Deal alert / ZTT Re-Organization of Pop seven-inch singles box set


Deals site PopMarket have a limited time offer for the next seven hours or so which gives music fans across the world the chance to buy the previously US-only ZTT Re-Organization of Pop seven-inch single box set at an amazing price.

This was originally issued in America for Record Store Day 2014 and had a price tag of $80 with some sets finding their way to the UK and going for well over £100. The numbered box (1000 only) features 10 x seven-inch singles and can be bought on PopMarket now for £35 or $52. You may even be able to get an additional 10% off using the “holiday10” coupon code.

As usual, if you are ordering from outside the US bear in mind potential import duty or tax may be due.

Check out the SDE video of this set from April 2014:




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DJ Control

Would like to know if these are still numbered. My understanding was they repressed because the initial run sold out so fast. Please let me know when your orders arrive.


Have ordered from Popmarket at least half a dozen times but never again. Their prices used to be good and often with free shipping. In the last 6 months or so they’ve engaged in the shoddy practice of dropping the price a bit but then adding a ludicrous P&P charge … £17 in this instance is gouging. Their packages are almost guaranteed to attract import charges too and I was stung the last three times. In the case of an AC/DC DVD set the import duty was just over £3 but the Royal Mail handling charge was £8 making it a complete non-bargain. As they do seem to target UK/EU then they should ship from here so we know what the final price we will pay is going to be – they’d almost certainly get me back as a frequent customer if they did.

gary C

It’s a good deal,
but onerous postage charges can be off putting to many. I use Amazon Canada and CD Japan a lot these days, and always make whatever I am buying look like a gift, which more often than not helps me avoid any extra postal charges. Doesn’t work for everyone mind you…


Not only that, but the Royal Mail collect the duty on behalf of Customs and add some extra for their cut. Last time I ordered something from the US I worked out the duty using an online calculator and deduced that the item would be 15 quid cheaper than anywhere in the UK all in including postage. Royal Mail then added a £13 “item release fee”, so I ended up saving just 2 quid and had to wait a fortnight for delivery, too. I could’ve just paid the UK price and had it in a day or two. Never again!


Ordered. Just seen about import duties. Oh dear!


I used to order from these guys when it was free shipping but now, $27 shipping to Canada!? Not to mention the Duty (screw consumer tax). Not likely. To bad, I’ve got some good deals in the past.


I agree, i have been totally been put off by the postage charges in the past. As well as possible import charges, but on this rare occasion it is worth the gamble, so for those in two minds, i would go for it … For those in the US, it’s an amazing deal!


For those in the U.S.A.: $46.79 USD (w/discount code “holiday10”) + $4.15 USD Tax + Free Shipping = $50.94 TOTAL


I know it’s not Popmarket’s fault, but the one and only time I ordered from them, I got badly spanked for VAT and charges : ( Their postage label had all the customs info on it, and was just asking for HMRC to go poking their big noses in….

I’d order again from them, but very warily….

Rob Puricelli

So much for the “limited” nature of this box ;-)


Great deal but £17 p+p put me off I’m afraid!