SDEtv / Record Store Day Previews: The big one: Pink Floyd, Madonna & more

SDE completes its Record Store Day Previews with one final mega-video with many different releases, including Eurythmics, Madonna, Prince, Steven Wilson, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen, Arcade Fire and more. Enjoy and enjoy the day tomorrow!


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Larry Davis

Just went to another fave indie store on Long Island who have RSD stuff…Loony Tunes in West Babylon…and they also have their own record label, Brookvale Records, who put out some RSD titles of their own…they just did the Marlo Thomas record, and in the past, a Chuck Berry title, the Skyfall soundtrack, the From Dusk Till Dawn soundtrack, a DMC solo record (he from Run DMC), etc…anyhoo, they put aside for me the Springsteen and Florence 7″…getting em next week…

Larry Davis

I misspelled the store…it’s LoonEY Tunes…they have loads of the Bowies…and if that London love album is not getting a CD release, I’ll be having that too…

Larry Davis

London Live album…Blackout, sorry…


Will RSD send some independents to the wall? The amount of stock available on-line from dealers today is incredible?
Some of these dealers don’t have one or two copies left they are in double figures for multiple releases



You wrote on Instagram : “Pretty happy with my #RSD haul this morning. It was a late start so amazed to still find all the Bowies at lunchtime”.

Are you going to make a video about your RSD haul ? This could be very interesting unboxing video.

I think that you are very lucky that you could still get these RSD issues, or people weren’t very interested in these issues. However I can’t imagine this … David Bowie is still very popular.

Martin Power


For anyone local to Stockton – Sound it Out Records have loads of stock left.

Multiples of the following:
Pink Floyd lp
Rolling Stones lp
Prince lp
Bowie Now lp
Bowie 12″
Noel Gallagher 12″
Tom Waits lp
Madonna Pic Disc
Madonna red vinyl lp
Led Zep 7″

I picked up my main stuff Saturday but called back in this morning for the Stones/Prince


what was the Rolling Stones RSD I didnt know there was one


The Soft Cell and one Tears For Fears remix 12″ are on Amazon UK at around £16 inc postage (European sellers, so about 2 weeks to get in UK). Just in case anyone interested!


Still plenty of pink Floyd Piper…vinyl in my local store and still a good few copies of Zeppelin 7″…at £12….seen loads been resold on eBay for nearly twice that price…don’t be a mug

Matthew Langhorn

I’m beginning to think that there is 1 Led Zeppelin per person for the country!


Never been a big fan of RSD as I don’t really care about colored vinyls, special versions or stuff like that. That being said, I’m interested in stuff that has never been released on vinyl or re-release of rare and difficult to find LPs. That’s why the only LP I wanted was David Sylvian’s Dead Bees on a Cake (first time on vinyl). I checked my local stores in the afternoon on saturday but it was already sold out. I checked on discogs yesterday and I found a sealed copy at a “fair” price of 55 euros (in stores on saturday it was 39) so I didn’t mind paying a little extra in order to get the LP I wanted. For the rest, I really don’t care about RSD and limited editions.


Can anyone beat £22 for Florence and the Machine? This is what it cost me at my local store and if it hadn’t been a purchase that my daughter wanted me to get for her (she was working), I think I would have left it. Its far too much for a 7″ single no matter how special a release. I agree with other reviewers that this year has been very pricey – typical price for a double album £29 where last year it was around the £24 mark. Having said that it was another really enjoyable experience and I was very pleased to pick up Arcade Fire, Hawkwind’s Dark Matter, Sigur Ros, the National, Steven Wilson and Public Service Broadcasting – some a lot rarer than others! Looking forward to next year already but must start saving up :)

Larry Davis

Eh what?!?! 22 pounds for that Florence 7″?!?!? That’s like 36 US dollars!! I only saw it for either $14.99 or $16.99 (around 7 or 8 pounds) and I thought THAT was a bit high…but what you saw was frankly ridiculous!! Sorry. Practically no one stocked UK list titles here…the only one I saw…and I got it…was the 2LP by L7 called “Fast & Frightening”…amazing and fun release with cool covers and rarities…other UK only titles I want are the Suede, David Sylvian, Sparks, Boz Scaggs 12″…and more…


I’ve been a regular RSD participant and there is no doubt that the prices appear to be creeping up every year. I’m not sure if this is due to the record stores or the companies jacking up the prices. I’d have more sympathy if it was the record stores as they obviously need to try and make hay while the sun shines so to speak (within reason of course!). The bigger issue is the increasing number of ‘flippers’ (much like scalpers) who ruin it for the majority of the fans who are trying to get their hands on a piece of music from an artist they love. There has to be a better system that allows the independents to survive and make some decent money on one of their biggest day of the year but stops the profiteers. After 10 years I’d like to think the organisers can put their heads together and nut out a solution before 2019! :-)

My personal experience on the day was a positive one. I checked with the store owner prior to the event on what they had in stock and asked him when was the best time to arrive. I was third in line on the day the owner implemented a system in which he allowed 5 people in at a time thus making for a more relaxed browsing experience. I picked up most of what I wanted and could have bought a lot more but had to practice some self-restraint ;-). I was really impressed with the quality of most of the recordings – Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Greatest Hits’, The Cure’s ‘Mixed Up’, Madonna’s ‘First Album’ album and the Sufjan Stevens ‘Mystery of Love’ all sounded amazing while The Streets’ remix album sounded OK comparatively.

I thought the range and quality of the music this year was by far the best in the 12 years RSD has been going. There were at least a dozen titles I was interested in and to score 50% was a more than an acceptable strike rate. Like most I hope that the record companies will provide an opportunity to pick up some of the releases later in the year. In the end, people have a choice to either participate (or not) or to buy the music (or not). I admit that I’m a bit of a bargain hunter when it comes to buying music; however, I try to weigh that up against the fact that independent record stores need to survive and thus I’m happy to pay a little more for some of the music on RSD .

Daniel ( from Berlin )

Hello Paul,
to hear that everything is okay with you let me sleep well.

Erik Vang Olsen

I drove half an hour to the City center of Copenhagen (Denmark, Europe), found a free parking (for 1 hour) at noon, walked 100 meters to a little record shop The Sound. Walked right in and found the Erasure yellow double album and Yazoo – Situation, bought them and was back in my car after 10 minutes. It was my first RSD and after all I had read about it, my expectations was low. But I must say, it was a super experience and I will surely be back next year. In the 5 minutes, I was in The Sound I saw lots of David Bowie – Let’s Dance (12”), The Undertones 7” box set and 5-6 Human League Secrets albums.


“City center of Copenhagen (Denmark, Europe), found a free parking (for 1 hour)”

I got a parking ticket in in Copenhagen about 20 years because I over-stayed my parking whilst browsing the record shops. I didn’t pay it, mind and if I recall, I bought Tome Waits’ ‘Closing Time’ and Suede’s ‘Head Music’.

Gaz S

Anybody know how limited the Led Zep single is? Got a copy in Rough Trade East today, and saw they had a whole big shelf full of them behind the counter. Also picked up the Bowie Live and Floyd releases without any bother.


Piccadilly in manchester got 400 copies of it

Matthew Langhorn

I’ve just added 2 more Bowie’s (Now and Let’s Dance) and Led Zeppelin

I should probably stop now :)

Matthew Langhorn

Afternoon folks

Just limped into Revo in Halifax and picked up Bowie live, Tim Burgess and The Who

They must have 10-15 Led Zeppelin 7″ singles left!

Ed Jones

I felt there was a very noticeable hike in pricing this year. For example, Volume 1 of the Motown Funk Compilation was £29.99 last year, and Volume 2 was £37.99 this year (both double LPs). The greed factor seems to have stepped up significantly – £29.99 for the Air 12″ picture disc and £19.99 for a 2-track Florence & The Machine 7″ – a 7″ for crying out loud! I paid £36.99 for Bowie’s awful first album, based on the fact that I have all the others so it completes my set (which makes me a mug, but such is the lot of a collector).

That said, the Frankie box was good value, as was the Sugar Hill set, so there are exceptions, but generally the whole thing leaves an ever more bitter taste in my mouth and I may not participate in 2019 (as someone else has mentioned, you can generally pick up most of what you want on the secondaries market at more reasonable prices if you wait a few months).

Michel Banen

The Marvin Gaye – Sexual healing 12″ was had a whopping € 34,99 retail price…. For a single 12 ” !!!


Plenty left in Soho this morning.
Sister Ray still has loads of stock (Incl Bowie, Floyd, Stones, Noel Gallagher, Human League…). No Sylvian or Sigur Ros, though.
Decent selection at Sounds of the Universe, including Lemonheads.
Phonica even had an Undertones box set…


I’ve queued up a couple of times in the past if I really desperately wanted something (Roxy 10″, PSB 12″) but I normally just drop by my local shop in the afternoon once the craziness has died down.

So this year I got the Wire box, the Snapped Ankles 12″ and the Gary Clail 10″ which were on my list and the Johnny Thunders LP which wasn’t but there you go.

Phil G.

I went to Square Records in Wimborne for RSD – very well organised, with helpful staff.

Arrived at 6 a.m. – the FGTH box set was top of my wish list and I managed to score one, despite being 41st in the queue. The shop had only received one copy too!


I give up with RSD a couple of years ago, most stuff is released again on something else later on. If I do fancy something I wait for the prices to drop on eBay or amazon . Last years David Bowie Gem promo in the box is now cheaper than it was on RSD. I’ve been a serious collector for the last 30 years, Be patient it will pay off


Got to the record shop at 6:30 am for 8 am opening; was 21st in line! Got everything I wanted:
– Madonna (both)
– Eurythmics
– Marvin Gaye
– Ella Fitzgerald
– Rob base
– Krush Groove
– Bobbie Gentry
– Gloria Gaynor
– Elvis Presley
– Prince
– Bruce
– Sufjan Stevens
– Bowie – Let’s Dance



Managed to get:
– all four Bowies
– Metallica orange vinyl
– FGTH 1st 48 Inches
– Roger Taylor 10″

Only one I didn’t get that was on my list was the Led Zeppelin yellow vinyl 7″. Utterly sold out, most shops where I am got one copy, and that was if they were lucky. Luckily, for me, I managed to find one on eBay for the retail (not inflated) price.

Many of those releases listed are still in stores here in Adelaide, South Australia.

Lots of fun running around to different shops trying to find the treasures. I always enjoy it.


Thank God RIP Off RSD is over for Another year and we can all get back to normal !

I didn’t take part again, far too many limited editions released this year 450 or so! LOL !

I bet the record shops have got hundreds left over!


Then spare us your lame post next time

martin farnworth

6 bloody hours queuing! this was the first time i bothered going against my reasoning just a bit disappointed by the wait. 160 in front in the queue- i reckoned on maybe three hours.decided to buy more than i intended with the idea that i might sell a couple of things on to justify the wait. it wasn’t my main intention for being there-to profit and it was all stuff i liked anyway that i bought. if that offends/annoys anyone then so be it.


Spent 7 hours queueing which flew past chatting to fellow music fans of various ages and was number 20 into the shop whereupon I got all 13 records I was after, though last 1 of one and penultimate of another. Most, though, were plentiful so much of the stuff such as the Cure or Bowie would still have been there for the next 50 people at least. Even the Anthony Gormley LP in several copies. Very enjoyable all around.
My advice is to avoid the high prices on ebay and wait for online shops next Saturday or look around as some places don’t shift things for weeks. Not impressed that ebay was full of people selling multiple copies before Saturday with some clearly having them in hand ahead of time whilst others just want to ignore the rules.
Anyway, here’s to next years!


Gave Record Store Day a miss this year. There were a couple of items I wanted but not enough to queue or visit a local store.
Logged into eBay this morning and picked a copy of Spiritualized for £30.00. Seller had it for £35.00 or best offer. So I paid £3.00 more than my local store was selling it for and £4.00 postage. Given I didn’t get up at stupid O’clock and end up buying stuff I didn’t want not a bad RSD.
Cannot understand some of the selection Prince (1st press is around £8.oo) Madonna (just more hype on the back of the Sainbury’s colour packages).
Would have like Buckley but at £45.00 a bit pricey and suspect it will have a follow-up re-issue now and i still have the CD version. It is available on Discogs for £50.00 so not much of a marked up and a couple of copies available.
Spacemen 3 another wanted item but last years releases were cheaper on eBay after the initial hype.
Human league didn’t buy it on CD so was not 100% sure if this would have been an “impluse” buy as its now on Vinyl.
Normally pick up a “soul” album last year Susan Phillips was great. Couldn’t see any “soul” that I felt like taking a chance on and buying another copy of Marvin is falling for the RSD hype.
Bowie stuff will be down in price in 6 months and not that “rare”./ desirable for me.
Had a great week on eBay as people seemed to be holding back. Purchased the Cash American Recordings sealed and with the download voucher on 180 gram box set for £85.00, A first press of Orange Juice “You can’t hide” for £12.00.
Aretha Soul 69 UK first press as part of a job lot working out at £2.50 – 4 records for £10.00 including Aretha Collection, Queen of Soul and 2 Originals by (Never Loved and Arrival).
Then picked up a UK first press CCR Cosmo’s factory in VG+ for £2.00 from Discogs it was incorrectly listed as an “India” release.
Then the final win was a vinyl version of the Beechwood 1992 release Al Green Al for £2.99 form eBay.
So my non-RSD record buying week not been bad at all and i captured the one RSD release I wanted for £3.00 over the top and postage.

CJ Feeney

If you like Marvin Gaye, then Michael Kiwanuka’s Out Loud! live EP is the RSD release to track down. A very 70’s soul/funk vibe. includes occasional wah wah guitar and strings a la Isaac Hayes, but the vocal style owes a big debt to Marvin.

As far as I can tell there is no plan for a wider release of this.


Sadly the majority of the spoils always ends up in the hands of eBayers


Bought both Madonna releases on the Amazon.de marketplace, and for a decent price too.

Miguel Rocha

Was anxious to miss out on my wish list items as I could only visit shops around my daughter’s dance class schedule! Barely had to wait in line as my first shop opened earlier than I had anticipated…snagged the Neil Young Roxy (pick of the day!!!), Madonna first album picture lp, Prince 1999, and Anne Briggs (decided to also pick up The Time Has Come deluxe on cd). Had the Bowie Live in my hand but there were plenty of copies so decided to sleep on that one Next shop, waited in short line and they had the Floyd Mono (big wish list record!), and I impulsively picked up Courtney Barnett Double EP (excellent!). Again, Bowie was plentiful so I left it
Went home, picked up my daughter and brought her to her first class! Then raced to my next round of shops. Short line again and I found the Wire box (gasp) which was extremely priced (gasp gasp)…I left it behind and moved on (). Found a single copy all day of Majesties Satanic Request but couldn’t justify paying $70 for a record I already own (original, very beat up copy, mind you). Picked up my daughter from class and went home for lunch anxious (literally with sweat beads on my brow!) that is never see the Wire again.
Lunch done, dropped off daughter at her afternoon class, raced back to find, to my (but not my bank account’s) relief that one of the two copies of the Wire box still remained. Gobbled it up immediately (with the Bowie Blackout), picked up my daughter and raced home, feeling poorer financially, wealthier culturally (HA!) and enjoyed my loot!
It was a good day…
Oh yes, I also ordered the Deviants PTOOFF!! for a great price from Discogs as it wasn’t available in Canada!


I’ll have you know Spotlight is a bop.

CJ Feeney

My local, 101 Collectors, Farnham, is still taking people’s wish lists as he says he can often get more stock after the day.
I popped in at 130pm yesterday and found a few items on my list wee available. The ones I wanted most (Bobby Gentry, First Aid Kit) were gone.
I bought the Michael Kiwanuka EP, which is over 40 mins so more like an album. Very pleased with it and it has a wav. download.

I also bought a raffle ticket for the stores only copy of Bruce Springsteen Greatest Hits. I didn’t win, but the store made £300 for the Teenage Cancer Trust. It’s a nice touch that Andy (the owner) does every year.

Despite being fairly broke, I still enjoy the buzz of the event.


Yeah, Andy @ 101 at least does RSD the right way. I don’t do it myself, but he seems to get a good range of the titles on offer, and won’t stand for any bullshit. But then he’s a champion of new music (vinyl and CD) all year round. If he’s got the Human League 2LP next time I manage to make it to that part of the world, I may be tempted.

One of the other small indie shops I frequent was trying to offload lots of unsold RSD stock from years gone by at 50% off, it’s tricky to judge demand I suppose. Mind you, it’s very much geared towards snob rock and prog and all things retro. I saw their 2018 list and no TFF, Frankie etc, just loads of beard-stroking stuff.



I avoided yesterday for rsd and went to piccadilly in manchester today and got everything . they said they can’t believe anything was limited .they still have all the bowie the grateful dead dylan floyd zeppelin wire stones .erm I wonder how limited is limited?


To all the right thinking vinyl fans who actually play their record store day purchases as opposed to cryogenically storing or flipping for eye-wateringly extortionate prices can I ask the following:
Has anyone else who got the Noel Gallagher 12″ on monochrome have as I have, the most warped slab of vinyl that I personally have ever encountered?
The white half is perfectly flat but the black half sticks up 1.5 cm clear of my deck, it looks like it’s been folded exactly in half!
I’d be interested to know if the process of producing a record with different coloured halves is responsible or is it just coincidental?


Yep mines a bit warped too / plays ok though so will wedge it the racks and overtime that tends to flatten them out a bit – nice looking bit of vinyl though

Gareth Pugh

Didn’t get this one but I remember a year or two ago there was a shaped Art of Noise picture disc for RSD and every copy my shop of choice had were so warped/bowed you could have used them as a very small fruit bowl! I remember the store manager inspecting every copy he had with concerned customers gathered around. I suspect they probably played okay on a decent, well-weighted deck.

Larry Davis

Have to say, this was the best RSD in a LONG long time!! Got to Rough Trade in Brooklyn early, like 230am and I was 7th on line…it was quite cold…lucky a friend was there ahead of me and had his car, so I was able to sit inside and keep warm…anyhoo, place was very organized and tons of stuff was there… Got 7 titles there… Flaming Lips 7″, Distillers/Regrettes 7″, Lulu/Bowie LP/7″, Bobbie Gentry BBC LP, Johnny Mathis/Chic LP, Residents WB LP and waaaaay cool and limited L7 double LP…then hit other stores in the city like both Academy’s and Rock & Soul and Norman’s…had some free donuts…then went to Newbury Comics on Long Island on the way home…no luck spotting a Nico 7″… At Newbury, I also snagged the Marvin Gaye 12″, Steven Wilson 12″ and Sleigh Bells EP…wanted to grab the John Wesley Harding which was designed funnily like ABBA Gold… And I was bummed no one had anything on the UK list…but overall, tiring but sweet day on practically no sleep…

Tracey Spivey

For the second straight year, I queued up at a ridiculous time at Good Records in Dallas. I managed to land in line around 3:30ish a.m. I was 5th in line a felt confident about being able to purchase the six titles I was hoping for. I had no problem getting five of them (Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” 12″, Bowie’s “Welcome to the Blackout” [just in case it isn’t released on CD], The National’s “Boxers live in Brussels”, Ride’s “Waking Up…” and Medical Records “Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol. 4” compilation) . The one title I was looking for that Good didn’t have was the Florence + The Machine’s “Sky Full of Song” 7″. I made a few impulse buys, as well (Elvis Costello’s “Someone Else’s Heart” 7″ and Courtney Barnett’s “City Looks Pretty” 12″). Lastly, I am proof that RSD actually works (sometimes), as I made a non-special release purchase that I’d had my eye on for a while (Destroyer’s “Ideas for Songs”).

I even touched I few items that I considered picking up, but ultimately passed on (Air’s “Sexy Boy” 12″, Duran Duran’s “Budokan” LP and The Police’s “Roxanne” 7″).

A few observations:

– While Good Records has always been the ideal location in Dallas to enjoy/participate in RSD due to the large crowd and sizeable RSD inventory, that didn’t seem to be the case this year. There was a definite lack of buzz and for the 2nd straight year, Good seemed to have a smaller selection of RSD inventory. It’s hard to know if that’s because the number of titles is down, or if they didn’t get everything they ordered, or if they tried to be strategic in what they ordered by bringing in only what they thought they would sell.

By contrast, Josey Records (also in Dallas) seemed to have significantly more RSD inventory and 5X more people queueing up before the doors opened at 7:00 a.m. based on reports from someone in line at Good who was receiving txts from a friend who was in line at Josey.

– The consensus from those of us (who were bleary-eyed and) waiting in line was that the online retailers seem to be gaining much more market share on RSD items than they have in the past (resulting in more people staying home and resorting to buying on-line, instead of getting our early).

– The “Bowie Now” compilation will be in plentiful supply…

– There seemed to be some “interesting” pricing. I paid $7.00 more for the 1 LP Medical Records compilation than I did the 2 LP Ride remix release.

– The lack of CDs (my preferred format) is disappointing (as evidenced by my pre-order of The Cure’s “Mixed Up/Torn Down” 3 CD set and no consideration at all of picking up the RSD LP releases today).

– Regardless of the purchases made (or missed), a highlight of the day was getting to know other collectors while waiting in line, discussing the most treasured items in their collections and some the most memorable gigs they’ve attended. It’s always enjoyable for me to be around others who are as excited about music and their collections as I am, regardless of their musical tastes.

Larry Davis

I saw the Florence in 2 places but the price was ridiculous for a 7″… One had it for $14.99 and the other $16.99…for a 7′ single?!?! No thx, Newbury is having a 20% off vinyl sale next week and will get it then, if it’s still there… And turns out that L7 is from the UK list and that thing is just way cool collection of covers and rarities on 2 LPs!! Score!!


Enjoyed reading your insight, as someone who queued overnight in London there’s a lot of parallels with your experience, particularly the part about getting to chat with people being a hilight. Without that and without the stores we’d only be receiving mail order parcels, listening to the music then filing it away all in an insular way, never sharing our thoughts or getting tip offs or advice or sharing the love and joy. I love the “icebreaker” question to the person next to you, “What things are on your list” and the conversations that follow. Whatever items they’re after their passions are always the same as your own (unless they’re lying ebayers) and the mutual respect comes through. It could be interesting, time zones permitting, doing a video skyping thing with fellow queuers worldwide, whilst markets, habits and industries may differ and vary the passions for often the same items are so similar it’s a unifying experience to be part of a wider world saying no we won’t stay at home streaming or downloading, we want to get out there and get something in physical, collectible form.

Regarding the buzz, it does feel a little more taken for granted each year that we’ll turn out without the organisers or stores putting in a little more effort to bring in Artiste participation, freebies, more imaginative items to release etc.
It’s also a shame that some stores logistically are unable to let us browse and buy from the standard stock items on the day, the very thing they’re wanting to promote and encourage doing but it’s understandable to keep the queue flowing and get the special releases processed quicker. But if we come home with something(s) we are happy to own and the shops get an injection of income to help them survive then it’s all worthwhile.

Enjoy your new additions!


Had a chance to go to an indie store, wait in a huge line, and possibly get an item or two signed by Steven Wilson. Probably shell out $25-30 for a 2 track vinyl 12″ [and of course one unreleased track]? I’ll pass.
There was nothing that really interested me this year. Last year was Marillion’s FEAR in Gold and Rush’s Closer To The Heart single.

Larry Davis

The Steven Wilson was only $9.99!! Was almost gonna pass but it was cool blue vinyl, it was cheap and the song was cowritten with Andy Partridge!! So I could not resist and I guess there was more to those XTC 5.1 surround mixes after all!!

Mike Pendlebury

We queued outside Music Millenium in Portland, Oregon from 5am and there were about 50 people in front of us. I didn’t think I would be able to get too much on my list but I was surprised! Music Millenium did a great job of organising the event. I was lucky enough to get Bobbie Gentry, Soft Cell, Krush Groove Soundtrack, Electroconclusive Therapy Volume 4, Johnny Mathis, Eurythmics, John Fogerty and Phoenix. Got towards the end and I was trying not to get upset that I hadn’t got Prince! Spotted one of the last copies of “1999” right at the end! Great day out!


I got 2 out of 3, despite being 3rd in queue.
What I don’t get is how flippers are selling some items so cheaply on the bay.
I was charged by my local store £45 for bowie triple and £30 for bowie now.

Does anyone know if that was the average price for these or was the store expensive?
If I’d known I could have got them online at £35 & £18 it would have saved me queueing from 4:00am!


Paid £31 for Bowie triple live in my local store, which I thought was pretty good. In fact I recall paying £36 for last year’s Cracked Actor triple, so prices seemed better this year. Your shop sounds like a rip-off

Paul Spurgeon

As I missed out on RSD yesterday (I’m not an early riser) I’ve just got the Pink Floyd & Bowie Now from amazon.de using the same seller – £50.00 inc delivery.


Wonderful day @ Helsinki, Finland. @ 2 pm there were still many favourites of mine: FGTH box, Sugarhill Box, Agnetha’s album, Madonna’s first & You can dance, Duran Duran’s Tokyo live, Eurythmics. And after 5 pm on the net; Human League, David Bowie’s Lets Dance, Yazoo and Soft Cell. Wau!

elliott buckingham

i have noticed of all the flippers the most reasonably priced ones are selling on discogs and not feebay


I wimped out and slept through RSD. The only piece I really wanted was the Wire singles box, which is not available in the US. I’ll try and go tonight and see if there’s anything left at Vintage Vinyl in Fords, N.J.


I don’t know if this is something I have just noticed or it’s a new trend, but, whilst the e-bay flippers are asking the usual crazy money, on discogs the starting prices for this year’s RSD releases are sometimes lower than shop prices (and they are being listed as Mint/Sealed). If anyone is looking for something, I would suggest you at least check out discogs; maybe you can get what you’re missing at a reasonable cost.


got informed I was doing overtime a month before..so couldnt make Drift Records in Totnes So over the last 2 weeks seen that overseas eVil bay sellers were selling the stuff prior to the date..So i bought four items..
Ocean Colour Scene, The Who, Marvin Gaye and Back yard Babies.. looking at the prices I have paid £60 over all of cover prices..so for genuine collecters who couldnt make it for what ever reason..eVilbay sometimes helps

Donal Murphy

Got a few items, but the best one by far, is Neil Young, Tonight’s The Night, Live At The Roxy, can’t take it off the deck. Finally, a glimpse of those legendary gigs, and a good package, all black, in keeping with the original album artwork, and a description of how the gigs came about by NY. The recording is excellent, and thank god, they did not edit out, a lot of the Neil crowd banter.


Left the house at 4am to get to Sister Ray, soho, for 5:30 and was no 69 in queue. Really friendly atmosphere and the staff are super organised. This is the first year I’ve got all my wants – frankie, erasure, eurythmics, Madonna’s first and soft cell. Sharp intake of breath at the cost £142, so they chucked in a Fred Perry rsd tote bag. Really enjoyed the spirit of it and will ignore the ebay flippers. Paul I really appreciated the unboxing video, particularly the frankie.


Yes Steve –
Have to a agree I thought Sister Ray were excellent. Well organised, really helpful and friendly.
I was number 258 in the queue so I suspect that you were long-gone by the time I arrived :-)

Steven Pottle

I go to Sister Ray each year, they are super organised, friendly, welcoming and usually throw in a goodie bag/free coffee etc and have fantastic amounts of stock. I was there from stupid o’clock (1am) as I was desperate for the two Sigur Ros releases (heard that the shop only had a dozen copies and they were super limited, at that hour I was number 12 in the queue!?!), and managed to get BOTH…and the three main Bowie album releases (plus they were selling the recently released “Aladdin Sane” ‘silver’ vinyl), the two Madonna releases, Prince, Jobraith and two Dr Who (surprise gifts for my partner). I will be eating dust for the next few months, but completely worth it with my treasured releases. And yes, the chats/making connections in the queue are the things that make RSD special, getting exciting/anxious, sharing lists, adding to yours by the hype of others, looking after spaces as people nip out for the loo/early opening breakfast etc…that and the drunk people asking what we are queuing for (“Are you all after (hiccup!) special Nike trainers?”). Shattered after, but my Sister Ray/RSD is always stressful fun :)

Chris Miah

I live a 10 minute walk from Rough Trade Talbot rd. I don’t even read the list anymore. When i see those words “Madonna/U2/Prince i walk straight passed.It was us who kept them going. It’s an insult to most who use go there to get a copy of a 70s long lost masterpiece. Next year still be the Brotherhood of Man Classic box set revival. !!Joke!!!


I love RSD there are some nice little gems, and something for everyone. What really gets my goat is the people who rush out to buy them and double the price on Ebay. I managed to get what I wanted bar Suede. I will grit my teeth one day and see if there is a copy at a reasonable price.

Phillip Fogel

Billboard reported that the 1984 soundtrack was a US release only. I was lucky that a friend from the US could get me a copy of 1984 this morning. Annoyed that some of these releases are exclusive to certain countries. Canada always get shafted :(

Craven Hermit

I saw the ‘1984’ soundtrack in two different shops in Edmonton on Saturday morning. So they made it to at least *some* parts of Canada :-)


Picked up here in Amsterdam at Concerto record store:
Bowie live 3lp and Lets dance -12-inch, Madonna 2x, Johnny Mathis Chic Production, Motown Funk and 21 Tamla Motown Sounds, Mavin Gaye Lets Get It On Red Vinyl, Nina Simone Love Me Or Leave Me Orange Vinyl


Good crack at Sound it Out in Stockton – Loads available and as per usual always ended up trying something new. Got what I wanted except the Suede and Elvis but not desperate enough to please EBay scalpers. She’s loads of Zep 7” – picked up the Lulu and Bobbie Gentry for a try

Thought about the Stones and they had a few in but only got the box set at Christmas so didn’t see point as not a collector – The Floyd was something I had not thought of but looks great in the hand


I didn’t get to Eelpie in Twickenham til 4.45 but there was a reasonable amount of stock left. Ended up with the Frankie 48 inches (thanks to Mr Sinclair’s seductively persuasive video) and two exclusive Doctor Who TV soundtracks on silver and green vinyl respectively. I’m £90 poorer but am delighted to have finally taken part in RSD.

Cheers Paul.