Take a look at SDE’s ‘Duran Duran: Liberty at 30’ booklet

Video overview of the recent ‘keepsake’ booklet

SDE’s long interview with Chris Kimsey, the producer of Duran Duran‘s 1990 album Liberty, was published recently as an SDE ‘keepsake’ booklet, and this new video gives you a chance to take a look at it and hear some background on how the interview came about.

Order a copy of Duran Duran: Liberty at 30 exclusively from the SDE shop via this link, or simply use the button below! The booklet contains a longer version of the interview that you can read on SDE, a full review of the album and a ‘Before Liberty’ feature.


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Please can you issue keepsake Blu-Rays of your reviews of your keepsake booklets please, Paul


I love my copy of this. Thank you Paul!

Paul English

This is a great read and got me back listening to the album again – first time in many years.


A 12′ vinyl reissue of Burning The Ground would be a nice thing.
Nick Rhodes and Nile Rodgers should go through the DD back catalogue. Like The Edge did with U2 and Jimmy Page has with Zeppelin. I know Giles Martin has had his critics with the Beatles remastering/remixing. But at least he is ‘one of the family’. Getting just anybody to do a remastering job doesn’t often work. So that’s why I think someone from the Duran inner circle should remaster the catalogue. But I dare say that DD don’t give a toss about their glorious legacy or how it is maintained. I also wonder if Nick would put Andy’s guitar down in the mix? (joking, of course).


We can but only hope for a book compiling all the interviews that have taken place with Prince archivist Michael Howe


Bugger :)


Not really a big surprise there.


Received mine the other day and spent time with it last night. Really well put together, both content and aesthetics. Nice job with this Paul. It would seem you’re on a roll with the McCartney one (also quite exceptional!) and now this so, what’s next? ; )


I would have loved one of these to go along with the imminent Vienna release…

Chris Squires

I would have loved one for the recent No Parlez release or maybe when they do a new expanded version.
I would love to hear from Paul, The Rev, Maz, Kim, Pino, Bolts, Laurie Latham. The notes in the 4 disc expansion you did a couple of years back whet the appetite.
Particularly the tail end of the Q-Tips as there is so little known about that period then the shift to the new set-up, how did Jool’s Millionaires migrate to the Royal Family… how things exploded in 1983 after the false start in late 1982. Loads to know. Maybe even the reasoning for the switch from female backing to male backing singers…

Chris Squires

Ahhh, jeez no…… Such sad news. I regularly try to find as many Q-tips clips as I can on YouTube, some are better than others but The Rev. was always so full of life. You can see why Paul migrated him across and wanted him around plus I think he has the co-write on Broken man (as well as a few other songs I think) but that was always one of my favourites. Don’t mean to hijack the thread but The Rev was brilliant. RIP Rev.

Larry Davis

Will order this soon…as for DD on Warners, I like em on Warner (my fave major label), and they own most of the catalogue as their Capitol stuff is now with Warners as well (Parlophone), but don’t blame the label for lack of reissues…I’m sure they would love to have DD reissue projects…it’s the band…as for the Manics mixing new albums with deluxe reissues, agree but not much left…”Know Your Enemy” & “Lifeblood” & that’s it?? I am looking forward to new albums by both DD and the Manics in 2021…speaking of the Manics, related band via Heavenly, St Etienne, are also experts in mixing new material and archival projects, along with their fun themed mixtapes/CDs/vinyls…


The 2010 remasters of DD and SATRT were truly terrible. The 2009 remaster of Rio wasn’t so bad but give them all to Mr Wilson or Scott at Rubellan I say!

I’m still listening to the original UK vinyl although I use MF pressing of SATRT to be fair.

What we need/want is a 1980-1985 complete box set of all three albums plus an album or two of B-sides and non-album singles.


I think the best Duran Duran reissues I own are the two singles boxed sets they released (in 2000 and something I believe).
The first one collects singles and b-sides up to 1985 and the second one collects singles and b-sides from ’86 to ’96.

Well worth looking out for – I suspect they are not too rare…



I have the two singles CD box sets and the 2003 first 3 album CD box set, although the mastering is still a tad loud and could be more dynamic but at least the tonal balance is reasonable. I was hoping for a vinyl box set actually to be fair.

By the way the 1986-1995 singles box set is actual pretty hard to come by.



Agreed. I would really like some decent vinyl reissues. A friend gave me a vinyl copy of Notorious which came with a bonus LP of remixes. That would be quite a nice way of reissuing their back catalog on vinyl. I’m not sure if any other albums were reissued in this way…

Chris Bennett

To my knowledge, the original UK 7” single version of ‘Rio’ has never been released on CD. The versions in the singles box were from the UK 12”. The version on ‘Greatest’ is the US 7” version.


Got mine in the mail a few days ago, beautifully packaged as always. Great read, lots of interesting stuff. Highly recommend it.


Can’t wait for mine to arrive!

As for any worthwhile rereleases / SDE’s, I think we’re going to have to wait until the band are no longer signed to Warners. They obviously aren’t bothered about reissuing what the long term fans want. I understand they want to be seen as “Current” but they can be that and embrace the past in a big hug at the same time. I’m very interested in how they intended to celebrate the 40th anniversary & what the fans will be able to buy. Maybe we have to wait for the “ Beast from the east” to go away before we see anything!


Simple Minds are also masters at alternating between the old & the new & it works really well for them. Great way to make new fans too!

Mark Porter

Duran might want to be seen as current, but doesn’t that require a new album more often than every 5 years?

Mark R

The last one they started working on in 2011! Mental really. I swear they overcook their work with too much “screwdriver work”. Also, their reissues haven’t really been given due care. The 2001 stuff was an abomination, the singles box-sets lacked good dynamics and the 2009 reissues were also cocked up. RIO was ok, but just that. I’d quite happily see Andy Taylor work on the first three albums. He knows his stuff. Sometimes I think Rhodes hasn’t a clue.


I’m torn about this:
– I really like Liberty and the booklet looks to be great quality as usual but
– It seems Chris has a real downer on the album so I’m not sure if I want to read all the negativity :-)

And I don’t have the vinyl copy of liberty which is the natural home of the keepsakes I order.

But as I said – it does look great (so I’ll probably end up biting).


Decided I couldn’t resist. Duly ordered. :-)