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Tango in February?

As some of you will be aware, the cat is out of the bag with regards to a reissue of Fleetwood Mac‘s 1987 album Tango in the Night. Thanks to all of you who sent me emails and messages regarding this release which popped up on various retail channels and Fleetwood Mac fan sites about a week ago. If you haven’t heard about this, then let me update you and say that Warners have clearly taken steps to try and put said cat back in the bag and the reissue is no longer visible on Amazon US and other places.

What we do know though, is that there will be a two-CD version which features the remastered album and a disc of early versions, demos and alternates. A super deluxe edition will be similar to previous Fleetwood Mac SDEs and will be a large format box containing three CDs, a DVD and a vinyl record.

I think it is reasonable to assume that the third disc in this set will bring together some (all?) of the many extended remixes issued at the time, although nothing is confirmed. Fans are hoping that the DVD will deliver a 5.1 surround mix, but the word on the street is that it may only contains a hi-res stereo mix and the promo videos. Again, nothing confirmed, although I don’t think we’ll have to wait too long to find out. When the news slipped out, the release date was indicated as 24 February 2017. This may get pushed back, but if it does, it probably won’t be by much. SDE will of course keep you up-to-date with the news on this long-awaited reissue!


Can we have The Tears next, please?

Given the solid relationship Suede have with Demon Music, it was no real surprise to see that Brett Anderson has partnered with the label to reissue his four solo albums. Collected Solo Work is due in March and is available as a 5CD+DVD box set and a 4LP vinyl collection (the latter available as a SIGNED edition for a limited time). While I’m very much looking forward to this set (I’m a big fan of Black Rainbows, in particular) what about Here Comes The Tears, the semi- forgotten 2005 collaboration between the creative partnership behind the first two Suede albums; Bernard Butler and Brett Anderson? Will we ever see a reissue of that album?

The reaction to The Tears’ record is generally described as ‘mixed’ and when I spoke to Bernard Butler around the time of the reissue of The Sound Of McAlmont and Butler album and asked if we’d ever see a reissue of Here Comes The Tears, even he laughed self-deprecatingly and said “I can’t imagine there’s any demand for it!” But interestingly, he did reveal that he was “never happy” with the mix and for his own satisfaction he’d gone back and remixed the entire record. He sent it to Brett, who “loved it”.

So a reissued and expanded version of the album virtually compiles itself; the new Bernard Butler remix, a remastered original mix, B-sides/extra tracks, maybe some demos and a DVD.

I’d love to see this happen. The album is arguably three or four tracks longer than it needs to be, but the highlights are superb – songs like Refugees, Brave New Century, Autograph, Two Creatures and Lovers. Are you familiar with this long-player and what are your views on this album and a potential reissue? Leave a comment.

Read more about the Brett Anderson Collected Solo Work box set here


What’s happening with Flowers in the Dirt?

It has been over a month since you left an resounding ‘thumbs down’ to the decision to include 16 tracks as digital downloads in the forthcoming Paul McCartney Flowers in the Dirt deluxe edition and I wrote that ‘open letter’ to Sir Paul. So has anything happened? Will anything change?

Well, I can tell you that I had a half hour transatlantic phone conversation with Paul’s manager, Scott Rodger, late on Thursday evening, where we discussed the issue at length. Scott agreed to talk to me on the basis that it wasn’t an interview to be published on SDE, but I can convey the gist of what was said and give fans some insight into how and why the decision was made. I will do this early next week, so stayed tuned to SDE for all the details!

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Mathew Lauren

Mr. Fish, Mr Wilson claims to knock 5.1 mixes out in 2 weeks or less. No matter who would be contracted for the FM “TITN” 5.1 remix, there’s simply NO EXCUSE for Warner Bros. to omit a 5.1 offering within the framework of these FM SDE releases recently offered.

(aside: waiting for FM ’75 — 10 yrs now!).

I’m cross enough that STEVEN WILSON didn’t remix any and ALL of Chicago’s catalogue in 5.1. That said, WE ALL must boycott these music company RM, RE, stereo-only money grabs and stop buying the same product again, etc. less “they” ever “get it.” Maybe some decry only musicians understand this, but I have faith that music fans of all pursuasions can appreciate the overwhelming superiority of a well-done, discrete, surround presentation vs mono/stereo and will further declare their inclusion in these SDE’s indispensable. Let us unite! No 5.1 = NO SUPPORT/NO MORE MONEY – at least from me. Ever again!

Jeff D

It looks like March 10 is now the release date for TITN….

Larry Davis

If the only way to get the tango 12″s is to buy the SDE with the vinyl then I will…or taking a cue from Macca, putting them on download only…then you just get the regular double and download the mixes and back em up on CD-R…what people don’t realize about downloads is it gives you freedom to get what you want in whatever order you want…instead of something fixed and can’t change…me I prefer hardcopies but I also love the freedom digital gives you too. I never got the Mirage SDE cuz of the vinyl and give or take concert but I might cave as the price is dropping and the DVD content…same with a tango SDE.


Go to my original thoughts of Flowers in the Dirt:
Combined both demos CDs onto one, if they fit.
If they don’t fit, either dump the demos and b’sides on each of the demo CDS.
Or add another CD to the box [doubting this].

Iain McCarthy

I really like The Tears album and would welcome a deluxe version. I seem to remember them doing a lovely acoustic version of ‘Autograph’ on the BBC Janice Long show….I would love to see that included. Also, ‘Southern Rain’s was a great b-side.


In true Butler/Anderson fashion the b-sides to the two Tears singles are as good if not better then much that’s on the album. It would make a great bonus disc. Would love a Tears reissue and was quite surprised at the reaction to that album when it came out. There is some epic songwriting even though I’ve always felt a different mix would have benefited it greatly. Hearing Butler did one that he is proud of I’m dying to hear it.


Tango In The Night, no 12″ Mixes: I won’t then it. CD + Vinyl together: I won’t buy it neither. And it’s not about the disco. It’s part of the music we loved/bought/lived with. As a collector we want to get our hands on those 12″mixes. And those were some kind of art as well in a way: how beautifully they were done by those great remixers.

Yani P

Not sure if its been posted but saw this on HDUK. If you buy from Amazon (who doesnt) and use this link a chunk of money goes to the RNLI charity.



I wonder if they pulled put back the Tango re-issue because of the Lindsey Buckingham / Christine McVie duets album seemingly confirmed in an interview with Stevie Nicks in the Saturday edition of The Times (21/1/17).

The article indicated Mick Fleetwood and John McVie were involved on some tracks but nothing from Nicks.


Wow I never heard about the Tears, but I like the cover and the music seems fine too, although the production sounds a bit tinny on spotify. I have ordered the non-deluxe edition CD on Amazon for £0.01 while waiting for a possible deluxe version. This is now the cheapest purchase I ever made because of this site :)


Tango deluxe sounds good. Hopefully a live disc as the 3rd cd, or more outtakes. Couldn’t care less for a disc of 12″ mixes, disco period is over people. Still a pity about the vinyl offcourse.


Disco Ronnie? Have you ever listened to the 12″ mixes from Tango? I was playing my 12 of Big Love at the weekend at it’s more in the style of Duran’s Night versions. The Jellybean mix of Everywhere is more of a dance mix but still a long way from disco.

Anyway, surely the point of a SDE is to round up all the recordings associated with an album. All too often we only get a partial representation. I’d rather it was complete to be honest.

Michael McA

Hoping for the 12″ versions of the singles on the 2nd TITN CD. Like others, I think it will be a bit cynical if you have to buy a very expensive edition – with a vinyl version – just to get them. I replaced my whole vinyl record collection – reluctantly – with CD’s – years ago because then they started to not issue vinyl versions of albums – and of course now it’s all about vinyl again. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna buy another bloody turntable or vinyl record again.

Eric F

The Amazon page for the expanded edition was cached by Google:

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Big Love (Remastered)
2. Seven Wonders (Remastered)
3. Everywhere (Remastered)
4. Caroline (Remastered)
5. Tango in the Night (Remastered)
6. Mystified (Remastered)
7. Little Lies (Remastered)
8. Family Man (Remastered)
9. Welcome To The Room… Sara (Remastered)
10. Isn’t It Midnight (Remastered)
11. When I See You Again (Remastered)
12. You And I, Pt. II (Remastered)

Disc: 2
1. Down Endless Street (Remastered)
2. Special Kind of Love (Demo)
3. Seven Wonders (Early Version)
4. Tango in the Night (Demo)
5. Mystified (Alternate Version)
6. Book of Miracles (Instrumental)
7. Where We Belong (Demo)
8. Ricky (Remastered)
9. Juliet (Run-Through)
10. Isn’t It Midnight (Alternate Mix)
11. Ooh My Love (Demo)
12. Mystified (Instrumental Demo)
13. You And I, Part II (Full Version)


Let me be the first to assure that an SDE of The Tears album will be forthcoming. I am certain of this since I just finished collecting all of their various singles needed to complete my collection. For that vary same reason, I consider myself solely responsible for the first three SDEs in the Chasing the Sun series by Oasis…

Daniel Wylie

Has the pre Rumours, Fleetwood Mac self titled record had the deluxe remaster treatment?


I can’t say I’m fan of later Fleetwood Mac, but I recently listened to an original issue lp of Tango In The Night and it sounded incredible..superb production, great songs. Sold for a ludicrously low price!

Alan Blevin

The original album is pretty much universally considered to be superbly recorded,mixed and produced.Audiophile quality.It is nearly impossible to conceive a remix will sound better.With the full bonus content component so ludicrously priced it is another reason not to buy.

Alan Blevin

The proposed Tango formats are a big fail.Unlike Rumours and Tusk where there were 3cd editions the only way to get the 3rd cd here is to buy the expensive version with vinyl and DVD mixes of the original album.Would have bought a 3 disc edition but I am out entirely now.Mixing cd and vinyl in the same package is a scam for both cd and vinyl buyers.


+1 from me …. I bought the Rumours and Tusk 3CD versions, gave the Mirage remaster a miss as you only got 2CDs from set (I really wanted the Mirage-era live set on CD, but have no interest in vinyl and don’t have the space), and will do the same for Tango in the Night. Shame …. we really need to encourage the record companies to provide a vinyl-free choice which delivers all the music on CD in an affordable, compact package.


If this is true about Tango, brilliant, BUT the price, what will they charge. Before it was taken down, I did see the price for the 3cd, DVD & LP. $89.00. What would that be in £!

I can’t remember what the price of rumours super deluxe was when it came out, but I did pick mine up for £22. Mirage pre order price was around £39 & has been holding around £50.

I reckon a pre order of £60 & an actual price of £75.

Anyone else have thoughts on what the orice could be?

Imogen Tollervey

I would love a deluxe reissue of the Tears album too… let’s make it happen :)


I love the Tears album. It’s simply excellent and much deserving of an SDE.
As far as Tango In The Night, I will be seriously upset if the remixes are not on there. What a horrible lack of judgement that would be. It always upsets me if there are widely released remixes and they are not put on the SDE!! They are part of the era and part of how fans experienced those songs. Come on guys!!

Scott Hughes

It’s odd: my Amazon order for the super deluxe “Tango” hasn’t been cancelled (yet), but the link to the item page is gone (as Paul mentioned). Curious and curiouser…


I’d love to see a reissue of Here Come The Tears… quality stuff.


The man is silent…. hope you conveyed that macca will have missed out on loolah, as ive given in and paid 12.99 for the 2cd set and for something approximating an XTC set i would have paid three figures.

Disappointing that Tango CD3 wont hold all the remixes, if they are enclosed at all. I dont get Mac or Macca (or Nik Kershaw or any other bugger who mucks around with history), these sets have to appeal to us the customer, we are buying them, they arent the customer! If they want vanity projects, fine, but dont expect them to sell in the volumes an intelligently curated set including all tracks from that era may sell.

Mac actually have something groundbreaking in the Tango remixes, they were loved by house, pop, rock fans and what Arthur Baker and Jellybean did was unheard of for the time. Why you wouldnt want to celebrate that, god only knows…

adam shaw

It’s because Lindsey n the rest live in La La Land , he hasn’t been in the real world for decades.


I think the Flowers in the Dirt issue should be very easy to fix. If the box and the CDs are already manufactured/printed, they should print CDs at the request of those who want a physical copy of the digital tracks. It’s not the perfect solution, but better that nothing.


I love that Tears album ! have them email me if they doubt anyone liked it

John Tollerevy

It would be great to see a Deluxe reissue of the Tears’ album. It has some great songs on it and I saw the band headlining the Reading Festival NME/Radio 1 stage to a less than half full tent. They were up against the Foo Fighters but I was still amazed by the lack of turnout. Great set though… All best JT

Andy K

I’d love to see a deluxe reissue of The Tears LP, with all the B-sides etc. The Butler remix also sounds tantalising! If it’s been done why not stick it out? The actual album is maybe a bit too long, as you say, but there is some excellent stuff on there. If the McAlmont and Butler stuff has come out along with the forthcoming Anderson solo catalogue, then why not The Tears? Personally, I’d love to see Anderson ad Butler do another album together, once the latest iteration of Suede pauses.

Todd R.

FLOWERS IN THE DIRT is going on the “backlist” of wants if there are no physical b-sides for me. A darn shame, as I already own the album twice (including the original special edition CD set in the 12″ road case style sleeve(?) with the 3″ single and several posters/foldouts)… sorry but what’s the point really?
A bigger love for me (sorry) is TANGO IN THE NIGHT, an epic album for FM even if most of the work came from sessions via a Lindsey Buckingham solo project . I doubt the amount of behind-the-scenes photos exist compared to the level of outtake images via RUMOURS or TUSK….MIRAGE is fine for it’s content (the super deluxe vinyl book set) but a wee bit thin on the write up. Not even images of the singles included that I recall.
A disc of the remixes would be welcomed, as so many of them (“Family Man” and “Everywhere” especially) are harder to find. Sadly, the great work Rick Vito and Billy Burnette did to keep the big machine going for the tour that followed is probably going to be ignored. The live video (or audio – that later showed up as GREATEST HITS 1988 or BEHIND THE MASK b-sides) will probably be left out – marking a bit of inconsistency to the prior super-deluxe albums.


Yes inconsistent, but understandable given that the band dynamic had changed quite considerably with LB leaving, to such an extent that you could make a case that in essence it was no longer Mac in spirit, such was his influence and stature. Plus I guess he has to sign off on the SDE – and as it is mostly his work / album adding up the songwriting, playing, recording and production. It would be odd if he was happy having discs worth of material included of songs that he was not playing on. Still, he is a reasonable chap so maybe he will allow it.


Thanks Paul for your work in getting a call with McCartney’s manager. While things may not change, I’m hopeful that you told him that many are unhappy and won’t be buying. Perhaps this will change their approach for their next release (if there is any next one at all),


Bring on the Tears deluxe reissue with Butler’s remix! ;)


Agreed on The Tears – they were also well into writing a second album before the whole project was pulled in late ’05. Some of those later songs like “Berlin” (working title) and “Europe After The Rain” were well-received when played live. I think the pair were just getting into their stride and the first album was probably released a bit too soon (it’s all a bit too mid-tempo to my ears and that crystal clean production takes off the edges of songs that are meant to be grittier like “Brave New Century”) but there is a clutch of really good songs on it (like Refugees, Apollo 13, Autograph, The Asylum and The Ghost of You).

I imagine licensing agreements might render it less straight-forward for Edsel to reissue it than Suede and Brett’s solo back-cat. It originally came out on the Independiente label who I’m not sure even exist anymore.


I love Here Come the Tears. Brings back memories of a great period in my life. The songwriting as always is superb, and no, I don’t think it’s longer than it should have been — but I am a little biased when it comes to Suede or anything related as they’re my favorite band. I think Anderson & Butler is one of the greatest songwriting partnerships of all time, the arrangements are heavenly as always and I’d love to get a surround sound of the album in blu-ray (a missed opportunity with the DMS reissue three years ago) to hear the wall of sound production in all its blazing glory. It would be the re-release of the year in my book, certainly.

Ben Williams

By the sounds of thing then, probably mot going to have any Flowers in the Dirt B-sides on disc… Atleast they can explain why they did what they did re: downloads. Fair play for getting a phone call though! Glad the message got through. However, any reason they give for not issuing everything on Cd in the deluxe set is kind of inexplicable really.


I’d love a deluxe version of The Tears, good call Paul.

I’ve got the BA Solo box on order even though there’s only a few digital only tracks I don’t have as I got all the cd singles (i think anyway!), the various live releases and the Berlin USB release.. but I’m a sucker for boxes of my favourite artists.


I saw on another website that You and I Part 1 isn’t going to be on the Tango in the Night reissue. I hope this isn’t true, quite a wasted opportunity if it is true. I’m going to wait for SDE to bring us the final track listing in the fullness of time. :-)


There were zero remixes in both versions of Fleetwood Mac’s Tango tracklisting published this week.


My purchase of Flowers in the Dirt is contingent on one disc instead of downloads and Tango in the Night on a 5.1 mix. My credit card is anxiously waiting on an answer.


Re Macca, you may be the saviour of SDE’s as we know it Paul! A Mac TITN SDE is a dream to have, but wish they would drop the vinyl from it – offer both separately. I know, moan moan. It is such a waste for those who don’t have a turntable.

Charles K.

I agree completely, I always buy the vinyl versions as well but would prefer that they were separate from the CD portion. I’m starting to build up too many of theses enormous box sets due the inclusion of the vinyl. I suspect in some cases their filler when bonus content is lite. The style of the Simple Minds, TFF and Lloyd Cole boxes are perfect.

Lee Taylor

Why no SDE of Fleetwood Mac (the album that preceded Rumours)? That’s an absolute classic.

Philip Cohen

No SDE of the 1975 “Fleetwood Mac” album, because there is little additional studio material that could be added(though Warner Music does posess an unreleased 5.1 surround mix, created more than a decade ago.)


While the news on Flowers in the dirt does not sound promising regarding the downloads (otherwise Paul would have led with that story and scoop), I’ll simply wait a few months for the price to drop. I’ve always purchased those Archive sets right away and then kicked myself several months later as the price went down. A UK friend of mine just picked up the deluxe versions of V & M and Speed of sound for 10 quid each at a local record store in London. The price of the set has already dropped by 20% on some sites. When it is available for under $60, then I’ll get it. In the meantime, Mr. McCartney should check out the new Pink Floyd 27 disc boxed set to see how deluxe editions are really supposed to look.


I’d love to see a The Tears reissue so I completely agree with you about that. What about sending Edsel some emails?

And I’m eager to know the reasons behind the Flowers downloads…but I understand that nothing will change, unfortunately.


Well done on getting to Scott, Paul. From your tone it doesn’t sound like we will be getting the downloads on disc, but at least we know that the message got through to one of the people in charge.

Jim Edwards

I think you’re absolutely right about The Tears album. Too many tracks but otherwise a stunning album. Apollo 13 makes me blub every time. Oh, and also The Asylum… better than anything Suede have released since Heroin. Would love the remixed album. WCIBN? arrived this morning Paul, my Bowie shelves look happier and more complete


Impressed and glad that you got a chance to convey the gripes re: Flowers In the Dirt to Rodger directly. The short write-up does not leave me feeling good about anything changing for the better, but I guess those plans were set in stone anyway. I hope they learn from it. I am still seriously going back and forth about the need to buy this box set (and I have ALL the others). Obviously having a hole in the collection will likely grind me down, as I am a sad case, but I hate that I will feel this way every time I think about it.


@Svein, totally agree with every word, couldn’t have put it any better.


Transatlantic phone call with Sir Paul McCartney’s manager. Go you !


Indeed! In only semi-related news, I’d love an expanded “Back to the Egg.” There are plenty of extra unreleased tracks from that lineup of Wings, and the full live concert from Glasgow (right before his infamous bust in Japan!) includes several “Egg” tracks. Seems like a simple compilation.


Hopefully you asked Mr. Rogers if they plan on continuing the archive series, if so, will ALL Macca’s albums be released this way.


Good point.


Well done on getting Scott Rodger to speak to you Paul, I`m looking forward to your report. If there`s no change to FITD, maybe Macca and his people will listen to fans in future.

Peter Yarrow

I’m not really a fan of Macca, so I’m not overly worried about the Flowers in the Dirt debacle but, for those who would have liked a proper SuperDeluxe version, the fact you have access to music business bigwigs is hugely impressive. Respect!


The Tears is a FANTASTIC album. In fact, if it would have been released as a Suede album after Coming Up the world would recognize its greatness. As a Suede / Anderson / Butler fan the possible release of this expanded and remixed by Bernard version is a dream. And I would add: Apollo XIII is amongst the best ever recorded by Brett and Bernard. This is the level. Let’s hope Demon will see there is a public for this release and the world will see the genius of this work!

andrew R

Ref the tears love it .There is something unique in the parntership of
Bernard’s guitar and Spectorish production and Brett’s voice that Suede mk2
good as they are doesn’t reach . A vinyl re release suitably buffed up would be something i would gladly hand over money for. Any other missed gems you can think of Paul? Perhaps make this a regular feature?

Robert Morgenstern

I hope that they will release the Tango in the Night deluxe edition with a bunch of 12inch versions and a 5.1. Isn’t there one done by Wilson? Fingers crossed

Philip Cohen

Steven Wilson has never remixed any Fleetwood Mac material, but Rhino just issued his stereo-only mix of the 2nd album by “Chicago”

Mike the Fish

A guy from Rhino has said there’s no 5.1 for Tango. Apparently no mix exists to release.