Deal alert / Lowest price for REMTV box

R.E.M.‘s superb REMTV 6-DVD box set is an absolute giveaway price on Amazon UK right now.

This massive six-disc set chronicles the ‘story’ of R.E.M. through the medium of MTV appearances over the years and also features brand new feature-length documentary R.E.M. By MTV. It now stands at under £20 (originally it was £60!).

All DVDs are region-free, NTSC. Total running time is 14 hours 51 mins :)



Disc One
Unplugged 1991
Outtakes 1991
Unplugged 2001
Outtakes 2001

Disc Two
VH1 Storytellers
Storytellers Outtakes
The Cutting Edge
MTV 10th Anniversary Special
Video Music Awards 1993
Video Music Awards 1995
European Music Awards 1998
European Music Awards 2001
Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction 2007
The Colbert Report 2008

Disc Three
R.E.M. In Dallas
R.E.M. Uplink At Bowery Ballroom
Live In Cologne
Live In Cologne Outtakes

Disc Four
R.E.M. At The Tabernacle, London
MTV Sonic Milan
Rock AM Ring
Rock AM Ring Outtakes

Disc Five
Live At Rolling Stone, Milan
Live At Oxegen Festival
R.E.M. Live In Athens, Greece

Disc Six
Deleted Scenes


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Andrew Aston

Price is now down to £18…

Paul Wren

Still there at £20.

Lee Taylor

Still at a preposterous $65 (~£46) on the U.S. site. I can’t imagine they move many at that price.


I bought this when released and it was a great buy even then but less than £20! Amazing. Well worth it


Now available at Amazon.co.uk forless than 20 Pounds again.


I ordered this the day this deal was posted and i still haven’t received it. Amazon are a disgrace.

Neil Staughton

Its already slowly drifted down to £24.84 again..and if history repeats itself, will go a bit lower until just after Our Glorious Leader posts a Deal Alert again ;-)

Bus seriously – Thanks for the Deal Alerts they are appreciated!

Tyrone Tudor

Missed it. Booo!
If anyone can give a detailed review of the sound quality I would very much appreciate it then Ill consider paying the £28. Is there a 5.1 option?
Also I’m desperately wanting the complete Live 8 performance. Imitation Of Life was fantastic but its missing from the Live 8 DVD. Does anyone know of a good source to buy this? The youtube videos are of woeful quality.

Mar Wolfgang
Paul English

Managed to get one at the deal price last night. Thanks Paul.


Deal dead.


£27.89 now

Justin Isbell

Thanks Paul…bought at this good price but with some reservations about whether it was a good move, or not… :-)

Justin Isbell

Update: had buyers remorse after reading a few reviews on Amazon…mainly regarding the lack of early IRS period material…and cancelled my order. It was still a good shout.


Wow! Great price! I ordered this a while back and paid 2X this price…and still haven’t watched it. DOH!

John Ireland

Been waiting on this for ages. Thanks Paul.


Just ordered. Been a fans since 1982.


Thanks for the heads up, Paul! Duly ordered!


Thanks for the heads up! Was aiming to pick this up for ages, but the price always turned me away. No longer! =D


Thanks! Wow! That’s a deal!