Suede / CD Singles box set video


Suede‘s CD Single box set. Out on Monday 14 April 2014. Only 1000 of these are being produced and they can be ordered via the Suede Store. There has also been some stock available from various Amazon sites (but many have now sold out).

Track  listing: CD Single Box

  1. The Drowners / To The Birds / My Insatiable One
  2. Metal Mickey / Where The Pigs Don’t Fly / He’s Dead
  3. Animal Nitrate / Painted People / The Big Time
  4. So Young / Dolly / High Rising
  5. Stay Together [edit] / The Living Dead / My Dark Star / Stay Together [long version]
  6. We Are The Pigs / Killing Of A Flash Boy / Whipsnade
  7. The Wild Ones / Modern Boys / This World Needs A Father / Eno’s Introducing The Band / Asda Town
  8. New Generation / Together / Bentswood Boys
  9. Trash / Europe Is Our Playground / Every Monday Morning Comes / Have You Ever Been This Low / Another No One
  10. Beautiful Ones / Young Men / Sound Of The Streets / Money / Sam
  11. Saturday Night / WSD / Jumble Sale Mums / This Time / Saturday Night [original demo]
  12. Lazy / These Are The Sad Songs / Feel / Sadie / Digging A Hole
  13. Filmstar / Graffiti Women / Duchess / Rent [live] / Saturday Night [live]
  14. Electricity / Popstar / Killer / See That Girl / Waterloo / Implement Yeah!
  15. She’s In Fashion / Bored / Pieces Of My Mind / Jubilee / God’s Gift / Down [demo]
  16. Everything Will Flow / Weight Of The World / Leaving / Crackhead / Seascape
  17. Can’t Get Enough / Let Go / Since You Went Away / Situations / Read My Mind
  18. Positivity / One Love / Simon / Superstar / Cheap / Colours / Campfire Song
  19. Obsessions [radio edit] / Cool Thing / Instant Sunshine / UFO / Rainy Day Girl / Hard Candy / ABC Song
  20. Attitude / Golden Gun / Oxygen
  21. Barriers / Nothing Can Stop Us / Howl
  22. It Starts And Ends With You / Dawn Chorus / No Holding Back
  23. Hit Me / Falling Planes / What Violet Says
  24. For The Strangers / Darkest Days / Human Tide


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I’m a bit late to the party here but… It’s a lovely box, but I’m kinda pissed off that several of the B-sides appear here in the same edited versions that first appeared on the Edsel reissues. I can understand these tracks being edited for the album reissues, where you can only squeeze so much on to a CD. But here they had 24 discs to play with. The track “Feel”, for example, was over 8 minutes long when it appeared as a B-side to Lazy. Here it is just over 5 minutes long.
A bonus disc with all those omitted demos and live tracks would have been the business too. Oh well, maybe next time!

Paolo Meccano

Resellers are currently listing the box at £289+ at Amazon UK. I guess that means all the new stock is sold out.


Rather annoyingly the official store reduced the CD set to £59.99 for the last few before it sold out, so much for rewarding the hardcore fans who ordered as soon as the preorder went out ! It’s probably those that are on amazon marketplace now for 5x the price!


Has anyone in the states who ordered from Myplay received their box set yet? I didn’t get any shipping confirmation or tracking info. so I just want to know when to expect it since I’ll be at work all day. Also, which mailing service did they use? (Fedex, UPS, Royal Mail, etc)


I pre-ordered the 7″ box and also didn’t get any shipping confirmation or tracking info – just received the links for the downloads. Yesterday I wrote to the customer service and they said “We normally ship pre-orders so that they’ll arrive as close as possible to the official release date. I will check with our warehouse why your order hasn’t shipped yet, and will give you an update as soon I find out. If your order ships in the meantime you’ll receive a ship confirmation email, with shipping details.”. Yikes.


@Rodrigo, thank you for your reply, if not too much trouble, would you please post an update if you receive anymore confirmation from myplay? I haven’t gotten any response back from them yet and I’m getting pretty worried now.


@Jim, I finally received the shipping confirmation this morning, it shipped from the UK today… guess I’ll have to wait a few more weeks then :/ When I wrote to their customer service they replied in a matter of hours. Good luck with your order!


@Rodrigo, strangely I just received a shipping confirmation this morning as well and I didn’t even get a reply from the customer service (I only got one of those automatic ones.) Maybe they decided to mass sent the confirmation today or many people have been asking for it. But thank you again! :D


So I’m reading elsewhere that Edsel are at it again and that the demo of Down is mp3 sourced. Is this true? I’ve not checked myself and as it happens I thought the sound of the set was fine (although I’ve only listened up to Positivity so far) but given the high price (“oh no it will definitely only be available on the Suede site and it’s going quick!!!” shouldn’t be another way of saying “wait five minutes for Amazon to be cheaper”) and the supposed collectible nature of the set you would hope they cared a little more if not for sound quality then maybe just for their reputation.


I haven’t got as far as the Down demo yet but so far no sound issues as far as I can tell. In order to tell it was sourced for mp3 I’d need to download some program so I doubt I’ll be bothering checking, as it’s a demo (so potentially not the greatest quality to begin with?) I doubt it’ll be a regularly played track. Even so, if it’s true it’s not the best for the reputation of a label that regularly re-issues albums and deluxe editions.

martin barnes

Hi Craig. Thanks for the message. I have posted a similar message in the suede form (I think – forum.suede.co.uk) ?, I am awaiting a response from there. Amazon claim they can only offer a refund after return of item. I have just looked at the myplaydirect official site, it is £22.00 more expensive (not including postage), I’m not happy to pay that extra for it. Anyway, thanks again.


Yes that’s the official forum, there does seem to be band/label representatives active on there who’ve replied to issues on previous releases so hopefully you’ll get some useful help. The official store price is rather high but having said that there are people already trying to sell them on at crazy prices on amazon marketplace (cd version for £150, 7″ version for £400!). Anyway, I hope you get the booklet sorted so your version is complete.


*You’re probably best*

martin barnes


My CD singles box set arrived yesterday – everything great apart from the 24 page booklet. Basically, the front cover of it is damaged. The colour (red ink) used to cover the pages is missing/smudged (in 3 areas, each about 0.5-2.5cm) showing original paper colour (white) underneath. It looks as if the ink has not been given enough time to dry before storage.

Normally, I would return it to obtain a replacement but Amazon (place of purchase) do not have any more copies & look likely not to receive any more. Also, after some searching online, it appears sold out everywhere.

What I want to ask is, does anyone know how (or someone) I could be put in contact with the manufacturers as I’m thinking this is the only way now I can still have one of these box sets and get the booklet sorted.




You’re probably trying a message through the official forum re: manufacturers. The myplaydirect official store now have copies showing in stock again (probably due to cancellations from people who switched to amazon) but then you’d have to return to amazon and reorder from there unless amazon can secure a replacement for you from the manufacturers. I’ve received mine today and there’s no issue with the booklet so you got unlucky by the sound of it.

steve h

Hi Mart

Mine arrived form Amazon today and has the same issue with the booklet. Did you get any response from anywhere about this issue?



[…] Suede / CD Singles box set video […]

Paolo Meccano

My box arrived this morning (yes, I know I grumbled about it earlier, but it’s a nice way to get all the ‘Bloodsports’ bonus tracks) and I’m pleasantly surprised: the sleeves are as accurate as the budget would presumably allow, and I actually like the Nude-style Demon labels (helps the originals to maintain their value, for one). I’m sure this set will end up being much sought after in years to come.


By the way has anyone that ordered early received their special poster yet?


I didn’t receive the signed poster either. Despite an e-mail that I’m one of the forst 250… Did anyone have the same problem?


I got word back from the seller:

We are currently experiencing technical issues with our system which is causing a delay in delivering your Suede items. However, we can confirm that you are one of the lucky customers to receive their name on the poster, which is currently with the manufacturers.

We will confirm the poster delivery date once Brett has personally signed the posters. We’re really sorry for the wait, but we are working as hard as possible to send the item to you

rare glam

I forgot to ask Paul – can you ask Demon if there’s any chance of Suede’s albums being collectively released in card sleeves in a clamshell box, a la the upcoming Beat set for instance? It seems the only format Suede haven’t exploited yet!

rare glam

I ordered my set via Amazon UK for £58 which is about £23 cheaper than MyPlay, so worth the extra week’s wait. Amazon UK have had the set on offer @£72 thereafter intermittently but with only 1000 copies made, their distributers presumably only had very limited stocks to offer and these seemed to sell out on pre-order within 24 hours each time. I think these went so quick that Amazon’s usual notification of availability emails didn’t even get sent if you signed up for one.

It looks a nice set, but would rather the labels were also reproduced as well rather than a generic label with ‘demon’ more prominent than what’s actually on the disc. That aside, I’m looking forward to this.

Tim Larkham

Looks amazing. Shame that some of the tracks are missing and that some have not been remastered at all. Although, that has not stopped me ordering it; mainly to get the eight b-sides from Bloodsports. Apparently, those who ordered direct have received theirs already. Lucky peeps!


I had the same motivation: I just bought the box set also mainly for the 2013 b-sides

Paolo Meccano

The CD box is still “currently unavailable” through Amazon UK.