10cc Expanded reissues

Universal Music will issue single disc expanded versions of the 10cc albums Ten Out Of 10 (1981) and Windows in the Jungle (1983) later this month.

Ten out of 10 saw the band collaborate with singer-songwriter Andrew Gold and this new edition features seven bonus tracks including B-sides and songs that only featured on the US version of the record. Follow up Windows In The Jungle also gets seven bonus cuts including a live version of the classic I’m Not In Love. Full track listings below.

Both reissues are released on 25 August 2014.


Ten Out Of 10


Windows In The Jungle

Track listings

Ten Out Of 10

  • 1. Don’t Ask
  • 2. Overdraft In Overdrive
  • 3. Don’t Turn Me Away
  • 4. Memories
  • 5. Notell Hotel
  • 6. Les Nouveaux Riches
  • 7. Action Man In Motown Suit
  • 8. Listen With Your Eyes
  • 9. Lying Here With You
  • 10. Survivor

Bonus tracks

  • 11. The Power Of Love (Non UK LP Track)
  • 12. Memories (USA Mix)
  • 13. We’ve Heard It All Before (Non UK LP Track)
  • 14. Tomorrow’s World Today (Non UK LP Track)
  • 15. Run Away (Non UK LP Track)
  • 16. Les Nouveaux Riches (single version)
  • 17. You’re Coming Home Again (B-side to The Power Of Love)

Windows In The Jungle

  • 1. 24 Hours
  • 2. Oomachasaooma (Feel The Love)
  • 3. Yes I Am
  • 4. Americana Panorama
  • 5. City Lights
  • 6. Food For Thought
  • 7. Working Girls
  • 8. Taxi Taxi

Bonus tracks

  • 9. 24 Hours – Edit
  • 10. Dreadlock Holiday (Live in London 1982)
  • 11. I’m Not In Love (Live in London 1982)
  • 12. Oomachasaooma (Feel The Love) – Edit
  • 13. She Gives Me Pain
  • 14. Food For Thought – Radio Edit
  • 15. The Secret Life Of Henry

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Mike the Fish

Thanks Enrique. I should have sold the one I had when I had the chance!


Same as Japan Mini LP SHM-CD 2008 issue (UICY-93821 and 822)

Steven Roberts

Same track listing, certainly, but given the price point I’ll be gobsmacked if these releases replicate the Japanese mini LP packaging…


Which was the same as the limited edition 2006 regular CDs in terms of musical content.


At last!