SDE Reissue Preview for 2016

Another year over and a new one just begun... 2015 brought us some fantastic reissues and box sets, but for those who enjoy their glasses half empty, it also failed to deliver some hoped-for product (hello, Kate Bush, Prince and Pet Shop Boys).

This year should be good though and I’m sure we will see a 30th anniversary edition of the PSB’s debut Please. Hopefully, after the big announcement last month, Concord Bicycle Music Company will be using pedal power to deliver R.E.M. fans an Out Of Time 25th deluxe too.

We know (thanks to those ‘coming soon’ cards in the recent reissues) that Paul McCartney is skipping forward to 1989 and selecting Flowers in the Dirt for his next Archive Collection deluxe releases, it’s just a question of whether he’ll opt for a May/June release or whether we’ll have to wait until Sep/Oct for it.

Phil Collins / Face Value reissue


No messing around as we ease into 2016 with the small matter of a new David Bowie album at the end of next week! Mike Oldfield follows not long after and continues his intelligent and stylish reissue campaign with not only Discovery and The Killing Fields but a new collection called The 1984 Suite. Hopefully, Phil Collins‘ back is better and his delayed reissues can be promoted at the end of January. Finally, Star Wars fans should get their pre-orders in for the 11-disc Ultimate Soundtrack Collection which is great value at less than £40!

Reissues/albums of interest in January include:


Elton John returns with Wonderful Crazy Night, his 32nd studio album, which like 2013’s The Diving Board comes as a super deluxe edition box set. The Fun Lovin’ Criminals are back with a tour and a 6-disc deluxe of their debut, and David Bowie is on the release schedules again, this time with a 4LP box set of his Bowie at the Beeb set.

Reissues/albums of interest in February include:


Primal Scream return with the dubiously titled Chaosmosis. Judging by the comments when we posted about this last month, the artwork is as unpopular as the title. James have a new album out, as does Tanita Tikaram. Sony (for some reason) will reissue Sade‘s Best Of on vinyl, as the wait for a Diamond Life deluxe continues.

Reissues/albums of interest in March include:

APRIL & Beyond

Confirmed reissues:

  • Leonard Cohen / Vinyl reissues
  • Paul McCartney / Flowers in the Dirt (archive collection reissue)
  • Thompson Twins / Quick Step and Side Kick (2LP deluxe)
  • Jean Michel Jarre / Electronica Part 2 (read about part one here)
  • Erasure / box set

Rumoured / likely-to-happen reissues:

I think it’s safe to say that – amazingly – we are likely to see a George Michael reissue, given all the recent activity (including the Freedom! ’90 picture disc) around the 25th anniversary of his best album, Listen Without Prejudice, vol 1. Whether George will open up the archives and include unreleased material (he didn’t with Faith) remains to be seen.

We know that Tears For Fears now have no choice but to deliver their new album before the summer, since they’ve already lined up their first UK gigs in over 10 years to support it. Meanwhile, the the reissue campaign started in 2013 with The Hurting, will continue, with a Q4 re-release of The Seeds of Love highly probable.

Pet Shop Boys’ “Please” is 30 this year

Neil Tennant talked about a ‘forthcoming reissue project’ for the Pet Shop Boys almost a year ago. We were hoping for something in 2015 but clearly ‘issues’ have slowed things down. No matter, 2016 is the 30th anniversary of Please, so we will either get an all-singing and all-dancing deluxe of their debut or some kind of ambitious Blur Box-style career retrospective that spans many years. Our money is on the former.

R.E.M.‘s Out of Time is another album celebrating an anniversary (25 years) and as mentioned at the top of this post, it is highly likely to be reissued this year because the band have walked away from Warners and inked a deal with Concord Bicycle Music Company specifically to ‘leverage’ the Warner-era back catalogue.

Deep Purple‘s delayed Made in Europe box set should see the light of day in 2016, and I’ll deploy some reverse psychology here and say that Kate Bush‘s Before The Dawn definitely WON’T come out as a multi-disc CD/Blu-ray/DVD package before the year is out.

Paul Waaktaar from a-ha mentioned in a fan chat that a deluxe reissue of the band’s ‘comeback’ album from 2000, Minor Earth Major Sky, is being worked on, so we may see that before the year is out and we know that Parlophone are working on a ‘series’ of David Bowie boxes, so a follow-up to Five Years is close to a certainty in 2016 (SDE money is on it being called Golden Years).

Lloyd Cole working on new box setLast year, on the eve of his six-disc Collected Recordings set, we asked Lloyd Cole about working on box sets. He told us “I’m not against it, but I wouldn’t want to be devoting the majority of my time [to it]”. Despite this, he has already enthusiastically poured some energy into researching a solo albums box. It sounds like early days, so perhaps this is a project that may not see the light of day until 2017.

purplerainFinally, this wouldn’t be a reissue preview without lamenting the lack of the any Prince deluxe editions. It was March 2014 when Warners told the world that their new agreement with the Purple One would “see the release of long-awaited, previously unheard material”. Well, where is it then? Maybe they meant it would be a ‘long wait’ rather than ‘long awaited’. Almost two years down the line they appear to have be duped. Prince continues to do whatever he wants (issue new material, ‘hit and run’ tours etc.) and doesn’t appear to be doing ANYTHING Warners (or fans) want – i.e. enabling them to get on with creating some deluxe reissues. At least there is no evidence that anything is happening and only a fool would predict any reissues for 2016.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this preview. The list isn’t meant to be totally exhaustive, so if you know of something not featured why not leave a comment and let us and fellow SDE readers know! Happy New Year!

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I see the Kings of the Wild Frontier is May 20th at a meaty £80


Classic albums celebrating jubilee anniversaries in 2016 – Part 4:

– Byrds “Turn, Turn, Turn”
– Simon & Garfunkel “Sounds Of Silence”
– The Rolling Stones “Aftermath”
– Lovin’ Spoonful “Daydream”
– The Mamas & The Papas “If You Can Believe Your Eyes And Ears”
– The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds”
– The Beatles “Revolver”
– Bob Dylan “Blonde On Blonde”
– Maurice Jarre “Doctor Zhivago (OST)”
– The Monkees “The Monkees”

– Everly Brothers “A Date With The Everly Brothers”
– The Shadows “The Shadows”
– Elvis Presley “Blue Hawaii (OST)”
– Cliff Richard & The Shadows “The Young Ones (OST)”

– Frank Sinatra “Songs For Swinging Lovers”
– Bill Haley & His Comets “Rock Around The Clock”
– Elvis Presley “Rock ‘N’ Roll”
– Lonnie Donegan “Showcase”
– Original Soundtrack “Carousel”
– Original Soundtrack “Oklahoma!”
– Original Soundtrack “High Society”


Prince in Ebony Magazine:

EBONY: Will you be remastering the catalog?
Prince: Hopefully, yeah. A new Greatest Hits. Because I never had anything to do with [The Hits/The B-Sides]. But put great liner notes in it to explain what record came from what and why. Explain the backstory of it. Somebody said “Purple Rain” was inspired by Bob Seger! I said, call him in. “Sit down, man. Y’all got to have everything, huh? Bob Seger?! You gon’ put that in the ether? OK.” [laughter]


Regarding the Tears for Fears Seeds of Love (SuperDeluxe) that everybody is hoping for there won’t be enough material to fill a double CD never mind a box set as there was only a handful of b sides and no live tracks or remixes from that album. No doubt somebody will mention the Live In Santa Barbara concert but that’s already been released on the Scenes From The Big Chair DVD.

Julian H

Erm Neil… surely you know the backstory of the album? There’s three years’ worth of unused songs, alternate versions, jams, etc.! And if you could calculate, you’d surely see that 2 CDs are nicely filled with the album, it’s b-sides, the single and radio edits, Woman in Chains instrumental, all Johnny Panic mixes and Sowing the Seeds full version.

Julian H

There we go. Great news. Did they take better care of the transitions this time? (as there are no gaps between the first three tracks again, like on SFTBC)

Also, I’m sincerely hoping that working with Steven Wilson, Winner of the Dynamic Range Award 2015, has sharpened TFF’s sense for dynamics and proper mastering so that the new album doesn’t turn out like the sonic mess that was ELAHE.

Anybody who isn’t aware of how much even previously released rarities there are, just click on my name and search for the Seeds thread.

David White

A lot of potentially exciting issues for 2016 , although i do not hold out too much hope for Kate Bush reissues!

My desirables for 2016 would be:-

Tears for Fears Seeds of Love (SuperDeluxe)
Terence Trent D’Arby Introducing the Hardline (Superdeluxe)

Colin Harper

@ MiG – re: the 2009 Hux Quintessence live albums… there may well be a chance to revisit the Queen Elizabeth Hall material in a future release. We had to make do with a basic balance mix from Abbey Road, supplied by Universal, for the 2009 CDs (the 2CD ‘Infinite Love: Live At QE Hall’ and half of ‘Cosmic Energy: Live At St Pancras’, with the 40 min ‘Giants’ as a bonus to the surviving St Pancras material).

Universal have, very generously, been happy to give us access to the multis for the forthcoming studio outtakes collection, and that will result in a hugely improved product – a lot of mixing wizardry and patience is going into the album, believe me. It has crossed my mind that a 5CD box set (clamshell box, five mini-LP sleeved discs and a perfect bound booklet) containing the three live discs and the two studio discs could be a future Hux project, as the live discs have more or less sold out at this point. Rather than simply repress, I would hope Universal would be agreeable to allowing multi-track access so the QE Hall material can be properly mixed – giving 2 1/2 discs of ‘exclusive’ content. I would envisage the booklet containing new material alongside the original 18,000+ words content of the original live CD booklets and the (no doubt also lengthy) content of the forthcoming outtakes 2CD.

This is just an aspiration at this point, but it’s eminently possible. Re: the splice in ‘Giants’ – the tape had run out and was replaced mid song (well, it WAS a 40 minute song, after all!) and, as I recall, we spliced the two sections together in as ‘musical’ a way as possible while losing as little actual music as possible.

There is, though, a happy coda to the tale of the missing St Pancras 1970 live material. Previously, only a 36 minute monitor mix (as used on the 2009 CD) could be found. Turns out that was the second set in the concert. We’ve now found a multi-track for ‘Body’ with post song chat that suggests it was the end of the first set. This track will be appended to the studio outtakes 2CD.


Classic albums celebrating jubilee anniversaries in 2016 – Part 3:

– David Bowie “Station To Station”
– Dr Feelgood “Stupidity”
– Vangelis “Albedo 0.39”
– Jean-Michel Jarre “Oxygene”
– Stevie Wonder “Songs In The Key Of Life”
– ABBA “Arrival”
– Queen “A Day At The Races”

– T.Rex “Electric Warrior”
– Yes “The Yes Album”
– Yes “Fragile”
– Jethro Tull “Aqualung”
– Leonard Cohen “Songs Of Love And Hate”
– The Rolling Stones ” Sticky Fingers”
– Paul & Linda McCartney “Ram”
– Emerson Lake & Palmer “Tarkus”
– Fairport Convention “Angel Delight”
– Carole King “Tapestry”
– Rod Stewart “Every Picture Tells A Story”
– Joni Mitchell “Blue”
– The Who “Who’s Next”
– Deep Purple “Fireball”
– Cat Stevens “Teasers And The Firecat”
– Curved Air “Curved Air”
– John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band (with The Flux Fiddlers)
– Lindisfarne “Fog On The Tyne”
– Led Zeppelin “Four Symbols (Led Zeppelin 4)”
– Isaac Hayes “Shaft”
– Original Soundtrack “Love Story”


Classic albums celebrating jubilee anniversaries in 2016 – Part 2:

– Talk Talk “The Colour Of Spring”
– Depeche Mode “Black Celebration”
– Janet Jackson “Control”
– Pet Shop Boys “Please”
– The Art Of Noise “In Visible Silence”
– Peter Gabriel “So”
– Queen “A Kind Of Magic”
– Genesis “Invisible Touch”
– Jean-Michel Jarre “Rendez-Vous”
– Mylene Farmer “Cendres de Lune”
– The Smiths “The Queen Is Dead”
– Madonna “True Blue”
– Eurythmics “Revenge”
– The Housemartins “London 0 Hull 4”
– Paul Simon “Graceland”
– Bon Jovi “Slippery When Wet”
– The Human League “Crash”
– New Order “Brotherhood”
– Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark “The Pacific Age”
– A-Ha “Scoundrel Days”
– Cameo “Word Up”
– The Mission “God’s Own Medicine”
– The The “Infected”
– Beastie Boys “License To Ill”
– Kim Wilde “Another Step”

– Visage “Visage”
– The Stranglers “Themeninblack”
– The Stranglers “La Folie”
– Spandau Ballet “Journey To Glory”
– Public Image Ltd. “Flowers Of Romance”
– Vangelis “Chariots Of Fire (OST)”
– Jean-Michel Jarre “Magnetic Fields”
– The Cure “Faith”
– Kraftwerk “Computer World”
– Echo & The Bunnymen “Heaven Up Here”
– Duran Duran “Duran Duran”
– Magazine “Magic, Murder And The Weather”
– Siouxsie & The Banshees “JuJu”
– Kim Wilde “Kim Wilde”
– Foreigner “4”
– Simple Minds “Sons And Fascinations / Sisters Feelings Call”
– Ultravox “Rage In Eden”
– Heaven 17 “Penthouse And Pavement”
– John Foxx “The Garden”
– Saxon “Denim And Leather”
– The Human League “Dare!”
– UB40 “Present Arms”
– New Order “Movement”
– U2 “October”
– Adam & The Ants “Prince Charming”
– Depeche Mode “Speak & Spell”
– Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark “Architecture & Morality”
– Cabaret Voltaire “Red Mecca”
– Matt Johnson/The The “Burning Blue Soul”
– Japan “Tin Drum”
– Soft Cell “Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret”
– ABBA “The Visitors”
– The Go-Go’s “Beauty And The Beat”


Coming off a wallet crushing 2015, I read your article with great interest and thought “not too bad”….

Then I started reading all the comments and thinking “Oh yeah, that’s a good one! That one too! Yep, gotta have that…”

So your invited to my wallets funeral on December 27, 2016…

Thanks Paul.


As likely as a snowball fight in hell I expect, but I’d love to see some legacy re-releases of stuff by (The) Banderas, one of the forgotten acts of 90’s music.


Neneh Cherry….. come on !


Classic albums celebrating jubilee anniversaries in 2016 – Part 1:

– Ocean Colour Scene “Moseley Shoals”
– Ash “1977”
– Manic Street Preachers “Everything Must Go”
– Metallica “Load”
– Robert Miles “Dreamland”
– Beck “O-De-Lay”
– Suede “Coming Up”
– R.E.M. “New Adventures In Hi-Fi”
– DJ Shadow “Endtroducing….”
– Kula Shaker “K”
– Sheryl Crow “Sheryl Crow”
– Skunk Anansie “Stoosh”
– Faithless “Reverence”
– The Lightning Seeds “Dizzy Heights”
– Spice Girls “Spice”

– Queen “Innuendo”
– Carter – The Unstoppable Sex Machine “30 Something”
– Chris Rea “Auberge”
– 808 State “ex:el”
– The Farm “Spartacus”
– The KLF “The White Room”
– Morrissey “Kill Uncle”
– R.E.M. “Out Of Time”
– Lenny Kravitz “Mama Said”
– Roxette “Joyride”
– Massive Attack “Blue Lines”
– Simple Minds “Real Life”
– The Orb “The Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld”
– EMF “Schubert Dip”
– De La Soul “De La Soul Is Dead”
– Mylene Farmer “L’Autre…”
– Seal “Seal”
– Electronic “Electronic”
– Crowded House “Woodface”
– Metallica “Metallica”
– Prince & The New Power Generation “Diamonds And Pearls”
– Guns N’Roses “Use Your Illusion I”
– Guns N’Roses “Use Your Illusion II”
– Bryan Adams “Waking Up The Neighbours”
– Nirvana “Nevermind”
– Pixies “Trompe Le Monde”
– Red Hot Chili Peppers “Blood Sugar Sex Magik”
– Simply Red “Stars”
– Erasure “Chorus”
– Mariah Carey “Emotions”
– Enya “Shepherd Moons”
– Genesis “We Can’t Dance”
– Michael Jackson “Dangerous”
– U2 “Achtung Baby”


Well I’m expecting a special 25th-anniversary reissue of Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous” (to which Sony would once again add some ridiculous, “contemporary” remixes). I hope this time they will finally reveal this David Lynch-directed video for the title track.
And, I’m also expecting huge reissues of Guns N’Roses albums, with extra material – now that they’ve announced plans for the tour, plus it’s 25 years since “Use Your Illusion”.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Metallica announce some schedule of reissues, not necessarily because of the anniversary of The Black Album…


Still extremely wantedfor the future :

The Human League SUPER DELUXE EDITIONS of all albums

Dead Or Alive SUPER DELUXE EDITIONS of all albums

Sade SUPER DELUXE EDITIONS of all albums


Maybe a deluxe The Dream Of The Blue Tur… LOL, no, no, i was joking!


Hubert Kah’s as of yet untitled box-set and promo video collection DVDs by both, Samantha Fox and Kim Wilde, should be out by the end of the year too.


Would love to see a proper remastered deluxe edition of each Jane’s Addiction Warner release. Perhaps a (near) full live show from each era’s release on the second disc since we’ve seen the full complement of demos and b-sides in Cabinet Of Curiosities.


Other new albums also coming out/scheduled for release in 2016:
Adam Ant “Bravest Of The Brave”
Alphaville “Strange Attractor”
Blondie “TBA”
B-Movie “Climate Of Fear”
Enigma “TBA”
Fleetwod Mac “TBA”
Samantha Fox “TBA”
Howard Jones “TBA”
Modern English “TBA”
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark “TBA”
Slow Children “TBA”
The The “TBA”
Then Jerico “TBA”
Kim Wilde “TBA”

Neil Kelly

You’ve been reading my post on a certain other website… Lol


January 2016 will yet see the following releases:
– Visage “Darkness To Diamond” (Remix Album) (out 8th)
– Modern Romance “Adventures In Clubland” (Expanded Reissue) (out 22nd)
– Skeletal Family “Eternal: Singles, Albums, Rarities, BBC Sessions, Live, Demos 1982-2015” (Box-Set) (out 29th)

February 2016 will yet bring us:
Adam And The Ants “Kings Of The Wild Frontier” (Deluxe Reissue) (out 5th)
The Cult “Hidden City” (New Album) (out 5th)

While March 2016 will be reserved for:
Blancmange “Commuter 23” (New Album) (out 11th)

as well.


Colin Harper! Thank you for the information! RAWK!


i can only hope & pray that the t.f.f. reissue of “the seeds of love” is similar to the awesome “hurting” & “songs from…” reissue boxes. if it includes the original version of the album recorded and scrapped , it will be a dream come true!!!

Julian H

Well from what I understand there are songs dropped at the last minute and early, quite different versions of the known tracks, so probably enough to amount for an alternate ‘album’ of material. I know that the focus for the 2-CD set will probably be on the period rarities (Woman in Chains instrumental, Sowing the Seeds full version, Year of the Knife edit) but I really hope for a lot of outtakes and some live material as well (the band was amazing).

We’ll see…


Im hoping for some Visage reissues – the first album plus the dance mix album – there are numerous b-sides, dance mixes and vids from the first 2 releases – double CD and DVD please!


What about Combat Rock from The Clash with the Mick Jones mix: rat patrol from Fort Briggs. And also a live Clash box. I know they recorded a lot of their show.


If a deluxe Combat Rock comes out would love to have the outtakes of Ranking Roger doing ‘Rock The Casbah’ and ‘Red Angel Dragnet’ with them which are on YouTube.


As long as we get a Tears for Fears “Seeds of Love” box, I’ll be happy. I’m more excited about that than even the new TFF album.

Re: Simple Minds… there are rumblings that the next reissue will be Street Fighting Years, not NGD. But who knows?

Also, 2015 was supposed to see a bunch of new BOB MARLEY sets in celebration of his 70th birthday. There was a new live album/DVD and the big vinyl set, but the deluxe editions that were mentioned in the original announcement never happened!


Bob Marley’s catalogue has been remastered twice, if I’m correct. Once from mr. Barry Diament and later by Ted Jensen. His music has been very well treated by Island/Universal (and his family) so far, I can hardly feel the need or a third round of remasters.


Agreed, Alessandro! I was primarily talking about a continuation of the 2CD deluxe editions of his remaining Island albums, not remasters. There were additional 2CD deluxe titles planned (“Live!” being the next in line) but these were put on hold a few years ago due to legal issues. I had hoped that the 2015 announcement meant that those issues had been resolved, but maybe not. :/

dennis f.

just to throw this bit of geek out there…

i’d like to see a partridge family box set….

Chris Squires

I want box-sets of the first 4 Kate Bush albums, decent 200g Vinyl with all the demos. As any Kate fan will know she was hugely prolific in the mid-late 1970s and demo versions exist for many of the tracks across the first three albums. Would love to hear clean versions of these. There are even known tracks like “Never for Ever” that right up until launch was slated as the title track of the third album, there are even promo posters with this track listed as a single. yet it has never even been heard. If they can master like the ATR mastercut version of Lionheart it will be sublime. Please, please, please. Not just b-sides and radio edits. Just listen to the Take on Me Demos from A-Ha, equivalent broken down / early versions do exist for dozens of KB tracks. About 30 demos are out there and there have been interviews with people like Andrew Powell commenting on the fact they have tapes with “100s” on. Gilmour must have some, Bob Mercer / Terry Slater those kind of people. I would trade the Before The Dawn DVD for those Box Sets….

Joshua Wheeler

It is a mystery of the ages to be sure! There are so many RABID fans of hers obviously including me, who would kill for something like a Super Deluxe of The Kick Inside or The Hounds of Love or The Dreaming. A six cd box set of one of these would be like entering nirvana without the effort. They did it for Tears for Fears…Music from the Big Chair. Well she did perform live so it is possible, although how likely is another question. In my fantasy world this is what we would get:
1. Six or five cd versions of all the albums up to and including Hounds of Love.
2. A four cd set of all her early piano recordings from best original sources.
3. A four dvd set of all her t.v. performances, videos, and t.v. specials up to the Hounds of Love era.
4. A two dvd set of a complete performance from her first tour…maybe Manchester.
5. A Dvd Rom of every known picture of her up until Hounds of Love era (ok this is kinda silly but she is the perfect looking famous woman).
Okay I can fantasize about all of this happening right? Its not illegal! Leave me alone!

Colin Harper

Re: the Free box set and the existing artwork, quite often – especially when the artists involved need to give their okay to a project – provisional artwork will be created in advance, to give a feel for how it might look. One can only assume that one of the members wasn’t keen on the project (one might guess Paul). Commercially, if Universal go with a 10 CD Spooky Tooth box set, then a multi-disc Free set is hardly going to be cancelled because someone reckons it won’t sell.

Re: Traffic, I heard a rumour that a box was dependent on Steve Winwood being convinced about it.

Re: Roxy Music’s first album, I know from an inside source, confirmed as recently last week, that this was/is to be a 9-disc ‘absolutely everything, false starts and all’ set but the momentum for it stalled after sample artwork was produced, after which Ferry (who liked some of it) decided that he wanted to have the artwork generated by his own people rather than Universal’s.


@ Colin Harper – oh man oh man oh man, maybe I’m in the wrong company here but I’m looking forward to that Quintessence outtakes release. The two live sets were brilliant. Hey, any chance of an unedited “Giants”? That glaring splice in the middle has always had me begging for what got lost.

We can be assured that 2016 will see a “Songs From The Wood” box, and given 2015’s double treat, maybe “Heavy Horses” too. And yeah, that “Aqualung” album must have hit an anniversary, no?

It too early for a *proper* deluxe edition of Led Zeppelin 4? Sorry guys, stop weeping.

On the Pink Floyd front, of course I want to see “Meddle” with the unissued quad mix…and I’m also gasping for someone to see fit to release “Relics” with the original Nick Mason sleeve and the lovely fake stereo singles. Honest, the CD just doesn’t feel the same.

Top of the wishlist is that Ahmet makes his mark in a good way and deems it fit to release the original dry mix of “Uncle Meat” without the crappy bonus material. Still dreaming…

And while we’re way out on a limb, it’ll devalue my Repertoire nest egg but come on somebody, find the master of Mandrake Memorial’s “Puzzle” and give us a proper CD. Maybe an MM box set. “Puzzle” is my favorite album of all time and I have NEVER heard it in good quality…which is a bit like saying your favorite painting is the Last Supper. Come on Leo, get those brushes out.


I’d shell for a Two Virgins deluxe. The CD is missing about half a minute from the LP (apparently…honestly I can’t tell the difference) and there’s an outtake floating around. Stick it in a box with all those Mellotron doodles and the John-and-Ringo larking about tapes and…oh go on, throw in Carnival Of Light why doncha. It’s a must buy all of a sudden.


… and why not : Terence Trent d’Arby … I’m dreamin’ ;-)


I want Erasure’s box set with all albums and B-Sides … TFF “Seeds of Love” … PSB and Prince …. Hurah Hurrah 2016


U2’s new album songs of experience is due out in September according to the band…and maybe they will sneak out the remaster/deluxe editions of Rattle & Hum and Pop in between times…well i can but dream.


Really hope this happens……I’d even be happy with an expanded All That You Can’t Leave Behind or Atomic Bomb, as long as they do something. But Rattle & Hum definitely deserves a reissue.


Tori Amos’ 3rd album Boys For Pele is due out in a remastered extended format this year (confirmed by Tori)

30 years since Cyndi Laupers True Colors album this year,a remastered version with 1987 Paris concert audio/DVD plus unreleased extras would be nice.
Cyndi is releasing a country album called Detour,executive produced by Seymour Stein for Sire Records sometime first half of the year with guest artists Emmylou Harris,Willy Nelson,Allison Krauss and Vince Gill.Cover versions of 50s and 60s tunes


Regarding the Pet Shop Boys, their homepage says “..2016 which will include releasing their brand new album (produced by Stuart Price), celebrating the 30th anniversary of the release of the first PSB album …” so I guess we will get a reissue of the first album rather than box set covering various years.


What about a Super Deluxe of the Jam Sound Affect ?
Kevin Shield also promised to reissue MBV Lp’s for the first time from analogue tapes, but with Kevin a year can last 10 years.
Will we see the second box of the Neil Young Archives ?
To Dani77, Beach boys pet sounds sessions was out more than 10 years ago and can be considered as one of the first boxset with all false start from the sessions.


Sound Affects was reissued as a deluxe in 2010.


Now what would be great is if Liz Phair issued a full set of the Girly Sound tapes to celebrate 25 years.


My (super)deluxe dreams: Pink Floyd: Meddle, Animals, Deep Purple: Perfect Strangers, Fleetwood Mac: Mirage, Tango In The Night, The Who: A Quick One, The Rolling Stones: Beggars Banquet, Let It Bleed, The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds, The Beatles: Abbey Road

Phil Cohen

There is nothing further that could be added to “The Who-A Quick One” beyond what was included in the Japanese 2-SHM-CD boxed set edition of a few years ago.
As for “The Beach Boys-Pet Sounds”, you will eventually have your wish granted, though with that group’s internal feuding and the difficulty getting everyone to sign on the dotted line, the set may not appear precisely on the 50th anniversary of the original L.P. release.
The next Fleetwood Mac album to get the deluxe box treatment will be the self-titled 1975 album.


Gavin Rossdale from Bush said he was prepping a sixteen stone deluxe boxset for 2015 – 20th anniversary but it never happened. Any word on this Paul?


I Forgot to mention, but what about the Kim Wilde post “Close” reissues?


I’d put even money on some sort of Motorhead box.


Would love to see Simple Minds continue down the path they have recently taken, this time with a 5.1 mix of Street Fighting Years. Hopefully they can include their promotional EPs in a larger box set.


The work has been done for a long time on Fleetwood Mac’s “Mirage”-where is it?

And what about Fleetwood Mac Live and Tango in the Night???


Looks like it was all ready to go too! I’ve never seen this picture of it before…anyone else?



WHAT?! “FREE From The Shadows” is CANCELLED altogether now?! That’s terrible news!!!! FREE are in my top five greatest recording groups!!! I have waited years for that thing! There was/is even a website for it already though it has long been abandoned…with that said it blows my mind how this group does not have more live film/live audio recordings. I have a book of theirs that has photos of them playing in STADIUMS plural! They should be reuniting to play live and eventually recording new stuff! And yes I know it would have to be a new line-up since Andy Fraser has passed and Paul Kausoff (sp., eh).

Don Jones

I read an interview with Prince during which he said that after thirty years he gains ownership of his music. He said several were already remastered and ready to go. The time (lol) of the supposed release dates has already passed. Any news on “The Cars” or Madonna’s catalog from “Like A Prayer” on?

Joshua Wheeler

I know of 100,000 people who will sell their soul for Deluxe Editions of the China Crisis catalogue!!! But seriously every year someone comments that this should happen. Cherry Red did one deluxe edition. Can someone get a hint and do the others?!?!?! Ok it is to the point of pitiful begging now…What if I say…PLEEEAAASSSE?


what about the alison moyet Sony 4? I heard that she hinted on graham norton that more deluxe versions of her albums could be coming. Bring on the sony 4.


Excited about anything PSB, Erasure, or Eurythmics. Ditto Prince. C’mon it is time for some Dead Or Alive remasters.

Phil Cohen

Apparently, The two Phil Collins 2-CD sets HAVE been manufactured, and it was too late to stop their distribution to radio stations & reviewers. But, it is a sad commentary on Collins’ decline in popularity, and consumer dissatisfaction with the announced tracklistings, that sellers unloading sealed copies of the “Take a Look at Me Now” box(the two 2-CD sets plus empty spaces for proposed future releases) on Ebay are not asking (or getting) very high prices. We don’t yet know for certain that these sets will be released, or whether these warehoused boxed sets will ultimately be melted down. Clearly, no one is clamouring for them.


Clearly, people believe the sets will be officially released and are patiently waiting until that occurs when Phil is back up and about.

Alan Blevin

Finally from me Amazon.com has a preorder up for a late February release of The Complete Bearsville Recordings by Todd Rundgren which is about a 12 disc collection of all his 70’s/early 80’s albums.
There have been rumours about a new Who box although I think this is more in the category of urban myth.


Regarding Eurythmics, it’s more than interesting to note (for some of us) the recent US Twilight Time blu-ray release of ‘1984’ includes an isolated audio track for the Dave and Annie score. This is the first time these tracks have been heard without sound-effects, dialogue, etc.

These recordings have never been commercially released and differ quite dramatically from the 1984 album Eurythmics released. It would be magnificent if Virgin granted Dave licence to remaster all the ‘1984’ recordings for a proper release – the magnificent music deserves it.

Phil Cohen

The non-Rock soundtrack music in “1984” is NOT by Eurythmics. Originally, Eurythmics recorded an entire album of soundtrack music(and it was released), but the filmmaker ultimately went with conventional film soundtrack music and used very little Eurythmics music.