Deal alert / The Who: Live in Hyde Park / 4-disc deluxe edition


Unbeatable deal at present for The Who Live at Hyde Park in deluxe 2CD+Blu-ray+DVD+Book deluxe edition on Amazon UK.

This set is just £23 on the UK site which for those outside the EU means an even cheaper price of sub-£20 or around $30 US.

This 2015 concert was filmed in HD of course, and this deluxe edition features a 60-page hardcover book.

Live in Hyde Park is out on 20 November 2015


Track listing

  • 1) I Can t Explain
  • 2) Who Are You
  • 3) The Kids Are Alright
  • 4) Pictures Of Lily
  • 5) I Can See For Miles
  • 6) My Generation
  • 7) Behind Blue Eyes
  • 8) Bargain
  • 9) Join Together
  • 10) You Better You Bet
  • 11) I m One
  • 12) Love Reign O er Me
  • 13) Eminence Front
  • 14) Amazing Journey / Sparks
  • 15) Pinball Wizard
  • 16) See Me, Feel Me / Listening To You
  • 17) Baba O Riley
  • 18) Won t Get Fooled Again


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Not that my confidence in Paul is anything less than absolute, But to confirm, I got a nice note from Andy @ Eagle Rock confirming all Eagle Rock Blu-ray titles are region code free.

Paul, thanks for the heads up on this deal!


Seriously, stop it, I can’t keep buying the same stuff over and over again.

Ok, I did.

Tim Barton

Looks like what’s coming out in Japan are 3 and 4 disc options, on Universal, with SHMCDs. December is the release period. There are Eagle Rock editions out on import in November. Is it a joint deal with Eagle Rock/Universal? There are a few import/domestic options, and prices are not cheap, but not overwhelming. HMV has a sale price on them that is fairly reasonable.


Thanks Paul. Just cancelled thru Amazon US and ordered thru UK. Was $28 in US and $30 with the book is a steal. Great find and keep them coming!


Personally, I prefer having the music [CD, DVD or BR] over a book and any trinkets they throw in at an inflated price. Also find it annoying to have both a BR and DVD of the same show.
So the BR/CD combo is fine with me.


Great deal for a great gig – Best since Mooney & the sound quality was great too


No vinyl.



Have you had a proper look michel, there definitely is a 3LP/DVD set.


these are the details:
“Please note this is a region 2 DVD and region B Blu-ray. It will require a region B Blu-ray player to play the Blu-ray and DVD or a Region 2 DVD player for the DVD. ”



The deal is nothing special for me as the “unbeatable deal” here in comparison to buying it from my usual outlet http://www.jpc.de(where I do get a regular reduction of 8% anyway)comes down to just a measly €2.-.


Hello Paul,

the price at http://www.jpc.de is indeed €44.-.I get a discount there of 8 percent,and won’t have to pay postage.My price then is:€40.50 including postage.

When trying to order via your recommendation(Amazon UK) I have to pay:

a)GBP 23.- for the article
b)GBP 3.60 postage to Germany
In total:GBP 26.60 which is (1GBP is the equivalent of €1.45) EURO €38.60.

This is the difference of €2.- I mentioned in my post yesterday when comparing my price at JPC and the one at Amazon described as an “unbeatable deal”.


Now it is 30 GBP and not 23 at Amazon.co.uk.
Will order it from JPC.


Joachim, how ungrateful you are, since Paul set up this site I and many others have saved quite a lot of money buying CDs/BluRay/DVDs, on items we were going to buy anyway.

Carry on the good work Paul it is appreciated.

Michael Farrant

Thanks for the alert, I was there, front row in line with Townsend, this souvenir of a great day comes in cheaper than the t-shirt or record bag cost on the day. Seem to remember “The Seeker” being second in the set, missing for some reason. “Sparks” in particular was awesome, can’t wait to relive it.


Thanks for alert & info Paul!


Chris — same 22.61 British Pound price for me. I saw them at Barclays Center which is the new arena in Brooklyn and they were great. I also had a funny coincidence. A year ago this past Spring I had bought the last deluxe Who set from the Quad. Tour. I spent the next few days listening to nothing but my who CDs. That Sunday my wife and I were walking in Manhattan. I stopped at a store that was closed and decided to look into the window ( don’t recall why). In any event I felt a presence next to me doing the same thing. We looked at each other . It was Pete Townsend .

Michael Ostrich

For this price, it’s hard not to purchase it from the USA. Hell, I’m in.


Darn it…I mean cancel if NOT region free.


Bill: Mine was: 22.61 British Pound equals 34.80 US Dollar
Paul: Do you think the Blu-Ray is Region Free? I will cancel if it is.


Paul–I see a $28 version on the Amazon U.S. Site which says it is 3 discs. Is that definitely a different version from the 4 disc set on UK site? Seems strange that the difference is the exclusion of the DVD disc in U.S.


Paul –thanks for indicating the U.S. Price for dummies like me. -:)


The link shows the region as “2 PAL”. If what you say is true Paul, still a risky purchase not knowing for sure, and I don’t care about DVD.


It’s europe region only, too bad.