Deal Alert / Pink Floyd: Division Bell


The newly announced Pink Floyd Division Bell super deluxe edition box set has dropped in price on Amazon UK  by almost £30.

The seven-disc set is vinyl heavy, but does includes a blu-ray with a brand new hi-res 5.1 surround mix of the album, as well as a CD. It is now just over £120 having dropped from £148.50. It’s out on 30 June 2014.


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The official Pink Floyd store is currently listing a Division Bell 5.1 DVD at £9.99 for anybody interested.

peter zacharias

Hey they are getting on the right track in releasing things seperately. Hopefully soon they will list the bluray as seperate as well.
Paul, do you have any way of finding out if the DVD is Dvd Audio as that would be a instant buy for me, if its a DVDV only then I will wait for a Bluray release.

peter crisp

I agree you look at all the recent box sets that have been released, judging by the price it would have to be one of the most expensive super deluxe
editions of all time, between 60-70 pounds would be a good price i’m with you Kaj looks as though we will have to wait and wait


I agree with the comments here. The price is sky high, and why? There should be options, for those, who do not buy vinyl. But just wait 6 months, and the price will drop to less than half, of what it is now. The only good thing about this release is, that there is a 5.1 version of this music. So now I am waiting…….waiting.


Thanks for the update Martin , it would be nice of amazon to keep its customers informed of changes but that’s probably expecting too much


Hi Steven Re ELP : amazon still has it listed as CD/DVD box set for £12 so I’m going for it and I will kick up a stink if there’s no 5.1 mix and see where it gets me


It still is a CD/DVD box Wazza, it’s just that the DVD is only going to contain lossless stereo mixes now and no 5.1.

Steven O'Connor

Hi Wazza Re: ELP 5.1. I only know from Martin above – who is speaking with confidence – and the fact that there’s no reference to it on Amazon UK anymore, which I think there had been. Personally, I don’t want it without it, so I’m better of cancelling and buying later if it is in fact included (and other 5.1 reviews are OK).


I have the ELP album on preorder , I assume amazon must inform you of any changes to the product that you have ordered , I haven’t seen anything anywhere to say that the 5.1 mix has been dropped , where is this information from ?

C Feeney

When The Killers dropped the DVD from their deuxe greatest hits package Amazon did not inform customers that preordered. Check out their reviews from lots of angry fans. Don’t expect Amazon to inform you of any changes to the product.

Steven O'Connor

Thanks for the heads up re pulling the 5.1 from the ELP Brain Salad Surgery 3 disc set – that was the only reason I had pre-ordered it. I have just cancelled my order.

Didn’t the original Amazon product description for this set mention ‘5.1’? If so, you’d think from a fair trade point of view, they would have let pre-orderers know about the change. From now on, I will always check when I receive a ‘date delayed’ email.

I’ve googled around for the better 5.1 version suggested by Philip above. Unfortunately I can only find good 2nd hand copies starting around 75 pounds. Amazing how quickly things become collectable these days. It only came out in 2008. Anyway, thanks again Martin and Philip for letting others like me know.

Peter Chrisp

Could not agree more, i think at one stage the price was around 148 pounds and now a fraction less, it’s a bit of a ripoff, it would be a lot more
“affordable”similar to the Made In Japan box set at only 61 pounds, what do you think of the chances of that occurring is it worth it in the end?


Just how limited are these sort of releases these days? Surely if nobody was prepared to pay rip off prices and let them sit in the watehouse unsold, then they would be reduced to a more reasonable price. Sadly we all know people will buy them and thats why the record company fatcats take the p•••. I dont think its the artists fault its probably the men in suits at record company hq.


I am getting seriously annoyed with the total piss-take these big box sets are trying to pull. Totally awful pricing and content here. No wonder people pirate music when they are being asked for such stupid amounts of money and getting bugger all back apart from one disc they may want.

I am also now aware that the ELP Brain Salad Surgery 3 disc set has been stripped of it’s 5.1 mix, presumably to try and get more people to shell out for the box. That counts for the delay in the 3 disc being released and is a diabolical liberty.

Philip Cohen


Don’t bother with the ELP “Brain Salad Surgery” 4-CD/DVD-audio/DVD-Video/L.P. mega box. The new 5.1 remix sucks. Instead, seek out the 2008 Sanctuary/Universal 2-CD + SACD edition. You’ll get an earlier, superior 5.1 surround mix, and all but 2 of the rarities that are included in the 2014 box. See my extensive review of the mega box on amazon.co.uk


£89.99 currently from Spin CD ‘s, Newcastle

Alan Fenwick


Spin CDS are an online only site now (they’ve long deserted their store in Newcastle), I used to pop in the shop quite regularly before they decided to go online only, it was a great little shop as well.

Alan Fenwick

The Canadians once again are getting the best deal with this set, priced at around £65 plus shipping at Amazon Canada


I love Pink Floyd, and I love this album. However, if you analyze what this is, it disappoints. Although the packaging and book look very nice, out of the advertised 7 discs, 5 of them are vinyl!! Also, there are no outtakes or unreleased tracks included in this box set at all!! Gilmour should have just released a multi disc vinyl package for those who care about vinyl, and then done something special for the rest of us who entered the digital age 30 years ago, by simply releasing the remastered CD plus 5.1 surround DVD in a seperate set, and ideally including a bonus disc with the aforementioned outakes and unreleased songs on CD in that set. That would have been far more appealing for both the vinyl and the digital camps. As for me, I moved on from my turntable in 1986, and I’m not interested in revisiting the analogue age.


Totally agree with every point you made.

Steve Bennett

As many have posted, this box set is simply bad value for way too much money. Pink Floyd should seriously take a clue from King Crimson, Yes, Jethro Tull and even ELP. Put the re-issue emphasis on digital and treat the vinyl as a “bonus” or sell it separately for those dwindling few who are interested. The best value packages include JUST a Blu-Ray, SACD or DVD-Audio with 5.1 and HiRez stereo mixes, and a CD or two for the standard stereo stuff. Packaging is secondary, but mini-LP replicas are nice. Anything else is a rip-off for the gullible or rabid fan. I think I’ll wait.


Same with me, I’m disappointed. It’s one of my fav albums, and I had expected much more. The only thing “new” is the 5.1 mix. Even the Immersion boxes were way better (well, maybe not The Wall).

Ben Williams

It’s just £90 on Spincds.com!!


The US Amazon site has it for 130 USD. Quite a bit cheaper that 120 GBP.


Last time I checked it was £99.99 from the official Pink Floyd store as a frame of reference.

I have locked in a pre-order at Amazon but would not buy it unless it dropped to below £70. It is massively overpriced and badly thought out as far as content is concerned.


i totally agree with your comment. very surprised it’s not an immersion set

C Feeney

Yep, hardly a bargain when priced above the official store. Not a great set anyway.

Incidentally I ordered the £57 bundle of Vinyl/DVD the other day and the next day got a 10% refund out of the blue. That offset the £6 courier charge!