SDEtv / RSD Previews: Soft Cell / Say Hello Wave Goodbye 12-inch single

The Record Store Day 2018 previews continue on SDE with a look at this Soft Cell clear vinyl 12-inch that features new remixes of Say Hello Wave Goodbye.

This limited edition 12-inch vinyl will be available to purchase from participating independent record stores on Saturday 21 April, 2018. Good luck!

Read details on the Keychains and Snowstorms new 9CD+DVD Soft Cell box!


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I wasn’t going to bother with this release but you’ve convinced me! Hoping it’s a reasonable price for a 2 track 12”.

P. E.

Delicious! I can’t wait to get one.

Jason Schafer

Whoever suggested David Gray’s version of this song is superior needs to have his hearing checked Haha…Pleasant perhaps, but nowhere near the pathos and depth of emotion, sorry, Marc is brilliant…


looks fab….great tune also


Looks gorgeous, but how does it sound Paul ?


When I were young I had a couple of Saturday jobs, one in a record factory and one making dart stems. Both places used to mince up all colours of plastic and add a little carbon black to make everything the same colour.

Back then virgin vinyl was supposedly a desirable thing, rather than recycled, but these days it just has to be thick/heavy for everyone to be happy…

elliott buckingham

my love of soft cell stretches to tainted love and I always thought david grays version of say hello was far superior


Vinyl is clear in its natural state & they add carbon black


That is true, black carbon is added to mask the defaults in the vinyl. It was also easier to recycle black unsold vinyl into new pressings when Vinyl was a mass market product rather than the “high end product” it is now peesented as. It nearly impossible to spot littles blotches or masses of poorly smoldered vinyl when it’s all black..


why bother with black? clear vinyl is surely the way forward…


Clear looks nice but you struggle to see imperfections/scratchs etc