SDE Presents ‘Arcadia: The Story of So Red The Rose’

Shipping from today is SDE’s Arcadia booklet in which Nick Rhodes, Carlos Alomar, Andy Mackay and Mark Egan exclusively tell the story of the album in their own words. The booklet edition features an expanded version of the interviews published on SDE last month and these are all numbered, limited and signed by SDE editor Paul Sinclair.

If you haven’t already, order your booklet or bundle below. These are exclusively available via the SDE shop and are in stock and ready to ship! Order via this link or the buttons below.


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Hi Paul. I’ve just received my Arcadia booklet today, the post is crap where I live. What an absolutely fantastic booklet. It’s brilliant, so much detail & such an interesting read. I think it’s the most interesting Nick Rhodes interview I have ever read. Back in the day, it was all very pretentious but this was very down to earth ( as much as a million pound cost & buying an apartment across the Road from your 5* Hotel can be ) and informative. Brilliant & quite possibly your best booklet yet!!


& you never read this sort of content in a Newspaper & you would never get say Mojo or Uncut doing such a comprehensive article on basically a serious Cult group. Q would not even have done something like this, they may have done a 1-2 pages & that would’ve been taking the piss a bit

That’s why SDE is so important! These things need a platform because the fans are out there!

Well done & keep things like this coming!!


These arrived today, just in time for christmas !
They look and smell great !
Thanks for supporting my favourite band Paul

Merry Christmas !

Richard Cosgrove

This was the first time I’d been tempted by one of your booklets, Paul (though as has been mentioned, booklet doesn’t come close to doing them justice!) and I just wanted to say wow! These are fantastic.

As a Duran fan it’s great to have something physical like this in the collection (in lieu of anything from the band themsleves!) and I read them both back to back as soon as they arrived.

Well done, sir, and have yourself as Merry a Christmas as we all can this year! Cheers!



Bought both. The Arcadia one is absolutely spot on… the intro page is exactly where I was when that album came out. a great read.

Saving the Liberty one for this evening.

I love the fact you sign them as well (that’s special)

Richard Cosgrove

Ordered both. Love Duran and think Liberty is much overlooked.

Merry Christmas, Paul, and keep up the great work!


After watching the vid I think you do yourself a disservice calling this a “booklet”. It’s way classier than that – Souvenir Brochure would better reflect the substantive end-product IMO.

Nathan Thomas

It’s more of a monograph than a booklet!


Ordered. Now waiting for the super deluxe re-releases to match :)
I own the Astronaut DualDisc which has a nice 5.1 mix of the album next to the hi-res stereo. If only Arcadia would come with a surround sound mix in future.


Looks great and ordered Paul! Thanks for your great work and very pleased to support your site. Cheers!

Kim Larsen

Ordered, obviously:-)

Keep up the good job, Paul!

Gary C

‘Lovely stuff. Not my words, but the words of Shakin Stevens’

Michael Fortin

Ordered the Liberty at 30 booklet. I love Duran Duran, and happy to support your site Paul. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Chubby Brown’s Swearbox

I’ve ordered this but I’m not going to watch this as I want it as a surprise. I hope I have a low number Paul as I ordered this the day it was announced. If anyone is interested, the “Liberty” book is a good read. Madness really, a good book about a crap album!


Gladly ordered and can’t wait to have it in my grubby little hands. And thank you for still shipping to the US, unlike Amazon, Zoom, HMV, etc.


all we need now are the Super Deluxe Boxsets of Arcadia and Liberty to pop them into!
(i’m holding my breath)

Christopher Merritt




…really, really want the SDE for Arcadia.


I totally agree William and Paul but putting things in its place it’s something really really hard to happen in my point of view but hope os the last to die. We can’t never say never. Is it true!!!???


If you’re thinking of ordering the booklet get it now,
before its gone.

I didn’t have the chance to order the Heaven 17 booklet,
and its been sold out forever.

Unless you have some extra copies Paul, let me know.
Or maybe reprint it.

I don’t need an autographed version.




Looks great! Ordered the bundle. Duran Duran are always interesting, through the ups and downs.

Christopher Merritt

What a great Christmas gift – the quality has been so high on all of these!


All the SDE keepsake booklets I have ordered have been superb in terms of presentation and content. I think I ordered the Arcadia one as well – I’ll have to check.


Glad I ordered this earlier. The Duran Duran booklet was fantastic and I’m sure the Arcadia booklet will be too. Can’t wait to read the rest. Great album and a much deserved SDE booklet. Happy Christmas everyone!!


Is there any way to pay for one now but not have it shipped, so that it can be combined with a later one in order to have them shipped together? Shipping to the US is very costly, and I’m sure there will be another one you produce that I will want in the future to combine shipping with.



It looks great, and I’ve just placed an order.