Deal alert / Nilsson: RCA albums box

Wow.. just how low can the price of this Nilsson box set go? The universally acclaimed 17CD RCA Albums retrospective is the cheapest price ever on Amazon UK at the time of writing.

For just £28 you get all Harry Nilsson’s RCA albums, with bonus tracks (26 of which were unreleased when this box was issued) PLUS three further discs of rarities containing 59 tracks, with 29 of those unreleased! This is an insane price!!


The CDs included: CD 1: Pandemonium Shadow Show (1967); CD 2: Aerial Ballet (1968); CD 3: Harry (1969); CD 4: Nilsson Sings Newman (1970); CD 5: The Point! (1971); CD 6: Aerial Pandemonium Ballet (1971); CD 7: Nilsson Schmilsson (1971); CD 8: Son Of Schmilsson (1972); CD 9: A Little Touch Of Schmilsson In The Night -1973; CD 10: Pussy Cats (1974); CD 11: Duit On Mon Dei (1975); CD 12: Sandman (1976); CD 13: . . . That’s The Way It Is (1976); CD 14: Knnillssonn (1977); CD 15: Nilsson Sessions 1967–1968; CD 16: Nilsson Sessions 1968–1971; CD 17: Nilsson Sessions 1971–1974

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Ralph MacGillivray

It’s back on Amazon UK for £28.79.Finally grabbed it


Available again for £29:50 if anyone’s interested. I find the best way to track Amazon prices is to use the CamelCamelCamel website – you search for the item you want or just paste in the Amazon url, set the price you want and you get an email alert when that price is reached. It’ll also show you the highest and lowest historical prices so you know whether it’s a bargain or not. Third party sellers are also included on a separate page.


Thanks to Rob I did pick up a copy from Amazon Germany for 32 Euros plus shipping. I also scored the 2 cd version of Moondance for 5.87 Euros.

Alan Baldock

To keep track of Amazon’s ups and downs, create a wish list with everything you want on and from then on filter it on items with price drops. If you check it every day not only will you be surprised how much things do go up and down, you will catch some absolute bargains! Box sets often drop by 50% for limited periods and it’s a great way to trap them.


I look at your website every day. I missed yesterday for the first time in ages and this is at the top of my want list. I must never make that mistake again.


When I clicked the check out button, Amazon UK stated that only 2 copies were left at 28.99 GBP.


Just orderd a copy for EUR 39 from Amazon in Germany. Shipping is included, that would make approx. GBP 30.

Robert Atkin

Thanks for the heads up to saving £48,88. I know the two main hits and one track which was covered recently by another group on a recent TV advert. Iknow this set will be special though and cannot wait to hear it.


Brilliant alert, cheers – got it earlier for £28! And it’s now £76 again new from Amazon….£40 incl. postage from other sellers.


Many thanks (once again) for the heads-up. Managed to bag a copy for just over £28. Also noticed that the recent Stevie Ray Vaughan box set is currently just under £29.


You can still get it for £38 if you choose the other sellers section.


Price is already back up to 76 pounds as of 1:15 PM Central Time on the day of this posting. Maybe it was an error?


I paid way more for this than the price above. If you are a fan don’t hesitate. They really knocked it out of the park on this one. This combined with the reissue of Flash Harry has made it a banner year for Nilsson fans. Now all we need is a two disc reissue of the Popeye soundtrack with a bonus disc of Harry Nilsson singing most of the songs in the studio with a full band. Why do I say this? Because such a recording exists, I know it for a fact.


A total of GBP 26.56 or USD 41.44 incl. shipping for those of us in the USA. The box set is currently listed on Amazon US for USD 97.35, which means I just saved $55.91! Thanks, Paul!


Incredible price for one of the best box sets ever!