DEAL / George Harrison The Apple Years 1968-75 box set


Cheapest price yet for George Harrison‘s The Apple Years 1968-75 box set as Amazon UK knock over £20 off the price.

The 7CD+DVD box set contains all his solo albums (newly remastered) during the Apple Corps era including the classic All Things Must Pass. It is just £56 at the time of writing making it cheaper to buy the box (with the bonus of the great packaging, the book and the DVD) than the individual six albums.

We reviewed this box set here.

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Just received mine – while the box and hardcover book is very similar in style and substance to the previously-released Dark Horse years (ie. high quality, lots of unreleased photos and good text) this deluxe edition is much more satisfying in that, unlike the Dark Horse set, all the albums are in cardboard sleeves; the CDs are then in inner sleeves and each album comes with a generous booklet. The Extra Texture set is textured too (I assume like the original LP release?) …. all in all very pleased – a very nice set to own and engage with …..


re: the Deal Alert (reduced price at amazon.co.uk) of the Apple Years box — for a US based buyer, this price works out to $80 (including shipping) and we in the US cannot beat that (not even at importcds.com, one of my go-to low price sellers). Of course, with USD currency stronger than it has been in many years (vs. sterling, euro, yen), there’s more motivation than ever to check EU and JPN sellers, e.g., SHM CD edition of Apple Years box (released 15 Oct) was priced at $139 USD (+s/h) at cdjapan.co.jp, or about $20 USD more than the non-SHM Japan edition (when both were listed there; not seeing a non-SHM edition today).


The current trend seems to be that all major albums by artists and ensuing anthologies will be reissued in all formats including bank breaking prices as a matter of course,limited editions ( whatever that means these days) if not preordered in great numbers will inevitably be reduced( Kylie Minogue fans listen up) ,will the pot run dry? a lot depends on artists and their personal recording collections can last for as the Beatles have shown their collectablity has never been greater,but at what price?,the Dark Horse years was previously issued which I still own so I won’t be buying another,try Spindisc they seem to be cheaper that Amazon for a lot of releases lately.


I second what Rick is saying here, i have been caught a couple of times, seems Amazon drops the price after about a few weeks (in some cases days), on many new issue box sets. So it’s a bit of a gamble at the moment. Seems it’s only worth pre-ordering if the item is likely to be a very very limited run, but what is these days? Limited Edition is def not what it used to be! So i guess follow your instinct on this one, how much you want a release? Then weight up if it’s going to be hard to get? If not, seems smart move is to wait and see what happens. All the best everyone …


I have noticed that it is becoming pointless pre-ordering on Amazon because the price on a lot of items I have bought has dropped a couple of days after the release date.

I hope the Dark Horse Years box follows suit because at £116 it can stay in their warehouse.