Deal alert / Bananarama 33CD box

The forthcoming Bananarama In A Bunch: The Singles 1981-1993 has dropped in price by £20 on Amazon UK.

The 33CD box set is down to £98, meaning Amazon is now about the same price as the Demon Music Store (£2 cheaper, in fact). It’s actually much better than that if you are pre-ordering this outside the EU, since the VAT will be deducted and this box will cost you about £82 plus shipping. That’s less than £2.50 a disc.

It’s worth noting that if you’ve already pre-ordered from Amazon you will get the lower price, due to their price guarantee. You can read more detail about this box set here.

This box is due for release on 31 July 2015. SDE expects to have the full track listing at some point next week.

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I’ve been told by a friend that they re-did Nathan Jones CD! I wrote them about the corrected CD without the glitch. They sent me the replacement CD. I’ve got it in about 7 days (UK>NL).


There’s a jump on Nathan Jones CD-14 @ 1:15! They talked about this on the PWL forum. Some said this 12″ Mix (without the jump) is also on The Twelve Inches Of Bananarama! Other said it’s not the same mix. Nathan Jones CD-03 & 14 sound a like but they are slightly different as well. I hope Edsel will replace the disc!


From Edsel on FB 4 hours ago:
Sorry guys! This is taking longer than we expected! We want to ensure we can get hold of all the masters before we reveal the track listing. Won’t be long now! We’ll update you all as soon as possible!

Neil Kelly

Still no track listing. Clearly looking like it’s not gonna make the end of this month now


I’ not sure whether someone has read this and/or posted here before! I found this on the hitfactoryforum about 2 weeks back:

“You may have all seen but this was posted 8th June (shame it is slightly more expensive on demon music site)…

We’re hard at work finalising this frankly Bananatastic package – and you won’t have to wait too long for full details and a look at the final artwork, but rest assured, you can expect dozens and dozens of rare and previously unavailable 12″ and 7″ mixes, dub versions and instrumentals, all the B-sides, a whole host of megamixes – including the sought-after Bananamix of ‘Do Not Disturb’ – and a complete set of exclusive Radio 1 jingles!

And the good news doesn’t stop there as we’ve come up with a way of making ‘In A Bunch’ even more special! For fans purchasing the box set via the Demon Music Store, we are offering you the chance to have your name immortalised on the ‘Fananarama’ fan page within the booklet. If you’ve already pre-ordered though the store, do not worry as you will also have the chance to be included!

This will be a must-have item for Bananarama’s many loyal fans! Be quick as the offer is open until the 14th June! (Please note that due to licensing restrictions, this is only open to fans in Europe)”

And amazon & demon are still the only ones have this box on pre-order! Not my regular online shops ;(


I’ve not seen this first i’ve heard about Radio 1 jingles! Annoyingly i read about the Demon site offer and couldn’t find it again. See it expired 8 days ago. I wonder if i were to order it now they may extend the offer. Without that gaurantee i’m back to Amazon where it’s £2 cheaper. Demon?


Thanks. I see it’s almost £106 there with postage. Hardly worth the extra £8 (at least)…


Funny Drew, it’s now Monday 22 June and i’ve been looking for the ‘what’s coming up next week’ list a couple of hours ago and couldn’t find it anywhere. Having just received the ‘week in review’ email i’ve finally discovered it’s in there. Last night’s one had no mention (unlike previous week) of the Banananrama track list to be revealed next week. 10 days now without an update on when the track list will be revealed since Paul’s reply to my question above. Maybe it’ll just quietly happen this week at some point. An update would be appreciated though even if it’s ‘CD is delayed, track listing is delayed no more news ATM’. At least i wouldn’t come here expectantly 3-4 times a day for 2 weeks and counting!


Thanks. I just needed a reply. Like i said i came here for 15 days as you always deliver on your coming up next week update (to my knowledge) expecting it 3-4 times a day. For it to now drop off your email list for next week and no update was a bit disappointing for me. Hopefully soon now!


People – calm your knickers!


If tracklisting isn’t tomorrow then that’s a real let down as no update (apart from when i asked). Was due last week and early this week. Now Friday…

Drew Ackroyd

I know – it’s ridiculous. I contacted them on Monday and they said in the next day or two – to me that would have been Wednesday and still nothing. How would they have known there would be over 100 unreleased tracks – they must have some sort of idea of what we can expect – surely they could release the track listing for the discs that are confirmed, so we have an idea of what to expect and say subject to change for the ones that aren’t ready.

It’s a huge project, maybe they should have announced it when a track listing could be confirmed – even the announcement date and the release date, does seem a bit ambitious – only 9 weeks. I’m still looking forward to the release though – it’s just a little disappointing we keep getting the run-around with the track listing announcement – fingers crossed it will be today!


Another week gone.

Drew Ackroyd

So looking forward to this release. Has there been any news on the when the track listing will be released?

Greig Steel

For those querying the “lowest price” deal on Amazon, if the price isn’t lowered on your “bill” when the item is sent to you, they refund you the difference within 48 hours.

That’s happened to me 3 times now. Luckily I had the original price in the bank!


Wow, can’t wait for the tracks list, thank you Paul. Anyway whatever included in the Box Set, I will still impress since this is my dream and it’s going to happen soon…! Edsel has done very good job on Bananarama collections! Previous released editions are stunning and well made!


Hi Paul. Could’ve swore i read tracklisting to be confirmed this week but i’ve been checking this website everyday in anticipation. Any idea when it’s coming as it’s now Friday (obviously). Thanks


Thanks don’t want to miss this!


God the extended wait is killing me!!!

Sean Peele

So where is this track listing??? The anticipation and curiosity are killing me! The recent Deluxe Edition remastered albums were a dream come true, and honestly, when Megarama came out I was surprised at how much more there still was that they could come up with a 3CD set worth the bother. But a 33CD box set with 100 unreleased tracks? This puts all of the rest of these reissued box sets – like Depeche Mode, for example, where so many mixes were missing – this puts them all to shame. Well done! :)

Chris Brown

Since nobody else seems to have mentioned it, can I say how much I love the special Bananarama deal alert logo on this page?


can anyone tell me- amazon say they always reduce the price to the lowest offered when pre-ordered. for a few items- the price has changed but the original order has not. what is the time lag on it changimg- it is not auto? I have cancelled a few things then re-ordered when I noticed the price had dropped (most recent- the decline of western civilisation DVD set dropping by 8 quid- no change had taken place). I mean a price could go back up but how would you know it unless you spotted it? it is a becoming a bit dubious lately.


queue is not really an issue with most new items? i remember the Motorhead box deal being a finite thing- fair enough there. you don’t want to pull out in that situation. i get that. go on Amazon and see that Decline Of Western Civilisation is listed at 2 different DVD prices- for the same item with n0 noticeable product differences. very odd. One at 21.50 and one at 29.19. no noticeable reason for that. and that does not include the Blu-ray version either. the chat i just had online was very revealing also- whoever dealt with me was oblivious that an item can start at 30 drop to 25 and return to 30. it is not the first time i have cancelled because my pre-order did not auto drop to new lowest. you are talking hours after also. maybe it flicks to the new low 25 price if it returns to the original 30 and you have the pre-order before the drop, fair enough. but it would be nice to know the actual facts. also fully aware how the refund system works also if it stays at 25- it just the fluctuating bit that concerns me. apologies if this sounds like gobbledegook.


Do we have a complete track listing yet????????????????….PLEASE


Not my cup of tea but looks like xmas has arrived early for bananarama fans!


pre-ordered. As people keep saying on the PSB post its fab we are getting this.

Wish list: Madonna, Prince & PSB & a complete MJ singles release.


It well worth the money!

Saar Freedman

Just a quick thought: they couldn’t possibly fit all the remixes released for “tripping on your love” on a single cd. so they may end up with 34 cds unless they are not planning to include all of them :(


They can include some on the Preacher Man single if there is room, since some were done at that time.


Here we go again with negativity! Good grief!

Some people will buy it. Some people wont. Who actually gives a damn?

This release is a dream come true for many fans. If you’re not a fan, then don’t attempt to try to suck the joy out of it for everybody that does want it! Surely it’s not worth the bloody energy – unless of course you’re a complete miserable sod.


Well said! :)


Good Lord here we go again. People keep commenting about the high price of this set. If you don’t like it don’t buy it. I am more than happy to pay $150 plus for this set.


Not for albums, no. But these are extended singles.


I can understand some people wanting this but 90 or 100 pounds is way way too high especially as each track will be repeated 4 or 5 times in different versions. I would think 25 or 30 pounds would be more realistic if they want to sell more than a few dozen.

I wonder if this set will ever be played all the way through


You seem to be very out of touch with prices, wanting a box set like this for less than £1 per disc. That is never going to happen.


Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 38 in Music


Well I will be for one, and it’s a decent price for 33 discs. And they will sell FAR more than a few dozen, it’s already on the amazon pre release chart at number 38…… I don’t think you have any realistic view on pricing and the costs involved in putting something like this together. True fans will lap it up.


£25? Lol and i felt bad for suggesting £50 after people told me this set will cost a fair amount to make


Just bought it for 84 pounds as I live in the USA. SUPER cheap. Thanks Paul!


Last comment fails to understand the project…. Yes, i reckon itll be down to 50 quid or less in 6 months, shame but they have track record of discounting so i will wait.


Any one who pays nearly 100 quid for a 33 CD Bananarama box set has way too much money. A hits comp for a fiver, maybe …


It’s a bargain. It’s a dream for the fans that this is made at all.


Apologies, Saar. I’m at work so I don’t have a lot of time to reply. I’ll make sure to choose the proper button next time.


No prob it was only a heads-up to you mate!


I’m not sure, Sean. I don’t think Demon has taken on project quite like this. It should be interesting to see what the response is. I, of course, will be buying it regardless of sales!


You didn’t choose the reply option. Was that a reply to Saar (rather than Sean)? I too will purchase even though i still think price is a bit too high. I can always cancel nearer time if money is short!

Saar Freedman

So Here’s what I am wondering
I bought quite a few of the Demon reissues as these came out ( Bananarama , Belinda Carlisle etc) at what seemed like a good price ( abut 10 GBP each) on Amazon and come december last year the Demon store were selling 4 for 25 more or less… so do you reckon the same will happen with this boxset?






I don’t think it will. They usually just produce one batch of these type of items, and they will sell through easily enough. The Belinda box set they did, The Anthology, never went down in price and actually in less than 3 months, was totally sold out.


Just bought it. For those in the USA: £81.66 + £3.08 (Postage & Packing) = £84.74 total ($130.12/€115.37).


Thanks for the price!


I’d prefer to give my money to Demon, than to Amazon.

Paul English

Do Demon debit your card straightaway?