SDEtv / RSD previews: The First 48-inches of Frankie Goes To Hollywood

SDE kicks off five days of Record Store Day 2018 previews with a video unboxing of BMG’s Frankie Goes To Hollywood release, The First 48 Inches of Frankie Goes To Hollywood

This box set will be available to purchase from participating independent record stores on Saturday 21 April, 2018. Good luck!


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[…] unreleased on vinyl’. I hope the box is stronger (physically) than last year’s flimsy Frankie […]

Chris Millard

This was the only one from my list that I didn’t manage to get at RSD. I held out, and managed to recently buy it for the “normal” price. However, I am truly disappointed at just how flimsy the outer packaging is. Mine has crushed a bit already. It needed to be in a hard sleeve in my opinion.


Its a shame they have used the ‘censored’ Christmas chat on The Power Of Love b-side for this release, its not as if it contains very strong swear words. I have got this version on the cassette single. Maybe a little childish but the uncensored version on the original 12″ still makes me laugh . Ped just cracks me up.
Still love this package though and i managed to get it for under £40 on RSD

elliott buckingham

looks like they used the edited version of get it on.

Warren Wilding

I got my set today. I was quite surprised and disappointed that “One September Monday was not included on the Relax 12”, especially considering the big chunk of blank space in the middle of this one, it could have fitted easily.


Did someone say the 16 minute Sex Mix hadn’t been issued on 45 RPM vinyl?

elliott buckingham

my original pleasuredome 12″ that is in this set is pressed at 45rpm even side 2 with 3 tracks

Matthew Langhorn

I was going to queue on Saturday but have said I’ll work instead, but what I have noticed is that the prices seem a little steep this year

£45 (up here) for this set seems really expensive for a shiny envelope

A £100 budget won’t get you far these days (especially if you want Johnny Cash and Jeff Buckley)

I agree with a previous comment, RSD is there to raise awareness of independent record stores, Halifax has 2 and they are doing great! Do we need this annual scrum?


i agree, if this goes say on ebay for 80, i’d buy it as i dont have 6 hours to q next sat…i could work and make say 150 so 40 is cheap as a q4U scenario premium!

Jan Burnett

Not convinced thats not a type on discogs, as anything over around 10 mins is rather unlikely. I will confer with the FGTH blog. :)

Chris Squires

After a mammoth Fellowship of the Rings marathon yesterday I followed up on what Gary C said below and found all of the FGTH Cassette editions on spotify and had a great afternoon. The compacted Rage Hard clocks in at 17.13 seconds. To me it is everything a totally bonkers 1980s style remix should be. a) Stupidly long (good value for your Saturday job Pound) and b) you can tell what song it is supposed to be. That is why I think 1980s remixes knock 1990s and certainly millennial remixes into a cocked hat.
It is also very funny indeed. I was laughing to it, yes it is cheesy but it is beautifully comedic.
The question has been asked before but why do modern remixers work so hard to remove any trace of the original song..is it arrogance? “I can do better than that old timer……”
The Welcome to the Pleasuredome mixes are also a joy.


The compacted mix is several tracks mixed together in a megamix style:
1.1 [‘We Have Begun’] 0:07
1.2 Rage Hard (✚✚ Edited) 5:08
1.3 Rage Hard (Compacted) (First 7:27 Of ✚ / First 1:19 Of ✚✚ / Last 3:11 Of ✚) 11:58
so it’s basically a few segues that go into the remix.

so no, it’s not better, it’s just more, which is what the did on the cd-single


Chris Squires

wow, you certainly know your remixes.

Irrespective of subjective quality there is certainly a lot of music on those cassingles.

I can’t think of one of the top of my head but I am certain I have bought 12″ records (not FGTH) in the 1980s before where there was no extra material over the 7″ or just an instrumental version added. There was nothing like a good 8 to 10 minute version to get the teenage juices flowing in the early 1980s and in nearly all cases the first time you heard a remix was the first time you dropped the needle. Exciting stuff.


Certainly the cassingles from Welcome to the Pleauredome were fantastic and almost the playing time of mini-albums. I still have them somewhere in my parent’s home, alongside loads of other mid-late eighties cassingles from the likes of PSB, The Smiths, Morrissey, U2, Prince, Bowie, Stone Roses, etc.

Matteo Leoni

Yes, the 12 minutes Rage Hard was 45rpm, and even “The Race” by Yello (13’22”) is 45 rpm.


(my reply is a comment to Jan Burnett’s statement)


They really know how to milk the Frankie Goes to Hollywood catalog…with only ever releasing two albums. I like the band but i’m stuck in the US and my closet record shop never carries RSD releases (well the ones released in the US, if there are any).

David Carter

Just dug out my original Relax Sex Mix and its sounds superb


“When you hear the price tag warning you and your family must take cover”


I’d been umming & ahhing about whether to get this as my original 12″s aren’t in that great a condition & was on the look out for nice clean copies, but the redesign element has tipped the scales for me to (attempt to) get it. Yes, I’m a sucker, yes, it’s expensive (or not so compared to TFF!), but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I like it and I want it.

@Paul – I know this one hasn’t been released yet, but is there any talk, no matter how small, of there being a second, third or maybe more boxes planned for future RSDs or general sale? It does peeve me when groups release a volume one of something and don’t follow up with more. I do appreciate that this doesn’t specifically say it’s volume one, but I’m clinging to the faint hope ‘First’ indicates there may be more.


I already have the first two Relax 12’s on Vinyl, along with the other three, so no deal for me.


I would suggest that the sticker won’t last the distance but I suspect most people buying this will be buying it for display/completist/collecting purposes so I suppose it doesn’t really matter!


I do agree with those saying RSD is out of hand.

I see this as an initiative to get people into shops. So instead of creating a stampede on just one day why not release instore exclusives throughout the year, such as this FGHT envelope set.

After all, Amazon and other online store have online exclusives so why not create offline exclusives.


You are right and they are kind of trying to do this with ‘bricks and mortar’ only releases and ‘Indy only’ issues. Then, these get onto webstores and it defeats the object and it just becomes another thing completists have to own by paying a premium Mix in then the exclusives to Sainsbury’s and Tescos and you have collectors stampeding all over the place to get the limited stuff. It was much easier when you could head into town and a Saturday and hit the independants, chains, Boots. WH Smiths, Woolworths and very other shop that sold records!

Chris Squires

Ah the days of spending Saturday morning schlepping around Birmingham on the bus trying to locate a copy of the double 7″ of Gentlemen Take Polaroids. You are right though the romance of it all has truly been replaced by the click-pay-deliver thing. I guess being 35 years older doesn’t help either. I did my first Crate dig for years the other day and I noticed several things.

a) My back hurt
b) My knees hurt
c) I could barely get back up off the floor without fear of dragging the shelving on top of me.
and this is the real killer d) I couldn’t see the spine fonts and was constantly looking over / under or around my bi-focals.

Romance be-damned. It’s too painful and un-glamorous now.

CJ Feeney

Post of the year. My family are bemused by my laughter.

If I don’t get a job this week, you’ve given me a great business idea. I’ll book a studio and start an exercise class for men of a certain age: “Record Store Yoga”

I’ll let you all know when the online bookings are live.

Craig B

Spot on Chris !


I bet that ‘resealable sticker’ won’t last the distance!

Very poor packaging – you would have least expected a stiff box to hold these – and at that price, quite frankly, a rip-off. I would have expected the complete set of 12″ singles of the first four releases for that money.


Frankly say A Rip Off!

Chris Squires

No, Frankie say resealable.


I think the word is resaleable. Or is it resellable?

Paul Wheeler

Just end up on ebay, overpriced as always. Store’s are doing great now stop this RSD nonsense

elliott buckingham

at 33 rpm cant imagine these sounding any better than the originals and at £42 that’s at least £20 more than it should be. when I saw the price listed I assumed it would be every mix of the 4 first 12″ singles not just the same old same old

Gary C

they have added all the Cassetted and Compacted sets on Spotify if you don’t have them on vinyl, 78 or Edison Cylinder
Now there is an idea, a physical set of cassettes, or compact discs of all those editions….

Steven Robertson

As much as I am a huge Frankie fan, I am not gonna queue for this.

It looks nice, but I am not prepared to get soaked and possibly not even get it by queuing for it.

Shame, would look great in my collection.

Gary C

£42 holy hell that is ridiculous really. Paul what is your assessment of the price against other recent RSD releases?


That is one poorly-manufactured and hugely overpriced package! Glad I’m not the target audience for this, as I’d be very disappointed with a bit of card made into an envelope (that hasn’t even been done properly and will get bashed to bits) and recycled designs from the Pleasuredome gatefold inner artwork. This is 2018, though. Sigh.

Tony Orwell

looks like a nice set but as the audio is identical it would have been fantastic for coloured vinyls or even picture discs just to get the nerd juices flowing


Staggering !

New Sleeve Design, Makes It A Highlight Purchase !


glad to see there available in advance to individuals…read the rsd terms and conditions!


“Individuals” meaning the general public. Paul has undoubtedly received these as a member of the online music press with the expectation that he’ll be reviewing them. Not really any different from the many advance copies of albums provided to critics, so not sure where the indignation comes from…


point taken but this hardly needs promotion…question though in general..why just release it for RSD and limit to 1500 or whatever this, is something that would sell Im sure across generations if it was on general release at around £20-25


Totally agree!

CJ Feeney

My local record shop has been posting pics of RSD arrivals.on FB for over two weeks. The discipline to hold such desireable stock for so long would kill me!
On pricing, the item I really want (Erased Tapes box)will cost £110 at my local, so I won’t be getting it as I lost my job last week. If my interviews later this week go well i may treat myself to an item in the £20 range.


Good luck on the job hunt. Reminds me of when I had a Frankie say Arm the unemployed T Shirt back in the day. Should have kept it but I got a job!


CJ sorry to hear that mate…I was out for two years after working at a business for 14 due to a restructure…I set up a minor concern selling records nothing big but between that and the redundancy got by for the past few years..I was sure I was done as I’m 48 but out of the blue i got a gig last week…I feel in general the employment market has picked up a bit….its just a bugger but I’m sure it will turn around for you.

Matteo Leoni

Correction to my previous comment: even the b-side of the first ‘Relax’ 12″ is at 33rpm (and not 45rpm)


If you get either of the Tears For Fears 12″ to review Paul, the shop I am heading to on Saturday prices them up at £23.99 EACH! for a twelve inch!


Hmm, yes I saw those advertised at £22 each. What are they thinking!

Matteo Leoni

I like the new single sleeves but the box artwork is horrible, why didn’t they use the same style? The group image is even CUT!
btw, the original 1st version of ‘Relax’ was actually at 33rpm (but the b-side and the other 12″s were 45rpm)


It would have been nice to have them back with the original artwork.
It was on my list but now that I’ve seen how it is, I’m not sure anymore.
Thanks Paul for the preview.


Paul, Do they feature remastered audio? Cheers


Looks nice inserts would have been good but can not justify 42 quid with a baby in the house for no new or different music. Unless anyone wants to gofundme

Andrew M

That’s part of my problem mate, I feel your pain. 2 years old and 8 months old babies here. You’re gonna have years of choices when it comes to record buying….:)


Thanks for the upadate! Just wondering … does it include a dowload code?


Thanks Paul.

Neil Kelly

It’s a much needed release… Said nobody!
That being said i haven’t watched the video and i’m not saying that i can’t appreciate the beauty in this release… Possibly!

Auntie Sabtina

£40 from Banquet Records, Kingston upon Thames and £45 from Lost In Vinyl, Cambridge. So prices seem to vary a bit…

Andrew Mogford

Surprised at the 33rpm choice. Have they put more B sides than the original releases on these?

Unfortunately due to my daughters birthday I’m not in a position to buy anything from record store day this year. Payday is three days too late. Gutted as I would have loved this!

Mind you I also hate the concept of record store day so part of me is quite glad too.


I can’t wait for Saturday to get this!!!

I’m a disappointed the ‘box’ set is an envelope!

The Rage Hard box was awesome, and I was expecting this type of usual box.

Mark Prichard

I do HATE it when 12 inches are 33rpm.
45rpm is SO much better.


My original Sex Mix 12″ is 33rpm…


Yeah, you’re not going to find a 16min track on 45.

David M

Funny, just checking mine and it’s 45 rpm (also Sex mix).

Jan Burnett

but not the 16 min Sex Mix.
It can physically onphysicallyat 33.

David M

No you are right.

Mark Prichard

Ah. Paul, do you know whether it’s just the sex mix that’s 33 rpm or all sides? For me this is the difference between buying it and not. Thanks.


Not true.

The 16min Relax has been released on both 33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM.

The original 1983 pressing on 33 1/3 RPM: https://www.discogs.com/release/33482

And the 1984 reissue on 45 RPM: https://www.discogs.com/release/420423