Deal alert / Sparks: Music For Amnesiacs deluxe box set


Sparks’ deluxe four-CD box set Music For Amnesiacs was issued in October 2013 and for a while was exclusive to Universal’s online store. Now is available via Amazon UK at the lowest price we’re seen.

The set – which in addition to the four discs comes with a 64-page high quality deluxe coffee table book,  A4 Certificate of Authenticity, poster, various prints, replica tickets, lanyards, laminated AAA pass and badges and stickers – can be yours for just £72.


Track listing

Disc: 1
1. Wonder Girl
2. Roger
3. High C
4. Girl from Germany
5. Batteries Not Included
6. Whippings and Apologies
7. This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us
8. Amateur Hour
9. Equator
10. Talent Is an Asset
11. Barbecutie
12. Propaganda
13. At Home at Work at Play
14. Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth
15. Something for the Girl With Everything
16. Alabamy Right
17. Hospitality On Parade
18. Happy Hunting Ground
19. Looks, Looks, Looks
20. Get in the Swing
21. Miss the Start, Miss the End
22. Big Boy
23. Nothing to Do
24. Looks Aren’t Everything
25. Tearing the Place Apart

Disc: 2
1. Goofing Off
2. Over the Summer
3. The Number One Song in Heaven
4. Beat the Clock
5. Tryouts for the Human Race (Unreleased Version)
6. When I’m With You
7. Young Girls (Single Version)
8. Tips for Teens
9. Funny Face
10. I Married a Martian
11. Angst in My Pants
12. I Predict
13. Mickey Mouse
14. Eaten By the Monster of Love
15. Cool Places
16. Popularity
17. I Wish I Looked a Little Better
18. Pretending to Be Drunk
19. A Song That Sings Itself

Disc: 3
1. Music That You Can Dance To
2. Change
3. Let’s Get Funky
4. Singing in the Shower (With Les Rita Mitsouko)
5. So Important
6. A Walk Down Memory Lane
7. Madonna
8. National Crime Awareness Week (Psycho Cut)
9. Gratuitous Sax and Senseless Violins
10. When Do I Get to Sing ‘My Way’
11. (When I Kiss You) I Hear Charlie Parker Playing
12. Tsui Hark (Feat. Tsui Hark & Bill Kong)
13. Let’s Go Surfing
14. Propaganda
15. Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat
16. This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us (With Faith No More)
17. Bullet Train
18. It’s a Knockoff
19. Calm Before the Opera

Disc: 4
1. Concerto in Koch Minor (Wunderbar)
2. The Rhythm Thief
3. How Do I Get to Carnegie Hall?
4. My Baby’s Taking Me Home
5. Suburban Homeboy
6. I Married Myself
7. Dick Around
8. Perfume
9. The Very Next Fight
10. Metaphor
11. As I Sit Down to Play the Organ at the Notre Dame Cathedral
12. Good Morning
13. Lighten Up, Morrissey
14. Strange Animal
15. Photoshop
16. I’ve Never Been High
17. I Am a Bookworm

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I have the non-deluxe 2CD set and it’s a fine retrospective for my needs.


The Dolly set is a reissue of the more fancy box, however even that box was much cheaper than the Sparks’ ;)


This price has been on Amazon for the past two weeks, and as a Sparks fan I have been in turmoil wether or not to but it. But as the previous posters have mentioned, this is still expensive for 4 CD’s and a book in a box. I am becoming increasingly selective with these box sets, The new T.Rex box set has been available for two weeks now and as a huge Bolan fan and collector I would normally have snapped it up. However reading reviews on Amazon etc it seems like the packaging is tat (by the way Paul are you going to review this set) so I am probably going to give it a miss.
If you look at the Bowie Sound and Vision reissue box and the Dolly Parton Dolly reissue box, both 4 CD’s with a book in neat shelf friendly packaging, Dolly’s is £11 and Bowie’s about £12. In comparison this Sparks set makes just the book cost about £60 even at this reduced price. Even as a fan, no way would I ever spend £60 on a Sparks book, so I think I will give it a miss.
Given the content of the 4 CD’s I would think that £40 is a fair price for this set.


Sorry, still a lot of money for 3 or 4 cds!

Michael G

(By way of largely meaningless comparison, the Charles Aznavour set is double the price – but that contains SIXTY CDs.)

Michael G

Sorry, but £72 is still VERY expensive for 4 CDs and a couple of pretty pictures, even if they’re bound in hardback. Box sets need to be a LOT more canny – and a lot cheaper – if they’re to attract interest beyond the hardcore fans.


Be warned that there is not much in the way of unreleased material on this set. Not to mention that their “unreleased” version of ‘Tryouts for the Human Race’ is just poorly edited together from the CD and vinyl. You can hear a huge difference when the edit begins. Plus, the songs from Introducing Sparks are STILL just vinyl remasters. They just won’t bother with the Sony master tapes. I love Sparks but this is little more than overprices (even at this price) decadence.