SDE Reissue Preview for 2015

2015 will undoubtedly bring many surprises in terms of reissues and box sets as record labels do like to keep things close to their chests, but there is plenty we do know about either because it has already been officially announced or the artist themselves has revealed the future plans via social media. So sit back, nurse your New Year’s Eve hangovers and enjoy an SDE Reissue Preview of 2015.

Jellyfish: Bellybutton and Spilt Milk 2CD deluxe reissues confirmed
Jellyfish: Bellybutton 2CD Deluxe


The year kicks off in fine style with (at last) the arrival of the Jellyfish reissues. This should be a real treat, especially if you don’t own the Fanclub box set. Rock fans can enjoy the six-disc Rainbow classics/rarities set A Light In The Blackwhile the indie-pop box is ticked with a reissue of The Primitive‘s third studio album Galore.

Other releases in January include:

Led Zeppelin / Physical Graffiti super deluxe edition box set


Synth-pop fans will enjoy the delayed OMD Junk Culture two-CD deluxe this month, while the reissue doctor will administer an injection of prog via two classic Rick Wakeman re-releases both coming with original quad mixes on DVD. Those overpriced Kylie reissues have another five weeks to drop in price and the SDE already order is already placed for Hans Zimmer’s amazing Interstellar soundtrack in its Illuminated Star Projection Box guise. The Pretenders box set packed with 20 years’ worth of music in deluxe form will be another highlight.

Other releases in February include:

Simple Minds / Sparkle in the Rain five disc super deluxe edition box
Simple Minds: Sparkle in the Rain box


Simple Minds will return in March with a splendid super deluxe reissue of 1984’s Sparkle in the Rain. This was postponed from last year when the band prioritised the present over the past and put out their new album Big Music. The Sparkle reissue will feature a Steven Wilson 5.1 remix and Wilson releases his own record Hand.Cannot.Erase. a few weeks before. Madonna‘s troubled new LP should make an appearance around this time (although I’ll wager most fans would prefer some reissues) and we’ve spotted a deluxe edition of JamesLaid on the schedules (as well as Wah Wah).

Before The Dawn will be issued on Blu-ray

APRIL & Beyond


a-ha confirm reissues for 2015Box sets of the first two Roxy Music albums are expected in 2015 and we know that a super deluxe edition of a-ha‘s Hunting High and Low is coming, along with deluxe reissues of Stay On These Roads, East of the Sun, West of the Moon and Memorial Beach. There is no excuse in 2015 for Warners not to deliver the promised Prince Purple Rain reissue, either.

Paul McCartney / Tug Of War / 30th Anniversary EditionIt seems reasonable to expect *something* to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Pet Shop Boy‘s Please (and West End Girls) while Paul McCartney‘s next archive collection series moves firmly into the 1980s with the celebrated Tug of War and slightly less celebrated Pipes of Peace (Paul did his own version of the recent Sainsbury’s Christmas advert 31 years before them!).

Lloyd Cole and the Commotions box set on the wayIt is confirmed that a Deep Purple Made in Europe box is coming because the band let that slip and Kate Bush‘s Before The Dawn will see a deluxe release – probably a multi-disc book set – but we may have to wait for it. Expect a Rolling Stones super deluxe before we get to the summer and the Tears For Fears reissue campaign is set to continue. Lloyd Cole has happily revealed that a six-disc Commotions box is happening It’s now over four years since Duran Duran released the digital version of All You Need Is Now and perhaps we’ll see the follow-up in 2015 since there is no sign of any further reissues (notably 1993’s The Wedding Album). Led Zeppelin will return this time with Physical Graffiti, no doubt with ‘companion’ audio and all the usual configurations including super deluxe edition box set.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this preview. The list isn’t meant to be totally exhaustive, so if you know of something not featured why not leave a comment and let us and fellow SDE readers know! Happy New Year!

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Joshua Henderson

Please Please Please someone put out the China Crisis albums as double deluxe versions like they did already for their Diary of a Hollow Horse!!!
I emailed Cherry Red label begging them. You that are interested email them and if enough emails maybe will happen.
Yeah Kate Bush fans have been suffering for years…never any deluxe two cd versions of her classic albums. M F S L label should put them out on 24 karat plated cds too. Its not like a million rabid fans (like me) would not buy this stuff! Seems like a money making win win.
For the Small Faces….Release a double cd BBC expanded set.
Include the Color Me Pop Ogden performance in high quality audio (it is on dvd officially)!!!

Philip Cohen

A new Duran Duran studio album is coming, under the group’s new worldwide contract with Warner Bros.(who just happen to be the present-day owner of the group’s EMI back catalog). This is the closest that the group can come to returning to the (now-defunct) EMI.

Maybe now we can finally get quality remasters of the group’s back catalogue. The EMI 2-CD+DVD boxed set editions of “Duran Duran”(debut) & “Seven and The Ragged Tiger” were horrible, with some odd glitch at the start of “Girls in Film”, but the crumbling EMI denied that they were faulty and refused to issue corrected discs. The “Disc 1” in each of these sets were extremely shrill and distorted, and EMI’s refusal to put things right shook the trust of fans. Tellingly, when EMI issued 2-CD+ DVD editions of “Notorious” & “Big Thing”, the remastering engineer’s name was kept secret. Those releases sounded fine, but, by then, most fans were to wary to buy them.


A new compilation would be welcome. Decade included most of the singles released until 1989, Greatest was an update but very incomplete and with some hits shortened in order to fit 19 songs on one CD. A complete A sides collection wouldn’t be hard to compile, now that Warner owns their Harvest/Parlophone output (from Duran Duran to Thank You); the band owns the albums from Medazzaland (Duran Duran New Partnership) to All You Need is Now. Probably the only songs (but I’m not 100% sure) that need to be licensed are A View To a Kill (which came out on Capitol, now a Universal Music label) and Out of My Mind (which was a Virgin Records release back in 1997).

A 3CD set like Simple Minds’ “Celebrate” would be awesome, with a 2-CD “standard” set for the more casual fan with all the correct single versions remastered once again. Hope it can happen someday.

James Auman

Tears for Fears campaign continuing? Great news! Seeds of Love is an amazing album that I only recently discovered. Oddly enough I didn’t really like it when it was released but I only sampled the singles. Since it wasn’t Big Chair Pt. 2 I wasn’t enamored with it. But then I went back and listened to it a couple years ago. Totally different experience. “Badman’s Song” is unreal. It’s almost proggy in sensibility with the changing sections. And Year of the Knife also in that vein. I will definitely purchase a superdeluxeedition of that one!

Stephen Cohen

Any news regarding Alison Moyet’s first solo album, “Alf”? I would even settle for a simple remastering because I find the sound quality not so great. In addition, I have yet to find a remix of “Invisible (The Transparent Mix” from anywhere but my old vinyl copy. It sounds horrible when downloaded onto my MP3 player.

On a brighter note, I am thrilled to see one of my all-time favorite albums Paul McCartney “Tug Of War” getting some love (along with “Pipes Of Peace, which I -unlike the critics- loved). I just hope that the Wings “London Town” does not get ignored because it really is my favorite Wings album (apologies to the “Band On The Run” folks).

Keep up the great work!


Vaughan Wall releases a 10th anniversary super deluxe edition of his “shit hot” album in the summer this year,

[…] the beginning of this year in the SDE 2015 reissue preview, it was predicted that we’d see something from Neil and Chris in the next 12 months and it […]


New China Crisis album “Autumn In The Neighbourhood” due via Pledge anytime now (and it’s awesome)
No news on a reissue campaign as such. This may be given Gary’s attention after the new album is out and toured. I’d love to get involved in those reissues.
Would also like to see the Thomas Lang albums given a revisit.
Another year gone and still no sign of the follow up box (Half A dozen Of The Other) to the Squeeze box set (Six Of One)
all the best all!


…any details on Grace Jones “Disco Years Trilogy” box set?


The “fiala” Everything But The Girl albums would be good too!!


Is there any real evidence of the Catatonia reissues beyond the Amazon link? June 2014/Sept 2014/January 2015/March 2015 have been rumoured release dates.


So happy about OMD “Junk Culture” deluxe re-issue!
Desperatly need remastered deluxe versions of China Crisis first 3 albums – Difficult shapes…/Working with fire & steel/Flaunt the imperfection.
Kissing The Pink’s Naked/What Noise?/Certain things are likely.
David Bowie “Tonight” with all those remixed versions.
National Pastime “Built to break”.
Fiat Lux “Hired history” with all EP’s. This one would the be most desired one.

[…] mentioned in the SDE Preview for 2015, Mancunian band James (best known for their 1991 hit Sit Down) are seeing two of their albums […]

Trevor Smith

Have been wishing for many a year a DVD or pref. BluRay release of Grace Jones ‘One Man Show’. Kraftwerks Tate Modern shows on the BluRay format in 3D would be amazing. Really looking forward to Kate’s BTD later in the year!


Since the comments feature many wish lists, how about this one: Prefab Sprout – Steve McQueen, From Langley Park To Memphis, Jordan the Comeback 3 Disc editions – Disc 1: SACD hybrid with 5.1 mix by Thomas Dolby; Disc 2: b-sides, alternate/extended mixes, demos, unreleased tracks; Disc 3 video content. Oh hell why not do the full set of all 9 studio albums in one glorious box…


At this the the 50th for the Grateful Dead I would expect some significant box sets. We had the two big Spring 1990 boxes in the last two years, and Europe 72 has been done, as some other excellent smaller box sets from different runs of shows. Another Europe box? The Deadheads are salivating.


I think something will be coming for John Lennon as well this year, being he would have been 75 and also 35 years since his death (unfortunately one comes with the other) but fives and tens seem to get celebrated more. Speculation is leaning towards Live in NYC getting a new look, possibly in 5.1 that Jack Douglas has reportedly been working on in the last two years. Since Lennon releases usually are timed with October in mind, there might be an announcement in the summer.

Peter B

I’m really pissed off about how the new Belle & Sebastian album is being released (“Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance”). I love this band, I have to have every track by them and when a new B&S album is released I buy the version with the most songs. But this time, it seems they’re really trying to milk avid fans.
There’s 4 versions: CD (standard only with 24-page booklet, no deluxe CD); 2LP; iTunes; and a box of 4 12″ records.
The CD and 2LP have 12 tracks.
The iTunes version has these 12 tracks plus 2 others (14 tracks all up).
The box – which of course is way more expensive than the other formats – has the 12 tracks including extended versions of 2 of these tracks not available on the other formats (yes, really – like Dire Straits did with the CD version of Brothers In Arms compared to the LP version at the time – I only know this from what my Dad listened to in the 80s, that wasn’t in my collection, let’s move on!), plus one of the extra tracks on the iTunes version plus 3 more tracks (16 tracks all up – and not including one of the iTunes bonus tracks, when it really should for the price).
To get all the songs, the way to buy it is to get the box version and buy the remaining iTunes bonus track that’s not on the box version, providing that this track will not be one of those “Album only” tracks that sometimes appear on iTunes – and then maybe the CD if you want the booklet as well (this should also have been included in the box).
17 tracks – including the 2 extended version – should comfortably fit on a single CD and a 2LP, so there’s no need for extra tracks to be kept off these versions, or for there to be a box version of 4 x 12″ records when a 2LP would suffice.
Artists/labels who have extra tracks on the iTunes versions of albums and not the physical versions remind me of the awful practice in the 80s and 90s of having extra tracks on the cassette and CD versions of albums, when they were trying to phase out vinyl.
I will have to buy the box version because it has the most songs (it’s particularly expensive to get it in Australia where I am – Amazon UK seems to have the best deal). But I can’t say I’m too happy about it. If it was attractive packaging that could sway me, but the sleeve art is terrible, their worst ever (and maybe the worst I’ve seen since “20 Ten” by Prince in 2010 – yes, that bad).
I just hope that, after I fork out A$80+, it’s good! (I really liked their last one, Write About Love, so I’m hopeful).
Belle & Sebastian, I still love you but you’re gouging your fans. Love, Pete


And the new Toto Album “Toto XIV” will be released in March!


And the new Waterboys album “Modern Blues” will be released soon as well, on January 19!

Giles Roditi

My wish for February – a 40th anniversary SDE of David Bowie’s Young Americans with a remaster, collected versions that have been on different re-issues over the years plus the fabled Shilling the Rubes. Preferably a Blu-Ray that would have all in PCM + download ( similar to Grace Jone Nightclubbing) and could have related videos (Dick Cavett etc.). Won’t hold my breath but hoping ++


I think since they skipped Diamond Dogs they probably won’t do anymore of those. Although one can hope, as I for one hope they’ll do it. Shame they couldn’t have all been deluxe/expanded editions though.

Leslie Hanagan

Audio Fidelity have announced their next two releases, both scheduled with a street date of February 17th. These are Bread ‘The Best Of Bread’ and Grover Washington Jr. ‘Winelight’ and are hybrid multichannel SACD releases.
I’m still waiting for the promised Jon & Vangelis ‘The Friends Of Mr Cairo’ release.

David Camilleri

I also am still eagerly awaiting reissues of Jon & Vangelis material (Short Stories & Friends of Mr Cairo).

Was not aware that these were ‘promised’ however? If so, that gives me a glimmer of hope!

Danny B

I would love to think that something will be released by The Stranglers (1977-1979) during 2015 apart from the usual run of the mill basic re-issues….how on earth Rattus Norvegicus, No More Heroes, Black & White or The Raven have not been issued as super deluxe editions is beyond me.


Is there any confirmation/acknowledgement of the catatonia reissues ANYWHERE other than the Amazon UK links? Rhino’s youtube channel has crisp version of several of their music videos uploaded 9 months ago.

The same reissues got bumped in June 2014 and September 2014. With no word 2 weeks from release one would think they got bumped again.


New Stephen Duffy / The Lilac Time album “No Sad Songs” coming on 6th April 2015 on Tapete. Apologies if this is old news.


@Dav – it’s not old news to me and I am very excited that they are finally releasing the album. Duffy has been talking about it for ages so it seems it’s been a long time in the making.

Thanks for the info where did you find it?


@trash It’s on their website http://www.thelilactime.com where there is also a link to a free download of the title track of the new record and to a youtube video. Duffy is also worth following on twitter for updates and entertaining banter.

Teyo from the continent

After all those excellent Art of Noise reissues it is high time to do justice to one of the main sources: Malcolm Mclaren’s Duck Rock.
An early 80s milestone, far ahead of its time. The original album, the extended mixes, b-sides, and the mini-album Would Ya Like More Scratching would make a great package.
How about some Swamp Things or any other outtakes?
Room left? An extra dvd with the Duck Rock documentary!


A deluxe Duck Rock would be most most welcome. Unavailability of some of those twelve inch versions and remixes on cd particularly D’Ya Like Scratchin’ ? is really frustrating. Massively ahead of it’s time album.


Spot on!


Another belated Happy New Year! Keep up the great work. After finally getting Tommy and Quadrophenia SDEs, I would love to see Who’s Next get the same treatment. Looking forward to the Paul McCartney releases of TOW and POP but hope we don’t have to wait too long!

Phil Cohen

Unfortunately the multitrack tapes for half the songs from “Who’s Next” are missing, so no surround remix.


A belated Happy New Year Paul! and a special thanks for your wallet
emptying site, I love it!

I really enjoyed the cabaret about half way down this thread, entertaining stuff, and a Happy New Year to everyone else who comes to this site.


Anyone who know anything about The Cure – Mixed Up 2 ? it was supposed to be released 2012/13

Lee Carson

The James “Laid” is down to their old label with the band not involved

We must be due an ABC “how to be…” Deluxe version this year?


In agreement to the mentioned
Eg and Alice 24 Years
Haircut 100 Pelican West
George Michael LWP
Scritti Politti Cupid and Psyche
All classic albums
But the jewel of 2015 hopefully will be Seeds of Love
But was it recorded to 16 bit digital multi track?
Are there analogue tape backup tracks like those found of The Red shoes?

Rob Deighton

On the official Queen Website Forum it was let slip that all of their albums were to be reissued on Vinyl in 2015 – wonder if they are to be collated in a box set as well being issued individually.


“Greatest Video Hits 3” DVD is the thing I’m looking forward to the most when Queen are about. EMI should’ve released it shortly after the previous two volumes circa 10 years ago. Their ’90s as well as Brian May’s and Roger Taylor’s solo promo video opuses haven’t seen a DVD release yet which is criminal. The solo Freddie Mercury one was collected on the “Solo Collection” box-set from 2000.


I would just hope that any ‘deluxe’, ‘ super deluxe’ or ‘definitive’ reissues this year are released with the best mastering possible so that the audio is the best out there and that all the accompanying text is actually proof read so that we don’t receive products with printed errors.

A lot of products released are obviously rushed out by people with no intimate knowledge of the music they are selling or the required information on how to make the product ‘definitive’ for the fans.

Paul Brown

Apologies for those following my Shriekback news, Care is a single CD release with 8 bonus tracks, just got mine today. Not sure how I got that wrong but red wine may have played a part…….

Here is (from someone from the Shriekback website with the initials B.A….) news about the box set…

“the box set will be the new album. a collaborative instrumental album (with thee Caretakers)
and some 3D art objects -with documentation- all limited (to 30) copies.”

The line forms behind me….!


From what fans have heard from Madonna’s Rebel Heart, it’s already better than anything she’s done since Confessions on a Dance Floor.

I anticipate the new album more than reissues, so reissues can wait for now, and I’d only want them if thought and consideration was actually put into the reissues, so many unreleased demos that could be added to the collection.


I’m also hoping the reissues of The Blow Monkeys albums continue with Whoops! and Springtime. Fantastic two albums these.


The Blow Monkeys are one of the artists from the 1980s who will release their new albums in 2015 as well. Their new album is called “If Not Now, When?”, and will come out on April 6.
Also, Paul Weller has just announced his brand new studio release entitled “Saturn’s Pattern” for the latter period of the year. :)


Adam Ant’s new studio album entitled “Bravest Of The Brave” is due for release earlier this year too.


I want “Seeds Of Love” of TFF and Terence Trent d’Arby’s albums … parmi tant d’autres …


Posting this here in case any industry/reissue label folks are reading: someone needs to release all of the Payola$ albums on CD at last. These have never been released digitally. There’s a version of “No Stranger To Danger” on iTunes but it’s a poor vinyl rip from that RDEG label (also known as Renaissance).

Also – Kane Gang “Miracle” with the 7″ edit of “Motortown” and any other single/extended mixes from the album.

David Camilleri

I second a CD release of No Stranger to Danger!

Steve Marine

“and the Tears For Fears reissue campaign is set to continue.”

Roberto Bessa Ferreira

And 30th anniversary Cure The Head on the Door and Dire Straits Brothers in Arms of course !


I hope the Love of Will deluxe by David McComb will once be issued. When the fantastic Triffids 10cd box came out, is was announced this would happen.


My wish list for 2015:
1. Simple Minds – Once Upon A Time Deluxe (30th ANNIVERSARY)
2. Sting – The Dream Of The Blue Turtles Deluxe (30th ANNIVERSARY)
3. Alison Moyet – Alf Deluxe (30th ANNIVERSARY)
4. Prefab Sprout – Steve Mcqueen Deluxe (30th ANNIVERSARY).
Also DVD with music videos from Prefab Sprout, Thompson Twins, Kim Wilde, Paul Young, Sting, Kate Bush, Depeche Mode (81-85), Blancmange never been released.


Bob Marley’s 70th anniversary is in Feb 2015….
The recent House of Marley tweet stated “2015 to see stocked reissues, unreleased music, live albums & more from the bobmarley vault.”

It certainly got me excited….


70th anniversary lol. Of what? His birth i guess

Paul Brown

@trash-yes I guess I’m worried that I’ll purchase the re-releases and then find the box set replicates some of what of I’ve already brought… I’ll ask the question of the shrieks and keep all posted…

Thomas Williams

There are also expanded re-issues of the Dionne Warwick albums “Heartbreaker”, “Hot! Live And Otherwise”, “Friends In Love”, “Friends” and “Reservations For Two” coming later this year.

Jorge Luna

plus, Emerson, Lake and Palmer apparetly will reissue “Trilogy” (CD + 5.1 DVD-A) on next February…

Paul Brown

Sorry should have mentioned, these are available from the Shriekback website, I was only aware of this site late 2014…


@Paul Brown – Thanks for the info about Care. I bought the Jam Science reissue which is great (and about time).
Question is do I buy Care or wait for the box set….

Paul Brown

Hi Paul
Happy New Year! Thanks for all the excellent work in 2014, looking foward to the new releases in 2015 though I’m not sure my wallet is!
Just some news I have, haven’t seen it anywhere else on this site but Shriekback have re-released a 2 x CD of Jam Science. Some of the material has been sourced from vinyl but still sounds good to my ears. They also just announced a re-release of Care, 2 x CD which I’ve ordered. I’m sure you are aware of those but they have also asked for fans opinion on a release of a box set which now seems will happen. No word yet as to the content though.


Wow Nancy, ASF! Now that is getting obscure for SDE. I was only looking at their entry on Wikipedia today. First concert I ever went to was ASF at Leicester (UK). Mr and Mrs Fiend were old then and that was back in the mid eighties! A good alternative music era with so much choice. Listening to John Peel late into the night with school the next day was a regular occurence… Happy days.


Hi Daran! I don’t think Alien Sex Fiend are obscure for SDE at all. I stand by the opinion that every (super) deluxe edition release coming up regardless of that particular artist’s obscurity or cheesiness on the other side should be mentioned in the news, especially when a general music info site is about. And SDE is one of such sites, with general approach to music no matter of artists’ genre or size. I think Alien Sex Fiend’s fans would be more than thrilled to read on their favourite band’s upcoming (super) deluxe edition releases on the sites like our beloved SDE. That shouldn’t be taken away to them in any case.
I agree the mid Eighties were a terrific period for alternative music, though. There was so much to choose from back then indeed. And then there was one and the only John Peel as well.
Have a great year ahead! :)


Another year and the wait stand still. Sometimes I wonder why we wait for soooooooo looooooong for things to happen, I mean, the lovely reissues. Sometimes it fullfill our hopes but sometimes it would be better not to have it due to the extra big of missing material. I’m still waiting for KATE BUSH, THOMAS DOLBY, EURYTHMICS (TOO MANY B-SIDES AND REMIXES MISSING), OMD, ULTRAVOX (THE UNIVERSAL YEARS), THE CURE, DURAN DURAN AND SO ON. My list is toooooooooooooo looooooooooooooong to put here and it seems that my patience doesn’t have the same lenght.
The ones who were teen at the 8O’s are 5O or more nowadays and life doesn’t last forever. The record companies doesn’t mind about it. I prefer to face the truth and I wonder if the fans interested in these re-releases will be here when the great day, the reissues, of couse, arrives. Probably not.

Phil Cohen

Eurythmics member Dave Stewart has explained that the reason that he isn’t doing any further Eurythmics archival projects was because “Legacy”(Sony’s reissue division) declined to release the 8 Eurythmics expanded/remastered CD’s in The U.S.A. /I would think that only a change of heart from Sony/Legacy would resolve that situation.

The situation with Duran Duran archive projects has its roots in the severely flawed mastering in the Disc One’s in EMI’s 2-CD + DVD editions of “Duran Duran”(debut) & “Seven & The Ragged Tiger”, and EMI’s denial that there was anything wrong with the discs, and their refusal to issue corrected discs. The discs are unbelievably harsh & shrill. They(EMI) shook the trust of the Duran Duran fans, permanently damaging the commercial worth of the group’s back catalog. EMI later issued 2-CD + DVD editions of “Notorious” & “Big Thing”(carefully keeping the remastering engineer’s name secret), and these sets sounded fine, but by then, wary consumers(burnt on the “Duran Duran”[debut] & “Seven and The Ragged Tiger” sets) were reluctant to buy them. Presumably the group’s EMI catalog has now gone to Warner Music. The ball is in Warners’ court now.


Phil Cohen,

Eurythmics 8 expanded/remastered CDs were released in the U.S.A. I bought them on the day of their release here in the U.S.A. Regardless, it is a shame that Eurythmics’ back catalog has been neglected since then.


I’ve forgot to congratulate you a very Happy Super Deluxe 2015, Paul. Looking forward to read your rather splendid site for the next 12 months. You’re giving physical releases the power they deserved a whole lot more than faceless digital downloads, streamings and alike. Keep on doing a great job!
Anyways…I’ve just found out that Alien Sex Fiend’s four studio albums – “Who’s Been Sleeping In My Brain” (1983), “Acid Bath” (1984), “Maximum Security” (1985) and “”It” – The Album” (1986) – will be collected in the “Classic Albums and BBC Sessions Collection” box-set by Cherry Red Records on February 23. All will come up with a bunch of bonus material including relevant single mixes, B-sides, rarities and six previously unreleased John Peel session recordings.
Jimmy Somerville will release his new studio album entitled “Homage” on March 9 on Cherry Red Records as well.

Hans Jörg

Happy new year also from me to Paul and everybody contributing to this site. I wonder what happened with the several times postponed rod Stewart box with the albums up to 2001 that should contain as I assume the remastered versions with bonus tracks available as mp3 downloads only until today. I preordered the box last year but it was shifted now to February or so.not sure at the moment. Box idea?