10 Great French Deals

€10 discount today and tomorrow

For two days only (27 and 28 April) Amazon France are offering €10 off a spend of €50 or more. The code to use is FRENCHDAYS10 and as usual, with some careful selections, this creates some good buying opportunities when it comes to physical music, reissues and box sets (although the deal isn’t just limited to music). SDE makes some suggestions…

All prices are show AFTER discount and are correct at the time of writing.

Pink Floyd / Pulse 4LP vinyl box + book – €95 (or £83)

Fresh Cream / 6 LP vinyl box  – €40 (or £35)

Black Sabbath / Supersonic Years: The Seventies Singles €42.80 (or £38)

The first three Eurythmics vinyl reissues  – €46.99 (or £41)

In The Garden, Touch and Sweet Dreams are half-speed mastered and come with hi-res download cards.

U2  / Pop & All That You Can’t Leave Behind (vinyl bundle) – €42.99 (or £38)

Links to: Pop (2LP gatefold)  All That You Can’t Leave Behind

David Bowie / ‘Berlin Trilogy’ remastered vinyl  – €49.97 (or £44)

Low, Heroes and Lodger are pretty much essential for any self respecting record collection!

Lloyd Cole / In New York: Collected Recordings ’88-96 €44 (or £39)

Superb 6CD set which includes four solo albums, an unreleased album and a disc of demos and rarities.

Paul McCartney four vinyl reissues – €79.11 (or £69)

Black vinyl bundle pre-order: Thrillington, Wings Greatest, Chaos and Creation in the Backyard, and New

The Verve / Urban Hymns super deluxe 5CD+DVD – €53 (or £46)

Bob Dylan / Bootleg Series Vol 13: Trouble No More 4LP + 2CD set – €58 (or £50)

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Lloyd Cole’s box set bought just before dead line !
Thanks Paul.
Only 43 euros…
So happy.

Martin Power

Grabbed the Eurythmics set decent bagain

Paul Wren

Yes, just ordered vinyl LP’s x 4 great value.


Saxon – The Vinyl Hoard – 8 LP Live Box……55,99 Euro

David Carter

Thanks Paul

Managed to pick up

U2 – All that you cant leave behind
DJ Shadow – Endtroducing
Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

For the bargaintastic £42.97

Christopher Reichardt

Stay away. Stay far away from Amazon France, regardless of how low some other their prices are for LPs and CDs. I’m out $300. CDN because of them.

I purchased the Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – Deluxe Edition box set in 2017. It arrived defective with several corners of the slip case and box dented. I didn’t want the hassle of having to try and ship a box set from Canada back to France. So I gifted the box to a family member. Then I ordered it again from Amazon France. The 2nd box also arrived defective. The dents were worse than the first. I contacted them from their orders page for a repalcement. About a month later a replacement box arrived in mint condition.

I then contacted Amazon France through live chat. The agent gave me the address to ship the box back to. (They give you about a month to return the defective item.) It cost me $150. CDN to ship the box to France. After a couple of weeks, I began checking my credit card to see if the now $300 had been credited back to me. It had not. After about 5 weeks, our regular Canada Post letter carrier came to our door one morning. He gave me back the box I had sent to France. The address was crossed out in pen. There was no explanation as to why the box was returned. The letter carrier said it was very odd that there was no explanation.

I then spent several months trying to contact Amazon France by E-mail. They’ve never responded. I gave up. I’m now out $300 CDN.

Chris Squires

Whilst not decrying your experience I have not had any issues with ANY overseas amazon, I may have been lucky. This includes US, FR, DE and ES
I can think of about, ooh, 6 or 7 items (maybe a few more) that have arrived damaged, open or wrong and in almost every single case, with a bit of effort on my part I have received one of a) a full refund and told I could keep the item, b) a replacement item and told I could keep the original opened or damaged item or c) a substantial discount between 35 and 50%.

The only things I had to send back were the Beatles in Stereo box set and Ten Year War and as they are massive, expensive items I can’t blame them. Also if the item is damaged or defective they NEVER ask you to pay return postage, yes if you have changed your mind but not for damage.

First rule….never start with an email. I have never had any joy from an initial email response. It’s always “We value you as a customer”. If you can, always call and speak to someone and second best do it by chat (From the UK you can’t phone the US, it has to be by chat). Think of it as a flow chart…Did you get what you want? If yes then go to xxx, if no then go to xxxx.

I usually get something close to what I want from a phone call, if not, and you get a determined representative (this has only happened on a couple of occasions) then follow up immediately with an email saying why you are unhappy, always be polite, always make a note of the rep’s name and use it when you are talking to them. The response to this follow-upemail will usually give you what you want.

Tell a lie, there is only one time when I did NOT get anything when I knew others did and that was when I had ordered Roxy Music from am.us for $76 and the next day it dropped to $61 for a short time and I asked for the difference. some people here reported they got it. I and a few others did not.

As stated only twice have I been asked to return an item overseas, if it is damaged at worst they will make you photograph it and upload the image and usually they will take your word.

So people’s pre-standing negative disposition to amazon aside and yes things do go wrong (damage and wrong items etc.) I have found them to be quite generous if you are calm, factual and persistent. Call first, chat second and email last.

Reading your post the main error was not challenging the damaged delivery of the first box, experience tells me if you had they would either have refunded you in full or given you a decent percentage without the need for return. The phrase “didn’t want the hassle” will usually lead to disappointment. and as yet after 30 odd emails I have never had one unanswered…..


I sympathize, I recently had a case where I ordered a box set, and was instead mailed ONE DISC from the set. I asked for another copy to be mailed out, and received the SAME DISC again.

On contacting Amazon they refunded my money, and said don’t bother to the discs back. 30 days later, you guessed it, they billed me again. I did finally get it sorted, but it was work.

Still, that said, I wonder if you’re expecting too much of the likes of Amazon. I mean, a bent corner? You’re shipping something from France to Canada. It’s a long way on a plane, with multiple carriers. I’d say a bent corner is inevitable. If it’s just a bent corner, I’d not have sent it back or asked for a replacement.

Actually, this very week I received Vangeli’s El-Greco box set – an absolute monster of a box weight wise – and it had two bent corners. But all in all, it the mail service…..


Had 5 deluxe edition box sets damaged to send back when Amazon.de had this great deal BUY 3 PAY FOR 2 last december…
3 arrived without blister and not new and all were damaged with heavy bumps because they were not protected enough !
But at the end within several weeks i had replacements OK and total shipping return refunded.
The guys working at the customer care in Germany were awesome.


I hope you bought it on your credit card which should have “protection”.
Get in touch with them and tell them what happened.
See if they will claim the money back.

Justin Isbell

Just spotted a “Sly and the Family Stone” 5 CD boxset (first 5 albums) for €7. Just need to find another €43 worth of CD’s to buy.


Cheers for the tip.

Elvis Presley that’s the way it is deluxe is at a good price at the moment minus €10 makes £54



Anyone know if you can only use the code once?
The new Springsteen Vol 2 vinyl box set is €155 including shipping to Ireland which is way cheaper then I’ve seen elsewhere.


It is.

Friso Pas

Thx for that Paul. Bought the 5LP Dinah Washington boxset for just a little under 69 Eu.

John Orr

Yep, ordered the Cream vinyl box set, came in at £41 odd. Always found Amazon fr to be the best so far, and cheapest. Their 9.99 euro vinyl deal was excellent, even with postage inc. Bought loads of records from them recently. Why pay between £18 to £30 for a vinyl/double vinyl from say, Sainsbury’s, when you can get them half price brand new and sealed? It’s a no brainier when these deals come up. Never had a problem so far, their customer service is top notch too. Cheers Paul!

Russell Sinclair-Day

I keep getting the following when trying to use this code: The promotional code you entered may not be applied to your purchase.


Needs to be Amazon-supplied products so it may be that you were trying for 3rd party ones?

A couple of tips re products to consider.

Holger Czukay “Cinema” CD anthology and The Cure “Mixed Up” deluxe CD are both cheapest I’ve found so far on Amazon.Fr even before you add in the €10 discount.

Paul Wren

The Cream box set is the deal of the day as this is almost half price for what you will have to pay for it elsewhere.


Just ordered 7lps with postage to Australia = 73 euros. thanks Paul..


Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath-Supersonic Years (Singles Box)

Paul Spurgeon

If you go for the bowie trilogy i’d recommend you also add Heathen as its only 10 euros



Thanks for the heads-up, Paul.

Good timing to use it for the vinyl sale they have with many at €10.


Cream €50,53?

Paul Spurgeon

You haven’t used the code


Yep, thanks. It works!

Paul Spurgeon

Pulled the trigger on that 6LP Cream Box Set – £41.46 delivered to UK is a bargain!

Thanks again Paul


There’s an article in The Grauniad today about the demise of CD.
A lot of the comments are quite encouraging, being that they disparage the author’s stance, which is fairly uninformed and technically and historically dubious.



Thanks for the link to guardian article – all I can say is long live physical formats, something you can own & sell or donate / gift.


There’s a comment in that thread that reflects your sentiment. In essence “Write X amount of words denigrating Y and you’ll get Q amount of money”.
It’s great to know that people are still tactile, but what strikes me the most in some of the comments is the lack of trust in the commenters’ own ear-sense as opposed to their preconceptions about technology.
One guy swears that ripping a CD and streaming it from a hard disk is a superior listening experience to just listening to the CD. That’s possible, but it demonstrably has nothing to do with the CD, he just believes that, so CD is the problem.
It reminded me of the bloke who tried to convince me his amp sounded better if he reversed the power supply poles by turning a 2 pin plug 180 degrees in the socket.
Rectification, anyone ?
I spose we’re all victims of what we want to believe.

Stan Butler

“uninformed and technically and historically dubious”.
You could say that about every Guardian article.

Chris Squires

Thanks for that CAB.

It’s something I notice now in journalism that I didn’t before.

How journalists, rather than just reporting the news with facts, seem to be incapable of reporting without their own bias and spin shining through. Left or right, old or young.

—-I have had a bad time with CDs, I don’t use them or like them so let’s do an article rubbishing them. I genuinely think it’s the modern internet age making people think how they see things is exactly how everybody else should see things with no room for other thought.—Groupthink— ’twas ever thus I suppose.

Love him or hate him Ricky Gervais hits the nail squarely on that head in his latest stand-up on Netflix. “It’s my own personal internet”

Peter Anderson

Thanks for the heads up Paul. After adding postage, Pink Floyd Pulse vinyl comes in at around £89 which is slightly more than the best pre-order price on Amazon UK so still a good deal if you missed the latter.


95€ is still too much for Pink Floyd.
But thanks Paul!

Tim Ricketts

Cheers Paul
I went for the new Deutsche Gramophon Complete Debussy box set (22cd + 2 dvd!) reviewed here (€48)

plus the new Florent Pagny (Yes, I’m a bit of a Francophile)