SDE Reissue Preview for 2018

It’s tradition here at SDE to take a peak into the future and examine what the next 12 months might hold for music fans who enjoy reissues and box sets.

On the face of it, re-releasing an old album or some kind of box set might seem straight forward – record company owns music, record company releases music – but in reality these releases are a tricky business, with many, many parties often involved in the process, including the artist, lawyers, disgruntled ex-band members, record label, managers (sometimes more than one), accountants, PR firms and management companies that have their own strategy about what their artist should be doing. Another shadowy figure plays a part too, especially in recent times; I refer, of course, to the Grim Reaper…

On a whim, a box set can be redefined, reshaped (not literally, although that might have happened to Screamadelica), diluted, or even cancelled because someone is not happy, for some reason or another. Box sets project often tweak the nose of schedules and drop ice cubes down the vest of fan expectations. Let’s not forget that it’s taken five years for the Roxy Music box to move from its ‘chrysalis’ stage and take flight and  – whisper it –  I was working on Tears For FearsThe Seeds Of Love super deluxe in late 2014!

So while it’s fair game to constructively criticise these releases once they emerge, the fact that they exist at all is normally something worth celebrating (normally). What follows – SPOILER ALERT – is a look at reissues-yet-to-come. Both confirmed releases for the early part of 2018 and then a look at what is likely to happen or what might happen later on. Enjoy!


Five years ago Warners kicked off their Fleetwood Mac reissue campaign with Rumours and since then we’ve enjoyed super deluxe editions of Tusk, Mirage and Tango in the Night (plus associated RSD specials). The label are now going back to 1975 and will reissue the Fleetwood Mac album, completing all the studio albums that feature all members of the current line-up.

Propaganda‘s A Secret Wish will be reissued this month (look out for SDE interviews with both Stephen Lipson and Claudia Brücken) and that delayed Ten Years After box should finally be released.

Reissues, box sets and albums of interest in January include:

Roxy Music's 1972 debut to be reissued four-disc 45th anniversary super deluxe edition


The long awaited and now mildly controversial Roxy Music box is reissued in Feb. The price is still the biggest talking point along with the use of the 1999 remaster (not rated amongst aficionados) but there are a lot of positives: early demos, BBC sessions, and Steven Wilson’s 5.1 mix and what looks like an amazing book.

Reissues, box sets and albums of interest in February include:

MARCH 2018

Pet Shop Boys continue with their ‘Catalogue’ reissue campaign, this month with Please, Actually and Introspective. Presumably they will also re-reissue Behaviour, Very and Bilingual later in the year. These ‘Further Listening’ reissues have been good, but because the PSBs passed up the opportunity to issue a 30th anniversary Please box set, I really feel the future looks bleak in terms of back catalogue and box sets. One ‘Catalogue’ is finished, that will be it for ages.

Reissues, box sets and albums of interest in February include:


The rumours are that Apple and Universal will reissue a 50th anniversary edition of ‘The Beatles‘ aka The White Album this year. The 50th anniversary is in November so if this happens, it won’t be a summer release like last year’s Sgt. Pepper. Expect ‘Esher demos’, outtakes and more, although a 5.1 mix of the entire double album doesn’t seem very likely…

Talking of the Fab Four, late last year when asked of his plans for for this year, Paul McCartney told fans: “I’ll probably be putting out a new album.” Good news, although whether that means there won’t be a archive collection reissue is unknown. In 2013, Paul’s last studio album New was issued in October and Wings Over America was reissued in May of that same year. SDE would like to see a similar timeline this year, although Paul won’t want either a new album or a reissue to clash with any Beatles product. I would personally love Wild Life, London Town or Back To The Egg, but I’m expecting 1997’s Flaming Pie to be the next reissue, although that’s gut instinct more than anything else. It’s only 20 years old and therefore lacks some of the ‘mystery’ of those much earlier album. I do wish Macca would put the 1970s ‘to bed’ in terms of his archive reissues. The other album outstanding from that decade is Red Rose Speedway.

David Bowie‘s official twitter feed hinted at a Let’s Dance related Bowie product on Christmas Day but yesterday we saw that this relates to a digital only release of the original demo to Let’s Dance. A full blown reissue of the 1983 album would never have tied in with Parlophone’s strategy and we aren’t expecting anything this year. Here at SDE we are expecting a fourth box set (in the series that started with 2015’s Five Years) to feature a remastered Let’s Dance and relevant bonus tracks to be included within that on Re:Call 4. The box will probably include Let’s Dance, Tonight, Never Let Me Down, the Labyrinth soundtrack and other associated work (Absolute Beginners, When The Wind Blows etc) with an outside chance of the first Tin Machine album. That would by ‘tidy’ if nothing else. There are loads of remixes in the 1980s and not all of them good. Someone will be sweating over decisions about the merits of ‘Vocal Dance’ mixes and ‘Extended Dub’ mixes. Any hint of never-been-on-CD omissions and you can bet fans will be up in arms. A box celebrating the 1980s shouldn’t be coy about remixes.

Eurythmics recently failed in their bid to be accepted as 2018 inductees in the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’, but at least there seems to be a thawing of relations with Sony, which has resulted in band-approved reissues of all their studio albums (except Nineteen-Eighty Four) on 180g vinyl. Not really what fans want, but a step in the right direction, I suppose. I’d be amazed if the band and label managed to agree on and deliver a box set this year, but if they were going to do it, then 2018 would be a good one because 35 years ago both the Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) and Touch albums were issued.

Any good reissue sleuth looks at anniversaries as a place to start when looking at what might be re-released in the next 12 months. 2018 is of course the 25th anniversary year for anything issued in 1993. Albums SDE loves that were put out in that year include INXSFull Moon, Dirty Hearts, Suede‘s debut, Terence Trent D’Arby‘s Symphony or Damn, The The‘s Dusk and Duran Duran’s The Wedding Album (technically called Duran Duran).

Actually, let’s talk about Duran Duran. This year is the 40th anniversary of the formation of the band, which is interesting… In terms of reissues, an expanded Wedding Album would be surely very well received; this was apparently on the cards a few years ago, but nothing came of it. Despite a decent 2009 deluxe, I actually think a big super deluxe of Rio or Seven and the Ragged Tiger (35th anniversary for the latter) is more likely, but everything depends on the health of the band’s relationship with Warners who own most of their back catalogue (and indeed put out 2015’s Paper Gods). Duran Duran seem far more focussed on touring and new albums these days than looking back and all has been quiet on the reissue front since 2010, when Big Thing (30th anniversary this year) was re-released. To put that into perspective, Paul McCartney has delivered 10 studio albums (and one live album) in the same period. Nine DD albums have been released since Big Thing and none of them been reissued and expanded (I’m not counting special editions near to the time of release, such as The Wedding Album 2CD). Even the career rejuvenating Astronaut (which feels relatively recent) is already almost 14 years old! The band can’t blame label politics for the non-appearance of some of their output. They own 1997’s Medazzaland outright, for example, and continue to do nothing with it. That wouldn’t even be a ‘reissue’ in the UK since it was never released here in the first place!

Although The Red Shoes is 25 this year, Kate Bush‘s The Kick Inside is 40 years old, which is a much bigger deal. One wonders whether Kate will finally relent and allow one of her studio albums to be remastered, expanded and repackaged for an anniversary super deluxe edition (go on Kate, you know you want to!). The album contains her only UK number one, Wuthering Heights (issued 40 years ago last Saturday) and despite later experimentation, The Kick Inside remains a remarkable record. The Man With The Child In His Eyes was recorded three years before the album was released (in 1975) when Kate was only 16. Amazing. A reissue feels very unlikely, but then if you’d suggested in January 2014 that Kate might perform live during that year, you’d have been laughed at.

Tears For Fears confirm UK stage return in support of new album

The situation with Tears For Fears isn’t dissimilar to Paul McCartney. There’s the much anticipated reissue of The Seeds of Love waiting in the wings and the small matter of a new album in the can, which is also backstage, ready to make an entrance. Between them, band, management and label need to work out strategies and priorities before we see anything more. The good news is that with a 2018 tour already committed to, they are surely going to have to release something. Or maybe not. My prediction, if you want it, is that the album that is supposed to be delivered around May will end up being pushed back to later this year and the Seeds of Love reissue [for which I wrote the sleeve notes in 2015!] will go back until 2019 – the 30th anniversary year. I hope I’m wrong, but we shall see.

Time and Again: The Ultimate a-haa-ha fans can’t really complain about a lack of activity in recent times. In 2015 we had surprise comeback album Cast In Steel and three truly fabulous reissues of Stay On These Roads, East of the Sun West of the Moon and Memorial Beach. 2016 saw the release of the two-disc Ultimate a-ha: Time and Again compilation and last year we had both the MTV Unplugged and the Waaktaar & Zoe album. Next up should be reissues of Minor Earth Major Sky (2000) and Lifelines (2002) which will hopefully hit ‘the shops’ in the next 12 months.

Bye, George. SDE reflects on the career and achievements of George Michael

George Michael‘s Listen Without Prejudice reissue was a big success last year, reaching number one in the UK album charts and the Freedom film was, in the end, a fantastic promotional tool. Of course it’s very sad that George is no longer with us but fans will want to know what the future brings in terms of his back catalogue. In a recent interview feature, UK industry publication Music Week stated that Sony and David Austin (George’s friend/manager) want the LWP project to “kickstart a 10-15 year plan that will secure Michael’s legacy in the same way Warner has with David Bowie.” That’s an interesting idea, but unlike Bowie, George Michael wasn’t massively prolific. In David Bowie’s first 50 years he released 22 studio albums. In the same time period George put out seven, including the two Wham! albums and his solo output. Warners squeezed a 13LP vinyl box from three of David’s albums (Diamond Dogs, Young Americans and Station to Station) but, with the best will in the world, can you imagine a 13LP vinyl box that contains Fantastic, Make It Big and The Final? Whatever product does emerge, I don’t see much happening this year, to be honest, and David Austin seems to be the man in control. He told Music Week: “There is a strategy there. It’s a long-term game. It’s not like we’re going to go out and make new records, I hate that kind of stuff.”

Lloyd Cole has said that he is looking to deliver a vinyl box set at some point in 2018. It’s not yet known whether this will be a Commotions package or his solo work. Previously he’d mentioned that Universal didn’t want to do it, so this might get licensed to a third party. The Small Faces‘ posthumous The Autumn Stone double album looks likely to be reissued in the next 12 months and granted it’s not a reissue, but we can expect a new Bruce Springsteen album which is, in The Boss’ words “influenced by Southern California pop music of the ’70s.”. It would be nice if he’d issue a Born in the USA box set! Those Cardigans vinyl reissues mentioned late last year didn’t appear in 2017 so hopefully they’ll make an appearance in 2018, and as a follow-up to the Sam Brown box, expect an SDE-curated four-CD set featuring a 1980’s pop act around May/June time!

ABBA didn’t release a studio album in 1978, but a 40th anniversary half-speed master (with associated seven-inch box set and seven-inch picture discs) of 1979’s Voulez Vous is almost certainly in the schedule for next year. It’s hard to see what could be released this year – surely Universal wouldn’t have the balls to put out another variation of ABBA Gold!

Shirley Manson wears the album cover to Garbage’s Version 2.0

Garbage have already announced live shows in London in September under the banner Version 2.0: 20 Years Paranoid which will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their 1998 album. That does rather suggest that they will reissue the album, as they did in 2015 for their debut. I love this ‘sophomore’ long-player, but please Garbage… no more ‘digital only’ super deluxe editions.

Let’s speculate a bit more… Eric Clapton‘s Backless is 40 years old in 2018 and hasn’t been reissued before, and some are expecting a Blood on the Tracks-related Bob Dylan box set in the last quarter of this year. The Rolling Stones have already put out a box set of 1978’s Some Girls, but could the 35 year old Undercover (produced with Chris Kimsey) be a contender, for re-release. Perhaps a long shot since Mick doesn’t necessarily speak fondly of the album. The Who are never shy about reissuing their back catalogue and 1978’s Who Are You does sit on the anniversary ley line, although Who’s Next from ’71 would have more commercial appeal as a super deluxe edition. Cherry Red bought Howard Jones‘ catalogue from Warners last year. After last year’s inaugural Best 1983-2017 we are bound to see some further activity in the near future, since they didn’t spend that cash for nothing. Elton John‘s 1970s output is box set light, and even when Universal did issue Goodbye Yellow Brick Road as a super deluxe edition in 2014, it was a bit of a mixed bag (“Miguel, featuring Wale” covering Bennie and the Jets, anyone?).

There’s probably some sets I’ve forgotten and as always, there will inevitably be plenty of releases that will come as if from nowhere, to surprise, delight and maybe disappoint us along the way. That’s part of the fun. Enjoy expanding your physical music collection in 2018 and I will look forward to your company.

Paul Sinclair. Editor, SuperDeluxeEdition.com.

Know about any box sets happening this year? Leave a comment with the details

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Carl Ewens

Kate Bush ‘The Kick Inside’ plus disc of live tracks by KT Bush Band & ‘The Phoenix Demos’.
Bob Dylan ‘Blood On The Tracks’ plus early version and all mixes/versions.
David Bowie: ‘Let’s Dance’ to ‘Tin Machine 2’ (just Bowie’s soundtracks songs from Labyrinth and Absolute Beginners not the whole albums) etc
That’ll do nicely…

Robert DuPont

I avoid reissues of common , popular albums. Fleetwood Mac, it’s nice , but an original pressing in clean shape will sound better, since it’s all analog mastering. And it won’t cost much.
I won’t be awaiting the Beatles White Album really either. They used eight track by then, the original George Martin mixes are fine. I don’t need Giles Martin to muck it up. The Esher demos are fun, but if they aren’t complete, what’s the point? All Analog mastering , no shortcuts.

If I buy reissues, it will be because original vinyl is scarce, or never issued on vinyl. I got the Crowded House back catalog, Woodface, Together Alone, Afterglow, Time on Earth, either no vinyl or bad original vinyl. They sound good , even if sourced from digital, well-pressed. The first two are common, bought Intriguer the first time…

I tended to like artists nineties and beyond that were, shall we say, mainstream but less popular to the general public. Sam Phillips, Maria McKee, Patty Griffin, that sort of thing. Bettie Serveerts Palomine is a real gem. Richard Thompson.

Add my vote for Kate Bush Aerial and Red Shoes. I have most of the others, need Lionheart with clean artwork and I am seeking Sensual World UK vinyl.

[…] predicted the SDE 2018 reissue preview, Howard Jones‘ first two albums are to be re-released, later this year. In a message to […]

Matt Thurston

Would also love to see all six Aztec Camera albums released as a vinyl box set.

Matt Thurston

Would love a Lloyd Cole vinyl box set of his solo records. And the Commotions stuff too.

Also, YES! to a The The Dusk vinyl re-issue or box set.


In march…Procol Harum box set “Still there be more..”

Andy B

Can we get a list going on 2017 anniversary albums that never happened? Today, I was listening to 10000 Maniacs’ “In My Tribe,” one of my favorite albums of all time, and realized that it turned 30 last year. One of my formative evenings was seeing them open for R.E.M. at the Philadelphia Spectrum (RIP). After the concert, I couldn’t find it on CD anywhere, so I had to buy it on vinyl. Played it to death and, in the process, fell in love with Natalie Merchant. (My high school girlfriend was SO jealous.) Thanks to info provided by SDE, I purchased Natalie’s “Collection” and realized that I have missed so much of her output over the years. Fell in love again (my wife is SO jealous). Anyone know Natalie’s phone #?

Chris Squires

I’ll start you off with The Lilac Time self titled on Swordfish Records and Secrets of the Beehive by David Sylvian. Two of the most beautiful LPs ever pressed. There is nothing worse than comfortable Pop stars and artists who don’t need the cash and are well rounded individuals who have a mature view of the World. I prefer mine to be grasping and desperate willing to release their barrel scrapings. We need to start introducing these people to Leonard Cohen’s accountant. That’ll shift the buggers out of Cornwall and into the printers.

Andy B

Love The Lilac Time. I think the first record came out in 1988 in the U.S. The 2 disc Stephen Duffy compilation, Memory & Desire, is an excellent overview of his output. Wish I could find the film.


Albums turning 10 years in 2018:

Radiohead – In Rainbows
Adele – 19
Jack Johnson – Sleep Through The Static
Hot Chip – Made In The Dark
Mary J. Blige – Growing Pains
Goldfrapp – Seventh Tree
Duffy – Rockferry
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Dig Lazarus Dig
OneRepublic – Dreaming Out Loud
MGMT – Oracular Spectacular
Muse – HAARP
Elbow – The Seldom Seen Kid
Foals – Antidotes
Raconteurs – Consolers Of The Lonely
Courteeners – St Jude
James – Hey Ma
Kooks – Konk
Last Shadow Puppets – The Age Of The Understatement
Madonna – Hard Candy
Portishead – Third
Pendulum – In Silico
Ting Tings – We Started Nothing
Paul Weller – 22 Dreams
Coldplay – Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends
Sigur Ros – Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust
Primal Scream – Beautiful Future
Verve – Forth
Metallica – Death Magnetic
Glasvegas – Glasvegas
Kings Of Leon – Only By The Night
Katy Perry – One Of The Boys
TV On The Radio – Dear Science
James Morrison – Songs For You Truths For Me
Oasis – Dig Out Your Soul
Keane – Perfect Symmetry
AC/DC – Black Ice
Kaiser Chiefs – Off With Their Heads
John Legend – Evolver
Bloc Party – Intimacy
P!nk – Funhouse
Snow Patrol – A Hundred Million Suns
Girls Aloud – Out Of Control
Killers – Day And Age
Kanye West – 808s And Heartbreak
Take That – The Circus
Presets – Apocalypso
Mylene Farmer – Point de suture


I’ll be honest, I’m very skeptical of anniversary reissues a mere ten years after release. Barring certain situations (say a limited availability when first available), it’s just too soon. Most of the albums you list are way too recent in the collective consciousness to warrant revisiting.


Probablyrustin, that’s all correct what you’re saying. But as I did lists of albums turning 10 years in my previous annual SDE previews (2015, 2016 and 2017), I thought not to miss it off this year as well. So I did it.
Some albums got their 10th anniversary reissues – Manic Street Preachers’ “Send Away The Tigers” from 2007 which was reissued last year, for instance.

Andy B

Thank you, Nancy.

10 years used to seem so, so long ago. Now, I have albums from 10 years ago that I still haven’t got around to playing! (Radiohead being one.) Time moves faster the older one gets.


You’re welcome, Andy B.

Although the number of albums getting 10th anniversary treatments is the smallest among all the anniversary reissues, 10 years indeed is a huge time span too. It’s just the older we get time moves faster and we don’t feel passing of time as slow as we used to when we were young(er). And you were absolutely right about that.
I have albums about 10 years old in my collection I still haven’t got around to playing as well. I guess they still haven’t hit me to enjoy them the way they should be enjoyed. Still too recent? Maybe. I don’t know. I’ll see what the future brings on that question.


Vangelis – The Atlantic / EastWest / WEA Recordings 1990 -1998. All labels are under the Warner Music Group.

To be Remastered and Supervised by Vangelis and presented with the same taste and quality. As he did for The Delectus Box Set of 2017.

The Albums

The City (1990)
1492 : Conquest of Paradise – Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1992)
Blade Runner (1994). Although already remastered and included in The Blade Runner Trilogy (2007) as Disc One of Three.
Voices (1995)
Oceanic (1996)
El Greco (1998)

Also to Remastered and Supervised by Vangelis two albums now on the CAM / Sugar Label; Le Fete Sauvage (1972) and Ignacio ( Entends-Tu Les Chiens Aboyer ? / Can You Hear The Dogs Barking?) (1975).

Although I have all these albums and the quality of the sound is still good. It would be nice to have these albums reissued and remastered to get the sound quality up to todays standards.


CORRECTION : To My Original Post above Blade Runner (1994) was Reissued NOT Remastered for The Blade Runner Trilogy (2007) as Disc One of Three.


Can’t wait for the Seeds of Love reissue. I’m also really looking forward to the 80s David Bowie reissue, though I’m probably a minority there. I love Let’s Dance and even Never Let Me Down had the fantastic “Time Will Crawl.” I’m also purchasing the Pet Shop Boys reissues even though I bought them the first time around – I wish the Boys had done new liner notes, preferably with a booklet containing the old liner notes and the new comments. They don’t seem to be in agreement with these older reissues, so I assume that didn’t happen. I’ll also be onboard for the a-ha reissues.

Paul, Toto have hinted at big plans for their 40th anniversary, with reissues of their back catalogue. It’s my understanding that it kicks off with the greatest hits collection 40 Trips Around the Sun this month. Any news on the reissues?

Simon Baxendale

Great article Paul. What’s your views on something coming out from Led Zeppelin? 50 years since the first album and I get the impression something might be in the works….


Any news on a SDE of Cream’s Disraeli Gears followup of last year Fresh Cream 4-discs?


Here is my wish list:
The Beatles – White album – hope it is true that this will appear, but will be a bit miffed if the mono version is included as I (like many others) have the mono box. Would rather see a Giles Martin remix on the first two discs and then Esher demos across the rest. I have heard about two discs worth on a bootleg (one of the only decent sounding BLs I ever bought) and they were stunning. A DVD documentary would also be welcome.
Elton John – 17/11/70 Expanded on CD just like the vinyl RSD release. Any other previously non-expanded Elton albums are more than welcome.
Talk Talk – there must be stuff in the vaults along with live recordings and their classic albums, Colour of Spring, Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock truly deserve SDEs.
Wings – the usual list, BTTE, London Town, RRS and Wildlife. The latter would be a good follow up the the potential White Album reissue given its indy nature.
In reality, I bet only the White Album comes out……

elliott buckingham

hows about a boxset of all francois kervakion 12″ remixes


That would be great, but definetely a licensing nightmare + therefore will sadly never happen.

Kevin Galliford

That would be amazing!


Dear Santa, I’d like SDEs of:

Rah Band – Mystery
Sam Brown – 43 Minutes
Time – (the musical) on CD.
D.A.Wallach – ‘Time Machine’ released on (any!) physical format.
Kate Bush to relent and release a live DVD/BluRay from 2014.



Would love:

Peter Gabriel – SDE versions of his third, fourth album as well as a proper reissue of So…all three with all the b-sides, remixes and unreleased content.

Cyndi Lauper – proper SDE’s of her first four albums (“She’s So Unusual” has been reissued twice now both missing important content). There are loads of edits, remixes and some unreleased stuff. A Night To Remember is crying out for a remaster.

Culture Club – From Luxury to Heartache – OK so Boy doesn’t like the album very much but fans have been wanting a remastered, expanded version for decades now…

Genesis – Live Box…this was proposed over a decade ago…Nick Davis was supposedly cataloging their live shows that were properly recorded for release…never came to fruition why not now? There will never be new Genesis material…this is something fans have wanted to ages.

Laura Branigan – what would it take to get her back catalog properly remastered with all the b-sides and remixes and even some unreleased tracks?

Steve Winwood – Will we ever get SDE version of Back in the High Life and Roll With It? Heck I’d even take a SDE version of Talking Back To The Night.

Philip Cohen

As for Steve Winwood (and other artists who recorded for Island Records in the 1960’s & 1970’s), they signed recording contracts (and song publishing contracts with an Island Records subsidiary) that were fair by the standards of their era (given what a vinyl album sold for back then), but these contracts became unfair when Compact Discs became the main format for music sales.
Several Island Records music groups invoked their right to prohibit the release of vault material, in an attempt to bring Universal Music(Island’s present-day owner) to the negotiating table. A compromise was reach with Steve Winwood, albeit one that didn’t give him everything that he wanted. For a time, Winwood loosened his restrictive grip, and he permitted a 2-CD deluxe edition of “Traffic-John Barleycorn Must Die”, and then a pointless deluxe edition of “Arc of a Diver”(whose only bonus material was a radio interview), but subsequently, Winwood never permitted any further deluxe editions.
Apparently, the surviving members of “Free” & “Spooky Tooth” have similar grievances against Universal. All archival recordings by Traffic, Steve Winwood , Free and Spooky Tooth have been taken off the market, and all albums by these artists have reverted back to bare bones, no bonus tracks editions. Some have claimed that the thing Universal did that angered Free’s Paul Rodgers was Universal’s desire to release a 19-disc set by Free, that likely would have been the complete recording sessions. Rodgers said “No”.

Mark Phillips

I’d really love to see White and Torch issued on CD or even download.

Not the most prolific duo, 3 or 4 singles only, but despite both Parade and Let’s Forget having charting, they have never been rereleased in the digital domain.

Or am I the only one that remembers them?


I’d also like to see a White and Torch compilation CD coming out at some point, but after all these years it’s very doubtful. They had five brilliant singles released in the early part of the eighties with Parade and Miracle probably being the best.


Various artist “Now! That’s What I Call Music” (original UK & Ireland editions) compilations numbers 2 – 9 have to be reissued on double CD editions as well!
First “Now!” compilation from 1983 is being reissued soon again.

Mark Phillips

Now 1 is being released again again? It came out a while ago – first time on CD.

The first proper now CD – 2cds with all of the tracks on the double album – was, I think, Now 11.

As they are coming up to Now 100, wouldn’t a complete Now 1-100 set be something? Possibly even as a set of 10 DVDs It would certainly be a box set to treasure!

I’d certainly like 2-10 to round off my collection. A decent 12×12 book with info on every artist and track would be good too.

On a related point, were there any tracks used on the Now series that didn’t chart? When they were pumping them out every 12 weeks I’m sure they put some tracks on that they expected to be hits by the time the album came out. Did they miss at all?


Yes, “Now 1” is being reissued again again indeed! Take a look for the info here: http://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/now-thats-what-i-call-music-100-compilation-series-reveals-celebration-plans-to-mark-its-100th-release__21350/ !
It got its first CD release in 2009.

The first fully rounded “Now” CD compilation was “Now 10”, and not “Now 11”, actually. And they should really re-release all from number 2 to number 9 on CD to make “Now 100” festives in July worth it. They should start doing yearly compilations again as well. They stopped doing them in 1999 with “Millennium” series.

A set of 10 or even more video DVDs and an updated 1 – 100 book would be the perfect accompanying thing to it, wouldn’t it?

I’ll have to look in the latest “Now” book from a couple of years back to check for the info on the non-charting tracks if it exists, of course and then answer your question.


Mark Phillips, I couldn’t find the info on the non-charting tracks on “Now” compilations in the latest published “Now” book as there wasn’t any, unfortunatelly. :-(

This is the one I have: https://www.theworks.co.uk/p/music-books/the-now-thats-what-i-call-music-book/9781471139857 .
It contains information on 88 editions of the “Now” series and so much more.


Why has Madonna – Ray Of Light 20th Anniversary not been mentioned anywhere on this page?
Patrick Leonard posting on Instagram all the demo tapes from the sessions suggests to me that something is happening in Ciccone camp.


Dan, I mentioned it in my “Classic albums turning 20 in 2018” listings. Someone else bar me has mentioned it as well.
IMHO, that’s Madonna’s best album since 1989’s “Like A Prayer”.


It would be the PERFECT RSD 2018 selection –

Madonna – Ray of Light – on Limited Edition, NUMBERED, Silver Vinyl – Japanese Version – containing HAS TO BE – OR better yet, with additional unreleased tracks.


Yeah, spot on, AModSquad! If it sees the light of day, of course, Madge’s “Ray Of Light” would be the best possible 20th anniversary reissue indeed. Look no further than to possible content and packaging.
Second best contender for the 20th anniversary reissue would be “This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours” by Manic Street Preachers, IMHO.
R.E.M.’s “Up” won’t be reissued until 2023 when it will be 25 years old.


I work in the industry and sadly that just won’t happen. Madonna demands too much money for reissues which differ from the original versions. They can get away with coloured vinyl, or tweaks like boxset packaging, but she wanted a massive amount of money for an Erotica 25 special edition when Warner approached her.


How just sad that is, Alex!
Why on Earth is she asking such a massive amount of money for the reissues when she’s rich enough already and could profit even more from them if she would be involved in?
Hordes of her fans are waiting for her reissues and they won’t happen just because of her.
A massive spoiler that is!
Got any news on some other artists’ reissues in the pipeline?


Thanks for this post Alex, this is really interesting to know. The online fan base is very keen for these anniversary releases and have been blaming Warner and her management for this not happening.
Hopefully one day things will change and we’ll get all the deluxe editions.


Thanks for sharing Alex – I believe this Erotica 25 to be true because her online merch store emailed me about Erotica 25 yr anniversary shwag items like underwear and pics and silly items coming out to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Erotica. Does she just not get that she IS a legacy artist. No young person is going to become a new fan of hers, especially with the type of material she keeps putting out – atleast this decade anyway.

I can only compare this situtation to one other artist – Cher – when cher returned to the spotlight in 1998ish for Believe – that track wasnt following current trends but literally made the vocoder THE trend for the next decade atleast. Madonna hasnt been making trends since Music/2000 but moreso following them and there’s plenty of younger, sexier female artists (society is clearly ageist) that will be given more attention.

Fans like me dont want shitty bracelets and tshirts that have her image on them. Sorry im not a teen anymore. What I want, is incredible re-issues with her involvement. She needs to come down on price or WB needs to understand that there is demand and put out a really solid offering to command the high price they end up charging due to her greed.

Saar Freedman

Cher, BTW, is just as reluctant to re-issue her WB albums from the late 70’s ( Stars, I’d Rather Believe in You, and the allman collaboration Allman /Woman two the hard way
She actually owns the masters , for the first 2 at least, and has refused numerous fan pleas to reissue these as she absolutely hates them…


I don’t know that the demand for a huge amount of money is necessarily a mark of greed on her part. I think it’s a way of ending a conversation she’s not interested in having:

Warner: “We want to do an anniversary edition of ______”
Madonna: “I’m not sure about that. I don’t like looking back on stuff.”
Warner: “It would be a wonderful opportunity to market your legacy and….”
Madonna: “The album is fine as is and I want to focus on forward momentum.”
Warner: “It would totally be an archival project–you’d only have to sign off on the work when we were done.”
Madonna: “I really prefer to have it stand as it was and not muddy it with other material.”
Warner: “but we can….”



Warner: “We’d like to do an anniversary edition of _______”
Madonna: “OK. Give me a billion dollars.”
Warner: “Never mind.”

Saves a ton of time that way.


Dan: Don’t get your hopes up Patrick said he was only transferring them to his computer like he has been doing with other recordings. I don’t see this happening. Madonna won’t allow it. She is hellbent on allowing anything to be re-released.


Madonna does not and won’t see herself as a “legacy artist” any time soon. She’s consistently been notoriously well known for refusing to “look back,” so to speak, and any archival/retrospective projects have been begrudgingly done as contract fillers. I would be pleasantly surprised if she allows anything at all to come out in terms of reissues before she stops releasing new music. And let’s be honest, we’d all much rather have SDEs of her classic albums than another “Rebel Heart”…


So many great albums mentioned, but one I would add with slightly less appeal to most, though of major appeal to some. Magnum – Wings of Heaven is 30 this year. Their most successful album sales wise and one of the very few on a major label. Their earlier Jet and FM label albums have had remastered releases with bonus tracks but the 3 Polydor studio albums have never been re released, though the originals are still available.
The sound on the original Wings of Heaven release is actually pretty decent, but I’d be up for a remaster and there must be some demo tracks out there. There are certainly a bunch of B sides, live and otherwise that could be collated into a nice package without too much work/cost, though obviously I’d prefer them to trawl the archives and find some hidden gems.

Iain McCarthy

Any news at all on a reissue of REM’s ‘Monster’ album this year? I would love to see one of the 1995 concerts as an extra (none of these shows have ever been officially released – apart from the ‘Road Movie’ DVD).


Iain McCarthy, as R.E.M.’s “Monster” originally came out in 1994 and taking that the band is reissuing its catalogue albums when they hit 25 years since their original release, that album is going to be on the 2019 reissue schedule.


this site needs more metal urgently!


No Bee Gees reissues? :(

Philip Cohen

Barring a change in Barry Gibb’s anti-outtakes mentality, there won’t be any Bee Gees archival projects. Capitol Records has now learned, that, in the future, if they buy a license to reissue a “Classic Rock” back catalog, they’ve got to get it in writing (in the contract) that previously unreleased material will be included. In the Bee Gees license, Capitol Records has been had. They’ve been conned.
On the positive side, expect an expanded/remastered Steve Miller Band CD series to begin in 2018.

Duncan Day

Oh, and for those who know them there’s a Yachts box coming out in March I believe. First 2 albums plus odds and ends


Is this for real about The Yachts! Please can you give me more info

Duncan Day

I’d be happy with anything by Kate Bush – reissues or new stuff or both :)
TFF – New Album And Seeds Of Love Box
Mansun – Six Deluxe
Bowie – Let’s Dance Deluxe
Queen – Jazz Super Deluxe or any pre NOTW albums
New Peter Gabriel album
Genesis – And Then There Were Three Deluxe
Full set of Stranglers deluxe boxes
A new David Sylvian and Mark Hollis album
And for Ed Sheeran to retire

Apparently there’s a Buzzcocks reissue program on the way

Kevin Galliford

I think a new David Sylvian album might be as rare as Seeing Lord Lucan ride. a Dodo but we can live in hope! Shall we all donate a fiver to Ed Sheeran to encourage his unconditional musical retirement?

Kevin Galliford

I would love to see box sets of Bryan Ferry’ solo albums, especially the 80″s & 90″s albums. There must be plenty of demo’, mixes & unreleased stuff for those!. I think ant record label looking into doing a re release would do well to look at how Depeche Mode & Suede did theirs. Band interviews on the album, behind the scenes footage, unseen rare live stuff too. It’ a winner. Keep up the great work Paul, I love your website?


I think nobody mentioned My Bloody Valentine. It’s not deluxe or super deluxe, ony a remastered reissue.

In one week, on january 18, MBV will reissue Isn’t Anything and Loveless on 180 gram vinyl mastered from analog tapes using Studer A80 VU PRE and Neumann VMS 80 cutting lathe for full analog signal path. LP comes in a heavy weight tip-on style gatefold sleeve with poly lined printed inner sleeve. The vinyl is purely an analog cut and therefore does not include a download.

You can pre-order directly on the band’s store : https://www.mybloodyvalentine.org/shop/default.aspx

Jon Trask

Please please please please do not reissue, repackage, mess about with, remaster, remodel and every other re with the Kate Bush catalogue, leave all her work as it is. Theres something terribly not right about reissuing her work. The sound and packaging would not enhance what are absolute classics already.

Chris Squires

The merit in what you say is that there is every possibility that the legacy will be messed up.

If the SDE versions were done well then, fantastic, if they are botched then we can’t stick the genie back into the bottle. Each of the first 5 albums presented with something along the lines of The Ties that bind. The key would be that I don’t think Kate would ever allow an official release of what became known as the Phoenix demos. These demos would underpin the success of the first three albums. If there are no demos then we are only reliant on a remix or remaster and live. Well which album do you stick the 1979 Hammersmith recording onto?

The demos should be mostly split between The Kick Inside and Lionheart, other than those few that are specific to Never For Ever. This leaves the Hammersmith Recording to go onto that Never For Ever disc for although it was mostly a showcase for TKI and LH there are NFE tracks and falls bang in the middle of all three albums 1978, 1978 and 1980. They must have more live recordings than just Hammersmith and it would be quite OK to have three different full concerts at different ends of the tour. The video element would be reliant on having the FULL Hammersmith concert released, not just the selection that is only on VHS and laserdisc. Then to add to the promo videos there would have to be a significant delving into the TV archives, The 1979 Nationwide special would need to go somewhere…

All in all there is enough material to make at least the first 5 LPs into something like a 3CD + 1DVD + 78 page book, the only one with a paucity of extra material is The Dreaming but secrecy has always been Kate’s watchword so maybe there is something that us mere mortals just don’t know about. Although I love my little ABBA / Oldfield type CD + DVD deluxe editions this would not be enough to satisfy, 4 or 5 bonus tracks and 27 minutes of video. In that case I would agree that there is something to be said for leaving well alone.

D’you know, the more I think about it and the more I want it the more I realize it just is not going to happen. Unless, like 2014 we get the biggest possible shock.

Philip Cohen

Aside from the various non-L.P. B-sides & 12″ mixes(that were included on her “This Woman’s Work” 8-CD set), Kate Bush may not have much rare material from the era of her first five albums. “Crawdaddy” magazine asked her (shortly after she released “Hounds of Love”) if she had “Dumped”(recorded, but rejected) much music. She said that she prefers to think of it as “Resting”, and indicated that the only album sessions (up to that point) to have produced much unreleased music were the sessions for her second album “Lionheart”. Still, I think that it IS very unreasonable for Ms.Bush to prohibit a DVD release for her video programs.

Chris Squires

Yes you are absolutely right, there will be little dumped material, material that had the full treatment but was rejected, particularly from The Dreaming onwards. The key to a successful SDE box though will be the early demos (1975 to 1978) and although around 30-odd have escaped over the years Andrew Powell talks about having about tapes of about 140 “songs” recorded. When you listen to what A-Ha released as demos with various Take on Me caterwaulings (very brave) I just can’t see Kate sanctioning it. It would need a major volte-face from Kate or someone would have to stitch her up and I can’t see that happening either. So every time I can see why it should or could happen I get slapped in the face with the reality that it won’t happen…..When you look at the tosh that the Eagles have just released under the misnomer of an SDE there is material enough to at least better that by some distance for all of the early albums. To be honest just to hear the track “Never For Ever” would be enough. It’s name appeared on the earliest promo posters and press releases and then at the 11th hour it disappeared. Both The Kick Inside and Lionheart exist in what Mac fans would call alternate versions and half of Never For Ever with things like “beatbox” versions. It would be a crying shame to never hear them all.


Regarding the Bowie reissue program, my dream scenario for 2018, is not one, not two but three SDE sets. My reasoning is to approach separately the 80’s albums and singles, the 80’s mixes and the Tin Machine / Sound & Vision era, as follows:

1.”Loving The Alien [1983-1988]”: a box set similar to the 2015, 2016 and 2017 sets, combining studio and live albums, including Re:Call 4, and available in two forms: LP box set and CD box set.
2.”Let’s Dance [The Mixes 1983-1988]”: reissues of the classic 12inches in their original artwork, available in two forms: 12inch box set and CDsingles box set.
3.”You Belong In Rock’n’Roll [1989-1992]”: a box set similar to the 2015, 2016 and 2017 sets, combining studio and live albums, including Re:Call 5, and available in two forms: LP box set and CD box set.

Loving The Alien [1983-1988]
Let’s Dance (remaster) LP / CD
Serious Moonlight (remaster) 2xLP / (2x)CD
Tonight (remaster) LP / CD
Never Let Me Down (remaster) LP / CD
Never Let Me Down (2018 MM Remix) LP / CD
Glass Spider 3xLP / 2xCD
Re:Call 4 3xLP / 2xCD

Let’s Dance [The Mixes 1983-1988]
Let’s Dance 12” / CDsingle
China Girl 12” / CDsingle
Modern Love 12” / CDsingle
Blue Jean 12” / CDsingle
Tonight 12” / CDsingle
This Is Not America 12” / CDsingle
Loving The Alien 12” / CDsingle
Dancing In The Street 12” / CDsingle
Absolute Beginners 12” / CDsingle
Underground 12” / CDsingle
Magic Dance 12” / CDsingle
When The Wind Blows 12” / CDsingle
Day-In Day-Out 12” / CDsingle
Time Will Crawl 12” / CDsingle
Never Let Me Down 12” / CDsingle

You Belong In Rock’n’Roll [1989-1992]
Tin Machine: Tin Machine (remaster) LP / CD
David Bowie: Fame 90 EP (remaster) 12” / CD
David Bowie: Sound + Vision Tour 2xLP / 2xCD
Tin Machine: Tin Machine II (remaster) LP / CD
Tin Machine: Live Oy Vey Baby (remaster) LP / CD
Tin Machine: Live Oy Vey Baby (2018 version) 2xLP / 2xCD
Tin Machine / David Bowie: Re:Call 5 LP / CD

“Never Let Me Down (2018 MM Remix)” is a newly remixed version of the album, by the same artist who did the MM Remix version of ‘Time Will Crawl’.

“Re:Call 4” includes single/short/edit/7inch versions of all period A-sides and B-sides, as well as all DB tracks from the Underground and Absolute Beginners OSTs. It stretches until 1998 by including the live version of Tonight with Tina Turner.

The “Let’s Dance” 12inch/CD single include a new alternative long version by Nile Rodgers.

The “China Girl”, “Modern Love” and “This Is Not America” 12inch/CD singles include a new ‘So80s Reconstruction’ long version made by Blank & Jones.

“Re:Call 5” includes single/short/edit/7inch versions of all Tin Machine singles, as well as the sort versions from the Fame 90 single, and the 1991 versions from the Sound & Vision track.

“Live Oy Vey Baby (2018 version)” includes a full setlist rather than the original 8-track selection.


Agree!!! I don’t care how they release it, as the 4th box set or as a cd singles box set, but all Bowie’s 80’s remixes need to be reissued!!


My votes for both Born in the USA and all of General Public’s output as well, especially with the many 12″ versions present.
For some Canadian content as well, would love to see all of The Payola$ and Images in Vogue’s catalogue be released on cd. Men Without Hats ‘Pop Goes the World’ with all the extended versions would be amazing too, if I could dream.


I love Images In Vogue…most is on CD all ready & the rest I have on CD-R


Paul Weller’s Twitter account mentioned that this is the year we celebrate 4 albums.
22 Dreams
Modern Classics
Confessions of a Pop Group
All Mod Cons

Not sure what that means for Physical product if anything


It really gets you thinking about what is going to suck money out of you wallet this year. I’ve already pre-ordered Simple Minds and Echo and the Bunneymen’s new albums as well as Porcupine Tree’s vinyl reissue of Deadwing.
I would like a few Vinyl reissues of Siouxsie & The Banshees to come out this year.
Anything Beatles is a great way to pull money out of my wallet. Paul Mc feel free to give us LT and BTTE along with a new album. Then the deluxe White Album that if done well will be the highlight of 2018.
Bowie box 4, I could not agree more fill it out with all the remixes officially released. It would drive me nuts if they ignored the importance of the remixes in that period for Bowie. There goes a few hundred$!
Rush Hemispheres, Marillion Brave, Howard Jones expanded sets would be essential.
I think that’s about 1000 dollars spent.
…Oh yeah Tears for Fears new and/or STSOL, U2 Rattle and Hum deluxe, Simple Minds SFY deluxe. I heard Cheap Trick is recording too and perhaps they will release Archive set 2 on vinyl. I bet Steely Dan will look at a release this year and Bruce Springsteen Born in the USA is due.
Will Bowie do anything for Record Store day?

Okay I need to talk to the bank about my line of credit.


My wish list for 2018:

Age of Change Crush Collision
Tori Amos cont.
XTC cont.
Art of Noise cont.
Beautiful South singles box
Big Audio Dynamite cont. (without editing the 12″ mixes)
Kate Bush
The Cure Wish
Electronic debut redone without tracks related to other albums…
Fine Young Cannibals Raw and The Cooked SDE with all mixes etc incl. 2 Men Drum Machine tracks
General Public
Housemartins People Who Grinned…
Billy Idol
Grace Jones cont.
Howard Jones
The Madness album to round out the prior reissue set…
Peter Murphy cont.
Sinead O’Connor Lion and the Cobra
Oingo Boingo
OMD cont.
Psychedelic Furs
REM cont
The Selecter
Soft Cell box
TFF Seeds of Love box
UB40 cont. (I know someone posted on SDE that they had worked on track listings for other releases…)
U2 cont.
Suzanne Vega


Dan Hartman – I can dream about you
with all the Extended and Instrumental versions of the 3 hits.


I second that!! Unreal that this album has been ignored all this time. The hits are incredibly catchy. It really deserves a reissue with ALL remixes/instrumentals/dubs (if available).


My dream 2018:

Mike Oldfield “Islands” 2xCD+DVD Deluxe Edition.
Mike Oldfield “Earth Moving” 2xCD+DVD Deluxe Edition.
Simple Minds “Street Fighting Years” SDE box set.
Tears For Fears ‘Seeds Of Love” SDE box set.
King Crimson “The ConstrucKtion Of ProjecKts” 28-disc box set.
David Bowie “Loving The Alien [1983-1988]” CD and vinyl box sets, incl. ‘Re:Call 4’.
David Bowie “Let’s Dance [The Mixes 1983-1988]” CD and vinyl box sets.
Tin Machine “You Belong In Rock’n’Roll [1989-1992] CD and vinyl box set, incl. ‘Re:Call 5’.
Grace Jones “Living My Life” Deluxe Edition 2xCD and 2xLP sets.
Cabaret Voltaire “#8692 Collected Works (1986-1992)” SDE box set.
Blank & Jones “So80s 12 – The Dub Mixes”.
Daft Punk “Homework” SDE box set (3xCD+DVD).
Erasure “EBX 5” 5xCDsingles box set.
Erasure “EBX 6” 5xCDsingles box set.
FGTH “The Singles” CD singles box set.
Bronski Beat / Communards / Jimmy Somerville “The Singles” CD singles box set.
Matt Bianco “Indigo” 2xCD Deluxe Edition.
The Alan Parsons Project “Ammonia Avenue” SDE box set.
Phil Collins “The Singles” CDsingles box set.
U2 “Rattle & Hum” SDE (3xCD+DVD/Bluray).
The Art Of Noise “In No Sense? Nonsense!” 2xCD set.
Erasure “Wild!” 2xCD+DVD set
Visage “Visage” 2xCD set.
Frankie Goes To Hollywood “Sex Mix Volume 2” 2xCD set.


The recent Mojo magazine said an expanded edition of John Lennon: Imagine is coming this year, no other details.


Sorry. My first post didn’t register at first, so I thought I made a mistake. Now both are showing. Sorry. Don’t mean to be a pain.


I will try posting again: the “older” and “newer” comments improvement might be good for tablet and phone users, but it is incredibly frustrating for those who still use computers. The ability to scroll through ALL comments is awesome.


Sorry, but I don’t like this “older” and “newer” comments improvement. On an iPad or phone, it makes sense. But on a computer (I still use one), the ability to scroll through everything is easy and efficient.

Just my 2 cents.


Thank you! Most appreciative. All is right with the SDE world again!


Don’t forget more deluxe versions of Kim Wilde’s first three albums are on their way…all containing unreleased and possibly live material


Cherry Red should re-release Kim Wilde’s ’90s albums – “Love Moves”, “Love Is.” and eventually “Now & Forever”, and not the first three ones that got their expanded treatments way back in 2009 already. That’s what her fans want the most. A first proper promo video collection DVD as well. That’s all long overdue.

Philip Cohen

Keep in mind that Cherry Red OWNS the first 3 Kim Wilde albums (The RAK Records recordings which Cherry Red recently bought from Warner Music). Wilde’s later MCA recordings are owned by Universal Music and would have to be licensed.
Cherry Red’s work with two Universal-licensed MCA Wilde albums(“Teases and Dares” & “Another Step”) was less than stellar, with a few bonus tracks dubbed from vinyl. Admittedly, in the years since then, Cherry Red’s mastering and vault research has improved.


I’ve read somewhere that Cherry Red have bought licensing rights from Universal Music for Kim Wilde’s ’90s albums as they couldn’t see them doing themselves too.
Universal Music thought they wouldn’t pass on the market as well as “Close” which is the most successful album in her entire career ever so they let Cherry Red doing them instead.
I still can’t believe that Kim Wilde doesn’t have a proper promo video collection DVD yet, whereas some minor artists from the ’80s and beyond like Go West et al have it.


2018 is also the 30th anniversary of U2’s Rattle and Hum. Back in 2013 they were supposedly doing some video shoots for the 25th anniversary but I guess that was delayed because of the Songs of Innocence, Joshua Tree anniversary Tour and now Songs of Experience projects. There was a ton of filming done especially for the Joshua Tree 3rd leg tour in North America tour. U2s set lists were quite varied back then by todays standards so bonus live DVDs and CDs could be very reach indeed. Annoyingly, they seem to have problems including cover versions in their live releases (cheap bastards) so expect incomplete concerts if they do.


Don’t think anyone mentioned Metallica have 2 Super Deluxe box sets coming out this year And Justice for all and self titled Metallica.
The 3 already released are very well done I think and all came out on separate vinyl and cd releases but much of the extras are only available in the box including vinyl cd and memorabilia, also decent books etc. Looking forward to these releases


Newest comments at the top is a vast improvement. Glad to see Get in Touch is also now operating this way and will save time when keeping track of Philip Cohen’s great comments.

Ron Martin

I loved “Back to the Egg”. Several songs from the album got lots of airplay on the classic rock stations in the U.S. (when classic rock stations used to play new material).


Re: Teenage Fanclub. There will be a reissue campaign this year; it was confirmed via the band’s Twitter account. No details but other than there will be vinyl reissues (so possibly ‘vanilla’ releases).


Latest comments on the top sounds good to me. Thanks for all the work in compiling the 2018 rundown.


In case this has been missed….
Sony Music are reissuing the original War of The Worlds 1978 double 12” vinyl album, on 26th January 2018….. and Close Encounters soundtrack has just issued on 40th Anniversary CD on LA LA Land….. plus………Universal buying up ZTT and STIFF publishing rights…… I’m sure they will want a return on their investment quickly….. so maybe something for Record Store Day there!


The Police Outlandos d’Amour, according to Andy Summers in Billboard Magazine:

“This year actually marks the 40th anniversary of the group’s formation, but the big plans are afoot for next year’s 40th for the Police’s debut album. “I think it’s gonna be a huge repackaging and selling of everything next year,” Summers says. “It lives on. It’s around us all the time. There’s one half of you that just doesn’t care ’cause it was such a long time ago, and another part is that you do care about what they nowadays would call ‘the brand’ and making sure it serves you in the right way. We don’t ever get too far away from it.”



If I might, another dream SDE wish I have for 2018, although I have read or heard nothing about such a release, would be a box set compiling Robert Fripp’s solo and collaborative work with David Sylvian, Brian Eno, Andy Summers, David Byrne and the League of Gentlemen.

David Tanser

ABBA could release the coloured vinyl and picture disc 7″s of Summer Night City – there’s room for it to fit in The Album singles box ;)


Hi Paul,

i just noticed the change in the running order (sorry, have to do some other things from time to time).
First impression (on a computer) is that it sadly doesn’t make my life easier, but haven’t tried out on my smartphone yet.

Two thoughts on this from me:
1. Would it be too much to ask for a button where i can choose which running order i prefer (from eldest to latest and the other way round) and
2. if it stays this way it would be nice if you could use stronger lines between the different discussions to make it clearer, where one stops and the next one begins. Sorry, i’m older than 50 and not as hawk-eyed as i used to be. ;-)

As i’m not into any kind of technics and programming whatsoever and obviously don’t have a clue how much work will be necessary to fix these two points i apologize in advance for making you work even harder than you already do.


Have thought about it a bit.
I think that my main problem is that i’m used to reading top to bottom. I find it difficult to start at the bottom then go up to the next comment and then sometimes find that it isn’t, but an answer to another comment placed even higher. That was my main reason for asking about stronger lines between several discussions.
I normally visit the blog several times a day but not so regularly that there is always only a small amount of new comments to look at. And for bigger numbers of comments i find it a strain on my eyes to keep looking where the next paragraph that i have to read is.
I read the blog mostly on a computer (where i had no problem with using the scroll bar to find new comments, i think it might be more difficult with a smartphone though) and only on the train in the morning and evening via smartphone, so still can’t say if i like it better there.


Okay, i understand that.