Deal alert / Paul Young Tomb of Memories: The CBS Years 4CD

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Sony’s 4CD Paul Young anthology Tomb of Memories: The CBS Years 1982-1994 is fantastically cheap over on Amazon UK at the time of writing.

As regular SDE readers will be aware, I worked on this set, compiling the track listing and designing the front cover (amongst other things). I’m rather proud of it, as it mixes all the hits with lesser known ‘deep cuts’, a sprinkling of B-sides and some interesting, previously unreleased alternate cuts. Paul Young contributed an intro for the book element and music writer Daryl Easlea wrote some great notes. Anyway, it’s only £10.99 at present which is simply a great bargain!


Disc: 1
1. Iron Out The Rough Spots (7” Mix)
2. Tender Trap (Demo)
3. Oh Women
4. Love Of The Common People (1982 7″ Mix)
5. I’ve Been Lonely For So Long
6. Ku Ku Karama
7. Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home) (Extended Club Mix)
8. No Parlez
9. Come Back And Stay (Full Length LP Version)
10. Yours (7” Mix)
11. Sex (Demo)
12. Pale Shelter (Demo)
13. Behind Your Smile (Live)
14. I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten (Live)
15. Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home) (Live)
16. Oh Women (Live)
17. Broken Man (Live)

Disc: 2
1. Find One Voice (previously unreleased track)
2. Tomb Of Memories (Alternate Mix)
3. This Means Anything (B – side Mix)
4. Every Time You Go Away (Extended Version)
5. I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (Remixed US Dance Floor Smash)
6. Standing On The Edge (Alternate Mix)* 7. Soldier’s Things 8. Everything Must Change (Alternate Mix)
7. Give Me My Freedom 10. One Step Forward (B – side Mix)
8. I Was In Chains (Alternate Mix
9. Man In The Iron Mask
10. Bite The Hand That Feeds (Live)
11. No Parlez (Live)

Disc: 3
1. Between Two Fires (B – side Mix)
2. Some People
3. In The Long Run
4. Wasting My Time
5. Wonderland (7” Mix)
6. Why Does A Man Have To Be Strong (Alternate Mix)
7. Trying To Guess the Rest
8. Right About Now
9. Heaven Can Wait (7” Mix)
10. Oh Girl (7” Mix)
11. You’re The One
12. Til I Gain Control Again
13. Softly Whispering I Love You (Alternate Mix)
14. Leaving Home
15. Lovers Cross
16. A Little Bit Of Love (Part II)
17. Coralie (previously unreleased track)

Disc: 4
1. Don’t Dream It’s Over (Solo Version)
2. Senza Una Donna (Without a Woman) (Zucchero featuring Paul Young)
3. Come On In (Masayuki Suzuki & Paul Young)
4. Thinking About You
5. Now I Know What Made Otis Blue
6. Half A Step Away
7. Cold Sweat
8. Hope In A Hopeless World
9. It Will Be You
10. Man Of Steel
11. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter (Alternate Mix)
12. Souls Unknown (previously unreleased track)
13. Follow On (Acoustic)
14. Long Distance Love (Acoustic)
15. Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight (Acoustic)
16. Everything Must Change (Acoustic)
17. Love Has No Pride (Acoustic)
18. Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home) (Acoustic)


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Peter van der Wijst

I got the box this weekend. Very happy with it. But can anyone tell me why Love Will Tear Us Apart is not on it? I love that song!

john T

Paul Young new album Good Thing [VINYL] is only £5.71 on amazon.co.uk


Unbelievable price!

Matt harper

Yay! Got it this time! Thanks paul


Tried for this first time around and missed Amazon so ordered online with HMV. Was in a store in Maidstone yesterday and saw some copies marked up at £10.99 – had to wait until today for my copy to arrive in the post.

Fantastic compilation – great work Paul.

Bob Preston

Thanks for the alert. Purchased last week and here in time for the wife’s birthday. Keep up the good work.


£10:99 again on Amazon if anyone still wants the set


Picked one up from HMV. I tried Fopp, they didn’t have one in, and the city centre HMV did not have any in. I tried another HMV. They had 2 but were priced £19.99. They I was looking in the sale section and there it was, but on the label it said £19.99 crossed out with £10.99 and said stickered price stock only.


It went even lower. I didn’t get a chance to log on to read this announcement until Monday the 8th, and by then is was 19.94, under 17 pounds when the VAT was deducted for America. I got the whole thing for just under $30USD, shipping included.


40% is a big number? Increases independence too!

tim brooks

Typical Amazon price matching HMV, its only gone back up in price as HMV has gone out of stock (Amazon only price match in stock items) ..same story as the Siouxsie box set last week. When HMV get it back in stock online Amazon price will go back down! You should link the deal alerts to HMV as well Paul as they need the business!

Richard B

I’ve been trying to work out how to recreate the original No Parlez vinyl by using this set and from the various editions of the album that have been released over the years… is it possible or are some of the vinyl versions still unreleased on CD?

David S
Tom Elliot

I managed to snag one in time, thanks!. The only LP of Paul’s I ever had was No Parlez and I haven’t even heard that for decades, so almost everything in this boxset will be completely new to me. I can’t wait to dive in!.


Missed out on the Amazon-deal, unfortunately (it’s now back to £19), wanted to order it on HMV but they don’t deliver outside the UK… Sadness! :-(

Ronald Kuipers

Thanks for the reminder. Got it


just bought as an anniversary pressie to the g/f , so i dont end up in the doghouse !!


…in a tomb of memories? ;-)


This was my first purchase from Amazon UK. Will I have to pay any customs fees? I never have to on overseas purchase I make on eBay.


I order from Amazon UK, Amazon France etc. and have shipped to US and have never paid customs.

Rob Wilcock

Buy it from HMV, support those hard-working shop staff..?


Got it!! Thanks!!!!


Hi, also £10.99 at HMV at the moment, for those who want to feel the merchandise before buying !

ian s

Also online for £10.99 at HMV with free delivery (nothing against Amazon,but you have to spend £20 or more or be a Prime member to get free delivery)


Great price to the US. Ordered!


Nice one, also ordered this box

David Stanley

Thanks, Paul! Just ordered.


Looks a nice compilation and may pick this up. Missing the Love will year us apart and pity there has been no remastered expanded CDs of his albums


No remastered expanded CDs? Except for the first 2 albums you mean…


Comes up as $18.53 to ship to the USA. Great deal!

Le Baron

Thanks Paul!
I already have it (signed) but I’d like to take this opportunity to remind (or inform) everyone about how terrific this box-set is!
Both Paul(s) spoiled us with this box set!! :D