SDE Reissue Preview for 2017

Farewell to 2016 – you won’t be missed. Now we can now look forward to another 12 months of reissues and box sets and this SDE preview will give you a taste of what’s to come…

If I’m honest, there’s a little bit of ‘deja vu’ about some of 2017, since a fair few releases in 2016 – either scheduled or hoped for – in didn’t materialise. These include Lloyd Cole‘s solo box (Lloyd Cole in New York), Paul McCartney‘s now controversial Flowers in the Dirt box set and reissues from the Pet Shop Boys.

Let’s look ahead to the next year and see what lies ahead, including releases we know about and some more speculative suggestions…

Cream / Fresh Cream super deluxe edition reissue


January is always a bit of a weird month, but there’s normally at least one or two fairly big hitters. In 2017, this is probably Cream‘s Fresh Cream SDE and the Bob Dylan vinyl reissue of The Bootleg Series vol 1-3. Those Paul Weller vinyl reissues (his solo debut and Wild Wood) that were supposed to come out in November, finally see the light of day this month. Nothing has changed… except the price which has gone from sub-£20 to more than £30. If you pre-ordered on Amazon, don’t cancel it because the original price should be honoured. Finally, January is a ‘perfect’ month to reissue Fairground Attraction‘s debut…

Reissues, box sets and albums of interest in January include:


This month sees the sizeable Vangelis Delectus box hit ‘the shops’. If you took advantage of the SDE deal alert, then well done, as it’s looking like it will be honoured! After years in development Hidden Masters’ Chris Wood box is out and plenty of vinyl on the way; Paul Weller (Stanley Road and Heavy Soul), Budgie, Status Quo and Bon Jovi just some of the artists with reissues. 

Reissues, box sets and albums of interest in February include:

George Michael / Listen Without Prejudice reissue - super deluxe box set


It will be very sad to see Listen Without Prejudice reissued without George Michael around to witness it, but assuming it doesn’t get pushed back (again) then that is what will happen in March. It would be great if some kind of Wham! rarities set (think Paul Young‘s The CBS Years box) was issued in the next year or two. It will be interesting to see whether George’s estate/management will allow Sony to release something like that. Lloyd Cole‘s groovily designed Lloyd Cole in New York box will be out (another set that was due last year) this month as well as Paul McCartney‘s Flowers in the Dirt deluxe, with a hefty price tag and a ‘missing’ CD.

Reissues, box sets and albums of interest in March include:

APRIL & Beyond

Let’s talk about trends for the year. Expect to see even more vinyl reissues as the revival goes from strength to strength. Universal ended last year with a series of vinyl deluxe editions which (Marvin Gaye, Amy Winehouse) which contained bonus tracks. My prediction is that we’ll see a lot more of those releases in 2017.

The Beatles

The Beatles / Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band / Super Deluxe EditionIt’s the 50th anniversary of The BeatlesSgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band this year. Will Universal/Apple dare ignore this momentous event? You’d think not, but on the other hand Revolver was ignored last year… There’s almost certainly going to be a Beatles project later in the year (there always is) but it’s just a question of what it will be. The Let It Be film on blu-ray is high on fans’ wish-lists but I rather doubt that we’ll see that. There has been no super deluxe for an individual album, so perhaps they will kick off that process with Billy Shears and his friends…Alternatively, The Beatles Anthology on blu-ray is another possibility.

Tears For Fears

As some of you will know I was involved in both The Hurting and Songs From The Big Chair Tears For Fears reissues. After consecutive box sets in 2013 and 2014, it looked like we’d see The Seeds Of Love in 2015 but that never happened and the TFF cupboard was bare in 2016, also. I do get asked about this reissue a lot and all I can say is that hopefully those seeds will germinate in 2017. The work is largely done and Steven Wilson created his 5.1 mix ages ago (he announced this on his site, so that’s not really a secret). A potential spanner in the works is that Roland and Curt have been promising a new album for the last three years and if they deliver it in 2017 they won’t want the reissue out at the same time. Watch this space.


"Purple Rain" deluxe due as Prince and Warners sign new agreementWhat we know is that a Purple Rain deluxe with a “a second album of previously unreleased material” has been promised for ‘early’ 2017. Since we’ve had no announcement and we’re nearly halfway through January, I think March or April is a good bet for this release. If we ‘just’ get album and one single bonus CD I’m not sure how happy Prince fans will be, but let’s just wait and see!


Paul McCartney

Pure_McCartney_Pack_ShotFor the first time in six years Macca didn’t issue a Archive Collection reissue in a calendar year last year. This was probably because Pure McCartney came out in the summer and he changed record labels, when he signed to Capitol late in the year. Although Paul has reissued two albums at the same time on a number of occasions, he has never delivered two reissues separately within a year. So with Flowers in the Dirt due in March, there is only a very slight chance we may see whatever the next reissue will be in the autumn (I think he might go for Flaming Pie). It’s more likely that we won’t and some other McCartney project will take precedence.

Pet Shop Boys

psb-2016It was February 2015 that Neil Tennant told fans (via a “Pet Text’ on the PSB website) that he was “Surrounded by old tapes, DATs, CDs etc for a forthcoming reissues project.”. Nearly two years on and nothing has been released or even announced. It was disappointing that the 30th anniversary of an album as important as the Pet Shop Boys‘ Please was ignored last year, but I think we can conclude that Chris and Neil prefer to look forward and they had the small matter of a new album (SUPER) and a tour. The good news is Neil has made reference to reissues in his New Year message on the website. He says they “expect to be announcing full details of a new batch of reissued and remastered albums with accompanying Further Listening albums” in 2017. It looks like Please is off the agenda (if it was ever on it) since SDE expects these PSB reissues to start with 1999’s Nightlife and be concerned with the four or five albums that follow.


It’s almost a dead cert that following last year’s Out Of Time reissue, we will see similar treatment for R.E.M.‘s 1992 album Automatic For The People. Expect formats and presentation to be very similar to what was issued back in November, with a 5.1 mix to be included in the super deluxe version.


David Bowie

lowThe minimum we can expect from this year is a third major David Bowie box set that will include all three album from the so-called Berlin Trilogy – Low, Heroes and Lodger – as well as the 1978 live album Stage and probably Scary Monsters. I do hope Scary Monsters is part of this box, since while being an ‘eighties’ album it really closes the book on the ‘classic’ 1970s RCA era and I’d hate to see it included with Let’s Dance, Tonight etc. Expect a Heroes 40th anniversary picture disc in September.


Deep Purple‘s delayed Made in Europe box set should have seen the light of day in 2016, but didn’t, so let’s be optimistic and hope for a release this year.

I’ve given up on waiting for the deluxe edition of Roxy Music‘s first album. Steven Wilson has confirmed that the 5.1 mix is done and Bryan Ferry keeps saying it will be out, but it never materialises. Who knows?!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this preview. The list isn’t meant to be totally exhaustive, so if you know of something not featured why not leave a comment and let us and fellow SDE readers know!

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Sergio martelli

The January list has the Paul Weller debut LP… I see it listed on Discogs, available only from the Russian Federation, Estonia and the UK…. Sounds like a counterfeit product, just like Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” (“Made In Germany”). Stick with the CD until it is officially released by either Paul or the label


A new Bowie box would then have Low, Heroes, Lodger, Stage and Scary Monsters, maybe a Replay 3 (7 albums) in s set which averages 12-13 discs?

I think including Let’s Dance, Tonight, Day In and even Tin Machine would bring it up to at least 12 albums.

Let’s hope!

Philip Cohen

The Bee Gees new licensing deal with Capitol Records will start with a verbatim reissue of “The Ultimate Bee Gees” 2-CD+DVD set and a new 21-track, 1-CD compilation “Timeless:All Time Greatest Hits”, in other words, no new content to get fans to buy any further CD’s.

Philip Cohen

There will indeed be a 50th anniversary Super Deluxe Edition of “The Beatles-Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” on the 19th of May, and it will consist of four CD’s, a DVD & a Blu-ray disc, plus a hardback book, a reproduction of the circus poster that inspired “Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite”, and a reproduction of a promotional poster that featured the same photo found of the inner part of the original gatefold sleeve.. From what I can see in the promotional photo, Two of the CD’s are titled “sessions”. 3 of the 4 CD slipcases have outtakes from the Sgt.Pepper’s album cover photo sessions. It appears that the set will be housed in a 10″ x 10″ box with a reproduction of an EMI tape box with a disposable cardboard wraparound with the Sgt.Pepper’s album cover.
There won’t be any vinyl included in this set, nor is there any visible evidence of any download coupon or download-only contents.
By the way, there had (at one point) been a plan to reissue the “Strawberry Fields Forever” b/w “Penny Lane” 7″ single for Record Store Day”, but this was aborted due to problems at the pressing plant.

Philip Cohen

Many of the iconic rock albums from 1967 have already received the deluxe(2-CD) or Super Deluxe(3-CD or more) treatment, but certainly there are still more albums from 1967 that haven’t received the Deluxe or Super Deluxe treatment yet. I have no doubt that some of those albums will indeed get the Super Deluxe treatment this year.


We have been begging for them for years.
Many fans have spoken.
Music Execs listen up. Anyone know what is the hold up?

David Olstein

Also, the Who Sell Out SDE should come in an LP-sized box and include a reproduction of the poster that came with early copies of the original vinyl release.


I’d like to think that somewhere in The Who vaults there’s a complete version of ‘Relax’ from that Fillmore East show just waiting for release, and I sincerely hope I live long enough to hear it on a Sell Out SDE .
I’d also add a disc of 1968 studio tracks – probably in the form of the proposed ‘Who’s For Tennis’ LP.

David Olstein

A The Who Sell Out SDE box is a real no -brainer:

Disc One: Original Stereo Mix
Disc Two: Original Mono Mix
Disc Three: Bonus Tracks – Stereo (including remixes from 1996 reissue)
Disc Four: Bonus Tracks – Mono (including BBC recordings and original single mixes)
Disc Five: Pete Townshend demos
Disc Six: Live at the Fillmore East ’68
Bonus Blu-Ray disc with hi-res stereo and 5.1 remixes of Sell Out

Philip Cohen

And you could add a 7th disc to “Sell Out”:the 1995 remixed version.


How about Sgt Pepper’s in 5.1 on Blu-ray? You can only hope someone is working on it.


I look forward to XTC’s next surround deluxe, whatever it may be.
Siouxsie and The Banshees EverAfter may or may not disappoint. If it’s the latter, why not just a straight-up rerelease of Downside Up?

All finished and ready for release but subject to stupid delays:
Small Faces – The Autumn Stone deluxe
Roxy Music – SW’s version of the first album

I hope to see:
The Who – Sell Out 5oth anniversary super deluxe
Pink Floyd – Piper 50th anniversary super deluxe
Pink Floyd – Animals 40th anniversary super deluxe
The Jam – Sound Affects super deluxe
Paul Weller – Wild Wood super deluxe [demos, a live gig – it’s easy enough]
Love And Rockets – Express 5.1 [following on the heels of the 7th Dream 5.1, one of 2016’s nice surprises]

I fantasise about:
A career-spanning box of Ray Davies demos
A complete Ronnie Lane box [albums, singles, sessions, live]
A Robyn Hitchcock and The Egyptians A&M Years box

And, dammit, it’s about time there was a proper Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band box set, chock full of rarities and such. In an era where every 60s band who walked past a recording studio gets a six-disc retrospective box set, the Bonzos have been very sadly neglected indeed. ‘Gorilla’ is 50 years old this year, so there’s every excuse.

Philip Cohen

The issue with Charly Records’ 2-CD reissue of “Small Faces-The Autumn Stone” is Universal Music’s unwillingness to license four Decca songs(“Whacha Gonna Do about It”, “My Mind’s Eye”, “Hey Girl” & “Sha La La La Lee”). The 2-CD edition of “The Autumn Stone” is not going to happen. I’ve already explained the situation in more detail.
All of the songs/version/mixes on “The Autumn Stone” are available on CD elsewhere. You can assemble “The Autumn Stone” yourself.


I know you’re not personally responsible and I don’t want to appear to be trying to shoot the messenger Philip, but it’s particularly galling that the four otherwise easily-available, least important tracks on ‘The Autumn Stone’ are the sole reason for it’s non-release. As I said upthread in response to your earlier reply, I don’t see why they can’t just leave the Decca tracks off and replace them with… well, anything. Or indeed, ‘Anything’.

Charlie Waffles

I wish the Songs From the Big Chair was available for purchase. It seems it was only available for one year then vanished.

Julian H

Those box sets seem to sell out quickly. I wish Universal would just do another print run of those OOP box sets.


It is strange that C.C.R’s final album Mardi Gras was never reissued properly. Not a very good album, mind but still missing in their catalogue. John Fogerty’s solo album Blue Ridge Rangers is classic too, and can use a reissue, with the non-lp single Back in the Hills as a bonus (contrary to the LP these were original Fogerty songs).
And I would like to see a release of Charlie Rich recordings without the strings and female backing singers, like the Naked Willie (Nelson) album. Pure Charlie, Pure Gold!

Rob Greco


Will there be a 40th anniversary NEW remastered CD Bat out of Hell?

Peter wolf

And looking forward to the 35th anniversary box set Alan Parson’s Eye In The Sky and yet another Jethro Tull box set let me bring you Songs FromThe Wood and although it’s a long way off yet sometime in 2018 Toto’s 11 disc set with plenty of extras as Paul has suggested as well as the ones mentioned there will be some unexpected surprises to suit many musical tastes once again a huge thanks Paul keep up the great work throughout the year

Julian H

Nice to see Sgt. Pepper’s and Seeds of Love right next to each other, by the way :D


Erasure’s Andy Bell’s 1st solo album is available as 3xCD Deluxe Edition on Pledge Music!


Coming in March A Flock Of Seagulls “Remixes & Rarities” 2CD and The Adventures The Sea Of Love: Expanded Edition.

Ivo Peeters

Maybe also of interest: the soon to be released boxset by Earth And Fire, Memories. All of their nine albums + an extra cd containing non-album tracks, special versions, etc.

Matt Thurston

Want the following re-issued on vinyl:

Aztec Camera – only High Land Hard Rain has been re-issued on vinyl as far as I know.
The Go-Betweens – Volume II box set
Everything but the Girl – all albums
The Sundays – all 3 albums
Lloyd Cole – the same “new york solo” box set, but on vinyl
Lilac Time/Stephen Duffy – anything and everything on vinyl
The The – Soul Mining, Infected, Mind Bomb, and Dusk.
Propaganda – A Secret Wish
Afghan Whigs – Congregation and 1965
Twilight Singers – everything


Soul Mining had a 2LP 30TH Anniversary Deluxe Edition released in 2014 why are you wanting it reissued again ?


New reissues of ’60s-’70 Bert Jansch from Earth Recordings is forthcoming, not sure how soon but it seems the wait will be short. Press release below:
News from Earth Recordings:

The forthcoming 4XLP box sets documenting the work of Bert Jansch (Official)​ in the 90s and 00s (‘Living In The Shadows’ and ‘On The Edge Of A Dream’) will be closely followed by two further official deluxe collections, chronicling Jansch’s complete recordings in the 1960s, and early 1970s Transatlantic era.

Spread across two volumes, these definitive collections will comprise remastered studio recordings from ‘Bert Jansch’ (1965), ‘It Don’t Bother Me’ (1965), ‘Jack Orion’ (1966), the ‘Needle Of Death’ EP (1966), Life Depends On Love EP (1967), ‘Nicola’ (1967), ‘Birthday Blues’ (1969), ‘Rosemary Lane’ (1971) and more. Both volumes will also include extra material, and for the very first time a chance to own Jansch’s complete recordings from this era in two highly-collectable sets.

Both volumes will be released Worldwide. Pre-ordering available from both Earth direct in the UK and Light In The Attic Records​ in the US shortly.


Thanks for the information & links, Bjarne. It looks like those expanded CD’s are out of print. Maybe this is going to change when “Through The Barricades” comes out.


Maybe they should go back and do a proper remaster of Journeys To Glory as the 2010 special edition was horrendous.


They absolutely did, Robert! A couple of years ago they remastered and expanded their first four albums, including “True” and “Parade”. Here’s a link to the bands own web store: http://www.spandauballetstore.com/spandauballet/CD/


Or rather, check Amazon (but it seems that the expanded 2CDs are already out of print): https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Dpopular&field-keywords=spandau+ballet+special


According to Classic Pop Magazine Spandau Ballet will finally release a remastered and expanded 3CD-edition of their 1986 smash “Through the barricades” this spring


This comes to me as a surprise, I didn’t thought that Spandau Ballet would reissue on of their albums. Have Spandau Ballet ever released a remastered and expanded version of “True” and “Parade” ?


My order of Vangelis box set was also cancelled. The same reason. Amazon France stinks.


It seems amazon france is finally not honouring their Vangelis boxset offer. I received an email saying:

“Indeed, we have been forced to remove this limited edition item from your selection due to a stock shortage at our supplier. We are currently not able to tell you if this item will go on sale soon.”

And they offer a 5 euros voucher in compensation. As for me, they know where they can stick it.


amazon.com has the first three Jon & Vangelis albums listed as available for pre-order with a release date of Feb 10. Any word on whether these are lifted straight from the new box set? I only wanted these 3 so I’m happy !


This year we’ll see the release of the Shakespear’s Sister 3-disc-sets that have been discussed, nay promised, for several years now. They will be released by Gold Legion and remastered by Elvis, using the original master-tapes delivered to him by flying unicorns that shit rainbows and piss glitter…


Correction: they’re not unicorns, they’re just horses with shuttlecocks on their heads…


Tango In The Night has been removed from Amazon which looks a bit ominous.

Geoff G

I pre-ordered from Amazon USA. The weird thing is, I got an email saying there is now a release date. It is shipping Tuesday, February 28th. So I was thinking great, now they might have the track listings. And I clicked on the email link and it went to a “page not found”. Weird?? But it still says shipping Feb 28 in my Amazon account. I don’t get it.

Jeff D

I am wondering if Tango In The Night has been moved back? It just sort of disappeared from amazon usa site.


Paul, could you make this article sticky for a while, please? Thanks.

Julian H

Re: Gary Moore – the album is only called “Still Got the Blues”, and what a strange idea… the CD had more tracks than the LP and the CD remaster includes another five bonus tracks. So essentially, you get half of the released sessions on vinly. Surely the remaining eight tracks could have been pressed on a second LP?!

Julian H

That sun icon has been in the previews for the last three years now… I’m patient but the patient must do the work! Le sigh…


Just found this great news on Recordstore.co.uk:

“Out in cinemas from the January 27th, T2 Trainspotting is the sequel to the 1996 cult classic Trainspotting.

The eagerly anticipated soundtrack features new tracks from Young Fathers, High Contrast and Underworld as well as reworkings of two songs from the original soundtrack: Iggy Pop’s ‘Lust For Life’ remixed by The Prodigy and ‘Slow Slippy’, a new take by Underworld on their iconic ‘Born Slippy’.

Wolf Alice and Fat White Family also appear on the soundtrack alongside classics from Blondie, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Queen, RUN-DMC The Clash and more.

Choose Life, Choose Music.
1.Lust For Life – Iggy Pop (The Prodigy Remix)
2.Shotgun Mouthwash – High Contrast
3.Silk – Wolf Alice
4.Get Up – Young Fathers
5.Relax – Frankie Goes To Hollywood
6.Eventually But (Spud’s letter to Gail) – Underworld, Ewen Bremner
7.Only God Knows – Young Fathers
8.Dad’s Best Friend – The Rubberbandits
9.Dreaming – Blondie
10.Radio Ga Ga – Queen
11.It’s Like That – RUN
12.(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais – The Clash
13.Rain Or Shine – Young Fathers
14.Whitest Boy On The Beach – Fat White Family
15.Slow Slippy – Underworld”


My hopes for 2017 releases:
Add me to the list of people who’d like to see Macca go back to “Red Rose Speedway” for the next Archive.

George Harrison vinyl box? Coloured vinyl + individual releases PLEASE! And when-o-when will we ever see a proper Hari CD box set?!

The Beatles – “Let It Be” film on BluRay for the 4th quarter PLEASE.

I’d love to see a re-do of the botched Jethro Tull “Thick As A Brick” book set, as well as a book style “Benefit”…though I’ll assume it’s “Songs From The Wood” next.

How about another Yes Panegyric Deluxe Edition? “Drama” would be nice.

Stones From The Vault? I’d like a worldwide proper release of “The Brussels Affair”. Also hozabout DE’s of “Goat’s Head Soup” and “It’s Only Rock & Roll”?! Few probably care as much as I, but “Their Satanic Majesties Request” turns 50 this year. The “Satanic Sessions” bootlegs showed us there’s a wealth of material for some sort of DE. Am I the only one who’d like to own this?! Oh, and where are those ABKCO mono LP & CD (preferably SACD hybrid) individual releases?

Pink Floyd? I always lamented no Deluxe/Immersion version of “Animals”, as well as no hi-res release of “The Wall”. These oversights need to be corrected.

Would love to see good Elton John project this year. I agree that the 2CD Deluxe Editions need to continue with “Madman Across The Water”, “Honky Chateau” & “Don’t Shoot Me…”. I’d just like to have the latter as a SACD hybrid. And we also need to get some of those classic-era albums other than GYBR out on vinyl again.

Of course, when all is said and done…I’d just be content if Warner/Rhino would FINALLY put Cher’s four 70’s WB albums on CD!

Julian H

Thick as a Brick will have its 45th anniversary this year so like Aqualung would be perfect for a re-reissue 2017. Maybe add a 2nd CD with the flat transfer of the original mix, and definitely add index points to the subsections like has already been done for A Passion Play and TAAB2 (and the TAAB download formats).

Drama apparently won’t get remixed because Trevor Horn and/or Geoff Downes are against the idea. So that’s that, but Steven could still do something with Yes, Time and a Word, Going for the One and Tormato (plus all the extra stuff from the late 70s)…


I’d love to see Janet Jackson’s “Control” get an SDE – a missed opportunity last year (2016 was the 30th anniversary, as well as Janet’s 50th birthday) to spit-and-polish the original, bring together the varying “Remixed” versions, include any rare b-sides and non-album singles (including the first-pressing-in-Japan bonus track), instrumentals and stray remixes (including the 1995/6 “When I Think Of You” rework) plus a DVD/Blu-ray of videos etc.

Come to think of it, I’d love to see her first 2 albums “Janet Jackson” and “Dream Street” get a good gussy-up too. I don’t know if there’s enough material for muti-disc issues of each, perhaps combine them in a 3 disc-set with b-sides, remixes, etc and maybe even a DVD.

And on a purely trashy-pop level, Paula Abdul re-issues! (Some of the more serious SDE readers just fainted at that, lol. Sorry…..not.)


It is weird how Janet’s catalog has been neglected. I recently (finally) got Dream Street on CD from Japan, as well as all her other albums from that Japanese re-issues series (I wanted the Japanese bonus tracks and just got the whole series, even though I had all her albums). If not expand the albums, why not at the very least re-master the older ones?

As for Paula, I would buy remastered/expanded versions. Spellbound is still a great pop album.


If Paula ever happens (I suggested it to Cherry Pop/Red/Ripe/whatever a few years ago but got no response), I hope whoever does it makes the effort and sources original masters. Vinyl rips are one thing, but if they use the CD singles it would be horrendous, because the remixes on those were badly butchered edits of the full length vinyls. I don’t know if that happened with CD singles from the second album (“Spellbound”) as well, or just the first (“Forever Your Girl”)

Plus IIRC, some tracks on FYG had slightly different mixes on different formats – my cassette version and CD version sound different in places. I don’t know if that’s a format issue, or country-of-release issue, or a release-vs-re-release issue.

Geoff G

I already pre-ordered Tango in the Night, as well as Flowers in the Dirt (will drop this though, if the price does not come down). So two for sure, and will buy Seeds of Love if it comes out (please do), and hopefully another Simple Minds SDE comes out, which I would also buy.

As for milking the cash cow, I expect a lot of Bowie. Visconti said in 2016 that he has already been contacted by Bowie’s record company to get some of the unreleased stuff out. And Tony said to expect it to come out sooner rather than later. One thing Tony let slip was that the record company was specifically looking for five recorded songs from the Blackstar sessions that were not on the album.

Plus there are a ton of references to unreleased Bowie. David, himself, said that there was enough unreleased material from the Low and Heroes sessions to release a box set by itself. Earl Slick said he worked on about 15 songs for Next Day and only about 5 were on the album. Adrian Belew said he played on about 25 songs for Lodger. “Toy” never got an official release. Supposedly for 1.Outside, Bowie did about 45 minutes of music for each of the main characters (there were 6 or 8 or so, can’t remember?), which were used to flesh out the characters. It goes on, and on, and on… Lennon’s “Mother” and Sinatra’s “My Way,” etcetera. What’s true or not, who knows? But we know that there is a lot of unreleased music from Bowie that will get released in 2017, and 2018 (heck, just think how much has been leaked through the years). If the Low and Heroes outtakes are true, hopefully we get a big chunk of unreleased music in the next box set.


Hello Geoff,

I have a few questions about your reply, maybe you can help me. Where did you get this information about the “Low” and “Heroes” sessions ? And those 25 songs for “Lodger” ? And I also want to know, where did you get the information about those songs for “1. Outside” ?

Is there a website, where I can find more info about this ?

Geoff G

Hi Robert,

You know, I have no idea exactly? I’ve read about 12 Bowie biographies, and was very active in the Bowie community back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s (started following him in 83), a member and poster on Bowie’s web site, Bowiewonderworld, etc… But most of that stuff comes from interviews that I read, though. I know the Belew statement is from an interview I read in a magazine or on the web. It was probably King Crimson related (as I listen to them a lot too). The Visconti remarks were in a NME article.


The Bowie remarks about Heroes and Low I think were mentioned when the Rhino releases came out, and there were new unreleased songs on Low? I can’t find this one on the web (or Belew’s statement). Maybe if I put in more time I could find information.

I did hunt the 1.Outside rumor down, though. Bowie states there is 24 hours of unused material that he was planing for the 2 and 3 albums of the series (that was dropped). Amazing!


I think Reeves mentioned the characters, though. It was done as a kind of practice or training for the album??? I can’t remember??? Anyway, so we know there is at least 24 hours of unreleased Bowie out there. lol. Anyway, Bowie was a perfectionist. I bet there is a ton of material that he was unwilling to ever put out. But (sadly), now we might get to see a lot of it.


Hi Geoff,

Thanks for answering my questions. And also for links. If you do find the information about “Heroes” and “Low”, I hope you will post this here.

I consider “1. Outside” as one of Bowie’s best albums. It would be great if they would release the unreleased material for the second and third albums of this serie.


Thank you Heraldo, very interesting info.


My pleasure Jon :)

Dougie Adam

Did the Blue Nile ever release a remastered / expanded version of “High”?

Would be nice if Deacon Blue marked their 30th anniversary but would be surprised if debut album was re-issued again. We’ve yet to see any of their radio sessions or demos from their time with CBS/Sony see release or the Sleeper album recorded after Fellow Hoodlums and prior to Whatever You Say, Say Nothing.

Michael Sippie

For me I am hoping for a new studio album from Michael McDonald. Rumored to have a completed album. Wondering why the Doobie Brothers or any of Michael McDonald solo albums have not gotten the deluxe treatment. I know there has to be a tone of Unissued material and demos and alt.mixes in the WB/Reprise Vaults. There is a tone of recordings made for movie soundtracks which have never been issued. 1985′ Crackers movie song: We Got More Then We Need”. There is a tone of unisseued material from the Take It To Heart sessions from Michael McDonald.. The Doobie Brothers have had Mofi and Audio Fidelty reissues, mofi never put out Minute by Minute, Livin On The Fault Line, One Step Closer and Farewell Tour (Live) album, I am sure there has to be a ton of Doobie Brothers unissued material as well. If anyone has any info on a forth coming M. McD. Solo album or and reissues on M. McD or the Doobie Brothers feel free to clue me in. Thanks..Mike

William M

Bit obscure and purely for self indulgent purposes but I would love to see cherry red finally release the debut album by Northern Irelands silent running ‘shades of liberty’ they were looking into the licensing of it but that was a few years ago now and all has gone quiet, it’s only ever been released on vinyl and cassette, but came with a wealth of b sides and remixes and if they can release halo Jones deluxe editions…. There is a demand for it given the fan pages on social media and also it would replace that God awful bootleg version that is out there purporting to be an official release.


A bit late to the party on this one so I hope someone still sees this :)

It’s so nice to see some CABARET VOLTAIRE discussion (@Nancy and @Bertielego). I have to say that I think “Code” was the last really decent album they did. “Groovy, Laidback & Nasty” has the one track in my view that would be worthy of inclusion on any proceeding album (Runaway) but generally was just nasty (and not in a good way).
If I were Mute I’d do the next box set incorporating those two EMI albums and the pretty appalling Crepescule album “Body and Soul” plus the Plastex offerings – “Plasticity” and “International Language” which saw them heading in the right direction again and Mal’s swan song “The Conversation”. There’s an abundance of mixes and extras to include (“Colours” mini album and “Percussive Force” for example) but also the “Plasticity” longform video which was hard to get hold of would be great on DVD. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Mal and RHK had decided to excuse some of the above from their history.

I’d also love to see Mute go in the other direction with the CABS and give the Red Mecca treatment across the whole of the pre-Virgin catalogue and have a box set of all that stuff. It would be interesting to see what modern remastering techniques would bring to that material.

Other slightly more left field releases that may-will see the light in 2017.

Firstly, and sticking with Mute, the long gestating CLOCK DVA reissues would be welcome.

Over at Cherry Red there is another pop at the RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY catalogue by due in Feb, this one includes the two Beggars Banquet albums. And Cherry Red are also releasing another BILL NELSON box set around that time too.

After the very good “Westworld” reissue on Cherry Red late last year a new THEATRE OF HATE album is due in 2017.

I’d expect some interesting stuff to come from LAIBACH with the documentary of their North Lorean concert being picked up by Dogwoof distribution (a very credible doc specialist) they should have a lot of exposure. They have already been threatening to release Laibach Revisited for a few years (the reinterpretation of their early material by the new incarnation).

TEST DEPT are working on new material which should see the light of day this year and are still looking to extricate their catalogue from the clutches of Stevo / Some Bizarre to do a career spanning set of remastered reissues including a box set which judging by the way they did their book a couple of years ago will be rather good.

A resolution of another dispute (with Sony) might see THE THE’s “Infected” reissue (with DVD) see the light of day. But it seems likely that Matt Johnson’s vehicle will re-emerge this year with new material given the signals coming out of Cineola.

NINE INCH NAILS have new stuff out at moment and more to come it would seem. Plus an extensive reissue/remastering campaign across their vinyl catalogue including a 4LP reimagining of “The Fragile” with unreleased material and different versions unique to the release.

YELLO have finally started playing live so expect London dates this year and perhaps a live album by Xmas?

As posted during the summer there have been meetings between Universal and JULIAN COPE regarding a box set. It seems that Universal were surprised by the sales of the Caroline-licensed “Fried” and “WSYM” reissues and now see the value in the material of Cope’s that they own (perhaps even the maligned “My Nation Underground” album might get to see a proper refurbishment and reappraisal?).

Continuing along more commercial lines there must be a proper DAVID BYRNE album due this year with the polymath having collaborated on his last three releases.

The Guardian carried a story of a likely re-emergence of the KLF/JAMMS. With the fruits of 2016’s voting madness finally starting to see the light of day, 2017 will certainly be a year to pose the question “What The F**k Is Going On?” to!!!!

Gary (Renegade Soundwave) Asquith’s Le Coq Musique label has hinted at putting out some previously unreleased material by THE WOLFGANG PRESS. And there will be a new album by GENIUSER (the latest vehicle for TWP’s Mick Allen).

And finally a wish.
Can someone somewhere please reissue the REDSKINS catalogue!?! I’m lucky enough to own the releases but they are two good to be lost. And “Neither Washington Nor Moscow” is even more relevant now than when it was first released. If you’ve never heard that album seek it out asap. You’ll not regret it!!!!!

I hope the above is of interest to some.
H x


T.JONES: “Are there any unreleased Wolfgang Press tracks that you think should have been released?”


What? No Pink Floyd fleecing planned for 2017?!


Hoping for another Grace Jones Island reissue this year. Played Living My Life last night and hope its that one. Sublime perfect pop.

Michael Rooker

An Undertones/Fergal Sharkey complation, and a CD release of the Film Soundtracks of “That’ll be the Day” and “Stardust” would be very nice.

Gary Shaw

With regards to mentions of deluxe editions of Springsteen’s Born In The USA and Tunnel Of Love albums. People seem to have skipped Nebraska. Especially as there’s a complete version of the album recorded with the E Street Band in the vaults. That I’d love to hear. I’d be interested in solo demos of BITUSA, but the released album is one of my least favourite releases by Bruce.


I didn’t know that there was a complete version of “Nebraska” with the E Street Band. Thanks for that information.

P.S. : Is there a website with information about unreleased tracks from Bruce Springsteen ?


Agreed that I would find a deluxe Nebraska far more interesting than BITUSA. But, from a commercial standpoint, I don’t know if the label, or most consumers, would agree.

Then again, I think the audience for such a release would be interested in it. Such as Springsteen’s devoted followers are.

Dennis Cattell

Nothing for Marc Bolan this year, Paul? 40 years in late September, as we all know… And while I have everyone’s ear, does anyone agree with me that a Fly Records box set would be a good idea? They had enough good artists even without Marc Bolan to be able to compile a cool collection, I think.


PJ Harvey’s debut album turns 25 in March 2017….. Hoping for that magical day when I click on SDE and get news of some good exploitation of the PJ back catalogue!

Ian Harris

I’m still waiting for a deluxe or a remaster of the first Visage album. There’s no anniversy to tie it too but it’s well overdue some tender loving care rather than being shunted away on a budget label using the same master for three decades.


Sadly it’s not going to happen in the forseeable future due to licensing.


Expect to see deluxe editions of a-ha’s ‘Minor Earth Major Sky’ and ‘Lifelines’ at some point this year too.