How to buy Duran Duran's forthcoming album Paper Gods


Duran Duran‘s new album Paper Gods will be out in September and the various editions are now available to pre-order.

The 12-track album is available on a standard CD (obviously) but there is also a deluxe CD which adds three bonus tracks, namely Planet RoaringValentine Stones  and Northern Lights. 

The standard 12-tracks are offered across a 2LP vinyl set but the group have commissioned The Vinyl Factory to produce a ‘high end’ Deluxe LP box set. Details of this haven’t been released but they did something similar with All You Need Is Now and the price was £250.

There are also some exclusive bundles available that you can buy via Warner online stores. The ‘Deluxe Fan Edition CD‘ sounds like a slightly enhanced version of the standard deluxe edition. You get the same three bonus tracks and booklet, but also an ‘exclusive Paper Gods Fortune Teller’ (nope, I have no idea, either…), 16 sticker pack, and an embossed cover. So far, so inessential.

You can ‘go large’ on your Deluxe Fan Edition CD and upgrade to a version with a T-shirt. For this you’ll pay £20 more than just getting the Deluxe Fan Edition CD. While we’re discussing pricing, Amazon UK have the 15-track deluxe at £14 at the moment. I expect that to drop to between £11-£13 over the coming weeks, along with the vinyl which will likely come down to somewhere in the region of £15-£20.

As things stand iTunes aren’t offering any kind of digital exclusives and there is no sign (yet) of any unique Target or Walmart editions (Target’s version of All You Need Is Now had two exclusive tracks). Cannot confirm at this point whether the Japanese version will contain anything not on the deluxe edition.

Paper Gods is released on 18 September 2015.

CD Deluxe Edition

Vinyl 2LP

CD Standard Edition

Special Bundles

Track listing 

  • 1. Paper Gods (feat. Mr Hudson)
  • 2. Last Night In The City (feat. Kiesza)
  • 3. You Kill Me With Silence
  • 4. Pressure Off (feat. Janelle Monáe and Nile Rodgers)
  • 5. Face For Today
  • 6. Danceophobia
  • 7. What Are The Chances?
  • 8. Sunset Garage
  • 9. Change The Skyline (feat. Jonas Bjerre)
  • 10. Butterfly Girl
  • 11. Only In Dreams
  • 12. The Universe Alone
  • 13. Planet Roaring (Bonus Track)*
  • 14. Valentine Stones (Bonus Track)*
  • 15. Northern Lights (Bonus Track)*

*Deluxe only

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just listening to the album and the female vocal on ‘Butterfly Girl’ strangely reminds me of the female vocal on ‘Come Undone’

William Thornton

Japan bonus track is :
“On the Evil Beach”
Target Bonus tracks are:
“On the Evil Beach”
“Cinderella Ride”
But I don’t see the deluxe edition listed on the Target website, so you may have to buy the Japanese deluxe edition or Standard Deluxe edition and the Target version to get all the tracks.
Please correct me if I’m wrong

Martin Donnelly

I ordered this from CD Japan yesterday for (it says) around £13 and it has an extra bonus track listed as being one of those on the Target edition

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There will be a deluxe vinyl version targeted for Japan…and we are blessed with the following tracklist in addition to the usual suspects.

Planet Roaring
Valentine Stones
Northern Lights
As Seen From A Distance
On Evil Beach
Cinderella Ride
Pressure Off – Night Version
Pressure Off – Night Version instrumental

So we all have something to look forward to. My source remains anonymous :)

Read more: http://duranduranboard.proboards.com/thread/34368/vinyl-deluxe#ixzz3kZCgvyel


I have to say; I pre-ordered the Itunes and so far have had 4 songs downloaded, and they sound pretty good to me. High hopes for this collection; they’re really improving a lot.


It’s quite puzzling why WB is listing the vinyl as “Deluxe” without any reason… It does NOT have the deluxe bonus tracks, fortune teller or stickers & doesn’t even say if it’s 180 gram. It just has a t-shirt of the cover art, which is just phoned in really. I love Paper Gods and Killing Me and Pressure is fun and funky if unfortunately the most poppy song they’ve ever done … But the mastering on it is noticeably compressed compared to the other “singles”… I’m all for collector’s editions but let’s be consistent in content and quality … I cancelled my vinyl order when I found out the t shirt was boring and its “deluxe” self didn’t have the “deluxe” tracks… I think I’ll just buy the CD in store now unless Amazon comes up with a great price…


By the way, the Paper Gods title track is superb.


whatrecords.co.uk are currently selling the 2LP vinyl on pre-order for £18.99. I’ve just bagged myself a copy along with a copy of 180gr 2LP RIO reissue for £9.99. Not bad! I already have the 2009 CD reissue booklet but wanted the vinyl. My original copy is knackered.


i was totally confused by the deluxe vs deluxe fan edition till i read this article but by the looks of it where just paying an extra £3 more for a paper fortune teller. which is pretty crappy. *pre orders deluxe version from amazon uk* also £20 extra for a t-shirt wtf i want it signed for that!!!!


I’m guessing the paper fortune teller is one of those folded paper things we used to make in the school playground? :p


Horrible artwork. Beck’s sticker artwork for The Information was much more creative. This just looks like some leftover stickers they just found from an old greatest hits promotional campaign.


The fact that it never sold out would tell me not to bother doing another one.The VF pet shop boys releases always look spectacular and sell out very quickly (even with Electric being £500)they obviously know their target market.


Consider this for just a moment: the members of Duran Duran looked at that cover design and said “We approve, this will be the cover of our new album”.


The first single is an absolute old fashioned DD anthem so I have high hopes for the album! I’m waiting to see what’s happening in Japan. DD often released a special Japan album version, like the special 2cd version of AYNIN. It’s expensive but highly exclusive.


So they sold only 336 VF editions of All You Need is Now in 4 years, but are looking to do something with VF for the new album?! CRAYZEE!!!!


Lets hope the music itself is better than that very average 1st single. Hope I’m wrong, but i smell me a ‘Red Carpet Massacre’ :-)

Steve Bryant

Have to agree with you there!


Hopefully not, but after hearing five songs, it certainly looks like it. Another “All You Need Is Now” this certainly won’t be.

Larry Davis

Actually, I DID enjoy RCM, but the new one is more like AYNIN but possibly better…catchier & more dancey…saw the band twice live for this record and they were tighter than ever…just ordered the Warner Store one with the T-shirt (expensive but I want that fortune teller thing, the blank embossed cover & stickers, & I missed out on shirts at the shows)…the Target version has 2 different bonus tracks than the other deluxes (the great & rocky “On Evil Beach” & “Cinderella Ride”), so you need both, and the Japanese edition has the 3 regular bonuses PLUS “On Evil Beach”, but not “Cinderella Ride”…weird…


@Paul – The remix of Girl Panic! by David Lynch has not been officially released on CD. As for the All You Need Is Now box set, there are only 164 of those left.


I was afraid that they’d be working with Vinyl Factory again. Whilst their VF edition of All You Need is Now was very nice, the box the records came in seemed to be a huge problem – perhaps a bit too fragile? Then there’s also the price. I’m not sure how this album is going to be packaged and what all you get with it, but with the recent news of New Order’s box set for $99 (clear, colored and etched no less!), you have to wonder.

Andrew Robinson

Interesting that they are doing another Vinyl Factory one, when the last limited to 500 one is still ‘in stock’ after 4 years. I wonder if they still have a load of those black plastic boxes left to reuse because they didn’t get anywhere near 500 orders?


Same links for Warner’s UK and US stores?