DEAL / King Crimson: Starless

Big price-drop on Amazon UK for the newly released King Crimson 27-disc box set Starless.

This mega-set is now £50 cheaper than before and get be picked up for £106. For what you get – check out the image below – that’s pretty good value. Full details and track listing are available here. Starless is out now.


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When I wasn’t able to get Starless from amazon.ca directly, I cancelled my pre-order and bought it from Rarewaves (UK) through amazon.ca. The cost was GBP 121.00, but by ordering this way the shipping was only GBP 1.97, for a grand total of 122.97.

I’m annoyed that I jumped the gun and didn’t think to check amazon.uk, but the cheaper shipping takes some of the sting out at least.

Michel D.

I too have LITA, ITCofCK, TRtR, and this one is an essential also!
$40 less if I order this item from amazon.co.uk instead of amazon.ca….hopefully there will be no duty charges!!!
Thank you for the heads up!

Mike Ostrich

I’m with Phillip here – had it on order from Amazon.CA and then this brings it to me $20+ cheaper? It’s a no brainer! I’ve got all the other boxes (LITA, ITCofCK, TRtR), so this is beyond essential.


Doesn’t Amazon have a 30-day price gaurantee? I thought they did…..

I pre-order things on their, but only when the price is great – like the recent Tull set.

I don’t have £100 in my pocket right now – and although Crimson aren’t at the top of my list of favorites, these box sets just look…. well fantastic. It’s almost worth becoming a fan just to buy them!


Nice tip, thanks! Placed order and saved about $95 over the Amazon USA site.


Yet again – why bother pre-ordering from them – they do this with most boxes these days. Strange thing is everything is (apparently) on consignment to them anyway so maybe it is easier to shift at a vastly reduced price than deal with the logistics of returning them . . bloody fantastic stuff – and they wonder why the music industry is in such dire straits.

Philip Cohen

Thanks for the info. Cancelled my order with Canadian Amazon and went to UK Amazon. The Canadian affiliate ultimately didn’t receive any “King Crimson-Starless” boxes on the release date, and UK Amazon has the product in stock. I’ve already got the other two Crimson mega-boxes(“Lark’s Tongue in Aspic” & “The Road To Red”), so the completist in me HAD to have this new box.

Gary C

If like me you have still not acquired the Beatles Mono vinyl, Amazon Canada now have it at under £200.