Unboxing: Shakespears Sister’s ‘Our History’

Out today is Our History, London Record’s boxed celebration of Shakespears Sister. SDEtv lifts the lid and has a close look at the contents. Watch the video…

Our History is out now and is exclusive to the official store. They are shipping with a bonus ‘I Can Drive’ CD single.

Sacred Heart Vinyl LP

A1 Heroine
A2 Run Silent, Run Deep
A3 Dirty Mind
A4 Sacred Heart
A5 Heaven Is in Your Arms
A6 Twist the Knife

B1 You’re History
B2 Break My Heart
B3 Red Rocket
B4 Electric Moon
B5 Primitive Love
B6 You Made Me Come to This

Sacred Heart 3CD set

1 Heroine
2 Run Silent, Run Deep
3 Dirty Mind
4 Sacred Heart
5 Heaven Is in Your Arms
6 Twist the Knife
7 You’re History
8 Break My Heart
9 Red Rocket
10 Electric Moon
11 Primitive Love
12 Could You Be Loved
13 You Made Me Come to This

Bonus tracks:
14 Pretty Boy
15 Mr Wrong
16 Run Silent [Restructured]
17 Dirty Mind [1990 Version]
18 A Piece of Heaven [Demo]
19 Heroine [Live in Leningrad]
20 Dirty Mind [Live in Leningrad]

1 Break My Heart [Extended Version]
2 Heroine [Extended Version]
3 You’re History [Maximized Version]
4 Run Silent [The Run Deep Mix]
5 Dirty Mind [Extended 1990 Version]
6 You Made Me Come to This [Extended Version]
7 Break My Heart [Shep Pettibone House Mix]
8 Heroine [Heavenly Remix]
9 You’re History [Voodoo Remix]
10 Run Silent [Revolution Remix]
11 Dirty Mind [E-Zee Remix]
12 Break My Heart [Yesterday, Today Mix]

1 Dirty Mind [Original Mix]
2 Sacred Heart [Original Mix]
3 Heaven Is in Your Arms [Original Mix]
4 You’re History [Original Mix]
5 Red Rocket [Original Mix]
6 Primitive Love [Original Version]
7 Could You Be Loved [Full-Length Version]
8 Break My Heart [Copa Mix]
9 Dirty Mind [1990 Handbag le Palais Mix]
10 Run Silent [Revolution Dub]
11 Break My Heart [Acidic Mix]
12 Dirty Mind [1990 Roughed Up]
13 Break My Heart [Break My Dub]
14 You’re History [Instrumental]
15 Run Silent [Instrumental]
16 Break My Heart [Shep Pettibone Dub]

Hormonally Yours vinyl LP

A1 Goodbye Cruel World
A2 I Don’t Care
A3 My 16th Apology
A4 Are We in Love Yet
A5 Emotional Thing
A6 Stay

B1 Black Sky
B2 The Trouble with Andre
B3 Moonchild
B4 Catwoman
B5 Let Me Entertain You
B6 Hello (Turn Your Radio On)

Hormonally Yours 3CD set

1 Goodbye Cruel World
2 I Don’t Care
3 My 16th Apology
4 Are We in Love Yet
5 Emotional Thing
6 Stay
7 Black Sky
8 The Trouble with Andre
9 Moonchild
10 Catwoman
11 Let Me Entertain You
12 Hello (Turn Your Radio On)

Bonus tracks:
13 Remember My Name
14 Out to Groove [Demo]
15 Are We in Love Yet [Remix]
16 Cat Worship
17 Stay [Radio Mix]
18 I Don’t Care [7” Remix]
19 Goodbye Cruel World [1992 Remix]
20 Hello (Turn Your Radio On) [7” Version]

1 Stay [Acoustic Version]
2 I Don’t Care [Henley Board Mix]
3 Goodbye Cruel World [1992 Alternative Remix]
4 Hello (Turn Your Radio On) [Alternative Piano Mix]
5 Black Sky [Unsegued Version]
6 The Trouble with Andre [Unsegued Version]
7 Are We in Love Yet [Abbey Road Mix]
8 Let Me Entertain You [Full-Length Version]
9 Emotional Thing [Luke Mornay Emotional Mix]
10 Black Sky [The Black Widow Mix]
11 Goodbye Cruel World [BTO Remix]
12 Stay [Andre Betts 12” Remix]
13 The Trouble with Andre [Chris Thomas Remix]
14 Black Sky [Dub Extravaganza Part One]
15 Black Sky [Dub Extravaganza Part Two]

BBC Session, 1992:

1 Are We in Love Yet
2 I Don’t Care
3 Catwoman

Live at the Town & Country Club, 1992:

4 Heroine
5 Dirty Mind
6 Are We in Love Yet
7 Red Rocket
8 My 16th Apology
9 I Don’t Care
10 Black Sky
11 Stay
12 You’re History
13 Goodbye Cruel World
14 Catwoman
15 Hello (Turn Your Radio On)
16 Hot Love

Ride Again 12-inch EP

1 Time to Say Goodbye
2 When She Finds You [Single Mix]
3 C U Next Tuesday [Perfect Mix]
4 Dangerous Game
5 All the Queen’s Horses [Video Mix]

You Made Me Come To This 10-inch EP

A You Made Me Come to This
B You Made Me Come to This [HMD Pulsatron Mix]

DVD Shakespears Sister Ride Again: Live in Brighton, 2019

1 Intro
2 Goodbye Cruel World
3 Heroine
4 Dangerous Game
5 Dirty Mind
6 My 16th Apology
7 Heaven Is in Your Arms
8 The Trouble with Andre
9 Emotional Thing
10 C U Next Tuesday
11 Time to Say Goodbye
12 All the Queen’s Horses
13 When She Finds You
14 Black Sky
15 Stay
16 Are We in Love Yet
17 I Don’t Care
18 You’re History


19 Catwoman
20 Hello (Turn Your Radio On)

+ The Visions of Shakespears Sister: Videos

21 Break My Heart
22 Heroine
23 You’re History
24 Run Silent
25 Dirty Mind
26 Goodbye Cruel World
27 Stay
28 I Don’t Care
29 Hello (Turn Your Radio On)
30 My 16th Apology
31 I Can Drive
32 All the Queen’s Horses
33 When She Finds You
34 The Russian Film: featuring Dirty Mind and Heroine live in Leningrad, 1988
35 Catwoman [Live]


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I’ll stick to my CD/DVD best of

Sean Patrick Crane

Thank you for thr video, Paul! It is VERY helpful to learn that the DVD for the Shakespears Sister set is Region Free NTSC. All the best, Seán Patrick Crane, Enfield, Connecicut 06082 U.S.A.

James Giraffe

It’s lovely, but I struggled to get the booklet out of the Hormonally Yours CD and ended up accidentally ripping the packaging! :’-(

Oh well, worse things have happened at sea!


Oh well, I think they forgot or left out another remix: Goodbye Cruel World (Bio Remix) by Steve Anderson is also not available in this box set.

James Giraffe

Yes it is. It’s on CD 2. It’s the BTO mix, not Bio mix.


Oh, you’re right… Thank you!

Larry Davis

Just looked and copies are still available!! I think my first purchase of 2021 will be this set, whether I get the 9-track ‘I Can Drive’ CD maxi/EP or not…funny it was in my dream last night, strange…the original ‘Sacred Heart’ was one of my first CDs I ever bought, back when I was in college, senior year 1989…I am excited my copy of the new Mylene Farmer 3CD box/book ‘Histoire de…’ arrived today, can’t wait to get home & check it out!!


Ha… They forgot (or left out) one Mix and I found it… Ha ha ha……..
But beside that: The Boxset is delicious and it’s a pleasure to hear the 2nd album on vinyl remastered. Lovely!
Oh: The Mix they left out is “Break My Heart (Instrumental)” mixed by Danny Tenaglia from the US 12”.


It’s also missing the “Break My Heart” Radio Mix from the US promo cd single (Danny Tenaglia also mixed this).


Best part of the review (had me laughing out loud): Paul at 1:52 in regards to the lack of numbering on the bonus CD single – “Who cares? It doesn’t really matter.” Looks like a nice box. I can’t say I’m a big fan and I am not into vinyl, but thanks for another great unboxing video. Happy Christmas to you and your family.


Now that I have examined the contents my box set as issues…first there is a white smudge all over the front of the box and the back. The plastic cover on Sacred Hearts LP was ripped several places and the vinyl is wrapped and skips. The second side of the “Hormonally Yours” LP has scratches from track 2 thru 6 which affect play. The other two LP’s have no issues, neither due the CD’s and DVD. The remastering sounds fantastic.


Thanks for the message about the single being outside the box. I was just about to send an email about mine missing!


I received mine here in the US (special delivery Sunday). Mine did come with the CD Single although it is a CDR (the other CD’s are in fact real CD’s.). The CD single isn’t inside the box, it is separate. At first I thought I hadn’t gotten it but I noticed it was stuck inside the cardboard box after I removed the actual boxset.

Jonathan Riley

did yours come with the box marked fragile and the blue edge bumpers all around the box. I also noticed what you meant about the cd single. My copy was on top of the box set. I would have guessed it would have been a 2 track album, not a 9 track which was surprising. I haven’t opened the set yet but I don’t notice any white smudges on it. All in all just by seeing it in the plastic wrap, i must say it looks very nice and was shocked it came on Sunday. Now I am just waiting for 2 other box sets. The mansun and the porcupine tree set and then whenever the tom jones and the fine young cannibals ship out


Jonathan yea it was packaged very well indeed. The CD single was actually down at the bottom on the other side of one of the blue styrofoam mailers. I was able to get most of the white smudges off. All in all it’s a great package just a shame about the two vinyl.


Im in California & yes I had to Pull up to those Bumpers baby, which was a nice touch of protection. Received on Sunday, Miracle! No CD Single. Waaah! Mine has a minor mark on the cover of the box that may be able to be coaxed away.


Received my boxset including the I Can Drive cd single (which has a whopping 9 tracks on it!! Fantastic!).

I have to say that I don’t think this could have been bettered and I think £120 is an absolute bargain. I would have preferred more material on the vinyl format, but just having everything in one box like this is simply brilliant. The hardcover book has plenty of text and lyrics in it, and the CDs are not CD-Rs at all! The DVD is superb quality, and as Siobhan very accurately put it, this is a labour of love – and it really feels like that.

I genuinely feel sorry for people who only want to focus on any negative they can possibly think of, and I have to say it really is so wearisome to hear complaints about the vinyl format. Music shouldn’t be a battleground of format-bashing. Celebrate the art and the creativity and respect everyone’s personal choices as to how they want to listen to it. We longterm fans are more than happy to support these brilliant artists, especially when the put so much effort into products like this, and eagerly await more material from them in the near future. Can’t wait for the Zoom party on Tuesday. I’ll be raising a glass or two to these wonderful ladies and wishing them a bright and safe future!


“I have to say it really is so wearisome to hear complaints about the vinyl format. Music shouldn’t be a battleground of format-bashing. Celebrate the art and the creativity and respect everyone’s personal choices as to how they want to listen to it.”

I have no problem with someone buying Vinyl if they prefer it. I am objecting to being forced to buy it when I clearly do not want it, just because the parts that I do want are not available separately.
If there were a Vinyl / DVD set of and CD / DVD set of this, no one would have complained (I believe), it’s the forced bundling that does not sit will with a lot of people.



Jonathan Riley

you only get the I can drive Cd Single, if it’s listed in your order email
Mine shows it when I ordered it



Are these CDRs?



Ordered my copy when it was first announced on here…can’t wait to get it!!!

Darren Howard

Got mine yesterday and just watching the DVD. Concert footage is pin sharp and sounds great and is very well edited. The music videos are really good transfers too. It’s a gorgeous box set. I’ll never play the vinyl but as a whole I love it. I do think for £120 the art print could have been signed but that’s my only moan.


Mines arrived and the I can drive cd single is missing. Also hate the cardboard covers for the cd albums. Sacred heart has already torn while I tried to remove the cd stuffed inside. For £120+ I expect better

Dan H

Mine is missing too even though the email I received stated I was to receive it. I’ve contacted the store, hopefully they’ll be sending these separately


Do I really need this in full ? I´ve come to the end – no ! More than 50% of this content has no value for me, that is the main problem for multi-format boxsets, I do not need vinyl, blu-ray, dvd, gimmicks, live concerts, etc. I prefer Remix Versions, alternate versions, demos, unreleased material. So I am still happy with the 2 CD Best of from 2019. Although the bonus CD Single is fine and a nice extra. Just my thoughts. Happy Christmas, Paul and all SDE workers and readers, mike from germany.


It’s nice I have to say, mine came yesterday. CDs look to be CDRs though on first glance, even the 2CD sets that will be widely available.


Received my box today, the I Can’t Drive CD is a CD-R. The others are real CDs.


Shame it’s split across Vinyl and CD. Would have loved the CDs and DVD, but as l don’t do vinyl it’s a no from me. Pity.


Thank you Paul. Box with the music but also lots of superfluous things. Patch. Art prints. Book of photo’s with no text. 10′ record. It would been better just a simple box with the 2 albums on CD & the bonus material with a booklet. Then release the albums on vinyl separately.

I bought the of Banarama reissues through Demon of the 6 albums. And while I would have preferred the band’s involvement & different mixes or them done as a box set as well. They were ok.


Mine arrived today, and I excitedly opened it…to find that the “I Can Drive” single wasn’t included. Was that exclusive to only the first X number of orders, or did mine just get left out for some reason? Messaged Townsend, and hoping to hear back from them soon, but their customer service interface is not overly user-friendly.

Anyone else have issues with this?


Yeah the I Can Drive single was only included for the first so many orders, as was the Zoom session with Siobhan and Marcy. I thought it an interesting inclusion since b side Suddenly isn’t so complimentary about Marcy.


Technically it wasn’t part of the box. It was released by London Records so it had to be there to complete the single.


I contacted Townsend about the missing single, and they apologized for it being left out. They shipped it out to me yesterday, so I should have a “complete” set soon.

So, do we get a box of the non-London years next? Something like “A Herstory” since it was the Siobhan solo years? I realize it’s unlikely, but I’d love to have a second volume that covers that era, especially if it included CDs of the fanclub-only/download-only demo albums.

Haven’t had a chance to listen to everything yet, but what I have heard (on the CDs, since I’ll probably never even open the vinyl) sounds incredible. I’m impressed by the remastering. Hormonally Yours, especially, sounds like it could have been a new release last week.

Regan Judson

Great video! I was pleasantly surprised when my set arrived from the bands store in the UK on my doorstep in New York today! Quite an achievement with all of the issues going on with international shipping.

John 79

I really enjoyed the unboxing video Paul, thanks for sharing that,
I have ordered the boxset, again like many people I’m not sure about having so much vinyl in the set but I wieghed everything up and decided to go for it,I will probably sell the vinyl to recoup some of the money back….

Dan H

My box set arrived today. Overall, i’m happy with it. It’s beautifully designed with great content, however….. my box set did not come with the I Can Drive CD single as the email stated it would. My bad luck or has anyone else encountered this?

Larry David

I would buy this only for the deluxe CDs of the two original albums but it’s too expensive…It’s really not cool they are not available separately.

Tom M

The deluxe CDs of the two original albums will be available later on, but only in 2 CD versions.

Larry David

Thank you for the answer. Very good news!!


Somehow it’s already been delivered to me in the states..just got a delivery alert.
Cannot wait to leave work and get home to it! Does anyone know if the DVD is region free? I have asked this question here and elsewhere and have not had a reply. Hopefully now that they are being delivered someone will be able to advise…if not, another two hours to go before I can find out for myself. Thanks!!

Sean Patrick Crane

I have the very same question, David! My decision to pruchase this set is verye much contigent on the DVD being region free, as I live in the U.S.. Hopefully, we can get an answer. Thank you for asking!

Larry Davis

This set looks great, but expenses prevented me from purchasing earlier…now the I Can Drive CDs are gone…I do wonder if having that is that big of a deal, I’ll just rebuy the “3” CD again…I’ll look for deals in January or later…

andrew r

Leaving myself open to flaming but…. does this band really justify a box set? One big selling lp a massive hit single , but no real legacy , it seems that any career requires a box set now . Haircut 100 anybody , the glitter band , black lace , paper lace .. yazz . Must be getting old I think .


The fact that it has almost sold out seems to provide the answer…

There are many bands I would buy a boxed set of that only had one or two albums and at most one or two major hits. The opposite is also true, there are many boxed sets by big selling artists I am not interested in. It’s not about how many copies they sold back in the days, it’s about how much I like their music.
Albums sold only influences the chances of such a boxed set being released.

John Archbell

Only 72 copies left!! Wow, this is selling really well.

Looking forward to receiving my copy.


Mine arrived today, in the US. Very fast delivery and well packaged. Set looks beautiful, but all the Vinyl is a waste for me…

Antony Elia

Never even knew this was being released, this site is costing me a small fortune, cheers Paul

Nick M.

I’m one of the lucky fans in America that pre-ordered this SS box set. I’m looking forward to its arrival and THANK YOU for this unboxing preview! That said, it seems Marcella Detroit had minimal involvement (comments in the book by Siobhan only, the inclusion of the third unreleased album “I Can Drive” made without Marcy), and it leaves a bittersweet notion of why/how they broke-up in 1992. As a fan from the beginning, and former DJ, I have 99% of this set’s content already. A lot of this material I bought on multiple formats (cassette, vinyl, then CD, and bootlegs) over the years. I’m already prepared for disappointment over the fact that the DVD is not NTSC for play in Region 1. BUT… the fact that such a cumulative box set is curated and released in 2020 is an amazing feat in itself. I’m very grateful Fahey and Detroit buried their differences to reunite for an E.P., released yet another “Greatest Hits” collection, and played to European concert audiences (especially before COVID hit). I sincerely hope that the future holds more music to add to their History!

David J

In fact, it’s Region 0 NTSC, according to the back.

Sean Patrick Crane

Good stuff, David! Thank you for posting!

paul Wren

Another very informative video. A small observation: When turning the pages near to the spine as you do, the end result is finger creasing of said pages which is noticeable on glossy, thinish paper – carefully turn the page from the outside edge to keep it looking as new as possible:)


I’m a big fan but shipping was $50 alone to the west coast of the U.S. I went wild with the Amazon.de Beatles sets, so I’m going to wait until the New Year & see if they offer any leftovers through Amazon or drop the price. DHL express delivery sounds good, but for $50 I could get the last two Hojo 4 CD sets…!

Happy Holidays to you all! May #LIBERTY get a remix and #SoRedTheRosesuperdeluxe become a possibility in 2021!!! Thanks for the unboxing, Paul…

Derek Langsford

Never really took to Shakespear(‘)s Sister through lack of exposure to their music. So if I were curious this would be a perfect way to get most of their material. But as Paul says, it sparks controversy because of the “balance” between vinyl, CD and DVD in the set. I might have gone for a 4 CD+DVD or even a 7 CD+DVD, but as I don’t do vinyl, 4 vinyl +7 CD + DVD is a big fat NO, along with the Muse box, and the Rush Super Deluxe Editions with Blu-ray 5.1 mixes buried inside. This is definitely something for the big versus causal fan with only 1000 copies. And if I were a big fan the media mix would still make it difficult to justify.

As we see all combinations of CD, DVD. Blu-ray, Vinyl released, is there any data to say which approach to physical music works better for the labels? Or is it artist or label dependent? I would have to assume so as that is what we see and I assume the labels are looking after their bottom line above everything else.

Paul English

Looks great – just one quibble – nothing written on the spine so looks bare on a shelf. Or have I read it incorrectly?


It does look a lovely set, thanks for the unboxing video Paul and brilliant execution for those hardcore cognescenti. It’s a shame but I cant bring myself to part with £120 for the Sacred Heart disc 3, which is all I would miss by not buying the box. Interesting though that the Pettibone Dub of Break My Heart had already been on the 2CD 2019 Singles compilation so perhaps the exclusive material over time may be used.


Just had a look on their website, it says that it’s limited to 1000 units worldwide.
I agree with ‘tom m hans’ above, but if you’re a fan you’d best get in there quick!
Even with the vinyl, it looks like good value.


Paul, Thanks for taking the time to do that thorough video…anxiously awaiting for my boxset delivery in America. Love your site!!!


The box arrived in New York City today, FRI 12/11/2020.


Paul, thanks as always for the informative video.

My set is winging its way towards me as I write this. This looks exactly as I expected it to be, namely some very much wanted content together with a whole load of stuff I don’t need.

Those obi bands round the CDs look destined to be consigned to the waste bin at some point? lol

I don’t have much of a soapbox to complain on, since I bought the thing fully aware of what I was getting, but it still feels galling to receive all the vinyl I don’t need and not to have been given a choice.

But, I was a willing shill, so that’s that. At least I can look forward to the CD and DVD content.

Perhaps I should mention that the CD single not being numbered resulted in the store offering a 10% discount on future purchases. Whoop de doo, can’t imagine the next time I’ll be buying stuff there.

Anyhow, it was good to see what I’ll be getting and I always enjoy your unboxing videos and other content, so please keep it coming!! And stay safe, you and everyone else. Thanks again, and have as good a Christmas as you can manage in these times, and let’s hope that next year (the Year of the Ox in Chinese zodiac terms) works out a hell of a lot better than 2020 did!!!

Looking forward to your future work!! All the best


Your unboxing video clips are surprisingly good.These deluxe boxes are usually so well sealed you usually never get the chance to see inside without first buying one.So thanks again for letting us all see inside.

tom m hans

If I only would be fan – this looks nice. Thank you, Paul!