Deal alert / Blondie: 6LP vinyl box


This Blondie six-LP vinyl box got a glowing review at the end of last year on this blog and if you’ve been waiting for a significant price-drop then opportunity knocks for the SDE reader, because it’s just £33 on Amazon Italy at the time of writing (or €44)

That’s all Blondie’s six studio LPs originally released between 1976 and 1982 pressed on 180 gram heavyweight vinyl and with reproductions of original artwork in a groovy outer box featuring a Parallel Lines design. The only real criticism we had was that it’s a very tight fit to get the LPs back in the box, but at just over £5 per 180g vinyl, who’s complaining ;)

SDE tip: Using the Google Chrome browser on non-english language Amazon sites and it will translate on-the-fly. You don’t need ‘new’ log-in details either. Amazon Germany, Italy, France etc. accept UK log-ins and vice versa.

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I don’t think it’s about Amazon people reading deals alert, actually quite the opposite it’s kind of a strategy to create interest around an item: they lower the price for a while and when purchasers start to flock they turn it up again.
Potential customers will continue to go to the Amazon page (even if in the meantime the price has increased) because they’re still reading on the web that there’s a deal to be made. And it works… we’re still talking about this box even if the price is back to €78.

I bought this set weeks ago and I wouldn’t give this “a glowing review”, there’s no new remastering, they just used the masters for the last batch of reissues, the sound in OK but nothing extraordinary.

Initially there was a problem with the free download of the mp3 files, the zip file was missing Autoamerican and had the first album duplicated, but now it’s fixed.

And yes, the outer box is mental. I’ve read people has torn the sleeves trying to put the records back in, so I keep 4 records in the box, where they fit perfectly, and 2 in plastic sleeves


The box clamshell will expand slightly over time and the records will come out easily. Mine do anyways, it just takes a little time and frankly I like the fact that my albums won’t come flying out of the box and break on the floor should somebody tilt it. Just saying…….


Ordered at the reduced price, by the time I got to the checkout it had doubled BUT I did get the Rod Stewart 5 album box set (his first 5 when he was in his prime) and Clapton`s `Give Me Strength` triple album set for just over 59 Quids including postage!


Can you believe it? The price has now doubled!

Alan Fenwick

Best price I’ve seen on this set so far.

However there’s some rather scathing reviews across the Amazon sites about the inadequate packing (in particular the outer box been way too small to house all 6 LP’S), its a bit of a similar pattern were seeing with these vinyl boxes, I’ve seen similar reviews for both Iron Maiden and Cream sets recently with the exact same issues. Why they don’t make the outer boxes that little big bigger is all a bit of a mystery.


Not trying to be a smart arse (honest) but why not take the albums out of the box and protect each with a plastic sleeve? Seems like an easy solution instead of trying to force the albums into a box.