Watch Tears For Fears perform ‘Memories Fade’ at London’s O2 Arena

Tears For Fears took to the stage last night at London’s O2 to entertain a capacity crowd with a 90-minute hit-packed set. Watch them perform ‘Memories Fade’ from their 1983 debut The Hurting.

The setlist was as follows:

Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Secret World
Sowing the Seeds of Love
Pale Shelter
Break It Down Again
Everybody Loves a Happy Ending
Mad World
Memories Fade
Suffer the Children (with Carina Round)
Woman In Chains
Advice for the Young at Heart
Badman’s Song
Head Over Heels / Broken



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Keith Lambert

We saw TFF at the First Direct Arena in Leeds. I have to say that I was completely stunned by their performance, it was terrific. I really didn’t know what to expect from them in 2019 and as such, I went in with level expectations. Boy, am I glad that I kept my tickets from last year.

As Paul and others have said, we still wait with baited breath for the SOL reissue. I have a feeling that I may be waiting a lifetime at this rate! Seriously, what gives?!?! I just bought a mint copy of the original UK vinyl and it sounds fantastic.

Keith Lambert

That is truly excellent news Paul! I must have missed that piece of info so thank you.


Paul, you do know the definition of definitively LOL!

We’re all growing beards and grey hair while TFF sort out their internal business…


Saw the boys last night (Amsterdam). Roland and Curt both in great vocal form, Creep was added again but we also got Suffer The Children mostly sung by backing vocalist, fine performance though. No Call Me Mellow, didn’t really miss it. A rocking pitch-perfect version of Badman’s Song was for me the cherry on the cake!
Mainland Europe support act is Justin Jusso, silly choice for this audience , would have loved to see Alf rocking the stage ….

here a link to some great pictures: https://www.podiuminfo.nl/review/6418/Tears_for_Fears_-_1702_-AFAS_Live/


Fred, I’m absolutely with you. Same tracklist as in Berlin, “ELAHE” missing.

Todd R

It’s been wonderful to hear/see some of the excitement following the band’s return to the stage in the UK and mainland Europe. I know that after waiting for the show here in CLE (post a tour delay earlier that year) the excitement was palpable. We were rewarded with a rather pedestrian gaze into the TFF catalog (although the cover of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” was a surprise stunner). I loved hearing the band (twice!) during the ELAHE tour, there was so much energy – especially the new material. Of the four times I’ve seen the band, the most recent (albeit two years ago here) was, well, not the best on the list. These mentions of “love lost” between the two – I’ve never seen the two of them jabber between songs, save a last minute set change – just all work. But when the music is really happening – you can tell. I’m still holding out for more US dates here (Hall & Oates or another band for that matter would be fine!) sometime this year – and yes, looking forward to THE TIPPING POINT or whatever it becomes, and the long-coming SOL box (Can’t wait to hear the Nikki Holland demos, and whatever other gems come with it….)
After all, everybody loves a happy ending.


A fantastic performance from the Birmingham show last night. It seemed there was somewhat of a thaw in relations between Roland and Curt. Brilliant musicanship from all; Carina Round was really impressive. Alison Moyet was very enjoyable too. Top night, paying for in full today!

So stop messing around now boys = new album and SOL box set!


Will See TFF live on Saturday in Berlin, first time for 29 years (and then again in summer in Mainz). I am really lookin forward for it and hope it will be a good concert.
Unfortunately without Alison Moyet as support, instead a guy named Justin Jesso who I never heard of (and also watching some movies at the film festival Berlinale :-) ).


Oh and to give Curt’s something new to sing, they should attempt The Way You Are again, like they did live throughout 1983! (wink wink) ;)


Wow, There doesn’t seem to be any warmth on stage between those 2 and this new tour seems rather underwhelming.
While I welcome songs from The Hurting (probably my favourite album from the Curt period), I find their setlist is not very inspired (How many more times can you cover Radiohead’s Creep? – looks like they omitted it in London though). A shame too that it has to be a compromise to give Curt songs to sing. He of the voice that is little more than a whisper. Roland is still the better singer but his vocal cords don’t seem to have aged well either. Age is a terrible thing.
Would have been great to see Alison Moyet joining them for Woman in Chains for this tour. I find their female backing vocalist is not a very strong singer is doing a disservice to the songs.
Concentrating on The Hurting and Songs from the Big Chair (though where are The Working Hour, Mother’s Talk, The Hurting, Start of the Breakdown?), they deprive themselves from better songs contained on the Elemental and Raoul albums (at least they added Falling Down, although not performed either in London…). But why did they not choose to sing Stay and I Love You but I’m Lost adding some freshness and making it a bit more than just another Greatest Hits tour? Glad I didn’t buy tickets this time…


I saw them in Brighton…While it was a well played set and I enjoyed it, it was (as others have remarked) a surprisingly short set . I would’ve at least like to have seen Mothers Talk as an additional encore. The relationship between Curt and Roland definitely seemed a bit businesslike and possibly frosty.
Alison Moyet however was worth the price of admission alone…She always puts on a belter of a show! I wondered beforehand how she would would manage to condense her normal setlist, but she struck a great balance and managed to keep old, new, casual and serious fans happy alike.


Reviews like this are much appreciated when you are spending a lot of money and time to go and see them.

Going to see them, 124 miles away in Nottingham on Wednesday and as long as it is a competent set, I am not too fussed. Seen them so many times including when Oleta Adams was practically a member of the group that I don’t think they have much ‘new and better’ to offer.

I am more excited at seeing Alison Moyet, if I am honest.

[…] Watch Tears For Fears perform Memories Fade in London last Wednesday. […]

Dave H

Watching the footage, I see there were no screens at the London show. The last show where I was sat at the back of the O2 was to see Depeche Mode. Fortunately they did have screens so those of us at the rear could at least see the faces of the band on screen as well as on stage.

Was anyone else sat at the rear of arena? What did you think of the view? Just interested to hear what others think of a screen-less concert.


Great gig in Bournemouth last night. Similar set list to the Albert Hall, loved the inclusion of Suffer The Children. Badman’s Song went on and on but the band really seemed to be enjoying themselves with it.

Oddly they didn’t mention a release date for the Seeds of Love box.

Fantastic support from Alison Moyet. A very simple but effective stage set up allowing her voice to be the main focus. Really enjoyed it.


I have to say I thought the band were excellent, really tight, highlights for me (and what seemed most people in the front rows) were Woman In Chains and Badman’s Song, Carina Round was amazing. On Curt’n’Roland watch, they jammed twice together but otherwise no contact, sharing space or camaraderie! Roland did seem extraordinarily happy – the main speech referred to the fact that Curt and he didn’t need to communicate anymore due to the length of their relationship. Much sniggering in the front of room.

Alison Moyet also excellent, much Yazoo hits + Love Resurrection + All Cried Out + 4 album tracks, all excellent.


Amazing gig at Bournemouth last night, quite incredible.


I was curious to see your review of this show, Mr. Sinclair. I saw you at the show. Keep up the good work with the site!

I attended both the Brighton and London-concerts, with my sister. We came especially for this from Norway, as we have never seen them live. We did our own mini-holiday for a few days just for this.

Boy, are we glad we also got to see the London show, which was much more focused. The sound of the set is amazing. The drummer recreates the album versions perfectly. Of course there are pre-programmed parts here and there in the soundscape, but they musicians are top-notch. Roalds singing was also excellent, and Curt’s as well, even better and more punchy than he used to sing in older live recordings I have heard and seen. And how great a bass player he is! In fact, that they try to really recreate the album version is for me a huge plus. They really nail many of the intricate parts of the complex songs.

You get the Seeds of Love extragavanca with Woman In Chains, Advice for the Young at Heart and the fantastic Badman’s Song. In London they did a longer solo part, as well. What an amazing tune.

But 90 minutes is just tragically short. There are so many other songs that deserve to be in this set, like Me and My Big Ideas, Secrets, God’s Mistake, Elemental, Goodnight Song, Swords and Knives, I Love You But I Am Lost.

That being said. All the songs they did play are amazing. This is poprock art! I am very glad that at least one non-Curt-era song is played, Break It Down Again, and it is heartwarming to see Curt really give his all on this one and singing along by himself …

London was better maybe mostly due to the fact that Roland here was more cohesive with the whole thing, and probably because this was the largest venue for TFF in years and they knew the London audience is more demanding …

For the first songs in Brighton I just thought Roland was happy, but no … he was under the influence of more than happiness, and that made for a very akward experience also for Curt and the band. You could clearly see they were bewildered and embarrassed. Roland also had a very long and strange «talk» to the audience, swearing and just blabbering. In London, all of that was gone, in fact he only said «fuck» once, for what that is worth. In Brighton he even yelled before Curt was gone say «Advice» at the end of that song. Really sad. Roland also walked around like a mad(bad)man and cleary was in another state than the other musicians.

So all is not well in the land of Tears & Fears, for whatever reason … In light of Curts Twitter-messages, you could interpret the whole setup as a bit of a «let’s just do it, and get it over with». I fear last years cancellation was also a part of the whole co-operation-problems that clearly exists. I really hope they can get things sorted, and hopefully release their new studio album, and that Seeds of Love Deluxe we are all waiting for. They are magical together, despite their differences we fans for the most are blissfully unaware of.


Last year’s cancellations were due to the death of Roland’s wife in the summer.

Neil Kelly

Were they ok together on stage? I’ve heard not. Talking more with the rest of the band than each other. I really don’t hold out much hope for a new album dropping this year.

Regarding setlist i guess no one else will agree with me but they should add ‘Laid so low’ (Tears roll down)’ it’s my favourite song of theirs. Good to see ‘Memories fade’ and ‘Badman’s song’. As others have stated setlists haven’t changed much in past 15 years. How about 1 hour 45 add in ‘Laid so low’, ‘I love you but i’m lost’, a track from ‘Ready boys & girls?’ and ‘Stay’ or another track from ‘Everybody loves a happy ending’


For a band of that stature and heritage to play at O2 for only 90 mins is piss poor at those prices. I would’ve felt cheated. They should’ve done the whole of the Hurting. That way they could’ve still started with EWTRTW and finished with Shout. Add working hour, mother’s talk and love you but I’m lost and you have a proper show


Loved them in Liverpool! Alison was great too and I got her live album on CD (signed) for £15 – bargain!


The live set list is a tricky thing.

People are asking for new songs? We don’t know if they are any good, and even if they are, are you willing to lose “classic” songs for new ones? Thank you, but I’ll take the old songs that I know and love. Some will take the other side of this, but in the end, most want the “classics”.

As for this album cut over another one, that is always going to come down to preference. I love both TWH and Badman’s song. But honestly, Badman’s Song is better live. People are debating ELAHE vs Closest Thing to Heaven? I would prefer Call Me Mellow. So no easy answers.

In regards to covers, I am firmly in the NO camp. They are not needed when we are already complaining about missing TFF songs.

Actually, the easy answer to solving a lot of this is they should be playing for 2 hours. Given what they are charging for tickets, adding five more songs shouldn’t be that hard.

Narve Nico

Totally agree with you, Craig.

Steve Thorpe

The drummer’s great! Still think Brian McLeod or Manny Elias are best suited for TFF, but does anyone know who it is playing this tour? Great version of Memories Fade, just trying to get used to Roland with grey hair too! What a tough couple of years he’s been through…

Martin G

Wondering this myself. Most recent info seems to suggest the drummer is Jamie Wollam, but I don’t know anything about him, or if he is doing this tour. Can anyone help us?

Julian H

Jamie Wollam – google him…

Dan T.

Good to see at least one track off the non-Curt Smith albums. Those two (Elemental, Raoul) are my favorites… (I know, I know, I’m the oddball…).


I would love to hear “Elemental”. I know it’s a “non-Curt” song, but it is really good and the bass line is crazy in that song and Curt could have some fun with it.


I love those, my favorites too


I was also expecting I love you but I am lost and wonder why not? it would have gone down brilliantly in my opinion. Badman song fits really well live. I had a fantastic time and was nice to see Roland looking happy dancing around as he does. When is that new album coming out!


How long did they play? It doesn’t look a particularly long set list.

Going to see them in the summer at Hampton Court Palace.

Philip G

Seeing them tonight in Bournemouth – can’t wait.

I’ll be the one shouting “when’s The Seeds Of Love box set out?!” between songs… :)

Chris Squires

Ha, brilliant. About 2,000 of us here right behind that sentiment


They always sound good! Love the additional beats to “Memories Fade” but wish TFF would drop any hint of a cover during their live performances (the Kanye beginning of this included!)… glad they’ve dropped finally “Creep”! Here’s hoping the other pint song, “Billie Jean” doesn’t come creeping back in. Nice to hear “Suffer The Children” live.
I am disappointed that the two new “Rule The World” tunes didn’t make the set.
Their set list hasn’t varied much in the past ten years.
Alison Moyet is an excellent choice for an opener!
Hope you enjoyed the gig!


I was there last night with seats not as good as yours but still had an amazing evening. Both acts surpassed my expectations and the crowd was great. I loved the set but was hoping they’d had time to rehearse and fit in “I love you but I’m lost” as I think it’s one of the best things they’ve done in years

Michael E.

I’m going to see them in July. Hopefully some new songs on the setlist by then….


I am looking forward to seeing them in Leeds on Saturday night. Last time I saw them was on the Seeds Of Love tour back in 1990 at the Manchester Apollo and they were excellent then as I recall. Massive bonus of having Alison Moyet on as the support and I have been following the excellent rave reviews for her since they started last week. It’s a shame they won’t get her on stage to help sing Woman In Chains – that would be amazing!
I notice they have dropped the ‘Creep’ cover in favour of Suffer The Children. I am on the fence with this – I personally would like to hear the cover version in Leeds as it is a wonderful song.


Really surprised not to see them performing I Love You But I’m Lost, great song, other than that, looks like a great set.


I think Working Hour and Mothers talk would be great additions to the set as well as the longer version of Broken. I think Badman’s Song went on a bit to long when I saw them in Brighton; a lot of people sat down on the balcony and went for a pee


I hope you mean “sat down on the balcony or went for a pee”?


I agree that removing these with Advice and adding working hour, I love you but I’m lost and mothers talk would have made a much better set.

I was disappointed the setlist was the same as the Radio 2 show they did last year. It seems they have found a setlist they like and have been playing it for about 5 years. Hope the new album comes out soon.


À new album can justify the end…

Rare Glam

Still no whisper on a Seeds of Love CD box set though?


À new album can justify the end !

Dave H

I saw them in Liverpool on Saturday night. An enjoyable night and a good choice to have Alison Moyet as support as a lot of people arrived early to watch her perform as well.

It looks like they dropped their cover of Radiohead’s Creep for Suffer The Children, as much as it isn’t a bad cover version, I would have preferred hearing them do Suffer or The Hurting.


It must be tough to decide on a set list for any band when they have such a brilliant back catalogue. I guess it comes down to what is doable live vs. what will go over with the audience. For hardcore fans they could play just about anything and win so this playlist covering the majority of their albums will go down well.


Seems a bit of a weird set list – I’d take The Working Hour over Badman’s Song any day of the week. I’m not saying I don’t like the song – I do – but it’s not iconic in the way TWH is and they had been performing that live. Also Happy ending over Closest Thing to Heaven seems a bit meh. The fact that they don’t want to play any new material at all seems strange- they’ve spent that long working on it – doesn’t bode well.

Ian Hickd

Badmans Song sounds so good live and they really seem to enjoy playing it…. I’d take Working Hour as well though!


Would that not require a saxophonist?