at-the-mouth fanatics snap those up for resale on eBay within the first five minutes of the door opening. Feh. There are a few web sites that offer RSD titles, so will have to keep my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to pick up a few of this year’s offering.

Ben Williams

As much as I love indie stores, sadly I have started to avoid them on RSD cos getting what you want is nigh-on impossible (Bowie picture discs anyone?) and then eBay magically has lots of copies at silly prices..

I really want a copy of this new Smiths 7″ though and that Sting Live EP! Hopefully I’ll find a copy somewhere.

Neil Young is reissuing Decade on vinyl but I expect that will probably cost a short mortgage.


Record collector Sheffield still has Bowie picture disc about £25


Agree… Bah! Humbug!


Still really like your background music you use in your review videos Paul! How did you get hold of these before Saturday you lucky chap?

Auntie Sabrina

So the Diana Ross LP is the original mix which was remixed as Ms Ross was unhappy with it

Michael khalsa

I prefer the chic mix.

O(+> Peter B

Which is on this great 2CD expanded edition from 2001: https://www.discogs.com/Diana-Ross-Diana/release/1135038