Jam box flop leads to price drop


The Jam‘s Setting Sons super deluxe box set was issued late last year but is now already available at a massively discounted price.

The 3CD+DVD set is a decent package with unreleased demos and Peel Sessions,  promo videos (along with TV appearances) and a 72-page hardcover book. But despite this sales must have suffered badly thanks to a very high £90+ price tag.

Universal Music were extremely quick to drop the price of this at the end of last year on some of its own online stores, but until now Amazon have not really followed suit.

However if you order via Amazon ITALY today, this super deluxe box is yours for just £37. That’s almost £60 OFF the original price and a fantastic deal for what you get.

Update: The price has just gone up a little bit to €79 or £58. Still the cheapest across all the amazon sites.

Track listing

Disc 1

01 Girl On The Phone 2:57
02 Thick As Thieves 3:40
03 Private Hell 3:51
04 Little Boy Soldiers 3:33
05 Wasteland 2:52
06 Burning Sky 3:32
07 Smithers-Jones (Album Version) 3:00
08 Saturday’s Kids 2:53
09 The Eton Rifles (Album Version) 3:59
10 Heatwave 2:24
11 Strange Town 3:48
12 The Butterfly Collector 3:05
13 When You’re Young 3:12
14 Smithers-Jones (Single Version) 2:57
15 The Eton Rifles (Single Edit) 3:28
16 See-Saw 2:35
17 Going Underground 2:53
18 The Dreams Of Children 3:02

Disc 2

01 Strange Town (Alternative Take) 4:11
02 When You’re Young (Alternative Take) 3:16
play 03 The Eton Rifles (Demo Version) 3:26
04 See-Saw (Demo Version) 2:33
05 Girl On The Phone (Demo Version) 3:02
play 06 Thick As Thieves (Demo Version) 4:04
07 Private Hell (Demo Version) 3:48
08 Little Boy Soldiers (Demo Version) 2:51
09 Wasteland (Demo Version) 2:41
10 Burning Sky (Band Demo Version) 3:23
11 Simon (Demo Version) 3:28
12 Strange Town (Demo Version) 3:23
13 The Butterfly Collector (Demo Version) 3:06
14 Burning Sky (Demo Version) 3:39
15 When You’re Young (Demo Version) 2:49
16 Best Of Both Worlds (Remixed Demo Version) 2:03
17 Along The Grove (Demo Version) 2:15
18 The Eton Rifles (Band Demo Version) 3:29
19 Thick As Thieves (Peel Session, London / 1979) 3:50
20 Eton Rifles (Peel Session, London / 1979) 3:42
21 Saturday’s Kids (Peel Session, London / 1979) 2:50
22 When You’re Young (Peel Session, London / 1979) 3:15

Disc 3
01 Introduction / Girl On The Phone (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 3:21
02 To Be Someone (Didn’t We Have A Nice Time) (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 2:15
03 It’s Too Bad (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 3:16
04 Burning Sky (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 3:27
05 Away From The Numbers (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 4:03
06 Smithers-Jones (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 3:22
07 Little Boy Soldiers (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 3:24
08 Strange Town (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 4:14
09 Mr. Clean (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 3:46
10 The Butterfly Collector / Private Hell (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 7:12
11 Thick As Thieves (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 4:17
12 When You’re Young (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 3:37
13 Eton Rifles (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 4:13
14 Down In The Tube Station At Midnight (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 4:39
15 Saturday’s Kids (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 3:11
16 All Mod Cons (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 1:22
17 David Watts (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 4:30
18 The Modern World (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 2:17
19 Heat Wave (Live At The Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 1:33
20 ‘A’ Bomb In Wardour Street (Live / Brighton Centre, UK / 1979) 3:37

Disc 4 (DVD)
01 Strange Town 4:20
02 Butterfly Collector 3:55
03 When You’re Young 3:30
04 Going Underground 3:20
05 The Dreams Of Children 3:02

06 Strange Town (BBC Top Of The Pops, London / March 1979) 3:40
07 Strange Town (BBC Top Of The Pops, London / April 1979) 3:51
08 When You’re Young (BBC Top Of The Pops, London / 1979) 2:20
09 The Eton Rifles (BBC Top Of The Pops, London / 1st November 1979) 2:40
10 The Eton Rifles (BBC Top Of The Pops, London / 15th November 1979) 2:36
11 Going Underground (BBC Top Of The Pops, London / March 1980) 2:54

12 The Eton Rifles (BBC Something Else / 1979) 3:44
13 When You’re Young (BBC Something Else / 1979)

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For anyone not too interested in the demos, I find this ‘earbook’ the best purchase:
The Jam: Direction, Reaction, Creation
5cds including their full album discography and a huge hardbound book with many fotos, gig list, band chronology, liner notes etc.
Great value for money, it is listed at around 15 GBP on amazon.co.uk or around 20 Euros on amazon.de
Look for the ISBN code: 978-3937406855, listed under books

There’s also a Thin Lizzy earbook, even cheaper (15 EUR on amazon.de, 15 GBP amazon.co.uk):
Thin Lizzy. Vagabonds, Kings, Warriors, Angels
I do like both of these.

There are more of this series, all good value, from Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, etc


I don’t think Mr. Weller has anything to do with the pricing policy!

I think Universal saw The Gift super deluxe box set sold quite well at £75 to a loyal Jam following.

Thinking that Setting Sons is the music critics favourite album it should sell well so sell it for £80. That’s the original price at the Universal website, only Amazon had it on sale for £95.

The same pricing policy has been used by Univsersal on the three Who box sets but at least two of them included a 5.1 surround sound DVD.

I, like many others didn’t think much of the pricing policy especially when I’m more about the music than the memorabilia. I’d rather see a box set like Tears For Fears’s Big Chair which for £30 included 5 CD’s + DVD.

As for the music, at least the remastering is better sounding than the Gift and Sound Affects which lacked umpth and the kicking bass sound of Bruce Foxton which drove the Jam sound.

The Super Deluxe does have a different live concert from Brighton to the Deluxe version though now I’ve read the previously issued Rainbow concert is better sounding on the new Deluxe version.

I don’t mind the inclusion of the DVD though it could have included a bit more. The second appearance on TOTP performing ‘Going Underground’ from New Years Day is missing with Weller using his pop-art rickenbacker.

Hopefully, when ‘In The City’ is remastered, it’ll include the complete 100 club gig as a bonus CD and all the footage from Wolfgang Büld, who filmed the gig. I’m sure there’s outtakes that have never been released.


Even living in Italy, with free shipping, and as much of a Jam fan I am, €80 is insanely expensive for this set’s value.

Paul Benny

Be honest. Once you’ve seen the DVD once or twice, do you watch it as often as you listen to the CDs? And which CD out of this set do you reach for most often? I bet it’s the original album. The demos and live stuff are nice but if they were that good, they would have been on the album.

The record companies are just exploiting the fans who buy the same music multiple times. Fewer and fewer of us will buy this stuff, which means that the cost of putting it together is spread over fewer people. I’m sure this is a lovely package of a really good album, but at around £40 it’s not something that I need.


This is the thing with DVDs that they only get viewed a couple of times at best. Album release era concerts CDs are a far more interesting musical artefact.

Paul English

The other super deluxe box – The Gift – is nearly £100. Crazy.


I decided against buying it because it’s just not worth the price. I have the Jam 3 disc DVD Complete Jam so I don’t need the DVD in this set. It doesn’t come with the vinyl edition and all of the B-sides have been released before. So a large amount of money for a disc of demos and a book, no thanks. I would have bought the two disc edition if they had made the second disc the demos but they strategically saved those for the box. Some of these album box sets are great and I like the trend but not every album has enough unreleased content for it to be worth it, this one being a prime example. The only thing that could have made this box more enticing outside of the vinyl inclusion would have been a 5.1 mix but that didn’t happen either. if this was priced at $50 US or less I would recommend it to a fan, otherwise no way.

Alan Fenwick

John O’Connor

Yes, it’s been at this discount price for several weeks now at the store you mention along with some other great bargains.

My pickups have been

Dire straits Vinyl for £6 (x3)
Jam Vinyl £6 each (x4)
Ian Brown Collected set £150 down to £50
Guns N Roses Illusions 1+2 Vinyl £10 each
Elton John – Yellow Brick Road – £9
Deep Purple Live vinyl – £8

There’s loads of other bargains on there.

The REM recent vinyl singles set for £40.
Rainbow – The Polydor Vinyl set – £105 down to £50
The Velvet Underground – White Light / White Heat – 45th Anniversary Deluxe Edition LP – £10
Rod Stewart Vinyl box – £35
Nirvana: In Utero – 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition Boxset – £35
Amy Winehouse: Amy Winehouse At The BBC – Deluxe Package – £10

Take a look around

They keep changing the stock around from time to time and every order I’ve placed has all been spot on so far, they key is to buy a few pieces and consolidate on your shipping and you’re laughing all the way to the bank.

DJ Control

You gotta be quick though. :)


true, deal seems to be over, listed at 79.80 Euro now


John – Thank you great link

35 quid plus 7 to ship to a UK address – not too shabby at 42 pounds all in. Lucky I am coming over for The League Cup Final in a couple of weeks

Thanks again

Daniel H.

Good news for those who want to buy this really well-done box. A bit of a hit in the face for all those who bought it for the original price (yes, like myself) and thought the box was worth it. The new price for this lavish set is ridiculous compared to a lot of other box sets in that price range. Anyway, you better grab a copy now!


But why was it £90+ in the first place? When, for instance, the Manics ‘Holy Bible’ box was only £50. Would this price come from Mr Weller himself?


‘Tis a great offer, however…

They provide one option for delivery to the States.

Choose Delivery Method
Courier £36.99

John O'Connor

Universal have been selling this through Great Offer Store at £35 (unsure of P&P) for about a week or more – if you are looking for a UK dispatch. I bought 4 Jam vinyl LP’s last November, at £6 each – plus £7 for P&P.

Paul H

Well despite my own personal lack of judgement in going against my instinct and shelling out at £75, I think this is great news, firstly for anyone who wants to buy at this point it is a very nice set and at the right price now. Secondly hopefully Universal wont try anything so greedy and foolish with future releases. I can hope at least.